Premonition dreams—for some scary reason, they came true.

Premonition dreams of black dogs, a black figure, and the best friend I ever had.

This is going to be quite long, but I am willing to swear it is true.

I grew up in a very superstitious family that believes in witches, vampires, guardian angels, etc. However, I never cared about those things. I thought they were products of our ancestors’ imagination and only served for entertainment.

Despite the fact that I was told I have a guardian angel and that I had a strange birth, I just could care less. But things kept getting weirder as I grew up. I kept getting weird dreams that were out of this world and for some scary reasons, they came true. I couldn’t remember clearly all the dreams because I had forced myself to not remember them due to fear—but a few still haunt me.

Premonition Dreams of Black Dogs.

One of them was that I had envisioned the death of two people I had never known until the day of their funeral. In my dream, two or maybe three black dogs came to my window and told me about two souls being tied to a pole near the road I had taken to school everyday. They led me to them and I saw a woman and a man being tied to a pole with a pile of wood underneath them. They were crying for help, crying for me to help them. The black dogs told me they needed help. I didn’t remember what I said but when I woke up I ignored the dream.

Then I heard from one kid I had talked to only once that her brother had died in a moto accident on the road I had taken to school. And after the funeral, I heard that a long, long distant relative of mine (never heard of her before too) whose mother lived on the road I had taken to school died in a car accident.

I also kept seeing black dogs on my way to school after that.

Dreams warn of hard times to come.

The next dream was about a teacher of mine. I dreamt that he would leave us soon. Before he left, he pulled a dollar bill from his pocket with the number five written repeatedly on it. He told me everything would change soon and then he left.

A few months after the dream, he did leave and my life had taken a turn for the worse. Despite that, I never actually got harmed or even sank to the bottom and I still don’t know why. I was doomed to fail and everyone knew it, but I kept getting lucky.

A lifelong friendship was simply a dream.

This last dream is very close to me and I had been seeking answers for so long. I dreamt of the boy I had met in lower school. For some weird reason everything I dreamt about him came true.

I remembered him wearing a blue shirt and working with children and guess what? He somehow decided to volunteer in a children’s NGO and posted a picture there with a blue shirt on. I dreamt that we never talked and in real life we never did. However, one night I dreamt that he left but somehow he promised me that he would come back. To my surprise he did leave, but he never said anything because we weren’t friends. Years later, I saw him on a social media post. He was sitting at the exact same spot I had been. We were back to back but none of us recognized one another.

“He was the closest friend I ever had even though he was a dream.”

The difference between the guy in my dream and the guy in real life is that even when the boy left, the boy in my dreams never left. In my dreams, he grew up with me. I dreamt the entire scenario of our lives, our ups and our downs and until we went to college. He was the closest friend I ever had even though he was a dream.

But our story was tragic because the last dream I had of him was him being the villain. After realizing he had been trying to shoot me, he threw away the gun and ran away. I tried running after him, but I never caught up with him so I just sat on a pile of rocks and waited until I woke up. To this day, I never dreamt of him again.

Was he a vision like other dreams I had? It didn’t make sense. I had lived half of my life with him before it all ended. Never had such dreams lasted for years until the entire story played out. I kept visiting the guy’s timeline because I missed the “him” in my dreams but the two had the same name, same background, same childhood but they did not look alike.

Premonition dreams. “My dreams messed with my mind.”

I remembered praying for the first time at a temple and I prayed for answers regarding that dream. When I was walking away, a man with a lost look on his face appeared out of nowhere and said, “It is no use clinging to the past for it won’t help you grow into something you are meant to be in the future.”

I used to ignore everything but sometimes I thought maybe he was right. I might not have answers for everything that had happened to me, but there is no use hanging on to them. Still, I grew to hate it. I grew to hate my dreams because they messed with my mind and realities so much that nowadays I dreamt less. My dreams became a bit more “normal”.

“I kept seeing things, people and animals that had died.”

Apart from my dreams I kept seeing things, people and animals that had died. It also affected other people close to me. For example, one lady called me but I was too lazy to answer her, yet she still heard me answering quite clearly, so she continued talking to me. Someone or something had decided to answer her for me.

A big black figure protects home and family.

A group of Vietnamese beggars tried to rob our house when I was a baby. When they tried to walk past me all of them tumbled down the stairs before they could do harm. They all ran away screaming about some big black figure pushing them down the steps. I refused to accept all of this.

“I knew they existed no matter how many times I tried to avoid them.”

I refused to believe what I saw and the weird things that my mom told me about myself when I was younger. I told myself she was just making things up to tease me because I was the only one who doesn’t believe in such things. But I saw and heard them myself so I knew they existed no matter how many times I tried to avoid them. Still, I would try to ignore them cuz ignorance is bliss.

— Ray in Cambodia


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