My dog Turbo was 11 years old and passed away October 12, 2015.  I had Turbo since he was 6 weeks old.  He died at home in his sleep one night while I was at work after being sick for a couple of months. For days and nights after his passing, I would hear the doggie door open and close on its own. My boyfriend thought I was hearing things till he finally heard it too. On our way home from getting Abbie, we were discussing how Turbo use to sit in my lap in the car when I drove.  My boyfriend said ‘that’s kinda dangerous’, and then out of no where we heard Turbo’s bark as clear as it could be driving 65 mph down a highway with no other dogs in sight.  We then started hearing him more and more around the house, and the doggie door would open and close on its own without wind, especially at night.

My boyfriend who initially thought I was crazy, not only has heard Turbo, but sees shadows go under the bed and into our closet. His favorite spots. Turbo is buried in my backyard. I know that him dying at home has a lot to do with his active spirit. My dog Abigail Grace has even looked and stared at a spot, and growled before. It doesn’t ‘scare’ me, but causes a ton of emotions.

The other night I was laying on the couch and I felt the jump of a dog, though the puppies were in their kennels, and my blanket moved.  Turbo used to lay with me on the couch all the time.

Another time I was playing with my puppies in the living room and from my bedroom there was a toy that squeaked. The ONLY toy that is in my bedroom is Turbo’s toy in my top dresser drawer. It was still there.

There are times when I feel like I am loosing my mind, though I know that his spirit is real. He comes around especially at night when I am trying to fall asleep, most recently making noises under my bed, which is where he would lay at night during the last few months of his life.

“Reading theses stories makes me feel like I am not alone.”

I just wish like crazy that I had one more snuggle session. I miss him so very very much. Sadly, (my dog) Shasta and Turbo got ill after a new bag of dog food. Turbo passed due to his age and illness first, and Shasta had to be put to sleep one month and one day after Turbo’s passing. They are both buried in my back yard. I can’t say for sure that Shasta comes around, I know Turbo does without question. Thanks for letting me share.

— Kimberly, Mississippi