True Ghost Stories. You’ve heard them. Every town’s got them. Maybe you have one to tell.

True ghost stories can entertain us, scare us or both. Tell us your story. We believe!

We want to know what happened. Have you sensed or glimpsed a loved one back from the hereafter? Did you hear or feel a beloved pet who has passed? Did you smell a favorite perfume or food? Read what others wrote when a door opened to the other side.

Submit Your Story. Your story helps others know they are not alone when something strange and inexplicable happens to them.

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True Ghost Stories in 5 Categories

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  1. People Ghosts — people personal to you and your friends, family, loved ones; or stranger ghosts
  2. Pet Ghosts & Animal Ghosts — beloved pets back from the other side
  3. Phantom Smells, Sounds, Lights — spirits leaving a physical manifestation like the smell of flowers, foods, or tobacco; supernatural sounds like cries, noises and voices; or lights, orbs and shadows
  4. Kids See Ghosts — adults share paranormal experiences from their childhood, or what happened to their kids
  5. Haunted Places — those creepy places in every town where ghosts hang out: abandoned asylum or prison; haunted house, theater, church, courthouse, graveyard, etc. What happened where you live?

Ghost sightings, premonitions, psychic dreams. Submit Your Story. We believe.

We’d love to read your true paranormal story, because you help others know they are not alone when something strange happens to them. Write as much or as little as you want, however, details make a more interesting read. Plus, you may remain anonymous if you choose, but tell us what happened. It’s easy to Submit Your Story on our form.