Danger Dressed in Black

I dreamed the night, or the night before, (of) the daughter of a man I know. We (the daughter? and he) was going to the same school before many many years. I had many many years to talk with her. Her father last time I see him was before some months in a coffee shop during the COVID measures. The woman (the daughter?) was wearing black clothes and black high boots. She was in front of me. I talk to her and she didn’t reply.

That day at work I (was) informed about a deadly accident and (I) go with my colleague from the department (where) I work to investigate. He (a co-worker) fell while work(ing) from a big height and break his head. Blood everywhere around his head. He was her father.

Another premonition of danger

I had another experience at the middle of 2017. I see two faces, one had his face paint white and other was blond. Staring at me. Especially the white one. That week my dad get sick and died.

I just wanted to write somewhere about that.

— Hunter in Europe

I find the black and white imagery interesting — the woman dressed in black and white painted face both warning of danger and death. Hmmm …

I wonder if the dream was showing a future time when the daughter was dressed in black for her father’s funeral.

— Kat

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