Intuition or premonition of a death?

An intuition or a premonition? I’ve always had an intuition about things. A few years ago, I had a dream about my cousin. In my dream she passed away and I saw her funeral. I told her about the dream. She looked at me, but she wasn’t surprised.

About a month later, we were arranging her daughter’s surprise baby shower. I talked to her on the phone on my way home from work. A half hour later she was dead from a massive heart attack. I felt so guilty because I told her to go to the doctor and she didn’t go.

I had a similar dream about my grandmother, but I kept that dream to myself. I had so many dreams that have come true, it’s scary.

— Chiitra in New York


Intuition or premonition?

Premonition = Future Event. Clairvoyance. In my opinion, this story tells of a premonition of a future event. A cousin’s death and funeral were seen in a dream, and the story’s author writes of a similar dream involving her grandmother. Premonitions — visions of a future event — often come in dreams when our busy minds have gone still and are most receptive.

Intuition = Immediate Insight. Instinctive. By definition, intuition refers to an immediate insight without using conscious reasoning. Is it possible the author knew of risky lifestyle behaviors, did she subconsciously sense subtle physical signs of an impending heart attack that then formed a dream story of her cousin’s death? Possible, I guess.

NOTE:  My thesaurus mixes intuition, instinct, clairvoyance, sixth sense so I guess the lines are a bit interpretive. That said, I’ll go with Future v. Immediate.

— Kat


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