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Premonition about you or someone you know

Intuition or premonition of a death?

Intuition or premonition of a death?

An intuition or a premonition? I’ve always had an intuition about things. A few years ago, I had a dream about my cousin. In my dream she passed away and I saw her funeral. I told her about the dream. She looked at me, but she wasn’t surprised.

About a month later, we were arranging her daughter’s surprise baby shower. I talked to her on the phone on my way home from work. A half hour later she was dead from a massive heart attack. I felt so guilty because I told her to go to the doctor and she didn’t go.

I had a similar dream about my grandmother, but I kept that dream to myself. I had so many dreams that have come true, it’s scary.

— Chiitra in New York


Intuition or premonition?

Premonition = Future Event. Clairvoyance. In my opinion, this story tells of a premonition of a future event. A cousin’s death and funeral were seen in a dream, and the story’s author writes of a similar dream involving her grandmother. Premonitions — visions of a future event — often come in dreams when our busy minds have gone still and are most receptive.

Intuition = Immediate Insight. Instinctive. By definition, intuition refers to an immediate insight without using conscious reasoning. Is it possible the author knew of risky lifestyle behaviors, did she subconsciously sense subtle physical signs of an impending heart attack that then formed a dream story of her cousin’s death? Possible, I guess.

NOTE:  My thesaurus mixes intuition, instinct, clairvoyance, sixth sense so I guess the lines are a bit interpretive. That said, I’ll go with Future v. Immediate.

— Kat


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Premonition Dreams of Black Dogs, a Black Figure, a Best Friend

Premonition dreams—for some scary reason, they came true.

Premonition dreams of black dogs, a black figure, and the best friend I ever had.

This is going to be quite long, but I am willing to swear it is true.

I grew up in a very superstitious family that believes in witches, vampires, guardian angels, etc. However, I never cared about those things. I thought they were products of our ancestors’ imagination and only served for entertainment.

Despite the fact that I was told I have a guardian angel and that I had a strange birth, I just could care less. But things kept getting weirder as I grew up. I kept getting weird dreams that were out of this world and for some scary reasons, they came true. I couldn’t remember clearly all the dreams because I had forced myself to not remember them due to fear—but a few still haunt me.

Premonition Dreams of Black Dogs.

One of them was that I had envisioned the death of two people I had never known until the day of their funeral. In my dream, two or maybe three black dogs came to my window and told me about two souls being tied to a pole near the road I had taken to school everyday. They led me to them and I saw a woman and a man being tied to a pole with a pile of wood underneath them. They were crying for help, crying for me to help them. The black dogs told me they needed help. I didn’t remember what I said but when I woke up I ignored the dream.

Then I heard from one kid I had talked to only once that her brother had died in a moto accident on the road I had taken to school. And after the funeral, I heard that a long, long distant relative of mine (never heard of her before too) whose mother lived on the road I had taken to school died in a car accident.

I also kept seeing black dogs on my way to school after that.

Dreams warn of hard times to come.

The next dream was about a teacher of mine. I dreamt that he would leave us soon. Before he left, he pulled a dollar bill from his pocket with the number five written repeatedly on it. He told me everything would change soon and then he left.

A few months after the dream, he did leave and my life had taken a turn for the worse. Despite that, I never actually got harmed or even sank to the bottom and I still don’t know why. I was doomed to fail and everyone knew it, but I kept getting lucky.

A lifelong friendship was simply a dream.

This last dream is very close to me and I had been seeking answers for so long. I dreamt of the boy I had met in lower school. For some weird reason everything I dreamt about him came true.

I remembered him wearing a blue shirt and working with children and guess what? He somehow decided to volunteer in a children’s NGO and posted a picture there with a blue shirt on. I dreamt that we never talked and in real life we never did. However, one night I dreamt that he left but somehow he promised me that he would come back. To my surprise he did leave, but he never said anything because we weren’t friends. Years later, I saw him on a social media post. He was sitting at the exact same spot I had been. We were back to back but none of us recognized one another.

“He was the closest friend I ever had even though he was a dream.”

The difference between the guy in my dream and the guy in real life is that even when the boy left, the boy in my dreams never left. In my dreams, he grew up with me. I dreamt the entire scenario of our lives, our ups and our downs and until we went to college. He was the closest friend I ever had even though he was a dream.

But our story was tragic because the last dream I had of him was him being the villain. After realizing he had been trying to shoot me, he threw away the gun and ran away. I tried running after him, but I never caught up with him so I just sat on a pile of rocks and waited until I woke up. To this day, I never dreamt of him again.

Was he a vision like other dreams I had? It didn’t make sense. I had lived half of my life with him before it all ended. Never had such dreams lasted for years until the entire story played out. I kept visiting the guy’s timeline because I missed the “him” in my dreams but the two had the same name, same background, same childhood but they did not look alike.

Premonition dreams. “My dreams messed with my mind.”

I remembered praying for the first time at a temple and I prayed for answers regarding that dream. When I was walking away, a man with a lost look on his face appeared out of nowhere and said, “It is no use clinging to the past for it won’t help you grow into something you are meant to be in the future.”

I used to ignore everything but sometimes I thought maybe he was right. I might not have answers for everything that had happened to me, but there is no use hanging on to them. Still, I grew to hate it. I grew to hate my dreams because they messed with my mind and realities so much that nowadays I dreamt less. My dreams became a bit more “normal”.

“I kept seeing things, people and animals that had died.”

Apart from my dreams I kept seeing things, people and animals that had died. It also affected other people close to me. For example, one lady called me but I was too lazy to answer her, yet she still heard me answering quite clearly, so she continued talking to me. Someone or something had decided to answer her for me.

A big black figure protects home and family.

A group of Vietnamese beggars tried to rob our house when I was a baby. When they tried to walk past me all of them tumbled down the stairs before they could do harm. They all ran away screaming about some big black figure pushing them down the steps. I refused to accept all of this.

“I knew they existed no matter how many times I tried to avoid them.”

I refused to believe what I saw and the weird things that my mom told me about myself when I was younger. I told myself she was just making things up to tease me because I was the only one who doesn’t believe in such things. But I saw and heard them myself so I knew they existed no matter how many times I tried to avoid them. Still, I would try to ignore them cuz ignorance is bliss.

— Ray in Cambodia


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Danger Dressed in Black

Danger Dressed in Black

I dreamed the night, or the night before, (of) the daughter of a man I know. We (the daughter? and he) was going to the same school before many many years. I had many many years to talk with her. Her father last time I see him was before some months in a coffee shop during the COVID measures. The woman (the daughter?) was wearing black clothes and black high boots. She was in front of me. I talk to her and she didn’t reply.

That day at work I (was) informed about a deadly accident and (I) go with my colleague from the department (where) I work to investigate. He (a co-worker) fell while work(ing) from a big height and break his head. Blood everywhere around his head. He was her father.

Another premonition of danger

I had another experience at the middle of 2017. I see two faces, one had his face paint white and other was blond. Staring at me. Especially the white one. That week my dad get sick and died.

I just wanted to write somewhere about that.

— Hunter in Europe

I find the black and white imagery interesting — the woman dressed in black and white painted face both warning of danger and death. Hmmm …

I wonder if the dream was showing a future time when the daughter was dressed in black for her father’s funeral.

— Kat

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Premonition Dream about Birth and Death

Premonition Dream about Birth and Death

On 2/6/20, I had this very vivid premonition dream about birth and death …

I woke alone up in my bed. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. I reached down and touched my belly. I was pregnant and immediately knew it was my sister’s baby. I started to have cramps and recognized I was already ready to push (it would have been my 4th child). I called for my husband but no one was home.

“I delivered the baby.”

I remember feeling a deep sense of calm and peace. I delivered the baby. It was a beautiful baby girl, she came out smiling. In my dream, I looked at the clock because I knew my sister would want to know the time of birth it was 10:37am. I got out of bed to collect a towel and scissors to cut the cord.

“An overwhelming sense that someone died…”

This is where I got curious about where my family was … I looked out my daughter’s bedroom window which faces the front of the street. I saw my entire family walking into my driveway heading into the backyard. There was a priest there. I had an overwhelming sense that someone died. I raced to my bedroom window which faces the backyard and looked out. It was a funeral service in my backyard. I knew it was an immediate family member. Then I woke up and immediately called my sister to tell her.

On 2/28/20, my father passed away unexpectedly.

My sister found out she was pregnant in June with a due date of 2/21/21.

— Liz F. in Massachusetts

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Dream Predicts Sister’s Death and More

Dream Predicts Sister’s Death

I had a crazy weird dream, but what I remember most was a little Chihuahua type dog, but not a Chihuahua, circling around a water type grave refusing to come to me when I called.

I woke up totally distraught, crying very hard. That had never happened to me before. I went to my sister’s and told her and also told my niece. The very next morning I received a call telling me my sister (MY VERY DEAR SISTER), who I told about the dream had passed away. Her dog is a Chihuahua mix. I can’t tell you how horrible it feels.

Last week I had a dream where I was with my son’s girlfriend and an Asian lady says, “Oh, the baby will look like you and her.” Meaning Her and I.

Tonight I found out I’m going to be a grandma for the first time. But what troubles me is a dream I had around the same time. I can’t shake it. It’s about my son, and it’s not a good one. The same foreboding feeling! What do I do?

— Amy in USA


In my opinion, whether you tell someone about a premonition or not has no affect on the outcome. You can simply warn them to be careful, but what will be, will be. I believe premonitions are meant to prepare us for what is to come so we won’t be blindsided when it happens.

— Kat

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Toe-walking deer dance premonition

Deer dance premonition dream

In my deer dance premonition dream I was with the head instructor of a wilderness school. I participated in their Basic Skills week, held in the deep forests of central Maine. In the dream we worked on a more difficult tracking exercise, at least for me.

As I looked into the forest clearing I saw deer that shifted into a group of people—several men and one woman—doing a specific toe-walk. They would put the ball of the foot down and then lift the heel quickly and gently from the ground. They were wearing moccasins. The woman wore black leotards and a black skirt like a dancer, with hair tied in a bun like a ballerina. Men surrounded her on three sides. They toe-walked in unison.

A message and a gift from the deer people

The deer people gave me a message and a gift. They were showing me a specific walk that would help to camouflage a group walking in the woods if everyone did this together.

When I awoke, I felt elated, light-hearted, and thought seeing deer shift into human form was pretty cool.

I did not know this form of walking in the woods, and when I went for walk, I did not experience any contact with deer.

I wrote to the wilderness school. They confirmed that yes, in fact, there is a deer walk used to stalk and track in the forest. The wilderness school encouraged me to practice the walk as given in the dream.

Deer dance dream proved true

Later on, in the fall of that year, I attended a workshop for dreamers given by a dream shaman. One of the participants was a member of an ensemble that performed a deer dance that dates back to the 1100s in Europe.

  • A group of men acting as the deer re-enact the deer dance.
  • They walk using the ball of the foot and gently lifting their heels.
  • There is only one woman involved.

—Judith, Connecticut

I love the detail and how it actually played out in real life.

Read more from Judith on my personal blog, Writings on the Wall, where she writes about Nature Teaches with surprising results. More about Judith Dreyer, author, speaker, teacher, on her website.



Emoji Premonition. Unique Messaging Warns of Change.

Emoji Premonition

In April of 2018 I was adding an event to my iPhone calendar and noticed on May 4th the word CHANGE!!!! and a butterfly emoji.  I had not put it on the calendar. I asked my husband if he knew what it was and he didn’t. We searched the internet to see if this was a weird glitch, we could not find anything about it.

“A horrible feeling of dread came over me…”

Then a couple of weeks later I had a horrible feeling of dread come over me. My husband took me out for a drive, like we always enjoyed doing, to help cheer me up. He ate munchkins and behaved like he never had them before, then got a slice of pizza, his favorite flavor, and couldn’t say how delicious it was.

Three days later on the 24th—20 days after the “CHANGE”—my son and I were driving to our jobs together and my ears started ringing very loudly, and I asked him if his ears ever ring. It was very distracting.

Premonition of CHANGE

Around noon I received a call saying my husband was in the hospital with a medical event. He died the next day and donated many of his organs. I received a card in the mail from the organ donation organization and on its cover was a butterfly. Since then butterflies appear frequently and as if they are there to assure and comfort me.

—Eileen, Rhode Island

Eileen, thank you for sharing your Emoji Premonition story. I’m so sorry for your loss. Reading your experience was a comfort to me as well, as an example of how the spirits of loved ones assure us they remain close when we recognize signs from the other side.

(Note to readers: I’m not clear if butterfly emojis or real butterflies appear frequently.)

Readers, About Organ Donation: One deceased donor can save up to eight lives through organ donation, and enhance many more by donating tissue. For information, facts, stats, and stories about organ donation, visit:


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Premonition of danger and death.

Dreams, dread, and weird police call.

When I was 12 years old, I was invited to go live with my Aunt in Alaska. I was completely ready to go to escape an abusive childhood. My Aunt had made all the arrangements and I was to finish my first semester of school and then move to Alaska.

Premonition of Danger

“I just had this horrible feeling…”

Well right after winter break, I started crying about going and decided I didn’t want to go. I just had this horrible feeling wash over me and I decided to stay even though I was not in a good place for a child.

Shortly after I made that decision, my mother received news that my Aunt had been killed in a house fire. I would have been there with her around that time, had I chosen to go.

A weird call from the police…

What was really weird was, right after that my mother received a weird call from the police telling her my dad had passed away. I remember it being too much for my mother and her crying. My dad had not been passed and my mother couldn’t figure out which police department had called her from where my dad lived.

My dad said he was scared.

I once also had a visit from my dad in my dreams, in one of my dreams my dad said he was scared. I went to work after I woke up and at the top of the escalators was my supervisor and one other supervisor waiting and I knew right then they had something to tell me and said it’s my dad isn’t it?

They said your mom called (I didn’t have a phone at that time), and said your dad was just diagnosed with cancer, and that I should call him.

Premonition of Death

“I had a feeling of dread…”

I called my dad and he cried to me on the phone like he had in my dream, saying he was scared and he asked me to not let the doctors take his voice away. Well my dad lost his voice, but he survived the cancer and I got a few more years with him.

One day though in June of 1998, I had this feeling that I didn’t want to go home because the phone was at home and I had a feeling of dread about answering it. So, I had my late boyfriend take me shopping or anywhere that wasn’t home until everything was closed and I had no choice but to go home.

I went home and my daughter says grandma called and that was all she said. My first question was “was she crying?” My daughter said yes, and I called my mom to learn my dad had passed away.

— Destiny, Oregon


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Premonition dreams of the dead.

Premonition and reoccurring dreams.

I personally remember having certain dreams that I’ve had since I was literally a baby. One distinct one being my soul leaving my body and watching myself float over my own crib and mother.

Having a reoccurring dream of a house that I remember distinct details to this day though I haven’t dreamed of recently.

Dreams of the dead

I also have had dreams of the dead that would occur the same day, or the preceding the day of their death whereas I would satisfyingly see them at peace, laughing and smiling and content in beautiful alternate realities.

“It’s bringing me to tears just typing about it now.”

— Sha’vey, New York

Note:  Sha’vey wrote a lengthy and much more detailed account of a Dream in an alternate life, or parallel world filed in the Fate & Reincarnation Category.


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Premonition warnings. The day before 9/11…

Premonition warnings

Premonition warnings: I’ve had a few premonitions in my lifetime.

The earliest one I remember was when I was around 19, and I was commuting an hour to work for a “dream” job. I woke up at 3am crying my eyes out, saying over and over, “I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die.” My then boyfriend just put it down to a nightmare. That day when I drove to work, my tyre suddenly burst, on the freeway. My car lost control and I went into the next lane. Luckily at that moment nobody was in that lane although a huge lorry was in the other lane (two lanes from me). Shaking, I pulled over. A man in a truck came and rescued me.

I knew something was wrong

Then in my twenties when I was in London and I was walking along with my then boyfriend, and suddenly I was overcome by this sense of absolute dread. I didn’t understand it but I knew something was wrong. Next day I got a phone call from my mom telling me my cat had been hit by a car.

An awful nightmare

With my second cat, a decade later, I woke up from an awful nightmare, having dreamt that my cat was slowing being eaten, and oddly, it was by a pool (I didn’t have a pool). Next morning, my cat was missing. No sign of him later in the evening. Put up posters around the neighbourhood. Got a phone call about a week later from a lady who said, “I don’t think you want to hear this, but I found a load of cat hair on my grass. It was probably the coyotes.” My cat never came back. I knew he’d been eaten.

Premonition warnings: I know this sounds like a lie, but it’s not.

The day before 9/11

I was browsing through a store, when suddenly I had this massive sense of impending doom. I had no clue what it was, but I recognised the horrible feeling from the times before when I’ve felt this way—before something bad happened. I went home, upset.

Next morning, 9/11 on the news.

A premonition warning of personal danger … Chatting with a man online

A much more recent premonition was just a few months ago. I had been chatting with a man online and then by text message. We were arranging to meet up. He seemed really nice, if not a bit too keen. I was genuinely looking forward to meeting him. Only the night before I was due to meet him, I dreamt that he abducted me and hurt me. I have never, ever, had any similar dream before I’ve met someone, so this freaked me out and I heeded the warning. I not only didn’t meet him—I never spoke to him again.

— Danielle, United Kingdom

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