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Kathryn Orzech, AuthorKathryn Orzech, thriller author

Author Kathryn Orzech writes mystery books, suspense, and thrillers set in “New England and other exotic locations” with female protagonists who confront extraordinary and dangerous situations, flirt with romance, and brush with the supernatural.


Dreamwatch Press

Publishing fiction thrillers, mystery and suspense in print and e-book. Books, details, sample chapters, and much more.

Asylum, a dark suspense saga, is now available in both e-book and print with Study Guide.  Amazon KindleB&N NOOKKobo ePub,  $7.99.  Paperback edition, 332 pages, $15.95. Details: Dreamwatch Press

Library and bookstore distribution through Ingram.

Dreamwatch True Paranormal

True ghost stories. Pet ghosts. Psychic dreams. Premonitions. Your experiences. Your words.

Since 1997, we’ve received stories from every U.S. state and more than 50 countries (listed on our Worldwide page).

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