Scary Dreams Shared by Sisters

I dream vividly most of the time and I have had disturbing, fearful, scary dreams every night for two weeks. However, I am not remembering details of the dreams, only that I am afraid or scared. I wake up, then turn on light in bedroom and go back to sleep after a few minutes.

“Two full weeks of disturbing, scary dreams.”

At the end of two weeks, my sister who lives in another state was in town visiting my parents and I told her I had not been sleeping well for the last two weeks and I mentioned my disturbing scary dreams. My sister, who does not believe in ghosts, told me the same thing! She said she seldom dreams or remembers the dreams but had been experiencing the same fear dream for two weeks also!

“Someone was in the house….”

We were both having dreams of fear as if someone was in the home that was an intruder, waking up afraid, scared. All the dreams are of waking up in the dream and feeling intense fear, someone in the house, not quite sure why the fear.

In one her dreams my sister saw an older man in the doorway of her bedroom and he was turning away to leave. He had grey hair with leg-o’-mutton (mutton chop) sideburns like Elvis or Civil War soldiers.

“I woke up again last night, scared…”

I woke up again last night, scared and turned on the light to go back to sleep. Two days later, my dreams stopped and I slept through the night. My sister had not commented on her dreams since and has gone back home to another state.

What are we seeing, hearing, feeling, that is in common? What could recurring fear dreams for two sisters in two separate states mean? Any comments would be wonderful. I am stumped.

— Donna in Ohio


Donna, thank you for sharing your story about recurring scary dreams shared with your sister. That you and your sister live in different U.S. states has nothing to do with your shared dreams, she could live on the other side of earth or the moon. The distance of space is a three-dimensional thought, which is where our bodies live. In my opinion, spirits and dreams live elsewhere. I wish I had more to offer.

— Kat

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