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DreamWatch True Paranormal

DreamWatch True Paranormal. Ghosts. Psychic dreams and premonitions.

Your experiences. Your words. Psychic dreams and premonitions. Ghost encounters and sightings. Pet ghosts. We believe.

A searchable archive online since 1997. We’ve received stories from every U.S. state and more than 50 countries. See our Worldwide page. Can't find the right words to describe your spooky experience? Our Glossary of Paranormal Terms might help. Find the Glossary on the main DreamWatch True Paranormal page.

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DreamWatch Press. Mystery. Thriller.

DreamWatch Press publishing mystery, suspense and thrillers.

Publishing suspense thriller fiction in print and e-book. Books, direct buy links, reviews, and more.

Featuring Asylum, a dark suspense saga. A family is haunted by a secret past and tortured by guilt in a modern Gothic thriller.

DreamWatch premonitions come from around the world. What would you do if they predicted the same deadly attack? Who would you tell? What if no one believed you? Read Premonition of Terror, a psychic thriller.

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Kathryn Orzech, Thriller Author

Author Kathryn Orzech, writing mystery, suspense, thrillers.

Author Kathryn Orzech writes mystery, suspense, and thrillers set in New England "and other exotic locations.” Women lead characters confront danger, flirt with romance, and brush with the supernatural.

Also see Author News & Events and Writings on the Wall, a personal blog.

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