Premonition Dream about Birth and Death

On 2/6/20, I had this very vivid premonition dream about birth and death …

I woke alone up in my bed. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. I reached down and touched my belly. I was pregnant and immediately knew it was my sister’s baby. I started to have cramps and recognized I was already ready to push (it would have been my 4th child). I called for my husband but no one was home.

“I delivered the baby.”

I remember feeling a deep sense of calm and peace. I delivered the baby. It was a beautiful baby girl, she came out smiling. In my dream, I looked at the clock because I knew my sister would want to know the time of birth it was 10:37am. I got out of bed to collect a towel and scissors to cut the cord.

“An overwhelming sense that someone died…”

This is where I got curious about where my family was … I looked out my daughter’s bedroom window which faces the front of the street. I saw my entire family walking into my driveway heading into the backyard. There was a priest there. I had an overwhelming sense that someone died. I raced to my bedroom window which faces the backyard and looked out. It was a funeral service in my backyard. I knew it was an immediate family member. Then I woke up and immediately called my sister to tell her.

On 2/28/20, my father passed away unexpectedly.

My sister found out she was pregnant in June with a due date of 2/21/21.

— Liz F. in Massachusetts

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