My first paranormal experience was when I was five years old. I had two sisters and one brother at the time. My mother had put us to bed as usual, myself and my sister Marian slept in bunk-beds her on the top, me on the bottom. Well we knew something wasn’t right with the house as it was but we were all kind of young.

Anyway I was just after dozing off maybe about 10 minutes or so when I heard this giggling and I kind of lay there for a second or two and then I felt a weight on me. I felt someone literally jumping up and down on my chest and giggling. Me being five, I thought it was one of my sisters even though the giggling sounded much younger. Anyway I opened my eyes to see what was going on and which one of my sisters were messing with me. To my shock it was a little girl with long brown ringlets in her hair. She wouldn’t have been more than three, and my sisters at the time were eight and nine. I was the youngest.

I lay there looking up at her jumping up and down on top of me and I remember the little smile on her face. I didn’t realise what I am as seeing. I smiled back at her and I remember getting scared and I tried to call my mam and nothing would come out of my mouth. I’ll never ever forget the fear I felt when I couldn’t make a sound. And then when I tried to shout a second time, she just disappeared like she was never there.

I jumped out of my bed in a panic and ran down stairs were my mam was watching Coronation Street and I started crying and I told her what had just happened and my mam started to cry. Now as u can imagine I was really confused at this stage and I stayed in my mam’s bed that nite. My dad was working thru the night so I slept in with my mam.

I learned a few years later that my mam had just lost a baby a month prior to the incident. My mam gave birth to a baby girl called Jennifer and she was born with only half a heart. She passed away at two weeks old. I always remember my mother telling me about my sister and I said to my mam but how could it off been my sister that I saw that night? I said this girl was ’bout two or three. And my mam said, I just know it was Jennifer. Now I know why she burst into tears that night when I ran down the stairs and told her what I had just saw.

I had many more experiences in that house over the years and I’m know a solo paranormal investigator. Hope you enjoyed my story.

— Ciara, Ireland