I don’t believe in anything but scientific fact let alone ghosts or animal ghosts.

However, I recently had an old dog 19 put to sleep, it was time for her to go. I loved her very much and I think the feeling was mutual.

I let her cool down for a few days before I buried her, as is my habit. Brain has electrical energy that doesn’t stop right away, it tapers off as the body cools.

So in the veggie patch she goes.

The next night, I am asleep and I get woken up by the bed moving. Now here is where things get scary and inexplicable to science.

I sleep on a water bed. I felt a movement like old dog doing a circle before lying down, I freeze, look up quickly but fully alert only moving my head because I can’t really believe this, my mind is racing as I can already sense what is happening, it’s all in a second or so til now. So I look up and I see a vague image of her circling then fading.

“I am still frozen as I notice the ripples in the waterbed.”

You can’t move water at the end of this waterbed by moving your head. I tried to replicate the movements I seen myself, lying as I was, tried everything over a few days, can’t replicate anything close.

I can’t explain it, I’ve considered dreams and hallucinations and poltergeists—everything, I can’t explain it.

It was real, make of it what you will. I thought I should tell someone, so I looked and found this site.

— Mick, Australia