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Author Kathryn Orzech writes mystery, suspense, and thrillers set in “New England and other exotic locations.”

Strong female characters confront extraordinary and dangerous situations, flirt with romance, and brush with the supernatural. “What’s not to love?”

A seasoned world traveler having visited more than thirty countries, she’s logged the miles to prove it and puts her global adventures to work in her novels. Vivid setting descriptions and well-defined characters take readers on a realistic, believable, and wild ride.

Author’s Life

She occasionally posts on Kathy’s BlogThe blog link is also listed in the Sidebar Categories. More about her books on this site at DreamWatch Press.

Working on a new novel in her Connecticut home often begins or ends before dawn. When she’s not writing, she’s likely viewing movies or binge-watching a favorite TV drama on the DVR. Criminal Minds, Designated Survivor, Madam SecretaryNCIS, The Americans, and The X-Files come to mind, though the list is long.

An avid film fan and self-proclaimed news nerd, other interests include history and geopolitics, society and culture, archaeology and psychology, earth science, and parapsychology, leaving few subjects off her literary table.

What’s next? A contemporary mystery set in central Connecticut.

A quiet valley town seems to be the target 
of an enigmatic serial killer—but not one body has been found at the bloody crime scenes. Citizens are frightened. Police are frustrated. Detectives are baffled. Only two sisters see the signs in ancient writings the killer left behind.

Kathryn is researching ancient myths, getting to know the characters, and has plotted much of the story. DreamWatch Press plans to release in 2018. The working title is Counting Souls.


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