Love from a Past Life Remembered

I born in Brazil 1963 since then I remember. I know that person I used to call him John. I tell all my little friends that one day I will come to United States and will be together forever and I grow-up and the feeling getting so much strong. Was it love from a past life that I remembered?

I was in my twenties I call him Nickola J. I know he is or was a soldier. I remember three little girls: Elizabeth, Carolyn, Sarah and there is another one, Rebecca, but I never get to hold. I don’t know.

I’m married for 28 years to a wonderful man James. I living in United States for 30 years, but I never love no one that way I love that person on my mind is so real that I watch to see if I found him or ever I go all the feeling still in my heart. I never told no one, they will think that I have a bad problem. How that you miss and love this much and remember smell so much more of a person that don’t exist. But you know he exists because you remember so many years past and that feeling still strong. What is this that I can’t forget and stop love?

— Celia, Florida

Thanks for your story, Celia. Perhaps you are remembering a love from a past life. Your love sounds intense. Maybe you lived together during a recent past life, Maybe it ended suddenly. I believe spirits bound by love will be reunited. Try not to get hung up on remembering names or even appearance, but know that when you are reunited, you will know each other.

I find these accounts of past life memory most fascinating. You’ll find several more similar stories on this site in the category: Fate & Reincarnation. —Kat