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Shut the Cold Room Door

This is my mother’s story but also leads on to what happened to me this summer… in the cold room. I have loved the paranormal since I was young as I can remember. And this is my story

“The dogs would come running…”

In high school, my mother would be at my grandparents house alone, just relaxing and the dogs would chase what we call “something” down our long hallway. Everyone who was alone would hear a shriek and the dogs would come running as if they were being chased back.

I must tell you, you can see into it at the start and behind the stairs where the kitchen starts.

She saw a big black figure

Her most terrifying incident was when she was alone, watching television, the couch used to be directed towards the stairs as that was where the television was. She was watching when she heard footsteps, she looked into the hallway to see a big black figure run down the hallway. She called “Hello?” there was no response and so she thought she had seen nothing. Until my aunt said she experienced the same things too.

Another thing to happen in this house was telephone calls coming from the home phone with no one on the other line. They were traced and we found out they were coming from the basement. The thing is, there is only one home phone.

Shut the cold room door

My grandparents knew they had spirits after that and decided to shut the cold room door in the basement which was the oldest room in the house.

After that nothing happened.

My cousins and I were born and my grandparents still live there. My eldest cousin and I decided to open the cold room door as a joke. We went down there and I already had a sick feeling. We opened it quickly and a shadow quickly sped by and disappeared. At this point I was screaming and didn’t know what to think.

It’s been a month and I refuse to enter the house.

— Kadence in Canada


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Kids See Shadow Man

Kids See Shadow Man

There’s this “gift” that goes around in my family. It normally only happens to the females but my brother has had more of it than I have. So pretty much we can see and experience things that most people can’t. My mom says that we’re clairvoyant and sensitive to spirits and other stuff like that. With my grandmother, mother, brother and me all combined, we have some pretty interesting stories.

“… there was something under his bed …”

So this happened a long time ago, I was only about 6 or 7 while my brother was 5. My brother woke me up in the middle of the night saying that there was something under his bed, so I did what any big sister would do and told him to go back to sleep. He kept persisting that something was bothering him so I went under his bed to prove that everything was fine, and everything was fine. He was still scared and asked me to stay in his bedroom for the rest of the night. So I went and crawled in a chair next to his bed, and it wasn’t long before I was asleep again.

“My mom started screaming at the shadow figure as it started to come closer.”

This next part is just what I gathered from all my family members (because I was asleep). My brother still couldn’t go back to sleep so he just sat in his bed freaking out. Until he noticed something behind the TV in his room, he described it as a shadow figure peeking out from behind the TV stand. My brother started screaming and that’s when my mom came in, my mom saw the same thing that my brother did. My mom said she started screaming at the shadow figure as it started to come closer.

“She described it as a dark mass.”

As it got into the light my mom could see it better, she described it as a dark mass with devil-like horns and smoke where it’s legs should have been, but the smoke was rolling like a snake.

“My brother tried to run …”

My brother tried to run for the door, but that shadow thing was in the way. My mom tried to stop my brother from getting too close to the shadow figure, but the thing rolled back as my brother got closer, as if it wasn’t interested in my brother. My mom said it looked like it was going to get closer to her, but as my grandmother came into the room the thing kept going backwards, back into the dark corner where it came from. It hit the TV and when it did the TV started going crazy, playing different channels and going static, until finally it just started smoking and blew a gasket kind of.

Right after that both my grandmother and my mom said I looked towards them (with my eyes still closed) and said, “Don’t worry guys, it’s just the shadow man.” I have no memory of saying that or even the shadow thing, I was asleep through the whole thing, which is crazy because I’m a very light sleeper.

— Serenity in North Carolina

I’m always amazed that paranormal experiences (dreams, visions, ghost encounters, whatever) — like Kids See Shadow Man — linger in memory for decades.

— Kat

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Faceless ghost

Faceless Ghost – Bad Fashion Never Dies

Over the past two/three nights I have been suddenly waking up to “see” someone standing next to my bed. It is usually just a shadowed figure. However, last night I woke to a faceless man in a blue plaid suit, walking past my bed and through the wall. These dreams startle me awake, but I don’t have a feeling of anxiousness when awaking.

— Barbara in Florida

Yikes! I’d be startled too. What kind of guy wears blue plaid suits? Yuk! Apparently harmless, though I wouldn’t encourage the faceless ghost to hang around. (No offense meant to you guys who wear blue plaid suits.) Thanks for writing!

— Kat

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Shadow people and ghosts. A lot of activity.

My story started 9 years ago when grand-daughter complained of a man she called John who would pull her hair that we could not see. She moved out leaving just my wife and I. Over the years we have seen shadow people, ghosts, up stairs a lot of activity. Lights going on and off, hear people talking, sound of doors closing, and footsteps.

Once digging a hole to replace a rusted culvert pipe, I dug up some bones I guess to be chicken bones and deeper down, a black doll like a snowman, two round balls (head and body) with orange felt triangle eyes and a pearl long pin through the head. The activity has calmed downed, except for the smell of a woman’s perfume that wakes both my wife and I up from a sound sleep. This is happening about every three weeks.

— Alan, USA

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