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Asylum, a dark suspense saga

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Asylum, a dark suspense saga

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“Intrigue, emotion, and adventure!” 

ON AN INNOCENT DAY IN 1899—While her father travels abroad, twelve-year-old Maggie Delito, daughter of the wealthy industrialist, unwittingly witnesses a shocking scandal. The next day, she’s dragged from her family’s estate and locked in an asylum, along with the shameful secret. Beneath the noted asylum’s polish of respectability, a wicked villainy hides in dank shadows—and Maggie fears she will be its next victim.

SEVENTY-FIVE YEARS LATER—Laura “Del” Delito inherits more than ancestral assets when her prestigious family’s mysterious past comes knocking. After sacrificing an independent career on the brink of success, she assumes control of Delito’s failing jewelry business while daring to expose its ghosts. A strange old woman. Cryptic messages. Backroom betrayals. And a rare antique key 
that might unlock the truth. As she pursues clues from the Northeast to North Africa, she fails to see the danger looming close to home.

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ISBN 978-0989226127  print • $15.95
5.5 x 8.5 • soft cover • 332 pages

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ISBN 978-0989226134  eBook • $7.99
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Premonition of Terror, a psychic thriller

“Leaves you wondering—Hmmm, could this really happen? Has this really happened?!”

Premonition of Terror, a psychic, true paranormal experiences of everyday people, began as a hobby. It was supposed to be fun—until premonitions from around the world predict the same catastrophic attack.

The last time reluctant psychic Kate Kasabian revealed a prediction, people were hurt. But with thousands of lives at risk, she has no choice but to badger her FBI brother to investigate. He refuses to help. When she sets off to prove her suspicions, he thinks he’s heard the last of her supernatural silliness—until the legendary Matt Chase from Counterterrorism alerts agents to a credible threat.

Tracking clues from Prague to New England, Kate trusts psychic dreams and visions while Chase relies on global intelligence and technology to expose the U.S. plot. But will it be enough to stop the attack? is a real life website that publishes psychic dreams and premonitions, ghost encounters including pet ghosts, and other supernatural adventures submitted by everyday people from every U.S. state and more than 50 countries. Set in Connecticut, rural Vermont, Massachusetts, New York and Prague, it was the inspiration for psychic thriller Premonition of Terror when the author wondered, “What if…?”

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Print Available: Amazon
5.5 x 8.5 • soft cover • 326 pages
ISBN: 978-0989226110  print $12.95
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ISBN: 978-0989226103  eBook $4.99
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Books in Development

Counting Souls

a contemporary mystery thriller 
(coming in 2018)

A quiet valley town in Connecticut seems to be the target 
of an enigmatic serial killer—but not one body has been found at the bloody crime scenes. Citizens are frightened. Police are frustrated. Detectives are baffled. Only two sisters see the signs in ancient writings the killer left behind.

Premonition of Murder

a psychic thriller, prequel to Premonition of Terror

Everything has settled into place for graphic designer and amateur psychic Kate Kasabian—a cozy new home, a budding new freelance business, a sweet new lover—until a premonition blows it apart.

Premonition of Danger

a psychic thriller, sequel to Premonition of Terror 

Reluctant psychic Kate Kasabian and FBI brother Jack, along with the legendary Matt Chase in Counterterrorism, face new dangers that threaten the homeland in this new thriller.