Asian ghost appears to young teen.

I’ve always had weird experiences as a kid, some I can remember and some I can’t.… When I was a young teenager, about 13 years old, I had a “girlfriend” who I was absolutely obsessed with, and she with me. We would spend hours on the phone which lasted into the wee hours of the night. Naturally this drove my parents nuts. Back then, if you were on the phone, anyone calling the house would just get a busy signal; no answering machines. It got so bad that my parents pulled the landlines from all the phones and hid them for about a week. I remember I had a really hard time sleeping that week because I was so used to staying up and taking about nothing with my girlfriend.

At this time, me and my brother shared a room. Our beds were arranged to be perpendicular to each other. The foot of my bed was closest to his bed and the window was on the right side of my bed with the door to our room on the left side. As I laid there and looked over to my brother, I remember being jealous that he was sound asleep and here I was wide awake.

An Asian ghost appears. “His entire body was transparent. But then he slowly started filling up with color.”

It was a hot summer night and we didn’t have air conditioning so the window was wide open. As I was staring at his bed, I suddenly felt a light breeze. I remember thinking it was weird because there had not been a single breeze all night. As I turned to look at the window I saw what resembled a transparent head flying into the room. It made its way over to the door. It was so transparent that I wasn’t sure what it was right away. As I turned my head and focused on the door, a man started to appear.

At first, body started to appear and seemed to grow from the head. His entire body was transparent. But then he slowly started filling up with color. I remember he was wearing a yellow tank top. As he became more clear and his face started to come into view, I could see his strong cheek bones and a long sharp jawline. I could tell he was Asian. It took me a few seconds (which seemed like forever) for my body to be able to move. As soon as I was able able move, I jumped out of my bed and right into my little brother’s bed. I looked over to the door but it was gone. I was still terrified and closed my eyes then slept in his bed for the rest of the night.

“I was going to tell my parents about what had happened, but my mother got a call and went berserk.”

The next day I didn’t tell anyone. Later that week, my parents decided to hook the phones back on. I remember I was going to tell my parents about what had happened, but my mother got a call and went berserk. Her dad had passed away and they weren’t able to get a hold of us because my parents had detached the phone lines. She was so angry at me because she blamed me for having to disconnect our phones. I felt guilty but was also angry because I refused to believe it was my fault, so we stopped taking for a few days. I just never brought it up because I figured the death of my grandfather overshadowed my experience.

We had come to the states as refugees (from Laos) for 14 years at this point, but her parents had decided to stay in the old country. It cost a lot of money to make a long distance call back then, so my mother and her family did not talk much which made it even harder for her when he passed.

“It felt very real and I remember it very clearly even to this day.”

Years later, my mother’s mom (my grandmother) and her brothers (my uncles) and their families finally made the move to the States. My very first meeting with one of the uncles sort of shocked me. He looked very similar to the apparition that I had seen in my room that hot summer night. That jogged my memory which I then finally told my parents the story. They weren’t sure what to make of it and to this day believe that I imagined it. But it felt very real and I remember it very clearly even to this day.

“Grandfather’s ghost appears in a youthful form.”

I often wonder/speculate if it was my grandfather in his youth form that appeared to me the night he died.

— Anonymous in Wisconsin

(This true ghost story was submitted to DreamWatch and was edited for length. — Kat)

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