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Reincarnation and Past Lives - memories of another time at Dreamwatch

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True Stories about Reincarnation and Past Life Memories at Dreamwatch®

Another time. Another place. Familiar feelings or unexplained specific knowledge about a person, family, or locale you've never visited. Talents not found in your family. Recurring dreams of your own death in different time period. Could you have lived before?

Read what people like you remember about their past lives:

An ancient Egyptian past? And glimpses of past, parallel, or future lives —

I have a few weird things that have become commonplace for me. I'd love to know what these could mean. Since childhood I've had a strong connection to ancient Egyptian culture. I'm Irish, Italian and black with no known relation to Egypt, but it's a deep passion for everything related to it.

I've also been having the same types of dreams over and over for years; sometimes almost identical. I'm usually in an older school or building for housing, maybe a boarding school. I'm always been chased, hunted and/or attacked almost. Sometimes it leads outdoors and it's chaotic in the streets. Broken streets and such like an earthquake have been in the dreams a couple times.

Many times I'm also at a water park type place but still being chased relentlessly by more than one person, I think, but I can't remember whom. I never fully escape or feel safe but I don't remember them catching me exactly. I don't know.

And lastly, I've also been having visions or glimpses into what feels like another life. Could be a parallel life or a past life (for which I believe there is a distinct difference) or even a future one. They're very quick like mere flashes and feelings or memories of what feels like a "current or recent" me someplace different living a very different life. It's gone before I can even think to memorize anything I'm seeing.

I feel there's meaning behind some if not all of these things but I'd love someone else's take. I'm not as open with the people closest to me. I've always felt out of place for my family, friends, even this planet sometimes. But I digress. Lol, thanks for letting me share.

Past Life Memory of being a soldier

Here's my story: (this is short but true) When I was six I just had a dream of being a soldier and then when I woke up and I grabbed a Nerf or toy gun and played army. I would know the army alphabet, order and commands like I was in the army but I wasn't and at the time I hadn't researched anything about the army.

Past Life Memory — A violent act knocks out teeth

Here's my story: Mine's simple but freaks me out a little. I have a memory that's fairly vivid but can't be from this life. Normally I would dismiss it and accept the memory as if it were from this life but that's not possible.

It's simple really. I remember being in an accident or fight or something and the memory begins with me cupping one hand over my mouth just after I got struck in my mouth hard. No pain, at least not at first, I felt more shocked then anything. I felt teeth rolling in my mouth and tasted blood. I spit out several, 6-8 teeth, into my hand. I can remember the unique sound and feeling of them being knocked out. That's all, just that.

I know it's not from this life, easy enough. All my teeth are accounted for. Why do I so clearly remember losing them when I didn't? I had 3 teeth pulled last week and the memory is clear as ever right now. I wonder if that happened to me in a past life and it was significant enough that I carried the memory with me to this life. If it wasn't something clear cut like number of teeth I have I would think the memory is from this life earlier and I'm just not clear on it any more. But it's teeth, I didn't grow them back. It's not a memory I like either. It seems so real. It can't be, can it?

Past Life Memories—Present Life Sensitivities

For the longest time I have been terrified of a few very specific things that have nothing to do with my current life time.

I am terrified of going backwards in a car and crashing.

I am terrified of burning while being trapped in a small space.

I vividly remember the feeling I had as I was being killed—I won't go into detail because it's very graphic.

I remember a white, older, 50's style car, and how it felt to sit in one, even though I, personally, have never been in an old car of that type.

I often remember frightening things that someone—I?—did in a past life, and sometimes get excited about them.

I also have the ability to predict natural, man-made, and personal disasters/deaths.

I am also able to use energy to remove the pain from others for short periods of time.

I have accurately felt and predicted the deaths of various family members days or weeks in advance, and in two cases actually experience the sensation of their deaths as if I was actually the one dying.

I am randomly drawn to a particular grave site near my family's plot in the cemetery, and even though i never saw, heard, or spoke to the person there, I feel great loss and shock from the grave. Even though their death was nearly 30 years ago.

I have spoken to spirits, and am able to see them with enough focus, or if they have just entered my space, as opposed to those who are guides and whom are with me all the time. Those I can't see clearly, but am able to make out the shapes of five dark figures.

Flashes of a Parallel Life? Exploring multi facets of consciousness?

I'm a young man (18) but when I turned 12 I started having visions during the day. As I aged, the person in the visions aged as well. Most recently I envision me (a young woman same age as me) with some man I don't know (me) however I felt like I did and I felt compassion towards this person as we kissed for a long time. I tried hard to come back to reality but I couldn't but I felt everything she did as they made love. I noticed that there was a lit fire place and it appeared to be no electricity, also the style of clothes were not like modern (as usual). There was a desk with letters under us and it looked just like my hand writing and a picture just like I drew. I'm an artist unlike anyone else in my family.

I don't have dreams when I sleep and I have already determined it's not that I forget. I'm looking for answers.

Bleed-through Memories and Talents of a Past Life?

It's happened since I was in my early teens, I don't know why but for some strange reason whenever I pick up an old style weapon such as a sword or spear, somehow I instinctively know how to use it like a master of that weapon. Not only that, but I can mentally list the flaws in the weapon itself and the flaws in its use in combat. None of my family members even show the slightest interest in weapons of a previous era or in bladesmithing, but whenever I pick up a sword I get the strangest feeling of deja vu like I used to teach others how to use them. It's strange in and of itself because I've never had any formal training with any of them, but some friends watched me playing around with a rapier once and said I moved like a master, later showing me a video on the internet and pointing out moves I had done that were exactly like what the man in the video was doing.

I honestly do not know if it means I have a natural talent for it or if maybe in a past life I did something important with such things.

Message in a Box - Past Life Memory?

I walked into a rundown scrapyard with antiques in a small building in the front. My partner and I walked in through the door farthest to the left. As we walked in, I immediately walked over to a 99-cent red and orange flower pattern box. I picked it up, opened it, then put it down, and walked past and picked it back up seven more times before picking it up and walking to the register with it.

My partner asked me two times "Are you sure you want that? Do you have enough cash for that?"

I rarely ever have cash, but I just recently went on a trip and used a coin purse for the toll booths. I kept the change purse in my bag and use that to pay for this amazing bright colored flour pin box. I only got it because I had — and still have a feeling of deja vu. I felt as if I have owned this before. I know there is no way I could have, because I am only 23 and the box dates back to the 70s. I really do think that this was always meant to be mine and it will find me again. I felt as if I should leave a message in or on the box for my future self. But what should the message be?

Train Traveler - Past Life Memory?

This is a pretty recent story — happened only two days ago (June 1, 2015). I'm 20 years old and I believe I had a past life memory experience.

I have always been kind of connected to this sort of thing but on this particular day I was just a normal person laying in my bed watching a random episode of a TV show I like and playing a game on my phone, not thinking about anything or anyone. Suddenly I have this weird urge to close my eyes like I'm about to fall asleep.

When I give in to this urge and finally do close my eyes I find myself in what felt like a train station, running towards someone I actually know in my current life, let's call him Sam, he was trying to hold my hand to pull me as if we were about to miss our train. I actually feel tired of running, my legs were failing and I wasn't able to hold his hand and then a person with a blue backpack bumps into me. I felt everything, shortness of breath from the scare, the pressure of the backpack against my chest -- I didn't see Sam again. And then I opened my eyes. Back in my room, still holding my phone, with an enormous feeling of loss.

As it felt like a memory I could not look around to notice things that I didn't notice at the time I was actually living it — I was, after all, running! I was inside my own body and so couldn't see what I was wearing like you usually do in dreams.

The real mystery here is: Are our souls in such deep connections they won't let go of each other, even when death gets in the way?

Past Life Memory? Parallel Life? Or just checking on a Spirit friend?

I don't have any memories of a past life as such, but I believe my experiences show it's possible for one person's life to touch another's across time and space.

When I was a child my parents explained to me that I was named for a much older cousin who had died in World War II. Aside from that they didn't tell me anything about his life or what had happened to him. I really never focused on that fact -- it was just part of our family history, like who married whom or who lived in what city -- but as I grew up I found myself becoming fascinated with the war era. While other kids were building models of jet planes I was making B-29s and C-47s. My Beatles records were accompanied by Benny Goodman and Tommy Dorsey discs.

I also somewhat inexplicably developed a strong interest in the language and culture of France. By the time I was a teenager I was actually dreaming in French (although that ability has faded with the years, haha!).

None of this really affected my day-to-day life. For example I didn't become a re-enactor, buy vintage clothing, or collect old radios. In fact I ended up working in high tech doing software R&D, a career that would have seemed like magic to anyone from the 1940s. Still I never lost the feeling of somehow being connected to that long-ago time.

Everything came together when I was an adult. My mother, the only remaining person in the family who knew my cousin, showed me boxes of his pictures and personal effects. He had been commissioned as a junior officer in 1944, landed in Normandy in the second Allied wave, and had been killed while leading his platoon in the battle to liberate the strategic French city of St-LÃ'. He was buried in Normandy; like other officers his grave is positioned so he still leads the men of his unit who sacrificed everything for us.

So there it was: I now understand why I felt drawn both to that time and to France. Even though I don't believe in any way that I'm a reincarnation of my cousin, I'm certain that his spirit somehow reached out to me when I was born. A part of him has lived on in me for all the years that he never had. I hope I've been a good caretaker.

Past Life Memories? Grand Mal Seizures? Or both?

I'm now a hospital chaplain and Clinical Pastoral Educator of chaplain students in hospital/hospice settings. A recent sharing from one of my students, a Buddhist monk from Sri Lanka, has given me a new understanding of some childhood experiences that I had written off as seizure activity.

In 7th grade, I began having these moments (usually 1-5 minutes) where I would connect with another life that felt very real and in some ways present at the moment as well. I could tell you details about the life I was living. I told my mom about the people, my family, my best friend, and many other details. Horses were the mode of travel and we were all dressed in what I recognized as kind of pilgrim or early American style. It was like I had a foot in this life and a foot in another life at the same time. The disheartening part of these experiences was that my memory of what I experienced would fade away rapidly after the 3-5 minute episode. My mom became my recorder as I would share with her what I was experiencing, seeing, feeling while these experiences occurred. I remember her saying at one point, that she thinks my experiences might be memories of a past life. This made sense at the time.

These experiences continued for years until I had a grand mal seizure in 11th grade and was put on heavy doses of seizure meds. The doctors diagnosed me with a seizure disorder and I attributed these past life experiences to seizures. Also, because of the medication, the experiences stopped.

Buddhist monk from Sri Lanka offers another explanation.

Recently, a Sri Lankan monk, who is my student, shared his understanding of my childhood experiences as past life experiences and that in his country this would be honored and respected as a gift. He also said that in his culture, the fact I also had seizure activity would not invalidate the experience.

Another student pointed out that it might not be a coincidence that after leaving Catholicism, I became a pastor in the Congregational Church, which was the church of early New England settlers.

Zeppelin Bombs of World War I - Past Life Memory

I am a 33 year old woman now and have yet to validate a dream I had when I was 12 (roughly). Prior to that, I remember watching a movie called Defending Your Life with Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep. There is a part in the movie where they go to see their past lives and a older gentleman sees himself as a young British girl. Unlike other scenes in the movie, something made my head turn to the side—the can't-put-my-finger-on-it moment.

One night, it could've been months later, I had a dream where the scene was an elevated view of a city at night. It was dark, not just the night sky, but the buildings were dark, with only the light from some building windows illuminating. I was high enough that I could see some roofs and partial streets. The main structures I saw were two-story houses right next to each other i.e. townhouses. I, without thinking, recognized this as London/England.

The scene suddenly unfolds where I am in one of those houses, knowing that I am a 5-6 year old girl. I feel like I am an only child. I am standing with the front door behind me. I see a long wall to my left with the kitchen a good distance ahead with people in frantic motion gathering things. There is a grandfather clock immediately to my left along the wall. Looking diagonally to my right just ahead is a staircase leading to the upstairs.

Halfway up these stairs is, as I understood, my mother in a long dress and hair pulled back in a bun standing next to a man in a chair (wheelchair type, perhaps) with two or three other people trying to get him down the stairs. It seemed as if we had servants, or had money. My father had been and still is very ill and somewhat older than my mother. I hear explosions in the distance. My mother commands me out the door. I didn't want to leave, but the explosions were getting louder—closer.

She appears in front of me, hands outreached and holding my arms. "Run down the road to the shelter. We will meet you there. We have to get your father down. Now run."

Not wanting to disobey and still fearful of the sounds I run out the door down the street. I still feel fearful being without my mother and start to slow down. I hear a loud explosion behind me and turn around to see fire in the distance. Forgetting the shelter, all I could think about was my mother. I start to run back to the house and then suddenly a bright light envelops me.

I wake up by sitting straight up, dazed and confused. I am in my bed and hear myself say out loud and disbelief of what I just dreamed, "London was never bombed!" I tell my own mother the next day about my dream, but she is unsure what to make of it. I eventually put it out of my mind because, at that time, I was only learning my states history in school. I thought the movie provoked me into dreaming about a British girl, bomb shelters down the road? Really? Did they even have wheelchairs/stair chairs back then? And my aunt married a man from England and as far as I knew, England was fine and never had such atrocities as what I dreamed.

When I was 24, a program on TV made me think about my dream. I had the internet available at my fingertips and thought I could Google to see if any facts could be validated. Finally, I came across the Blitz in World War II. My eyes now fixated, I realized that the clothes in my dream didn't seem to fit that time. Defeated and feeling like I was crazy, I didn't try to search again until recently. I did discover an earlier time in World War I of the Zeppelin bombings. The dress that my mother wore in my dream seemed to fit the timeframe. This has renewed my interest in finding more facts to validate my dream. I am naturally a skeptic, consider myself a realist, but open minded. Past life or not, that dream was the most vivid dream I ever had.

Past life memory: "I recollect floating from a parachute towards a beach … bullets whizzed by me."

I can't really tell you when the vision came to me. It's more like a memory that I've always possessed. All I recollect is floating from a parachute towards a beach. I was in some kind of military uniform; wanting to say US but not sure.

The sun shone high in the sky, and the body of water was blue below me. I guided myself toward the white sandy shore. Gunfire sounded around me, and the sound of bullets whizzed by me.

Almost at once, something took place with me being a man, combining with the imagery of my mother's face. It was like that life ended and this life started.

I'm now forty-seven-years-old, and to this day, when I hear an airplane flying over me, I think of this. The sound of a flying plane has always brought my eyes to the sky, and my mind to that memory. An all too familiar feeling washes over me of being in the past; knowing the experience of that moment.

Past Life Memory? "I was a man, early to mid 30s in China, I think around the Qing Dynasty."

(minor edits for space) When I was 23 I had a really vivid dream unlike any I've ever had before. I was a man, in his early to mid 30s in China, I think around the Qing Dynasty. I saw through his eyes and had no sense of my present self. I had a feeling of importance and people respected me, seems I was a prominent government official. By the light of lamps, I dressed for a meeting with a warring faction, we were going to draw a peace treaty. I reached my private room where I sat to receive my guests and they came, two men and a woman. The second I laid eyes on that woman, I was lost. She didn't speak, only poured tea and kept her head down and hands on her lap. She was wearing a blue and red tunic. I didn't pay a lot of attention to the meeting but the terms were agreed to. She left and was the all consuming thought in his head.

The dream flashed forward and I felt the time pass. Next thing I saw, I (he) was on the Wall of China, and there was a war going on, seems someone had broken the treaty and there were people fighting and bodies everywhere. In the chaos I (he) rushed around looking for her and when I found her, I felt a deep sense of guilt and shame, and I started trying to apologize to her but she was fighting and trying to harm me. I (my present self) wondered what had gone on till I saw it like a suppressed memory in his mind, when he had gotten drunk, attacked her in her room and raped her. I also felt she was pregnant and she loved me but had to save face with her clan. She kept crying as she tried to hit me. I defended half-heartedly all the while begging her to forgive me, but she wasn't listening.

There was a coil of rope like it had been put there for and during the construction of the wall, and as we fought, my leg got entangled. She hit me and I lost my balance and fell half off the wall with the rope around my ankle. She could have righted me with one hand but she cut the rope and I fell the long way off the wall. I wasn't even scared, I thought I deserved it. And the last thing I said to her was "What is your name?" then she cut the rope. When she did, I felt myself rise to the air above her and then I got the feeling of my present self as I watched her collapse back where he just fell and crying.

The boy I met when I was 15, I think he is her, but I don't know if he's here for more revenge because the last time I saw him he drugged me and might have raped me. I've always been afraid of bridges. This dream told me why. I would really like comments on this 'cause I am confused.

Past Life Memory? An English girl with a Roman spear.

(minor edits for space) I walked into a house (I think in England). This house had one floor but was as tall as a two-story (like a ballroom but with a large table). Where the second story would have been was a ledge with paintings of old things and some portraits of royalty I think, also a lot of stands holding multiple spears, like Roman spears used in battle.

There was a Victorian man eating at the end of a long table. He looked older, about in his 40s. A girl about 16 at the other end was practicing and showing off a spear (same as above). She was athletic, also very Victorian. She threw two at once and hit targets. I could not see but could hear she hit them.

Another girl sitting next to her kept rolling her eyes at her sister, I think, while she showed off. The man said they would have to leave this place/house. I could not hear him but I knew in my mind. As soon as he said this the windows lit up with fire from torches and people yelling from the outside like a mob was about to burn the house. The figures just stayed there and the color in the room was now orange from the fire and they kept yelling things in English but I couldn't understand.

Upon hearing the news from the man, the girl at the end of the table became distraught then threw one of her spears at one of the stands holding more spears. They were hooked together somehow and when she hit one, it caused all of the others to spring into the air and start falling in a perfect square sequence like a chessboard, but with spears on all corners of the squares.

As soon as she threw the first spear she ran to the the spot where the last spear would hit. It pierced her through the top of her neck right below her chin. Her sister screamed and a maid came from nowhere and ran to the girl who was now kneeling. Her head had disappeared. The nurse said, "She’s alive," and lifted part of the girl's spinal cord and nerves from inside the collar of her dress, she then lifted the girl's severed head from inside the collar of the dress as well. She looked at her father and the dream ended.

I have no idea what it means but it's been bugging me to no end and I'd like to find out the meaning, if it has a meaning. This just happened yesterday (Aug 2 2013). In the story I was neither male nor female, just a being watching this take place from many standpoints, close up to the characters and also from far away. I felt a deep sadness when the girl killed herself but I have never seen her before and don't know anything about her. It felt like I was a close friend.

PS: I have had numerous dreams of the future and many where I am someone else. I have been killed in my dreams sometimes and it hurts and I wake up sweating. If I ever have one again I'll be sure to post again as I just found your website for the first time.

Past Life Memory? Parallel Life? Or just checking on a Spirit friend?

I am 18 years old and I very often have reoccurring dreams, but one night I randomly had a vision sort of dream that was quite short and I have never had this dream again.

In my dream I was married to a man that I have never met or ever seen in my life he was tall, tanned and a bit built, his face was unrecognizable though. I could see his face (usually I know who it is in my dream) and we had a 2-3 year old baby girl and I was also pregnant and looked well into my late 20's. We were in a kitchen area, I could not smell or hear anything. In the dream I saw it all through a third person, like I was looking at myself holding my husband's hand whilst walking with the child.

Past Life Memory and a dream remembered for 45 years.

When I was around 18 months old I recall having a very, very vivid dream. I remember it to this very day. I lived in London, as I still do.

In the dream I stood in an upstairs bedroom. (I must add here that back then we lived downstairs in a shared house, which happened often in the UK of the 1960s, and all that was outside my window was a wall, which was an alley to the small garden.) I "saw" the back of my dream-self's head and I'd hazard a guess "I" was around 15 or so with dark hair to my shoulders. Dream-me was looking outside this window onto a garden a few (blocks? streets?) along from where I was, horseshoe type shapes with a few gardens, and a railway viaduct at one end like they have in Northern England rather than the South where I was born, and in one of these gardens was a man digging a hole with a spade/shovel and a woman watching him. They noted me watching and looked up. He picked up a gun (rifle, I think, long barrel) and aimed it at me and I woke up. This has never ever left me and I'm wondering if it was some past life memory. The people were wearing 1960s fashion and I was born in 1965.

When I was a teenager my parents took me and a boy I liked at the time to a country house in Kent, South East England. Never been there before, or since for that matter. Dad likes old Lorries (Trucks) and there was an exhibition of them at this place. We, (me and the boy) wandered around as we didn't particularly wish to see the exhibition. We climbed a hill and I said at top, "Here we will see the house." We did indeed see the house, and I also said before seeing it, there used to be peacocks on the lawn, there still were.

We went to the house to go inside and found we would have to pay and we had no money on us. I said to him, God knows why, "Come with me. We can go to the old stable block and perhaps get in via the kitchen for free." Needless to say that is exactly what happened. Deja Vu I do believe it's called. Had the same thing happen in Villiers Street near Charing Cross in Central London. Walked through the arches (it is all arched there) and I felt sick. My skin went clammy and my heart was beating so fast I had to leave said arches. All of it confuses me to this very day.

Reincarnation questions arise when granddaughter is born soon after nan's and mom's deaths.

My nan who I was close to growing up was poorly in hospital, but they didn't tell us she was dying. She was 92 so we kind of expected her not to pull through. She had her good days and her bad days, I had not spoke to my nan and my mom for about three years as the family had a falling out and lost touch a bit. I went to see my nan in hospital nearly everyday just sittin' with her talkin' about old times.

Then one night I had a dream that my mom and nan came to me. My mom was on my right. I saw her and turned away. Then my nan was on my left so I went to her. She said, "Come on let's have a chat. I know something's bothering you." Then my mom appeared in front of me because in real life she didn't want my nan to know the truth, as it would hurt her. … Then I woke up.

The next day I had a dream that the nurse at the hospital told me to be ready for 12 o'clock midnight on Wednesday as my nan would be gone. It was not 12 o'clock, it was 1:00 a.m. That night she died I went straight to the hospital to see her. This happened on 9/5/13 (May 9, 2012).

We cremated my nan on the 22/5/13 (May 22). I didn't speak to my mom but I looked at her and waved as she went. Now on the 27/5/13 (May 27) I got a call to say my mom was in hospital very poorly. She was only 70. She died that very day, exactly three weeks to the day of my nan leaving me.

Why did they both come to me in a dream before they died? Why didn't I know? I know I couldn't have stopped it, but I could have told my mom I did love her. But now on the 1/6/13 (June 1, 2012) my daughter gave birth to a beautiful girl, so happy time at last.

So you think my nan or my mom would reincarnate to her? If so, which one would it be? I have so many questions. My mom was unconscious all the time at the hospital, so I hope she knew all family was together at last. She actually had tears coming down her cheek. I worry if those tears were of sadness or happiness. I hope happy.

Thanks for listening. I shall try and think about my dreams in the future. I have a lot of dreams like this. Sometimes I listen. Sometimes I don't. It's very hard to decipher them. Love and light to all reading.

Past Life Memory. "I was someone on board the Titanic …"

I have had many lucid dreams of different events. I am a strong believer in reincarnation and often write about it as I am an aspiring writer. In one of these dreams, I was someone on board the Titanic and I could feel and smell the water and the lifeboats as I was lowered onto them. I have always had a strong fascination with the Titanic ever since I was little. I always remembered every detail of it and loved reading about it.

My parents used to think I was too morbid and obsessed with death. I had a fear of water when I was really young. Any time I even came near water, I would scream and cry. I never really questioned why I had these feelings, they just came to me naturally.

I have had dreams about being in cemeteries, about meeting people familiar to me and yet unfamiliar, and I had one dream about a world below a mausoleum where a teacher taught us subjects and then our planet was really a rocky, barren landscape and the teacher was an alien. I have dreamt about being in schools I don't recognize, about speaking other languages and not knowing how to talk to anyone else.

I have mainly had dreams about the boats. I always have dreams about sinking ships.

Past Life Memory of Civil War. A soldier returns "home."

I have had several dreams over and over … here is one of them: I am a man walking home. It is cold and snowy outside. No one knows I'm coming home. I go inside a wooden house, larger than a log cabin. I sit down and stretch my legs toward the fireplace and watch as the snow on my boots makes puddles on the floor. I look at the clothing covering me and recognize it as a military uniform from the South. I look at a tintype picture and know who the person is. I know everything about this house; I know which door leads to my room; I know who sleeps behind the other doors. I am at HOME. I am so happy to be here. I finally made it home.

After this dream I feel happy and relaxed for many days afterward. It is such a wonderful feeling that I try to force myself to have the dream … which never works. I believe the time period is Civil War or Pre Civil War era. Even writing about this now brings up feeling of happiness because I am "home."

Past Life Memory: Watashi wa Michishige Kazuma desu ka.

My name above is from an old Samurai clan: The Kazama Clan Of Yokohama in Hokkaido, Japan. I am different from all the others on here with their story, for mine is... More fact than fiction. Everyday I speak Nihongo (Japanese) without hesitation or without faltering. Then: I was 29. Now: 26 this time. This is what I mean:

Edo Period: In this period of Samurai I was called the most honorable and loving Warrior. I never did wrong nor do I let others do wrong. My name Michishige Kazuma of the Kazuma clan. I was always in battle and in wars. Until I met Kyoko harashima, the one who could never say no to me, heh, she was loving more than me, but I can't complain because she was also stubborn and hits like a goddess. Believe it or not it hurt like hell.

After my last battle, I decided to take her as my wife and... To also stop our families from asking when we were going to get married. Crazy old geezers. One night while I was walking along the river, I felt an unknown power within me that was like lightning, fire, wind and energy. I went to the forest to be alone and threw my right arm and hand out and that's when I found out that I was from a long line of a different kind of Samurai blood... The shenju wielders.

I was in the forest for a month honing and training my powers until I was able to use it at different levels: from severely and kill, to minor and nonlethal. After that, I returned back to my home and told Kyoko everything, but she wasn't surprised which surprised me. Few days later I was called to another war and leave Kyoko behind. A mistake I still regret to this life I have now.

When I was back from the war a year later, I found her dead from a gruesome onslaught. When I ran to her side, she wasn't dead enough to not be able to say this incantation: "Zengetsuga tenge no tenshi gyuuko." Meaning: Death cannot take away your memories nor your native language. After she said that, she died. I looked at her and then I saw the name of the one who murdered my beautiful Kyoko: Kagato hariyama. Ever since then, I am able to speak, read and wield Japanese and Katana, Wakazashi and Zawakashi. Comments are appreciated, but not mandatory. Arigatou gozaimasu.

Past Life Cell Memory? Physical sensations from a past life.

My dad's been big into the paranormal ever since he was a kid and he's always had a sort of 'sixth sense' kind of ability that he's managed to pass down to me. Sometimes I just know things, like what card a person has picked out of a deck or what someone is about to say. When I was born, my dad said to my mum that he sensed I was an old soul. He's big into the idea of reincarnation and I never really knew what he meant until I started getting these weird feelings.

Now, I know most people who have had 'past-life' experiences might actually see a scene in their minds or smell things, but for me, it's just the notion of how I believe one of my past lives may have died.

Whenever I watch movies or TV shows where a person slits their wrists, I feel it. Not in the whole 'oooh, that's creepy and because I see this I sorta feel the character's pain' I mean I properly feel the pain of blades cutting into my wrists. I sometimes scream when it happens and my dad has to comfort me because he's the only one that really understands. It's annoying, but it's true. The more I think about it the more it hurts, even as I type this I can still feel the stinging sensations. I need to stop before it gets too much, but that's my story. I believe a past life of mine committed suicide by slitting their wrists.

Karmic Balance — Reincarnation of Friends and Enemies.

I've always believed that an experience I had in my twenties (many, many years ago) was an overwhelming proof for reincarnation.

My family had moved to another state hundreds of miles from the one we'd lived in. Neither my husband, nor I had known anyone living in the state we'd moved to. We had become acquainted with a few of our neighbors in the small neighborhood we'd ended up in, but otherwise were surrounded by strangers.

One day a new family moved onto our street. The first time I saw the woman was as I drove past their house on my way out of the neighborhood. And with that first glimpse of her, I felt a flood of hatred envelope me like nothing I'd ever experienced in my life.

I was shocked at the intensity of my feelings about this total stranger. As yet I knew nothing at all about her or her family, not even their name. Every time I caught a glimpse of her that hatred would wash over me.

Then one day my doorbell rang, and when I opened the door, there she stood. My feelings about her at that moment hadn't surfaced. She introduced herself, and the baby on her hip, and said she'd learned that I was an artist, and she wondered if I'd help her judge artwork her son's class had done.

I did, and we quickly became close friends, and remained so for many years, until our lives diverged and we lost track of one another. I can think of no other reason for my feelings about her, except that we'd apparently been involved in some way in another lifetime.

Pregnant then and now and then and now and …

I've always been fascinated with past lives, and all the healing that can be associated with a past life that has been remembered. I have had many regressions and visions … even dreams of past lives, but never had real healing take place because of them popping up.

After my husband and I were married, we started thinking about having children. Once we seriously started to talk about it my menstrual cycles went completely out of whack. For no reason at all. Once I stopped thinking about it, my cycles went back to normal, and had a surprise pregnancy. I never really thought about it twice, but when we started thinking about having a second child, my menstrual cycle did the same exact thing, completely out of whack. The doctors had no idea, and ultrasounds proved me to be very healthy.

About a month or so in, after the problems started, and we were still planning on the second baby, I started having some really strange dreams. I remember them so clearly. In the first I was a different woman, looking into a tall mirror, as I stared at "my" reflection all I could feel was hate and disgust. I hated who I was.

The next dream came a week or so later, I was this same woman, but younger. I was wandering around an apartment complex or something of the sort where I met a man; he wanted to take photos of me. He thought I looked like a model "something he had never seen before." We went to a beach and took many photos. I remember looking at them thinking "wow, I really like these, I look good." I wrote in my dream journal that he harbored feelings for me, but I simply did not feel the same. I explained to him that I just wanted to be a star.

Another few weeks went by and I had a final dream. I was the same woman, yet again, sitting in a "clinic." I remembered I had called it that in the dream, the time period was the late 50's, early 60's, I could tell by the way everyone was dressed. I was sitting by myself in a room, a nurse walked in with a little nurses hat, and those cat eye glasses, I can still see her face so clearly. She was holding a little machine that showed a number. I knew that what she held in her hand meant that I was pregnant. I was so excited. The kicker though, was I knew the baby's father was already married. I didn't feel guilty. I felt happy. I remember thinking "we can finally be together" and that was it.

I also did a past life regression shortly after this dream, where I saw myself as the woman, and the man of her affections was standing before me. I cried and cried, definitely releasing something. There was a betrayal type feeling, because I think somehow he was associated with this past life personas death, because along with the dreams, I kept having visions of someone coming through my window at night and feeling fearful of my life.

About a week after that my cycle went back to normal. I guess I had to relive, through my dreams, this past life in order to work some stuff out. I think by my body messing up my cycles, it was almost a defense mechanism to try and make sure I wouldn't get pregnant because I subconsciously associated pregnancy with death, because I believe in that past life her death was a result of her pregnancy.

Memories of a Past Life with Family in Feudal Japan

What happened was that I went to sleep and I was somewhere in Japan in the old days. When I mean old days I mean the samurai days, but at that time I was part of the Kabukimono. They were once samurai, but changed and formed gangs. I remember the big traditional house that I lived in, and also at this time I was a baby, but was somehow aware of my surroundings, and I would see my mother, Haruka, bathe me at the river.

Then all of a sudden things went fast and I was about 14 years old and I was playing around with my brothers and sisters and we were all happy. We respected only our family members or friends. I would even go into town and cause trouble, but would never get into trouble because my family was big and controlled most parts of the town. But then when I would do that my father, Shinsuke, would say, "Come into town with me." When I went, a person said to my father, "You can't control this town and never will." So my father went up into his face and grabbed him and said, "Sayuri," and punched him in the face and slashed his chest with a Katana and he died. My father said to me, "Don't worry you will know soon enough." And then I woke up.

More Information: I get a lot of experience from my past life family by meditation, etc. They are still with me here even today. I also have feeling that my past life family were created by the Japanese gods and goddesses, which they would be my family members, too, but what I have heard is that 2012 is going to be a quantum jump for humanity which means I would see them again on Dec. 21 2012 and relive that experience again. I could really put more of my experiences here on this website, but it would be too much. Anyway have a nice day.

A Lifetime of Past Life Memories. "I'll always be a warrior above all else."

My story is kinda like the rest. When I dream, I sometimes forget bits and pieces … very important bits and peices so I can see what I do, but unable to prevent it I guess. But when I was five, I could tell you everything about WWII, specifically, the Japanese.

When I was twelve, I dreamed I was a gladiator in Rome. I had a love, but then I was killed by a lion. I felt it rip my throat out and awoke screaming. i wasn't interested in history and had never heard of the Romans before this. Funny thing is the woman I had loved … I believe I've met her again … one of my friends. When I first talked to her I looked into her eyes and fell in love with her. A bit crazy, yes. And odd thing is, I can feel when she's nearby. Is there such a thing as soulmate?

My point is: out of all this, you can't change fate no matter how hard you try, it has always screwed me over. In every known past life, I've been a soldier and a darn good one. I can't tell you anything big with science or math, but I can about weapons of war and history of war. I guess I'll always be a warrior above all else.

Karmic Backlash — Charged to their Account.

My great grandfather built a farmhouse on our family centennial farm. My grandfather, mother, and my siblings and I, were born in this home. My grandfather's wife was tricked into selling the farm and farmhouse below its value by my aunt and my aunt's cousin. My grandmother was then removed off the farm.

Farmhouse was moved off the centennial farm and a new home was built on the centennial farm by my aunt's cousin. What type of backlash karma is expected from this underhandedness?

Past Life Memory - Recognition and Reunion

Let me start off my stating that I am very young in this physical form, yet I have clear memories of my most recent life. It started when I was five. Even then I knew there was something that separated me from the others. While they played ball I swung on the swings trying to understand the dreams I had every night. I was always the strange little girl. During those years I dreamt of the same family, same point of view, and different family scenes (dinner and such). The mother, father, sister, and the girl that I seemed to be (my POV).

At that age I didn't understand the concept of reincarnation and only understood the "heaven and hell" concept. After about a year, the dreams had almost stopped completely.

When I was eleven I had a nightmare of the father I respected and loved lost it. He murdered my mother, sister, and me. As he advanced upon my sister after slaying my mother she yelled, "Sara, run!" I woke up then. I refused to fall back asleep so I laid there in my bed, shaking.

My father was upset that I got little sleep especially on a school night so after a minor argument I got on the bus to school. Once I got there, I saw a new girl. Long hair, emerald eyes. I felt a strong pull from her, yet I sat there staring. In the same moment she froze and turned. Her eyes met mine and she paled completely.

Later during the day she approached me and whispered in my ear, "Sara?"

I turned and her eyes were filled with tears. "Little sister, I found you…" We spent the rest of the day together. We both had shared the same dream that night and both instantly became friends. (I have met a few other people I knew and people still call me Sara for no reason.)

As for my mother and father, I don't know. Once my brother's friend put me into a trance and let me experience a vision. He handed me some paper and a pencil at my request. I found an old newspaper and saw a picture of my father. The entire article was written in a different language, yet I wrote the name in English.

It truly was a wonderful experience and I had felt more complete than I ever had. Thank you for reading my story.

Reincarnation of Robert Louis Stevenson?

I knew nothing about Robert Louis Stevenson, except that we shared a birthday, and he was a writer. I'd planned to be a writer with the first book I'd read, and hoped sharing his birthday would be a good luck charm. From 2001 and 2005, I was very ill with fever, chills, and difficulty breathing. I spent five months each year huddled in blankets in my recliner with what I was told was chronic bronchitis. In 2003, Robert Louis Stevenson started popping up everywhere. I couldn't recall mention of him more than a few times in my life.

After finding a small refrigerator magnet with one of his sayings on it in my favorite tea, I thought he was haunting me, or was trying to contact me. I felt I needed to learn about him, and see what happened then, so I went on line and found his writing, poetry, and biography. What I learned, I felt was amazing.

I've always felt a pull to Scotland, and dreamed of going there—He was born in Scotland. I called myself as a Gypsy, although my life was stationary, I had a strong wanderlust—He spent a lot of time traveling, trying to find an area better suited to his health. He'd been ill his whole life with a lung disease, and had spent much time in bed as a child. I'd always been interested in law, and took college classes in law—He'd studied to be a lawyer.

I'd once had a flash of being male; I'd walked past a small mirror over a wash stand, and saw the side view of my face. It was long and narrow, and my dark hair was shoulder length. When I found one of Stevenson's books, there was a picture of him, his wife, and a Polynesian woman. The man in the picture was the image of what I'd seen in the mirror in that flash.

Stevenson died at 43, ill with the lung problem, in bed, working on what he considered his best work. When I was four, I got very upset when I couldn't go to school with my sisters, so my mother gave me a sheet of notebook paper and a pencil. I put the paper on the seat of a kitchen chair, wrote very carefully on the lines from left to right—in four year old squiggles, and as I "wrote," I told the story out loud. I can still remember the thrill I felt then.

I've thought a lot about this whole experience. To die so young, while in the middle of what you considered your best work, and suddenly find it all gone and you on the other side, had to be tough. I was born forty-four years after he died. I clearly remember a thought that "This is just one more life of many still left to live," and also remembering the lives I'd already lived. I have no idea when this thought occurred—it has no background, and I believe it was at birth. It should have faded, but didn't.

For me to be as sick as I was for so long could have triggered my soul memory of that other life when I'd gone through a similar experience, and that opened the soul memory to my conscious mind for a short time, causing me to be aware of the person I might have been before.

Flashes of a Past Life—or an Alternate Reality.

My story begins … like 5:00 a.m. or so. I finally went to sleep. Then I began—I am a boy 21 years old currently—and I was in a hospital with some kind of tubes that allowed me to breathe (easier). My mom and dad were waiting for me outside my hospital room:
— I have never seen that hospital before, nor did I have a terrifying experience with hospitals. All I know is that I hate hospitals more than ever.
— I felt very good as a 9-year-old because I was getting so much attention, and I felt myself as being cute.
— I was purely observing from outside even though I really felt, and was, that girl, not to mention the emotions I had at that time.

I left the hospital, then suddenly the film stopped. After few seconds (I reckon) it reloaded again with a new scene … I still had those tubes on.

After few seconds, the film stopped again, I don't remember for how long though, then it started again with a new scene. I was going to visit someone with my mom and a woman (she seemed very rich). I probably assumed that was at a gypsy castle by the looks of it. I did not remember why, but I started running away, I was very weak and sick and I was wearing a princess white dress type. I finally found some cover, but one woman and a man found me soon after, and started throwing rocks after me to come out. I heard the man shouting afterwards that they need me alive. (I have absolutely no idea what language it was, but I could understand it pretty well.)

All the emotions were real. It felt real. I'm wondering even at this moment, why did I have such a dream, or whatever it was. I felt the pain of the illness I had, but I did not know much, because I was a little girl.

I did try somehow to change the events in the scenes I had gone through, because some of them really hurt like hell, but I did not succeed, hence I did not change any part of my experience. Maybe you could explain to me what was this?

Can a Person's Spirit Incarnate into an Animal?

(edited) Today my mom found a dog. A Newfoundland. He is white with black and brown spots on his back. He is quiet and gentle and loves to be petted. I have never really liked dogs since I am a major cat lover but I feel a strong connection with this dog. My mom is thinking about keeping him because he has no collar and is a little skinny. I call him Boo Boo. He has been here for a few hours and just walks around sniffing at things. He follows me around. My mom got a weird feeling earlier and said that the dog was watching me as I walked upstairs after I talked with her. She claims that when he looks at me, she sees human eyes. Not a dog's eyes. She thinks the dog is someone. She can't tell for who, though. I actually… I just got a really bad feeling. Today I broke up with my boyfriend. He is the love of my life. Umm … He took it really sad. He is short and skinny, but he wants to be taller. The dog is huge. He wants to dye his hair black and white like me. This dog is black and white. The dog looks at me really sad as if I upset him. My ex is upset. The dog is kind of moping around. That's what my ex does when he is upset. I can't get a hold of my ex.

Could it be possible that something happened to him and he came back as the dog? I'm really scared.

Past Life Memory. Future Life Vision. A Child's Viewpoint.

I know that it's possible to see our past life, to me happen something different, I can see my future in this life time on earth since I'm little, and I can see as well my future life, the one after this present life.

Flashes from the Past - Past Life Memories

I have always felt that I had a past life. That this isn't my first time around. Around 6 months to a year ago (age 22-23) I had this vision. I call it a vision as I wasn't asleep. I was in bed laying with my eyes closed trying to fall asleep when a flash of broken images flicked through my mind. It felt so different compared to a dream. It was back in a time where people rode horses. I was a girl. Long dress. I was standing in a valley. There were huge cliffs to the side. Yellow dirt, green grass. There were young men on horses. I think they were soldiers. Some were allies and some were enemies. I remember an element of fear.

Then a few months ago I was meditating (during yoga) and the vision came back. This isn't something that I'm trying to think of or imagine or anything; it just flashed back into my head out of no where. Same area with soldiers. I think I may be very close, maybe even family or in a relationship, with at least one of the soldiers. Then it flashed to me running up a dirt road to a old shack looking house. Inside was a woman. A fire burning and animal fur. Now I think there were more details but I didn't write anything down straight away. I have no idea what time period this is; I'm guessing 1800 or 1700 or something. I don't know what country I am in either. I think this war or what ever it is … I think it's how I died.

Any help would be very much appreciated as I don't know what to make of all this.

Holocaust Memory - Past Life Memory

I was 14 yrs. old and this was my vivid dream. My English class was reading the play "The Diary of Anne Frank" … reading the play made me feel very sad, but I felt connected to it somehow. A couple days after my birthday (when I turned 14) I had this dream that I was in the Holocaust. Every time I think of this dream it doesn't give me chills, but I feel proud. (I have no clue why.) Here is my dream:

I was getting ready to go somewhere with my mom, aunt and cousin (in the dream) and when we walked outside Nazi's came and grabbed us and shoved us into the back of a truck with a bunch of other people. My mom wasn't scared from what I can remember, but very pissed off at what was going on. My Aunt was clutching her daughter (the cousin) and would not let go. The adults knew what was going on, but we did not.

We stopped at a train station, my cousin and I were separated from our moms and put in a box car. I held her hand and wouldn't let go, I knew I had to protect her, she was my responsibility now. While we were going down the tracks a man was also in the box car, he was unconscious when I looked at him. When we stopped, we were unloaded, we were forced to take off our clothes and go and get every single hair on our bodies shaved off. After we got our hair shaved, we had to get a tattoo. I remember looking at my cousin and saying that everything was going to be okay. The tattooist was a Jewish man himself and did not like his forced job. Getting the tattoo was absolutely painful … but I didn't cry, I had to be strong.

After we changed into the clothes, we had to sleep on those wooden bunks, all the women were sobbing and the little children were crying. My dream skipped forward and we were forced to strip naked and stand in line to get into this little building with a big steel door with a little tiny glass window in the middle of it. While we were standing in line, my cousin asked me if we were going to take a shower. (I knew what the shower meant, and I had to tell her the truth.) I told her that it wasn't a shower, but a gas chamber and the Nazi's were going to kill us by gassing us. As I told her my voice was trembling with sadness, I was so sad that I wouldn't get to have children and see them grow up, sad that I wouldn't see my cousin grow up, and sad that I wouldn't be able to see the day the Americans would come and save us.

When I told her about the gas, she just looked up at me with complete confidence. When we walked into the chamber an older woman told us to be brave, and to be strong. I remember that when the shower heads had stuff coming out of it, it wasn't gas, it was some kind of acid. It burned our skin, I could actually feel it happening. I looked at my cousin and she said, "I love you, we'll talk soon," and I said, "You bet."

That is very emotional to me, but before I ever had the dream I always felt a sad emotion towards the Holocaust. I remember seeing a sign that said Auschwitz on it, I had no clue that I would go in, but not come out.

Space Traveler - Past Life Memory?

Well I've had a wealth of impossible experiences, memories, dreams and panoramic visions, some wonderful, most devastating.

When I was about three years old my mother woke me up and told me it was morning. I got up, walked to the living (room) and saw to my delight that all the windows were blacked out by darkness. My heart fluttered with joy, for in that moment I was convinced we were in a ship in space headed home. There is no sunrise in space, no bright sunny mornings, only arbitrary ship time. How I knew this at such a young age still mystifies me. I was so happy, so relieved, I remember thinking, "It's over. We're finally going home." Moments later I realized I was mistaken. I was crushed and I also realized in that moment I must keep all such feelings, memories, to myself—that normal people would never understand much less accept me as 'okay' to be around. This is just one event. There were many more to follow and no doubt there will be more to come.

Farmer's Field - Vision of the Past?

I was just three or four when I experienced something that remains as hauntingly clear in my memory sixty years later as it was at the time it happened. I can only guess at what it was all about, but I've always felt it had great significance to me.

As I skipped happily down the lane that cut across our farm to a neighboring farm, stopping to watch a beetle scurry along in the dust of the road, or the honey bees busily gathering pollen from flowering weeds along the way, my mother walked slowly behind me, my baby brother on her hip.

Suddenly, I found myself in the air, looking down at a small house with a slanted roof covered with all sorts of things (as I grew up I began to recognize many of the things I'd seen there. Among them were pieces of leather horse gear—I remember the big U-shaped collar plow horses wore—pieces of broken furniture, barbed wire, farming implements and a lot of other junk). Not far from the house was a small shed with the same sloping roof, and it too was covered in an assortment of junk.

Just inside the open door of the house an incredibly old woman lay in a filthy bed. A long braid of yellowing hair hung over the side of the bed like a frayed and forgotten old rope. The woman was reaching toward the door, her hand claw-like, her arm sticking out of the encrusted sleeve of her nightgown skeletal. Garbled moans rose and fell from her sunken lips.

A man and woman stood outside the doorway, and off to one side. Her dress touched the ground, her hair was pulled tightly back in a bun. His pants were dark and baggy, held up by suspenders, his shirt was baggy too. They stood silently, faces set, and stern. Chickens pecked in the packed dirt around the yard.

I asked my mother why she and Daddy had let that old woman die. Of course she didn't have any idea what I was talking about. But because I'd been so agitated and upset after my experience, and bothering Mom with it the rest of the day, when my father came home that evening, he took back down the lane, showing me there were no houses anywhere along the way.

I was ten when Dad plowed the field at the side of the lane for the first time. At the far end of the field, tucked back in the tall pines at the base of the hill, was a small shed, just like the one I'd "seen" so many years earlier. It was very old and falling down. On the other side of the lane were also remnants of very old buildings.

As we walked behind the plow, picking up rocks, we also picked up pieces of rusted to nearly nothing parts of cook ware, melted glass in many colors, and I picked up a pink cupid cameo. I have no idea what it was made from—bone, ivory? It was slightly curved, oval, and the cupid had been carved on it. There was no metal, so I don't know if it had been a necklace, brooch, or …? When I picked it up, I felt like I'd found something dear to me that I'd lost.

Another Place and Time - Memory of Past Life?

The very first dream I had that I believe to be a past life memory, I was four years old.

At first it was dark all around me, I couldn't see anything. Then, two large wooden doors in front of me slowly began to open and the bright rays of the midday sun shone upon me. I could hear screaming, shouting, and cheering. In chains, I was brought to the center of an arena, (which I found out later in my life was the Roman Coliseum) I was unchained and given a spear and a shield. I looked down at myself. I was wearing gold plated armor and some kind of red cloth. Yes, I was a guy, and obviously a gladiator.

I looked in front of me and on the other side of the arena a large gate was opening. Out came three tigers and two lions. They glared at me with hungry eyes as if they hadn't eaten in weeks. I froze with fear. I couldn't think, couldn't run, all I could do was stare. Suddenly, one of the lions pounced. I dropped my spear while attempting to regain thought and it was too late to try and pick it up. I held my shield up in time to avoid being immediately killed, but was clawed on the left side of my face. The lion backed off and I lowered my shield to check the gaping wound on the side of my face, only to see another lion ready to pounce. This time I was not quick enough with my shield. The lion grabbed hold of me and began to tear me apart as if I were a piece of paper. Just then the lions and tigers were distracted. I looked up to the highest point in the arena, where the Roman emperor sat. Through my blurred vision and the sweat and blood pouring down my face, I could just barely make out a thumbs down signal from the emperor and the crowd began to roar. The lions and tigers were once again released and I was killed.

I awoke suddenly, because I was very frightened and didn't understand any of it. As I looked around my room, a vision of a tiger appeared, it looked at me then slowly disappeared. Now, once a year around October I get the same dream.

Another Place and Time - Memory of Past Life?

The dreams began when I was about 13, they are very difficult for me to explain. I was no longer myself, I was male, and I saw out of his eyes, but the age was about the same. It was not in this reality, not this planet, the soil was red, crimson, almost the color of blood.

I was climbing up a cliffside, pulling myself up with rock outcroppings and exposed roots. Every now and then I would put my hand down and help another boy below me. I knew I was under time constraints, and I wasn't really suppose to be helping him at all. This was the last phase of a test, but I was afraid he was going to fall and kill himself. I was very near the top when a horse looked over the edge, it was young, no more than a foal, its eyes where completely golden, metallic, no pupils, nothing. It spoke to me, telling me to hurry, that I was nearly to the top.

That was the last thing I remember. I woke up. Up until I was about 27, I had dreams of this place, and saw out of this persons eyes. I can tell you what my grandparent's house looked like, what I did for a living, what my house looked like. The last dream some great disaster happened, I didn't see him dying, but that was the last dream I had, through his eyes. I still dream about the place from time to time, but it's not the same.

Medicine Man - Memory of Past Life

The time was the early 1940s, the place was the Andaman Islands. I was the medicine man of the tribe. My duties as medicine man were not to administer medicine but to pray to God to rid the ailing person of the disease. I was very short (about 4 1/2 feet tall) and very black. My wife, having a much lighter skin and much taller, was a survivor of a ship wreck off the Andaman Islands. She was originally a dancer from Sri Lanka.

We loved each other intensely to the point where our love came first and foremost. One day a deadly fever hit the tribe. I did my best to pray to God, but to do so, I had to open my heart completely to Him. My wife was so much on my mind that I could not pray. I sent her away into the tribe to help the people administer medicines to the sick. This, I hoped, would clear my mind enough to pray. It did not.

My wife, along with 43 others from the tribe became ill and died. All of the children of the tribe were lost to this fever. I cried over my dying wife's body saying (in Andamanese) that I had to love my God more. It was too late. The damage was done. One of the tribe members, who had lost several members of his family, cut off my head and placed it on a wooden stake and my body was thrown in the bushes. After a time, my head was removed from the stake and hung in a tree as a reminder to the people and the next medicine man.

WWII Bombing - Memory of Past Life

I have a memory since I can remember, being 5 years old and asking my mom, "Remember the time we were in the car and the bombs were going off." Of course my mom said I was imagining things, however, this one memory I have clear as if it happened yesterday was of me in the back seat with two sisters (I have only one today) and mom and dad in the front (they weren't the parents I have today) and bombs were going off. I was playing and sitting up to look as they put their hands on my head and said to please keep down. I was wearing a wool coat which was damp and itching me terribly. Mom opened the car door to throw up. I heard awful moans and screams and crying. I looked out the door to the ground and saw all bricks for a street. I then asked, "Who is doing this to us?" and dad and mom said, "The Americans were coming to save us." I could not understand if it was the Americans saving us, why were they bombing us. They tried to explain to me that they did not know we were here.

I said, "But if they kill us, they are not saving us." I know now the bigger scale was saving the country and not me personally, but I was a child then. When I looked out of the windshield, I saw huge, massive brick buildings that seemed to be industrial. Throughout my life with these few clues I tried to piece together this scene and the only thing I could come up with was that I was a Russian and was invaded by Germans in W.W.II in an industrial city which was a key factor in the war.

I later in life had a dream that I was captured and taken to a place where a medical experiment was done on me, that I was to swallow this blue-tinged milk and then change to get ready for an x-ray of some sort. I did drink the milk, but when I was put in a room, others said to me that the milk was really radioactive milk and I would die soon. I was then put in a shower, and gas entered. My breath was taken away. I put my lips to cracks in the walls to breath but to no avail, then I put my head in a toilet, in the water, to try to escape this awful breathlessness, but my dream fades there, where I probably succumbed at that point.

Desert City - Weird Dreams

I dreamt of a city, mostly white houses but some of them painted blue, somewhere in a desert. I was standing on a hill top and below me there was a highway with traffic going from and to the city. Some of the buildings remind me of pictures I've seen of Saloniki, Greece. Nobody told me but I simply knew that they were on a rationing system where everybody is assigned a ration factor of one to five (factor five gets five times as much) and somehow had to earn 500 points each day in order to be allowed to eat.

I felt sorry for the people who had to live here and also knew that their society was totally cruel and ruthless, for their city appeared to clean and well-kept and yet their government was systematically starving its population. Nobody told me. I just knew. I also believe that the people are prohibited from leaving the city, but I don't know whether it's to keep them under control or whether there might be something toxic about some of the vegetation all around.

Also I looked at the traffic on the highway closely and was amazed to see that they were driving in what looked like normal trucks and vans and I observed one man driving by with the window open. I also remember on my way to the city passing gigantic ruins, some of which I believe may have been landing pads. There were huge platforms and I was enraged to see them in ruins. This experience was extremely real to me, everything looked and felt so real (I could feel the heat, about 90-100 Fahrenheit).

I've had dreams where people took me to Mars and other places and the skies were filled with UFOs shining bright in all hues and colors but I've also hidden from UFOs flying in delta formation.

I've had a dream where the sun somehow had acted up and would emit a bright flash every few minutes and we were living in a cave trying not to be caught outside when there was flash (radiation).

Titanic - Past Life Memories

I remember more than one memory about the life I am going to tell about. I remember drawing the Titanic, I remember working on different ships, I remember being friends with Thomas Andrews, the Olympic and Titanic Designer. I remember heated arguments, I remember falling inside the ship as it split apart. I can remember making the design for the little boats I believe. I can remember working long hours. I remember what the steel smelled like. I remember the screams and terror as the ship was sinking. I remember wanting to save Tommie, but feared for my safety as he really didn't die in the smoking room. I remember loving Tommie like a brother. I remember a severe dislike for Bruce Ismay. I remember having a sense of pride when I first entered the ship, but a sense of dread.

I remember helping Tommie evacuate passengers, I remember that when I fell as it split apart, I remember that I broke my right hip and pelvis and leg and that the ship V'ed before splitting apart and thought I had a chance to outswim the ship before the stern sucked me under. I remember trying to reach an area that wasn't filled with water before I did a gag reflex and lose consciousness and die. I remember pleading, that I don't die.

I remember the guilt I had for causing all these deaths, being the man who drew the ship. I think this is what really happened with Titanic, with the men that were involved. I was approximately 40 possibly 45 when I died on Titanic.

A Pattern of Service? - Past Life Memories

A dream that I had a few years ago, often has me wondering if it is just a symbolic dream or a glimpse of a past life. I saw myself as a servant girl, dressed as a Roman or Greek servant. I was an angry person, I resented being a servant and did not like my masters. I was standing in a courtyard where a water cistern was. There were aqua ducts leading to homes throughout the village. There had been a storm, and the cistern and aqua ducts had debris and fallen palm trees in them and I was expected to help clear the mess. I was angry and resented being a slave girl.

I woke up with the feeling that every life I had in the past was to serve other people and that all my future lives will be spent in the service of others. All of my jobs have been menial labor. Every time that I have aspired to go to school and learn a career, something has happened to stop me.

Where I Rest in Peace? - Past Life Memories

I have had three different dreams in which I was in three different cemeteries, none of which I have ever been to. The first one, I was standing over a grave and there were shrubs right behind the grave. I heard something and I ran. I ran down a hill and turned around and there were the dark shadows of a young boy and his dog. They just stared at me. The other one I was in a cemetery that was very flat and there was an area marked "King's Servants" and I looked down at one of the tombstones and it had the name Irina on it. The last dream I had about (mid-December 1998). I was in a cemetery that was very dark and I was standing over a grave and I wish I could remember the name that was on it! I said, "oh I am going to go visit me!" So I walked straight ahead and down two stairs. I stood over, what I guess was my own grave, but I don't remember if it had my current name on it or not. I said, "I like this life better anyway." I feel like these all have something to do with past lives, but I am not sure, and that is why I am writing this down for other people to tell me what they think.

A Brief Life in Siam - Past Life Memory

In this life I had an unreasonable fear of large, sharp knives and asked in meditation where that fear came from. I immediately saw myself as a small boy (4-7 years old). I wore loose-fitting clothes like pajamas belted with a sash at my waist. My garment was fine and brightly colored. My slippers were pointed or curled at the toe. I knew I lived in Siam. I ran from my house into the courtyard where I often played, just as men on horses rode onto my family's property. The first bandit rode toward me, raised his machete, then bent low to slash me. I fell to the dirt. While I lay dying, I heard the screams of my family being murdered.

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