Our crossing paths. “Is this fate?”

So about five years ago, I met a guy through his brother as we both went to varsity together. We began to chat and hang out here and there and the chemistry between really started to grow and blossom. I always wanted more out of him in terms of a solid relationship which was something he felt he couldn’t give me at the time, so eventually we separated.

Crossing paths—again.

One day I was chatting to my mom about his family, only to find out that both our families knew each other years ago. Both our fathers lived in the same road, my parents went to his parents’ wedding, we had mutual friends growing up even though we didn’t know each other, and my mom says she frequently bumped into his mom in malls. So even though we were little, we kept crossing paths. Our dads worked in the same building, and now work together almost 15-20 years later.

Still crossing paths after 20 years.

We now live in the same street, 20 years after my parents moved away and somehow we all share an address again. Is this fate? Cause I can honestly say no matter what happens and with who, the feelings we have for each other have not changed and the chemistry is still stronger than ever. Help please!!!

— Nikki, South Africa

That said, you and “the guy” might be meant to simply cross paths as you have been. You might not be destined for a relationship any more “solid” than that.

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