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Asian ghost appears to young teen.

Asian ghost appears to young teen.

I’ve always had weird experiences as a kid, some I can remember and some I can’t.… When I was a young teenager, about 13 years old, I had a “girlfriend” who I was absolutely obsessed with, and she with me. We would spend hours on the phone which lasted into the wee hours of the night. Naturally this drove my parents nuts. Back then, if you were on the phone, anyone calling the house would just get a busy signal; no answering machines. It got so bad that my parents pulled the landlines from all the phones and hid them for about a week. I remember I had a really hard time sleeping that week because I was so used to staying up and taking about nothing with my girlfriend.

At this time, me and my brother shared a room. Our beds were arranged to be perpendicular to each other. The foot of my bed was closest to his bed and the window was on the right side of my bed with the door to our room on the left side. As I laid there and looked over to my brother, I remember being jealous that he was sound asleep and here I was wide awake.

An Asian ghost appears. “His entire body was transparent. But then he slowly started filling up with color.”

It was a hot summer night and we didn’t have air conditioning so the window was wide open. As I was staring at his bed, I suddenly felt a light breeze. I remember thinking it was weird because there had not been a single breeze all night. As I turned to look at the window I saw what resembled a transparent head flying into the room. It made its way over to the door. It was so transparent that I wasn’t sure what it was right away. As I turned my head and focused on the door, a man started to appear.

At first, body started to appear and seemed to grow from the head. His entire body was transparent. But then he slowly started filling up with color. I remember he was wearing a yellow tank top. As he became more clear and his face started to come into view, I could see his strong cheek bones and a long sharp jawline. I could tell he was Asian. It took me a few seconds (which seemed like forever) for my body to be able to move. As soon as I was able able move, I jumped out of my bed and right into my little brother’s bed. I looked over to the door but it was gone. I was still terrified and closed my eyes then slept in his bed for the rest of the night.

“I was going to tell my parents about what had happened, but my mother got a call and went berserk.”

The next day I didn’t tell anyone. Later that week, my parents decided to hook the phones back on. I remember I was going to tell my parents about what had happened, but my mother got a call and went berserk. Her dad had passed away and they weren’t able to get a hold of us because my parents had detached the phone lines. She was so angry at me because she blamed me for having to disconnect our phones. I felt guilty but was also angry because I refused to believe it was my fault, so we stopped taking for a few days. I just never brought it up because I figured the death of my grandfather overshadowed my experience.

We had come to the states as refugees (from Laos) for 14 years at this point, but her parents had decided to stay in the old country. It cost a lot of money to make a long distance call back then, so my mother and her family did not talk much which made it even harder for her when he passed.

“It felt very real and I remember it very clearly even to this day.”

Years later, my mother’s mom (my grandmother) and her brothers (my uncles) and their families finally made the move to the States. My very first meeting with one of the uncles sort of shocked me. He looked very similar to the apparition that I had seen in my room that hot summer night. That jogged my memory which I then finally told my parents the story. They weren’t sure what to make of it and to this day believe that I imagined it. But it felt very real and I remember it very clearly even to this day.

“Grandfather’s ghost appears in a youthful form.”

I often wonder/speculate if it was my grandfather in his youth form that appeared to me the night he died.

— Anonymous in Wisconsin

(This true ghost story was submitted to DreamWatch and was edited for length. — Kat)

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Kids See Shadow Man

Kids See Shadow Man

There’s this “gift” that goes around in my family. It normally only happens to the females but my brother has had more of it than I have. So pretty much we can see and experience things that most people can’t. My mom says that we’re clairvoyant and sensitive to spirits and other stuff like that. With my grandmother, mother, brother and me all combined, we have some pretty interesting stories.

“… there was something under his bed …”

So this happened a long time ago, I was only about 6 or 7 while my brother was 5. My brother woke me up in the middle of the night saying that there was something under his bed, so I did what any big sister would do and told him to go back to sleep. He kept persisting that something was bothering him so I went under his bed to prove that everything was fine, and everything was fine. He was still scared and asked me to stay in his bedroom for the rest of the night. So I went and crawled in a chair next to his bed, and it wasn’t long before I was asleep again.

“My mom started screaming at the shadow figure as it started to come closer.”

This next part is just what I gathered from all my family members (because I was asleep). My brother still couldn’t go back to sleep so he just sat in his bed freaking out. Until he noticed something behind the TV in his room, he described it as a shadow figure peeking out from behind the TV stand. My brother started screaming and that’s when my mom came in, my mom saw the same thing that my brother did. My mom said she started screaming at the shadow figure as it started to come closer.

“She described it as a dark mass.”

As it got into the light my mom could see it better, she described it as a dark mass with devil-like horns and smoke where it’s legs should have been, but the smoke was rolling like a snake.

“My brother tried to run …”

My brother tried to run for the door, but that shadow thing was in the way. My mom tried to stop my brother from getting too close to the shadow figure, but the thing rolled back as my brother got closer, as if it wasn’t interested in my brother. My mom said it looked like it was going to get closer to her, but as my grandmother came into the room the thing kept going backwards, back into the dark corner where it came from. It hit the TV and when it did the TV started going crazy, playing different channels and going static, until finally it just started smoking and blew a gasket kind of.

Right after that both my grandmother and my mom said I looked towards them (with my eyes still closed) and said, “Don’t worry guys, it’s just the shadow man.” I have no memory of saying that or even the shadow thing, I was asleep through the whole thing, which is crazy because I’m a very light sleeper.

— Serenity in North Carolina

I’m always amazed that paranormal experiences (dreams, visions, ghost encounters, whatever) — like Kids See Shadow Man — linger in memory for decades.

— Kat

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Boy ghost in the closet

Little boy ghost in the closet. “Strange things started to happen…”

This is my paranormal experience about a little boy ghost in the closet.

My grandmother was sick with cancer and so my grandparents decided to give me her canopy bed. Strange things then started to happen the days after. Every night around 3:00 am on the dot my closet door would open and a little boy would walk out. This happened to me for seven days straight.

“I can still describe this little boy ghost in the closet.”

He had on dirty old clothes, he had pale skin, bowl hair cut, and dark eyes like the dead. He would stand at the foot of my bed for about 15 minutes or so then he would turn around and walk back into the closet. I am still afraid of the closet to this day.

— Heather in Kansas

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When something strange and frightening like this happens, your story can help others know they are not alone. We want to read what happened to you. Submit Your Story at, true paranormal experiences of everyday people. Your stories in your words.


Ghost at Grandma’s House

I’ve had many ghost experiences, but today I’ll be telling you the experiences I have encountered only at my grandma’s, from the first encounter, to the most recent experience I had. Her son (my uncle) died inside that house from throat cancer, he had a hole in his throat so he could eat, talk, and breath out of.

Sadly I don’t think he died happily, or peacefully. He was never happy, always in a bad mood, and very antisocial. I wasn’t sure if the spirit was him, or another spirit pretending to be him, so I would try too communicate by using a an old necklace of my grandma. Back then, I never knew you could actually communicate with spirits by using personal or items close to them. I thought I invented this new way to communicate with the other world. I asked if it was my uncle, the necklace started moving up and down, so I decided that meant yes. I asked if he was a mean, evil spirit, and also asked if it wanted to hurt me, the necklace went sideways, which meant no, and circle meant maybe or unanswered.

“I always felt like I was being watched…”

As time passed, I would visit my Grandma and stay the night a lot of the times. I always felt like I was being watched, I was on edge all the time, tense, unknowingly preparing myself for the worst. Days come, time passes. This spirit would start misplacing my stuff, like my phone. Confused about how it disappeared when it was just in my sight, I started looking everywhere, even calling it from the home phone to make it easier, but I Never heard it. I look under a pillow thinking to myself “Why the hell am I looking under a pillow?”
Later on, still empty-handed I get this strong feeling that I needed to look under that same pillow again. When I looked, I surprisingly see my phone at the same place I looked before when it wasn’t there. As I lifted the pillow, my phone vibrated from getting an incoming text.

He has always misplaced, my bobby pin, the only bobby pin I had over there. Placed on a clean table, right in plain sight, so I wouldn’t end up loosing it, but I lost it somehow because it wasn’t on that table I placed it on. Again I am looking everywhere for this small, thin hairpin. I walk in the hallway and, got a strong feeling that I needed to look on the wall, automatically knowing that’s where I would find it without looking up first. As I was thinking, “Why the hell would my bobby pin be on a wall?”

Come to find out, there was my bobby pin in between a nail that was holding a picture up on the wall right by the room my uncle died in. I grabbed it, and observed it to see if this was another bobby pin, or if it was dusty from being up there for a while, kinda feeling freaked out because I finally realized that spirits and other paranormal phenomena are as real as ever without any doubt, hoping I won’t be dragged down the hallway, or hurt in anyway, because I always had that feeling, but nothing physical ever happened.

“I seen the chair rocking back and forth…”

I was cleaning my Grandma’s kitchen while on the phone with an old friend. I head into the living room for some reason I don’t remember, and seen the chair right by the hallway rocking back and forth with a pair of reading glasses placed perfectly in the middle.

Chair’s usually stops rocking quickly when someone gets up or even when someone pushes into it, because of the fact of gravity, but it was still rocking at the same pace for about one minute or so. I began to cry, and felt my throat tightening up as I had a feeling that those were my uncle’s glasses.

I began to grow curious with multiple thoughts like,
What does it want?
Is it trying to get my attention for a reason?
Is this really my uncle?
I felt like this presence.
I felt while staying over there was not a pleasant one.

I felt scared and unsafe.

The next day I ask my Grandma whose those glasses belonged too, come to find out she said, “Those were your Uncle Roy’s.”

I freaked out and asked “Where these were placed before they appeared on the chair last night?”

She said that she didn’t remember so I decided to tell her about what happened, already knowing that she wouldn’t believe, but was hoping she would. She didn’t believe me.

I began to tell my friends, and told them I could prove it to them that this was real, also to prove to myself that I wasn’t loosing my mind after all. I invited two friends and my cousin, there was another cousin that was a boy, he was in my Grandma’s room sleeping or something, and the rest of us were putting make-up on each other, and having a blast in the living room. Someone noticed a shadow that kept passing back and forth on the door. reflecting on the hallway walls from the light that was turned on in that room.

“We huddled together … frightened.”

We all looked and saw the shadow going back and forth in front of the door as well. We huddled together and became frightened. Then we remembered that my other cousin was also in the house, so we thought he was messing with us. Feeling a little relieved, but still scared, we agree too go and see if it was my cousin. We held each other’s hands while walking so closely by each other through the hallway to the room where the shadow was in. As we make it to the door of the room, we poked our heads to see what was in there.

There was nothing in the room, we looked in the closet, and under the bed to try to see if he was hiding and never found him. While all of us are in shock we went in the room he always stays in, too, only see that he was sound asleep. We would have seen him sneak into the room as well as out, because the closed door in his room was in plain sight.

Years later, nothing has really been happening, and my Grandma was growing older and weaker, already paralyzed on her right side from falling, sadly knowing her time was almost out.

“This was a very dangerous thing to do…”

I looked up ways to help guide my uncle to the light for him, and to help the next family that will move into the her house. Already knowing this was a very dangerous thing to do, I felt like I needed to do this, I thought about doing it all night, but I was too scared to follow through, thinking the worst outcome that could happen.

That same night when I was trying to fall asleep, the little pantry room across from me that had magnets to hold it shut. opened for the first time ever. After all of the years I’ve been sleeping over there, never has that pantry door opened until that night. It creaked open and I heard a pop from the magnets disconnecting. I freaked the hell out. Frozen. Scared to turn my head to see if that noise was really the pantry opening. I ended up falling asleep somehow, and woke up the next morning.

Minutes later after waking up the TV turned on by itself.  She’s had that TV for years and it had never had a timer set, or anything else to have it automatically turn on. I freaked out once again, thinking that maybe he was mad that I tried to help him. Then I thought, what if he was mad that I didn’t help him?

I’ll never know now, my beautiful Grandma passed a year ago, and I haven’t been at that house since.

— Rachel, Oklahoma

Shadow people and ghosts. A lot of activity.

My story started 9 years ago when grand-daughter complained of a man she called John who would pull her hair that we could not see. She moved out leaving just my wife and I. Over the years we have seen shadow people, ghosts, up stairs a lot of activity. Lights going on and off, hear people talking, sound of doors closing, and footsteps.

Once digging a hole to replace a rusted culvert pipe, I dug up some bones I guess to be chicken bones and deeper down, a black doll like a snowman, two round balls (head and body) with orange felt triangle eyes and a pearl long pin through the head. The activity has calmed downed, except for the smell of a woman’s perfume that wakes both my wife and I up from a sound sleep. This is happening about every three weeks.

— Alan, USA

Little girl ghost, “I jumped out of my bed in a panic…”

My first paranormal experience was when I was five years old. I had two sisters and one brother at the time. My mother had put us to bed as usual, myself and my sister Marian slept in bunk-beds her on the top, me on the bottom. Well we knew something wasn’t right with the house as it was but we were all kind of young.

Anyway I was just after dozing off maybe about 10 minutes or so when I heard this giggling and I kind of lay there for a second or two and then I felt a weight on me. I felt someone literally jumping up and down on my chest and giggling. Me being five, I thought it was one of my sisters even though the giggling sounded much younger. Anyway I opened my eyes to see what was going on and which one of my sisters were messing with me. To my shock it was a little girl with long brown ringlets in her hair. She wouldn’t have been more than three, and my sisters at the time were eight and nine. I was the youngest.

I lay there looking up at her jumping up and down on top of me and I remember the little smile on her face. I didn’t realise what I am as seeing. I smiled back at her and I remember getting scared and I tried to call my mam and nothing would come out of my mouth. I’ll never ever forget the fear I felt when I couldn’t make a sound. And then when I tried to shout a second time, she just disappeared like she was never there.

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Ghost sightings since 5 years old

Ghost sightings since 5 years old. True paranormal.

Ghost sightings since 5 years old: Ever since I was about 5 years old, I have had experiences with paranormal things.  … I remember having a friend that was always at my house and we would play a lot. I didn’t think about it much then, but a few years after my friend “went away” I asked my mom about that friend. My mom then told me that I never had a friend like that. But then she told me that one night she woke up and found me talking to the wall. My mom asked who I was talking to, and I said that I was talking to my friend. My mom was so scared at my answer that she ran back to her room without even putting me back to bed.

“I heard someone crying.”

Another experience I had was that I woke up one night, and I heard someone crying. I walk into the hallway and I see a little boy with no face holding a broken drum. I ran back to my room and closed my door.

A male voice whispering in my ear…

(Years later) I have had a recent experience. I was trying to fall asleep but I hear a male voice whispering in my ear, but I couldn’t make out what it was saying. I sit up in my bed to see who was there, but nothing. The same thing happened again about an hour later, but still no one there.

A women screaming…

Then I hear a women screaming at me to leave her room and I booked it to my parents room and I sometimes still hear the women telling me to leave.

— Rae, California

Thanks for your story, Rae. We’ve created a special category in our archives for encounters such as yours. You’ll find it in the Sidebar Menu: Select Category: Kids see ghosts.

— Kat

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