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About Dreamwatch.com - mission statement, site secrets exposed

Dreamwatch® Mission Statement

Dreamwatch.com is dedicated to collecting and sharing information about the personal paranormal experiences of ordinary people, in their own words. Tell us your story.

Message from the Publisher about the publisher … that's me, Kat, writing about myself

I used to describe Dreamwatch.com as "a tiny, little site with paranormal attitude" because I believe our psychic senses are nothing to get spooked about (even though I sometimes do). I think they're as natural as our physical senses, and that our spirit body is as real as our material body. I believe we experience paranormal or supernatural events for a purpose—to make us think, make us laugh, make us nuts, show us what's possible. Or all of the above. If these beliefs fit with your idea of reality, you're in the right place.

Once upon a time in my life (yes, this life), a psychic and spiritual guide suggested the existence of other realities, but the most important lesson he taught was, "Don't believe anything I say. Find out for yourself." I encourage you to do the same. Be curious. Read. Think. Trust yourself.

There is no hidden meaning in the graphics used on this site.

Kat photo 2014More than you want to know

I'm not a dream expert or professional researcher. Some say I have a talent for interpreting dreams and their symbolism.

I'm just an ordinary*, average, everyday person, curious about the paranormal, the here now and the hereafter, who had a dream about creating this site. I'm a graphic designer and writer. I hope that Dreamwatch clearly expresses my view of alternate realities as a normal part of life that may not yet be understood.

I love to travel (especially with my body). I've visited thirty countries from Iceland to Chile, from China to Egypt (6x), India and Nepal. I could go on (okay, if you insist): Argentina, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada (3x), Cape Verde, Czech Republic, Greece (2x), Hungary, Italy (3x), Malta, Mexico, Morocco (2x), Peru, Poland (3x), Slovakia (oops, just passing through), Spain (2x), Sri Lanka, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay. Caribbean: Bahamas, Jamaica, St. Martin, U.S. Virgin Islands. I've also been to Alaska and Hawaii, my country, but far enough from home to earn travel credit. I hope you enjoy exploring planet earth and the spirit world as much as I have.

Dreamwatch® Site History - Our makeover is over

Dreamwatch home page screen shot 1997-2010

Dreamwatch.com — The Dreamwatch site looked like this from 1997 until the launch of the newly designed site in mid-November 2010. Years ago the site was state-of-the-art but the foundation structure became outdated and soon would have become obsolete. I learn web design skills as I go, so my fingers are crossed for this upgrade.

Eye graphic — is an Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol. There is another EYE glyph, the Eye of Horus, which means ALL-SEEING and would be more accurate to the purpose of the site, but to me that eye looks like it's weeping. I chose this eye, which is the WEEPING EYE, because it looks to me like it's seeing with three streams of vision: Past, Present, Future.

1997 through 2010 list of years — This Dreamwatch site was launched in 1997. I've listed a round number of 10 years (oops, where's my calculator?). The list does not imply that I expect the world to end in 2010. I had planned to update the years, maybe skip years, but that wouldn't have hidden meaning either. Doesn't matter. I don't use this graphic in the new design.

Choice of colors — The original colors were purple and green against a white background. I feel purple to be a spiritual color and I like the green healing color. I think these colors look dreamy. Even though the look of the previous site, mostly white with spot color, is now trendy, I've decided to add a lot of color—all color! New accent colors on each page complement the banner art.

New and improved site design — This site has recently been upgraded ... rebuilt from scratch with new graphics. I worked on the new design for months, learning the software as I went. Often frustrated. Sometimes close to tears. The appearance and images look more like the new Paranormal Blog. I invite you to take a look and leave a comment. I can't wait to read what's going on with you, and what you think about our new look.

Dreamwatch® Blog History

Dreamwatch Paranormal Blog - banner image

Dreamwatch Paranormal Blog — launched August 2010. I'm still finding my way and hope to post more regularly. (The site redesign gobbled all my time.) Posts are about subjects of interest to me, mostly related to the supernatural, but not all, and I hope they interest you, too. Please visit and leave a comment. What would you like to talk about?

Friday Ghost Stories — Friday Ghost Stories began on our blog on March 4, 2011. All stories have been submitted by visitors like you. I've tried to post every Friday, but as I run short of entries, I skip a week or more. I try not to duplicate postings from the site, but I often do, especially when I think you'll like the story and I don't want you to miss it—and when the writer asks for comment, opinion or help, so please leave your comment.

Dreamwatch® Secrets are Exposed

Dreamwatch — the name is what it says: Watching Dreams. This site is dedicated to collecting and sharing information about premonitions, psychic dreams, and paranormal events. No secrets.

Alien Faces appear in Dreamwatch® home page image

I sat back, thrilled that my redesigned site was almost done, knowing I would soon launch the new pages. (If you're reading this, the new pages are launched.) Back to my story: I felt I'd accomplished something huge. Finally I could get back to polishing the paranormal thriller I've been writing. I was listening to Samuel Barber, Adagio for Strings on YouTube feeling pretty good as I admired my new home page.

Something spooky happened on the way to the web

I was staring at my home page, admiring my hard work. The girl's face looks like a younger me. (I'm a grandmother. YIKES! When did that happen?) I've got the Eye of Horus in there. I love the colors, the cool fonts; and the spooky, space graphics … but hey, what's that? What do I see staring back? It looks like an alien face. It shares an eye on the girl's face. Do you see it?

I didn't put it there!

Dreamwatch home page screen shot - alien faces appear in image

Now look between the alien and the type, there's another smaller face, like an alien baby. See it? Now look above the alien baby, a third face. The longer I stare at the faces the clearer they become.


I'm staring at the third face and the music is playing and the face seems to turn slowly toward me. Now I'm freaking scared … Scared the willies right out of me. I don't stare at the faces any more, I kind of squint at the screen, fast, so I don't have to see too much.

A side story to the alien faces is that my tech guy has for the last fifteen years nicknamed me alienbaby. I don't recall how it started, I probably told him some weird paranormal story while he was cleaning my hard drive. But I liked the name and began using it to sign e-mails to him, and the name stuck. The moral of the story, be careful what you ask for—it may come back to bite you.

Thank you for visiting Dreamwatch. Please come again. — Kat

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