Premonition of Terror, a #psychic #thriller #mustreadA psychic thriller

Premonition of Terror leaves you wondering—Hmmm, could this really happen? Has this really happened?!”, true paranormal experiences of ordinary people, began as a hobby. It was supposed to be fun—until premonitions from around the world predict the same catastrophic attack.

The last time reluctant psychic Kate Kasabian revealed a prediction, people were hurt. But with thousands of lives at risk, she has no choice but to badger her by-the-book FBI brother to investigate. He refuses to help. When she sets off to prove her suspicions, he thinks he’s heard the last of her supernatural silliness—until the legendary Matt Chase from Counterterrorism alerts agents to a credible threat.

Tracking clues from Prague to New England, Kate trusts dreams and premonitions, while Chase relies on technology and global intelligence to stop the U.S. plot.


“A compelling blend of thriller, procedural, and the paranormal with a healthy dose of romance as well. The story moves from Connecticut, to rural Vermont, all the way to Prague.”

“Kathyrn Orzech weaves a suspense novel intertwined with investigative intrigue, paranormal premonition and sprinkled with romance. This was a hit in our book club! It had something for everyone to enjoy. The main character Kate Kasabian always has a habit of traveling around disaster and the circumstances around her upcoming trip to Prague grabs you instantly! The author has an artful skill of drawing you in with the realistic dialogue of her diverse characters and her ability to describe the scene. The way she paints the crime scene and gets into the head of the investigators was really interesting and believable. I read it in three days and it left me wanting more!”

“I spent my days thinking about the characters, wondering and plotting what will happen next—and calculating when I will have a free hour to sit and read. Premonition of Terror did all of that and more. Kathryn Orzech’s style of weaving paranormal elements with everyday events and a romantic tease makes this a great read even for those who don’t typically read paranormal.”

Premonition of Terror follows the main character, Kate, as she links together clues from this world, and from the unseen, to track an impending attack on U.S. soil. There are well-developed supporting characters that move the story along in a fast-paced thrill ride.”

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