Premonitions come in many forms. Dreams, visions, feelings—and much more.

Heed these warnings of change, danger or destruction—as they apply to you, someone you know or a stranger, a location or even a thing.

Premonitions of an auto accident. Crime. Danger, death or disease in the family. House fire. Marriage. Pregnancy. Murder. Events that came true involving you, your family, friends or someone you know.

When second sight kicks in, you know it. You dream it. Sometimes you hear, see or smell it. Read what others wrote when they saw the future. Specific topics are listed in the Paranormal Story Archive > Select Category sidebar menu.

Premonitions. DreamWatch Categories:

  • Natural Disaster Premonition:  a crisis event caused by nature: earthquake, flood, tornado, tsunami, volcanic eruption, etc.
  • Man-made Incident Premonition:  a major crisis event of national or international interest that has some human involvement, not caused by nature: bridge collapse, ship or plane crash, shooting, terrorism, war, etc.
  • Personal Premonitions:  warnings of danger or death to you, family, friends, co-workers, or someone you know.
  • Strangers in Danger Premonitions:  Accidents. Crimes. Fires. Warnings of danger or death involving people you do not know.

Premonitions, dreams, ghost sightings. Submit Your Story. We believe.

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