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Pet Ghosts and Paranormal Animals at Dreamwatch.com

Do you sense the spirit of your beloved pet? We'd love to read about it.

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Pet Ghosts. True Stories of Ghost Animals at Dreamwatch®

We feel them nuzzle against us, hear little footsteps in the hall, or the jingling tags on their collars—long after they are gone.

Submit your pet ghost or paranormal animal story here. Read what others wrote when they felt the presence of a beloved pet—back from the other side.

Pet ghost dog Alfy. Playing with new pup in the family kitchen.

We lost our beautiful 14 year old Yorkshire terrier Alfy on the 19th October 3.30pm, he was a poorly boy and unfortunately we had to have him put to sleep. He was such a loyal and loving companion, never too far from our feet! I couldn't help but hope and pray that he could find his way back home to us. I actually found myself speaking to his photos hoping he could hear me. A few weeks on and we decided that the house was just too … well, quiet! So we decided to get a Yorkie pup! He is beautiful and so much like Alfy when he was a baby!

Now this is where is gets strange — Our new pup (Ralfy) was playing in the kitchen but not on his own! He appeared to be playing with something that could not be seen! It seemed that he was being nudged across the floor and he seemed to be enjoying it! There was no aggression there, in fact at one point he looked like he was being cleaned! He was jumping about and barking and appeared to be trying to share his toys as well. I am certain that this is little Alfy telling us that he is happy and that he is with us still and also that he likes he new little friend. We still talk to Alfy everyday and we have felt his presence a number of times. We have also smelt him a lot and heard him shake his collar! To anyone who has just lost a pet, keep them in your heart and they will return in some shape or form! Just have faith! I feel so happy knowing he is still here with me. xx

Pet ghost dog — "My mum pet him as she always did …"

My dog passed away (Oct 2015) and was found near the road without any injuries at all as I was away. My cousins did his last rites and buried him on that day. Yesterday, when my mum was on her bed Browny (my dog) came there as he usually would to ask my mum to open the door or put her hand over his head. My mum pet him the same way as she always did, but she was shocked as well as she knew he died two days ago, she got off the bed she wasn't asleep at all, turned on the lights, but he wasn't there, it all happened under a minute. She called today telling me about this happening. I miss my Browny very much. Hope I can get him back by a miracle.

Pet ghost dog's claws on the linoleum, a common pet haunting.

When I was a kid (10?), my dad had to go to work at 4:30am. The dog thought this was too early and when mom and dad got up she would climb the stairs (thumpa thumpa thumpa) walk to my bed (tak tak tak) (claws on the linoleum) and jump onto the foot of my bed until I had to get up to go to school.

After the dog had passed on, every once in a while I would hear (thumpa thumpa thumpa)then (tak tak tak) (despite the fact that my bedroom now has wall-to-wall carpeting) and then hear AND FEEL a weight at the foot of my bed.

I'm told by other websites that this is a common pet haunting.

Pet ghost cat Edo. Playing with electronic device?

My 11 yr old tuxedo cat Edo had diabetes and I gave it shots twice a day for a year. My daughter and I loved him so very much. When he became a little ill, I had him put down. The shots, the time, the cost, was becoming too much for us. Now, a year later, he has came back. We have this little stuffed animal pet toy cat that is broke and did not meow no more. It use to be his and then we let our kitten have it. Now this toy just meows on its own at the strangest times. I cannot make it meow myself, but it meows randomly when we look at videos of Edo, when we pet or feed our two new cats, and sometimes, for no reason at all. Also our new cat gets big and scared at nothing sometimes. (We think it's Edo.)

Finally, in a picture my daughter took, there is an orb. Do you think pet spirits can actually make an electronic device make sound, even though we cannot get this toy to make sound anymore? I am not afraid, but wish Edo would go to the other side and have peace. Plus I fear that if I destroy this toy, he will feel that I got rid of him again. And it just meowed again as I am typing this. Please advise.

Pet ghost dog Emma — Don't blame music station change on the cable company.

We lost our beautiful girl, Emma, last year. She 'found' us when she was about three months old. She was with us until she was 17 yrs. old. We did everything together and were very close, my best friend. She was an intelligent Border Collie Springer cross and seemed to anticipate what we were going to do. We buried her in our backyard under a dogwood tree. A few weeks after she went, I was listening to classical music and it was kind of mournful music. I was crying my eyes out, missing my girl. All of a sudden, the TV switched to another music station that had quite different music from what I had been listening to. I stopped sobbing and went to check the TV. I thought my hubby had changed the channel. Nope. He wasn't anywhere around. When I shared what had happened, we both shrugged it off figuring it was a glitch.

Some time later, maybe a month or so, I was sobbing about Emma again. This time my husband was with me and we both heard the channel change to lighter music. I called the cable company to ask if the channels could change like this. They said no. I figured that Emma wanted us to be happy and she was letting us know she was still around. She was like my child. I have smelled her sweet presence once in awhile.

Now, about a year and a half later, she is still letting me know she's around. I have heard little feet walking around when no one is in the house. This morning at 6 a.m. I was awakened by the sound of something dropping on the wood floor near the bedroom door, like a bone or something that fell and rolled before it stopped. I figured my hubby was up making noise. When I asked him he said it wasn't him. We looked for what might have made the noise but found nothing out of place or on the floor. I do believe that she misses us as much as we miss her.

We have another dog and often he will suddenly look up with his ears forward as if seeing something. Last night he did it again. Then he moves to another spot in the room. Emma was the boss and he was intimidated by her, although she was never mean. Also, it was not our other dogs feet that made the noise I mentioned above. I was taking a bath and bedroom and bath doors were shut. Our other dog was not in those rooms. I had some paper on the floor to make a pattern and I could definitely hear something walking on that paper, light steps. I called out, Who's there? but no one answered. I asked my husband if he'd been in the room and he said no. We can only assume that it's our girl. We hope she's happy and at peace.

Pet ghost cat Sammi — "I heard paws coming into the room."

On Christmas night 2014 my beagle Sammi died from cancer at the age of 6. A week and a half later I was sitting on my bed watching TV and I saw her walking toward me. All of a sudden it disappeared. Not even 5 seconds later I looked out the window and I saw a black shadow go down. When it snows I wake up to scratches on my arm like she's telling me she wants to go outside. Last night before I went to sleep, I heard the floor creak and I heard paws coming into the room. I looked at the door and there was nothing there. I looked on the floor and right there was Sammi. I said, Hi Sammi, then she sagged her tail. It wasn't just a black shadow but it had sparkles all over. Now I know she's always with me. Back in May my German Shepherd died and I think Sammi helped Xena through it. Sammi and Xena are my guardian angels.

Pet ghost Siamese cat. "I felt something on my bed at night."

I had a Siamese cat for 12 years that I loved. The dogs loved him too. He used to always sleep at the foot of my bed, but didn't jump up till I fell asleep. He had a short battle with cancer and I did all I could do for him before the choice for his comfort had to be made. Ever since that, I felt something on my bed at night like a cat walking around on it and I would see flashes of him or something that looked like him in different places in the house. We've since moved and I don't feel it any more.

Pet ghost dog Sandman — Seen, heard, and felt by man, wife and pet buddy.

Sandman, a small terrier, was 15 years old and was my constant companion until his death. He had been having a cardio/respiratory problem but was active. On the day he died he shared a mac and cheese dinner with me, then he curled up for a nap. A short while later he came to me and looked into my eyes as if to tell me something. He then walked into the adjoining sun porch and looked out at the lawn. He turned to come in but stumbled and fell at the low threshold. I helped him to his pillow where he gave a cough and immediately died.

My wife, Mary, and I buried him in a corner of our garden under a lilac tree. We grieved, as did our two other dogs, who were quiet and subdued for about a week. After a couple of months we started experiencing little things at night that couldn't be explained. The first was while I was sitting in my recliner watching TV. My arm was hanging down and I had the distinct feeling of a tongue licking my fingers. Nothing there.

A few nights later I awoke to the sound of a paw tapping my bedside, as in the past. Nothing there. Then, Mary witnessed the cord of one of the blinds swinging back and forth in the still air. A few nights later I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. At our doorway, where Sandman liked to sleep at night, there was a hazy shadow about the size of a football. I blinked my eyes and the shadow moved ahead of me down the hall then faded away. The light in the hall is not bright but enough so to see details clearly.

Last night Mary was in her recliner because she couldn't sleep, when she heard three taps of the doggy door, like Sandman did. No wind and nothing there.

We've seen Erin, our Irish terrier watch something in the house and give a low growl. Yesterday Hector, Sandman's buddy, stood at the top of the basement stairs looking down and wagging his tail. Nothing there.

I am 79 and a bit of a skeptic where spirit matters are concerned, but I will be watching closely to see if indeed my buddy is still with us.

Ghost dog — "The dog I saw was not mine."

Last night, I couldn't sleep because our bedroom was too hot, so I moved to the living room couch, just across the doorway, that was much cooler.

After a restless night, I woke from a bad dream about 15 minutes before 5am. As soon as I woke, I realized it was my big, fluffy Leonberger, Baloo, changing his sleeping position by me, as usual. When I opened my eyes, I saw a fluffy tail, and his head and nose were clearly in the area where we have a surge protector that provided electricity to our television and lighting systems. I blinked a few times to make sure I wasn't seeing things, since just waking at that moment, especially since this wasn't his usual behavior. Sure enough, he was stuffing his nose there and sniffing hard. I figured it must be a bug or something he was interested in. He was there for at least two minutes before I decided to get up and take a bath. When I got up, Baloo was not in front of me where I was seeing him. He was in the bedroom the whole time. Not once did I feel fear, but the dog I saw was not mine, and I only have one dog.

Pet ghost lovebird. Prankster bird leaves ghost droppings.

The last of our lovebirds who were all related died after 8 years with us (in Oct. 2015) followed by some strange activity that so far I have not found on the Internet. The night she died with us was like having a family member die, similar way as if she were shaking to pass on after a few months of seeming to really show her age. We immediately wrapped her and placed her in a ziplock bag in our freezer with our other bird since we agreed not to do anything with him until we had a home for a place to bury after moving from an apartment. Later in the evening my husband was relaxing in one room and I in another working on my computer when the silence was broken with a very loud, happy chirp. I stood up and went in to my husband thinking he was playing a recording of her, but he was not and he did hear the loud chirp and we both thought that was strange and later went to sleep feeling sad about our bird.

We spent a few days digging in very hard soil to make a place for our lovebirds and within a few days some strange activity has been happening and now we have a small bag of the 'evidence' complete with feathers that started out as one big lovebird feather with her colors to a few more feathers and tonight down with little blue and green like she had when she was younger always plucked out and next to her droppings that what is being left now is looking a lot like when she was about a year or two.

Our bird was a prankster and had a habit of always making her evening activity of flying around our bedroom then landing on the bed or one of us and then sometimes having an accident. Well, my husband claims that this happened before with his larger parrots and he even knew of a Native American Indian Veterinarian in Oklahoma who after he shared his stories told him about her horse that she buried that she kept on finding piles every morning for a long time in the corral. She even related that when she bought another horse it reacted violently to the corral and escaped never to be seen again.

Then, there was the story of the crow cage that a code talker on the tribe shared because there were multiple witnesses. His grandfather kept a pet crow that he left the cage door open so the crow could come and go. It liked living with the grandfather so in its later years stayed in the cage a lot. When it died though, droppings continued to appear daily and the grandfather cleaned it out one last time and stored the cage away. After the grandfather died, one of his sons found the cage and brought it home to clean it out to get some birds. Well, the ghost droppings problem started up again and spooked by it, they destroyed the cage and discarded it. All of these things are really odd to me but maybe what it means is that everything in the universe is ultimately energy so who really knows?

My husband says he sees our bird when she happily 'arrives' and says he thinks she is looking for baby birds or for us to get more baby birds so since no place online seems to have any account quite like what has been described here, it will be interesting to see if anyone shares something like it and thanks for creating this page!

Pet ghost dog Zeus remains with family he loved.

Zeus our baby boy died on a Tuesday morning (Oct. 2015). He was a big boxer lab mix and near 100lbs. We treated him as he was human, heck, most of the time he really acted human. He would sit up on the couch and watch TV or lay with us while watching a movie or show. Tuesday night I fell asleep on the couch and awoke to the weight of a large heaviness on my feet and legs. Thinking I was just so upset from losing my baby boy I just got up and went to bed, but then my husband said why would you put something wet to my feet. Questioning him as to why he was asking, he tells me it was like Zeus always did, putting his nose to my husband's feet to let him know he needed to go out or wanted room in the bed. Then this morning my youngest daughter tells me that Zeus' soccer ball moved from where she had it. Now this ball is flat and ripped, but it was his favorite so no one has the heart to toss it. There is no way it moved on its own. When I'm in the living room sitting, I feel him there. In the morning he would always be on one of the couches sleeping. When I walk into the room I feel as I'm not alone. We have lived in this house for five years and I have never had the feelings. Now after three of us feeling and seeing different things I'm sure it’s our beloved Zeus. Still heartbroken, but it does help to know he is still with us or we are all going crazy at the same time.

Pet ghost cat Gizmo "came to say goodbye one last time."

My old cat Gizmo crossed the bridge in April 2010 and that night I heard her meow and felt her jump onto the bed and walk across it like she always did before she curled up on the other side of the bed. I think she came to say goodbye one last time.

Pet ghost dog, Lacie. "I want her to be in heaven, but visit as she wishes."

We put our 10.5-year-old Maltese dog, Lacie, down on Sept. 27, 2015. She was such a loving and caring little soul who got along with all animals and people. In the evening, I was laying on our sofa and was overcome by the smell of blood in front of my face. It was so strong that I remarked to my husband who said he smelled nothing, which was odd because he has an amazingly strong sense of smelling things. Our dog had a severe nasal bleeding episode earlier that morning and my husband mopped the floor twice with a very strong and lemon scented cleaner. We were gone from the house for about 8 hours after Lacie was euthanized at the vet. When we returned, the room that he mopped still smelled lemony from the cleaner. Then a little while later while I was on the sofa, I smelled the blood which lasted for a couple minutes.

Two nights later, I was on the sofa again and looking on my iPad at random things when an ad for Petco popped up on the side and it had a Maltese dog on it. I looked at it for a moment and it popped off, but after a few more minutes, it appeared again. I will always love her with all my heart and soul and want her to be in heaven, but visit as she wishes.

Pet ghost dog. Collie-cross Nanook still looking out for friends.

My dog, a white collie cross died in June 2012—unexpectedly. I loved him so much. My other dog, a lab, pined so much for him. Anyway we re-homed another collie who I am totally in love with. Anyway I have felt things, heard things, which I always hoped was Nanook but dismissed it thinking I was mad (wishful thinking).

Two weeks ago in bed, Wagger the lab sleeps downstairs and Merlin my collie was in my son's room, out of the corner of my eye, I saw what looked like the back end of a white dog with a feathered tail dart out of the room. Put it down to being tired. Next day my son heard a growl outside my bedroom door—no dogs about. Next night my husband spots a blue mist at the side of my bed. Today however, confirms to me he's about. Wagger laid sunbathing, me comes through the side gate, I see a white shape run under the bush. Wagger sees it, looks at me, wags her tail goes to investigate—nothing there. Wagger was (feeling) really poorly and told 14 weeks ago she wouldn't be here. Who knows, Nanook might be looking out for her. She totally adored him. X

Pet ghost cat. Maine Coon named Sumo returns in dreams.

Four years ago, I had a Maine Coon named Sumo that I had to have put down due to cancer. He was 12 years old. I was devastated because I'd had him since he was a kitten and tiny enough to hold in one hand. The day I had him put down, I prayed that night that he would visit me in my dreams, and he did.

I dreamed that I was at a party in a large house. Most of the guests were gathered in the kitchen, but I walked away and went into the living room, which was empty. There, on a big beautiful chair, was my Sumo. He was laying there so regally and I walked up to him and said, "Hey you!" I reached down and petted him, and he was purring. I can still feel (even now) how soft his fur was and how the purr felt, even though it was a dream. I woke up crying.

Several times after that, when I was kind of in a twilight sleep, I'd feel him jump on my bed and walk around, but when I'd fully awaken, he wouldn't be there. I never saw him, but felt his presence several times after he passed.

Pet ghost dog. "…A cold nose touched my hand."

Last night, I was lying awake in bed and felt a cold nose touch my hand. I opened my eyes but saw nothing. I laid in bed and could feel something moving on my bed, but again, when I opened my eyes I saw nothing. It did not feel like it was my dog who died almost two years ago because the pressure of something moving was too light. I questioned if it was one of my cats who died. I then heard and felt it jump off my bed—then nothing.

I have seen all my pets that I have lost over the years the night after they died and once I was woken up by my dog who was barking. That time when I opened my eyes I saw another dog who I lost on my dresser. When I told my dog to be quiet, the other dog disappeared. I find it weird that I feel, see, and sense deceased animals, never people just my pets.

Paranormal dachshund. "We see her and then she disappears."

I have a paranormal dachshund. We have had two instances where we see her and then she disappears and we find her outside. We don't have a doggy door. The first time my wife and I were watching TV and she walked into the room under the recliner and disappeared. I stood up and looked for her and she was outside.

The other night I went to the kitchen to get a snack and I threw a bone to her outside. I locked the door and closed the door and closed an additional door to get to the kitchen I went back down the hall to my room and heard her collar bell and seen her at the end of the hall walk by. I got my wife because she heard her bell too, and she told me to put her outside. That's when I told her she is outside and we both looked for her and she was outside.

Cuddly ghost cat is smitten.

Shortly after moving into my dad's place, I found a ghost of a cat had been smitten with me. I could hear it kneading the carpet right next to my bed (my mattress was on the floor) and I would see it scurry around, or stop at the stairs. It was a tabby cat.

A few years later, I moved out and I guess the kitty ghost liked me so much, it came along. Shortly after moving, I'd have picture frames knocked off of shelves and would catch glimpses of it. In the past five years, two cats have adopted me, and the ghost kitty is still around. Both of my cats will stop playing and stare at the same spot, sometimes they'll arch and hiss, other times they'll just watch intently.

Tonight, I thought one of my real kitties jumped on my bed to cuddle with me as I watched a movie—as I felt heat and pressure on my lower legs—but when the movie ended and I sat up to pet whichever cat it was, and there wasn't a single feline on my legs. The blanket part where the cat should have been was cold to the touch. Both of my kitties were out in the living room, asleep!

I have no idea where this ghost kitty came from, possibly my grandma's pet that had passed years before I was born (and she claimed she saw roaming the house, my dad's house now, just before she died), Tuffy, or maybe one of the cats that lived with my mom and dad while I was still a baby, but whoever the kitty is, is welcome to stay around as long as they want!

Pet ghost dog Edie wants her collar back.

2012, it was hard when we had to let our Edie girl go and it took me a while to finally give in to getting another dog to replace the emptiness. Our pup, now three years old, has been wearing one of Edie's pretty collars that I had kept. Last night, I took off our pup's harness and collar and placed it on the sofa for bedtime. When I woke up this morning to put it back on the pup, I found the harness. But Edie's collar is nowhere to be found. I've looked everywhere and cannot find it! Then the thought came to my mind that Edie has never left us, and that she had probably taken her collar back!

Pet ghost — Dog Brody trains new Yorkie pup from the other side.

We think my dog might be trying to get our attention. And by we I mean my family and I. It's pretty freaky, really since our dog has been dead for over a month now. After he was attacked by a pit bull we had no choice but to put him down and end him of his misery. But ever since then, creepy things have been happening. I'm only going to tell two stories because the others I think were just coincidences.

1: So we've gotten a new little Yorkie pup named Mickey to help cope with the loss. I was playing with him in the living room (where we keep our other dog, Brody's, urn) and he starts nibbling on my face. Jokingly I say "Brody can you tell Mickey to be nice like you were?" Right after I said that he walked out of the room and stood in the hallway for a second just staring. Then he ran back to me and started licking my face. I felt happy because Brody might've actually paid a visit.

2: This next story isn't as creepy as the other one though. Usually when it was time for bed, Brody used to hop up on the bed and curl into a ball. Well one night I was crawling into bed and I wasn't moving at all. I just laid on my side. Then I felt a thud on my bed. No one else was in the room. (Before we put the urn in the living room, it was in this room.) And I knew that thud because that's how Brody always used to feel when he jumped onto the bed.

Okay well that's all for now. Something creepy is bound to happen soon because it always does. If it does, I'll definitely make another one of these!

Pet ghost dog reunites with grandpa's ghost.

My dog passed away (end of July 2015) and died tragically from a moved disc in her neck we loved her and since then I woken up to things moved or panting or a cabinet opened and other small things but that isn't all, my grandpa's sprit comes and goes as well and they are both seen in my room and basement so I wonder how strong can their spirits be since they reunited.

Pet Ghosts — Cat Alfie and Dog Espen, still playing on the other side.

I have two stories. My son had a dog, Espen, who loved to play fetch, but only with rocks. I called him our rock hound. He died unexpectedly one night. We were all broken hearted. Espen had a very distinctive bark. A few weeks after his death, I was cleaning up the yard. I picked up a stone, and feeling so sad, I threw it into the woods, thinking that Espen would have loved chasing after it. And as soon as it left my hand I heard his familiar bark far off in the woods, letting me know he was ok and still chasing his rocks.

Recently we lost our 18 year old cat, Alfie. When she was young she loved chasing my son's Construx pieces around the kitchen floor. Through the years the toy pieces all gradually disappeared. Several months ago I found one in the back of a kitchen drawer. Alfie died in the fall and my son buried her with that Construx piece between her front paws. A month or so later my son was walking outside the house one day. Alfie had a favorite basement window she loved to lie in. It had snowed the night before, and there on top of the snow, outside her window was a blue Construx piece. We checked her grave to make sure it hadn't been disturbed by wild animals, and it had not. We think this was Alfie's way of letting us know she's ok.

We loved those two so much. I've sobbed the whole time, writing this.

Paranormal animal — Growling ghost dog at bedtime.

I live in a house with two dogs. We've had many dogs before and I befriended a lot that died but anyway on to the story. I was heading to my room to go to bed, it was about 3:00 am (yea I know going to sleep at 3:00 am is bad for a kid). I was going to enter my room but that’s when i heard a low growl like a dog was in my room but my two dogs were sleeping in the living room. A few nights later I was trying to go to sleep so I faced the wall and then I heard the growl again, at that point I was getting creeped out. As the days went on I felt as if something was watching me. Tonight I was watching TV at 12:00am I saw a shadow out of the corner of my eye, it looked like a dog. Now I'm scared out of my mind

Pet Ghost — Beautiful dog Petey.

My beloved pet, Petey, had to be put down at the age of 6. I was disconsolate. The next day, my son's dog, Nick, walked in from outside for some pets and scratches, and there was Petey, right behind him. The two were raised together and were a bonded pair. Petey always followed Nick around. Some have said that their apparition blocked light and appeared life like. Pete's apparition wasn't like that. First, his head was blocked by Nickey's body. I saw him from his front legs to his happy tail. Pete's markings were gray. I could see all of his markings and recognized him immediately as the beautiful dog I had lost. I looked away for a second, and when I looked back he was gone. I haven't seen him since, but I would love to.

Nick had to be put down recently because he had leukemia. I know the boys are together now. They loved each other so much.

Paranormal animals — A surprise encounter with transparent forest animals.

Hi. My story is not about a pet I had. When I was a kid, I think I was 11 years old, I was walking home from a friend's house. Living in the countryside of Norway, there was only forest and no lights on the road back home, it was Winter and dark. Suddenly from nowhere animals came out of the forest, running around me making a lot of noise, they were transparent. They were animals of the forest, moose, wolf, bear. And then they disappeared back into the forest. I got so scared that I ran the fastest I could back home, and never told anybody about it.

Ghost cat Pebbles — A night time visit.

We have several pets around our home. Dogs, cats, turtles, mostly rescues. Many of our pets who have passed have visited often. I catch a glimpse of a dog here and there, a cat runs by or just visits.

A while back, I got up around 3 AM to use the rest room and as I walked in, in the dark, I heard a cat jump off of the counter. There was not a cat there though. As I took care of my business, I glanced over my shoulder at the mirror and saw my son's deceased cat Pebbles waiting patiently by the door. She blinked slowly at me in greeting. I said, "Hello Pebs." She blinked again and was gone. Sweet cat, glad she's still checking in on us.

Ghost dog — Seen, heard, and felt.

Two years ago my male mongrel passed away. Since then I've seen, heard, and felt him.

Ghost dog seen and felt by couple. "I felt a nudge on my thigh."

I had a Yorkie whose name was Tiffany, I had only owned her for about 4-5 years when I had to put her down for health reason. I loved that dog so much. It was so hard to hold her in my arms and say goodbye. Hardest thing ever.

A few months after her passing I was in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner one evening when I noticed an image like her laying in her favorite corner when I was in the kitchen she was there and then she was gone. Later on that year my husband seen her standing outside looking through the sliding glass door. We seen her several more times after that.

It took many years for me to find my perfect dog again probably 5-6 years, when I did I found a cute little puppy black, white, with speckled paws on his front legs only. He was a pug blue heeler mix. Kimo is what I called him, I had the best relationship with Kimo we bonded instantly and I knew he belonged to me.

Last month on June 5, 2015 I had to say goodbye to my beloved Kimo, he was 15 years old would have been 16 on the 25th of June. Absolutely was my worst day in a long time. I never wanted to have to make that decision again. He started having some kind of neurological issues the night before he started having seizures that even with medication the vets administered didn't help. So the decision was made to put him down. I had him wrapped in a blanket. I wrapped my arms around him, kissed his head, told him I loved him, and I was so sorry. As he took his last breath. Broke my heart, to say goodbye even now I cry. But the same day I said goodbye, I saw him walking into our bedroom from the hall. So real that I almost called his name then I realized he was gone. When I turned back, the dark shape of my dog was gone.

I shared the information with my husband, this past Sunday we were working in the yard, my husband said to me later in the evening he felt a nudge along his thigh when he was weeding the garden. At first he thought it was our other dog, but it wasn't. This morning while sitting at our dining room table I felt a nudge on my thigh. I ask my husband was it just a fast nudge like this and I showed him what it felt like he said yes. I shared with him I had the same thing happen now. I knew people sometimes seen their dogs, but I didn't know they could nudge you. I miss Kimo, so much I think I always will. We had him cremated and he sits guard on the top of my desk.

Ghost dog Zeus? Sensed by Bichon pet. Caught on camera.

My dog, Zeus, a Wheaten Terrier, had to have back surgery and I spent six months trying to rehabilitate him. He was 12 years old and I'd had him since he was eight weeks old. He was my everything! I don't have human children and Zeus filled that void in my life.

After six months, Zeus could again walk, but not well. He still needed assistance since one of his hind legs crossed in front of the other and he would trip himself. But he could stand and walk as far as the mailbox and back, a distance of about 80 yards.

I thought he was on his way to recovery when he had seizures, five of them in a 24 hour period. He couldn't stand again and we were back to square one, back to him relying on me to assist him in walking and standing so he could eat, drink, and relieve himself. I thought, what kind of quality of life was this? Was I being cruel holding onto him? Was I being selfish not wanting to let him go? Not wanting to be without him? I decided that it was time to say goodbye. On June 10th, 2013, I let him go, all the while holding him and telling him how much I loved him.

The following day, my Bichon was looking to the front door and began growling in rapid hops backward, he backed up against me barking. I asked him what was wrong, and he just continued with a low growl.

Something told me that Zeus was there so I took my camera and began snapping pictures. I captured two mist formations where Zeus had slept in front of the couch for the last six months.

This was the last contact I had with my beloved Wheaten Terrier before he departed for good. I miss him terribly and have since placed his ashes in an urn where they are prominently displayed.

Ghost dog Rottweiler? "He just sat there, looked at us…."

We lost our beloved Rottweiler Ching last year. We buried him in our backyard, so he could be close to us. Myself and my husband sat in bed watching the telly (TV or television) the other night. When all of a sudden I just glanced over to the wardrobe and sitting there plain as day was my (other) rottie Chong. We were so gobsmacked but I felt so calm. He just sat there, looked at us then looked down like he used to when he was basking in the sun. We felt so proud and honoured that he loved us that much to come visit us and the fact my husband saw him as well made my year.

Ghost dog? "I felt the distinct pressure of a paw."

I had to put my lab/boxer mix down unexpectedly. One summer night he died in my arms at the emergency. We brought him home from the ER as my husband had prepared a grave for him on the property. It was a hot summer night when we buried Ozzy out back and as we sat out on the back deck afterward and toasted our beloved dog. Sitting with my back to his grave I felt the distinct pressure of a paw with the nails sinking into my right upper back pushing off in an upwards direction. I didn't say anything to anyone because I knew no one would believe me. But I felt it for real and never again since. I believe it was my dog's spirit and it gave me comfort to know his spirit moved upwards toward the heavens.

Ghost dog? Dog collar appears.

Our girl passed a couple of months ago. We still have two of her pups with us, they are six months old. Yesterday when I was picking up their toys I found her first dog collar lying on the floor. No one human in the family had seen it in over two years.

Ghost dog come to guide its sister to the other side?

My dog died last night (May 20, 2015) in a storm and we kept hearing weird barking (we have two dogs or had) and we thought it was our other dog but it wasn't and our dog that died was in the shop eating so we went back in and we all went to bed. I got up for school and went and didn't know she died, but when I got home I heard she died did her sister come and get her when she died? (Her sister died 4 months ago.)

Ghost cat? "It even seems to purr."

I have been living with my girlfriend for the last five years, but weird things started to happen in the last few months. We are in a modern two-bedroom home, the first unusual thing we felt was a movement of light footwork on our bed top as we were in bed getting ready for sleep. It felt like the movement of a cat? We thought we were just making small movements ourselves and fell asleep. This would keep on happening at night and in early morning, even with only one of us in bed.

The movement subsided and we thought things were back to normal, but because of trouble sleeping I went to sleep alone in the other bedroom and I had those movement feelings happening in there now! I now can feel it jump onto bed, move close to me, then sit on my feet, even seems to purr lightly, and when it jumps off bed it makes that landing sound on carpet. It happened this morning and will happen tonight I am sure.

We never can see anything but we know it's real! does anyone have any advice on how we can prove this, or has this happened to you? Any advice is helpful. THANK YOU.

Ghost dog? Flick or not?

My long-haired Tuxedo cat, Flick, was a stray who started coming to my back porch to eat and drink. He trusted me immediately, although the other stray cats would run away. He was not an Alpha cat and was getting beaten up by other cats all the time. I took him to the vet and had him treated and neutered. He was an indoor cat and stayed with me for 14 years. If my other cats were laying next to me in bed, Flick would climb over them, squeeze in next to me, and practically smother me with his fur. He was so sweet, followed me around, and got into my lap whenever I sat down.

One day, I realized that he was losing weight and took him to the vet. Antibiotics, vitamins, and a new high-protein food did nothing to stop his deterioration. I took him to another vet, and he found nothing wrong with him--even with a sonogram. Flick lost more than half his body weight. It became clear that he was suffering, so I had to put him to sleep. I became hysterical and couldn't stop crying. This happened 7 months ago. In the past three weeks, I have felt him jump onto the foot of my bed, do the mushy-paws thing, and curl up leaning against my feet or legs. I knew it was Flick, although he never slept at my feet when he was alive. He always wanted to spoon with me with his head against mine and his body against my chest. I don't see him or hear him, but I feel him.

I talked to a friend of mine who said it may not be Flick's spirit, but something else. Something bad. When he jumps on the bed, I don't sense malevolence or benevolence, just a neutral feeling. I have been sensing him for weeks--every day--and have woken up as many as three times in the night because I felt him. I am certain that he has jumped on the bed, walked around, and laid at my feet. When he jumped on the bed last night, he felt much heavier.

Now I wonder if it is Flick and am afraid of him. I do what everyone does when they are afraid of something that goes bump in the night--I pull the covers up to comfort me.

Why does he visit me so long after his passing? Why do I feel no emotion from him and yet, am becoming afraid of him? He was a sweetheart in life and would never have hurt me. Who am I dealing with? I don't want Flick to think I am abandoning him, but if it's something other than Flick, I want it gone. What do I do?

Ghost dog? A bedside visitor.

I was in bed and turned on to my side and I saw this shape of a dog standing right beside my bed looking at me. It appeared to be a dark golden haze. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, so I closed my eyes and rubbed them and looked again and the image was still there. At this point, I knew I was wide awake. I had this experience twice in my home. Could it be a dog who may have lived there previously? Or, a dog I had growing up? I haven't seen it since, but I know it was real.

Ghost tuxedo cat Rocky "finally paying a visit."

I had to put my cat Rocky down the day after Christmas 2013. He had heart and thyroid issues and at the time when I took him to the vet, had a large mass in his abdomen … cancer. I had to let him go that day. About three weeks later, I adopted Spencer, who I thought and hoped Rocky would visit afterwards. However, he didn't. About a year later, adopted Aster, a shy, skittish boy who is really a sweet guy. Tonight, Aster came running down the hall and down to the finished basement where Rocky used to hang out. I went down there to check on Aster, turned on the light and saw he was hiding. After a few moments, he came out purring, nuzzling and licking me. I asked if he was down there hanging with his great uncle Rocky. He became more affectionate and then his tail began to puff out and hair on his back was raised. I knew in my heart that it was Rocky finally paying a visit. He even let me hold him and remained calm, something Aster doesn't do since he's still sometimes skittish. After a moment, Aster resumed exploration in the basement and hid. I cried. Rocky, my sweet long hair tuxedo was ok.

Ghost cats? Unexplained scratches.

I promised my mom while she was in Hospice to take care of her two cats, Toostie and Diddle. This year they both passed away within three months of each other. Diddle first, she was 14 yrs. old, then Tootsie, he was 15 yrs. I put Tootsie down two weeks ago and every since, I have been getting scratched. Toostie and Diddle were both declawed. A few days before Tootsie passed, he begin scratching me with his back claws while I was asleep. This week I have gotten two scratches, one while I was asleep and now today while I was awake. Has this happened to anyone else?

Ghost dog — Dachshund.




Seeing a white dog — Good or bad omen?

Early last Thursday morning about 3am I got up to go to the bathroom and I heard our little dog coming down the hall and I figured she had to go out. The next thing I see is this white dog on her side and I thought it was our other dog that is white. They went towards the door so I hurried to let them out. The only one there was the little dog, our big white dog was still asleep in our bedroom. It really had bothered me, I never heard of the white dog apparition till I started looking up what it could mean. It still has me concerned, that was the first time something like that has happened.

Ghost dog — Caught on camera.

My precious little girl passed away in her daddy’s arms, totally unexpected though I knew something wasn't right. I noticed my other little dog could sense she was still around. He would stare into the nothingness—Somethingess.

For some strange reason I decided to to photograph the chair she used to sit in. When I enlarged the picture I saw her as clear as day in the reflection of the window—her and my dearly departed friend who also loved her in the same photo. WOW!!! What comfort did that bring me. Everyone who has seen the photo is blown away. Thank you for letting me share.

Unexplained dog food found around the house.

I had three cats before when I moved to this house. Before I lived here, there were other dogs. Now, we have two dogs, but they are not allowed in the house, only once in a while in the garage. Lately, there are dog foods appearing in the house. We found a handful of dog food under the rug in the living room. I found dog food scattered around the house and some pancake pieces also. Does anyone know what is going on?

Ghost dog, Nick, seeks attention during psychic reading.

My husband had to put down the dog he has had for thirteen years and I went to a psychic and she said that there was a dog that kept trying to get attention. I knew who it was. Two years after that reading I was crying and saw him again. Was great, in fact every time I do crying, I see him in a different way or place.

Good old Nick, gotta love him.

Ghost German Shepherd Soo. "I thought I saw a shadow move…"

I had a beautiful German Shepherd named Soo (Sue) for 12 years. We git her when she was a puppy and my son was 5. We had to put her down 3.5 years ago due to multiple terminal problems and the severe pain she was in. My husband nor my son could make themselves do it, so I took her to the vet and stayed with her until she took her very last breath. I hugged her and laid down with her so she knew someone was there with her in the end. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in my life.

About 12:30 last night (Jan. 2015) I woke up to get a glass of water. On my way back to the bedroom I looked into our spare room and thought I saw a shadow move across the window. When I went in to look, there was nothing there.

Once I made it back to my bedroom I glanced at the bed and there she was … Laying on my bed looking at me with her smile that she always had on her face. I actually said "Hey Soo" and turned around to shut the door. Then realized what I saw. (This all happened in a matter of seconds.) When I spun my head back around, she was gone. Spooked me out a little, but after a few minutes that feeling went away and I felt blessed that I got to see her again.

We all miss her so much!

Ghost Tabby Cat Tommy. "Two years later … he has paid a visit."

Two years ago when I was 20 years old we had to put our orange tabby cat Thomas down after complications from a thyroid operation. He was a special cat, easy going, absolutely adored children and never flinched when my two year old cousin would pull his whiskers.

Here we are almost exactly two years later to the date of Tommy’s passing and he has paid a visit. I still have one cat, Molly, who we had when Tommy was alive.

I'm sitting on the couch with Molly watching TV and I hear a noise in the kitchen, like something eating out of Molly's food bowl. I turn the TV down and continue to hear it. I wake up my dad, who was sleeping in the recliner next to me and tell him to listen. By this point the noise stopped. He told me I was just hearing things. All of a sudden from our basement a loud howling meow, Tommy's meow. He had a very distinct meow and when he was alive. He would always walk around in our basement meowing for no reason.

For the whole night now Molly has been sitting in the kitchen doorway staring at her food bowl. This also explains the nights that I have been awakened from a sound sleep by rustling in the garbage can in my bedroom.

Dog Boston. "It's like I have a tattoo of my dog's face …"

Our dog Boston, he is a Boston Terrier, he died last year. We needed to put him down because of his cancer. My story is very strange. After our dog died, about couple months, I got this rash in my arms, then I got burned at the same arm. After the burn healed, my dog's face formed on the scars. It's like I have a tattoo of my dog's face on my left arm. I know, I can't believe it. I think he try to protect me or be my angel through my life. Whatever his message for me, I don't know, but I believe that mysterious way happening in my life.

Phantom creature. "Something ran in front of my car…"

I was driving to the shops with my boyfriend yesterday, when something ran in front of my car, it looked like a small dog — but it wasn't made of any earthly substance. It seemed to glow, well glow is the wrong word, it was white and golden. I was bracing myself for an impact. I hit the brakes, but one never came as the dog disappeared. I saw its face vanish first and then the rest of its body, right in front of my car. We went back to check the location straight away and there was no trace of anything. My boyfriend thought he saw something, too, but he wasn't sure and he won't talk about it now. I also thought I saw something dark sitting or standing on the side of the road, but all my attention was on the dog so I can't be too sure of that.

Dog Jonah. After a very rough day "I felt a nudge on my leg."

My baby Jonah was diagnosed with oral melanoma at the age of 8 (human years). I had to put him down, which was (one of) the hardest things I ever had to do. He is the first dog I owned, trained on my own. He even moved out my parents house with me. I felt so bad that day I had to take him. I know he knew what was going on. I stayed with him till his very last breath that he exhaled out his poor little body.

Well, as silly as this may sound, my family and I and some friends met up after to drink and eat to share memories of my Jonah Bear. While talking with my friends I heard three loud bangs that made me jump—and laugh. I felt it was him. Odd thing here is, I'm the only one who heard it. My friends thought I was nuts.

Another time I was laying down and I heard him jump off from my bed. I even heard his tags. One time I was in my kitchen and had a very rough day, and I felt a nudge on my leg also. Just today as I was getting ready for bed I heard a very low faint sound of his bark which caught me off guard.

It was over a year he's been gone and I miss him just as much as his final day. I'm looking into adopting another dog right now. I feel like he gave me the ok. I feel him a lot and hope he is still here. He was and will always be my first baby. R.I.P. My Jonah 1-2-14

Dog Rebel. "I heard him walking on the wooden floor…"

Here is my personal story. My beloved dog passed away 5/21/14. His name was Rebel. He was a pitbull/boxer mix, the most friendly dog I ever saw. I am 34 year old and Rebel was the first dog I ever owned myself. He was almost 2 years old. Rebel was hit and killed by a car in front of my house. I live on a very busy main road where people drive up and down the road like they are racing at Talladega or Indy. I was just and still am heartbroken over his passing. He is buried in the backyard.

I know he is with me because the day after he passed, I heard him walking on the wooden floor upstairs and his tags jingle, and sometimes I can sense his presence and I get that strange feeling and cold spots. It has been 7 months since Rebel passed, but at times it feels like only yesterday.

I miss you a lot Rebel. You may be gone physically but you will always be in my heart R.I.P. Rebel 1/8/2012 – 5/21/14. Till we meet again my friend.

Seeing spirit animals and dog Argos.

My story is a little different, but hopefully uplifting. My beloved and most adored dog Argos was attacked by a bigger dog one evening while I had him out on a leash. After spending the night at the emergency vet and the following month at my vet, it was clear my Argos was going to remain almost completely paralyzed and putting him down was the humane thing to do. I was heartbroken that day and several later I'm still heartbroken. I have long since seen spirit animals, especially dogs and cat … I see my Argos frequently and see it as divine he's still with me.

Ghandi said, "A man's soul can be judged by the way he treats his dog."

Dog Sam, happy and vivid again.

I grew up with dogs. When I was 6 my aunt almost got a heart attack when she saw me playing with a huge dog that was bigger than me. But I must say that I always have been a dog person.

When I was a teenager, I went for a walk with my 3 month old Shepherd mix puppy Sam. He was always off the leash because he listened very well but one day, everything changed. As usual we went for a walk. Sam was off the leash and suddenly he jumped on the street. Exactly at that moment, a bus drove towards Sam. I was yelling frantically for him to come to me but it was too late. His right hind leg got entangled between the wheels and after that he was tossed on the other rut. I never yelled and screamed and cried that much. I thought he was dead but suddenly he lifted his head, looking towards me, as if to say: please don't leave me here alone.

I lifted him up and he was brought to the vet, but his injuries were too severe. He died. A few days later I dreamed about him: He was happy and vivid and could walk again. His hind leg wasn't injured at all. Was it really him?

At night when I'm in bed and scared of the darkness, I imagine him lying in my bed and protecting me. And all of a sudden I feel peaceful and safe.

Akita, Cho Cho is still around in spirit.

My beloved Akita, Cho Cho passed away August 23, 2014 after suffering a stroke on August 6. She was 14.7 years and the love of my life. About two months after she passed, I was in the kitchen washing dishes and the recessed ceiling lights flickered on and off for several minutes and the strong odor of Cho Cho (she had a not so pleasant odor about her the couple weeks she was sick) was very strong. Her remains are in a black urn in the front room where she passed and the lamp beside her urn was flickering on and off. I firmly believe that was Cho Cho telling me she is still around and I was at peace about the strange paranormal activity I was witnessing. This hasn't happened again, but I believe Cho Cho is still around in spirit. I've had many dreams about her before and after and they are all peaceful. I firmly believe a pet's spirit lives on after their demise.

Maine Coon cat. "My baby's still with me."

(edited for length and privacy) My 12 year old Maine Coon cat was diagnosed with acute asthma after he suddenly started having breathing problems. And, after (treatment) over the next 3 months, he suffered a slow,agonizing death. … The last night I had him at home with me, I put his weak little body next to me in bed. And, he had his paw on my arm, all night! I told him that if he died that night, I wanted him to come back and bang his head into my leg to let me know he's o.k.!

The next day, I took him to another vet for a second opinion. She checked his liver, which ended up being covered in cysts! … So, even though it killed me to have to put my baby to sleep, I did. He was so miserable! But, before I left, I bent down to kiss him on the head. He never looked up at me, like he knew what was happening to him! And, I also think he knew it was hurting me to do that, too! He just kept staring down at the floor. And, when he used to always meow when going to the vet before this day, he never made one peep! He acted like he knew this was the end! I'm still remembering that day, and I cry every time I do! Afterall, I've had him since he was only 6 weeks old!

"I haven't seen or heard or felt anything — until last night!"

Now, it's been about 4-1/2 months since that day. And, I was kind of hoping he'd come back, and bang his head against my leg or let me know he's o.k. by doing something to let me know he's still around. But, I haven't seen or heard or felt anything — until last night!

I have thought I'd seen black shadows from the corner of my eye before now. And,I know I've seen him run in front of me a few times, too! But, I wasn't sure what I'd seen! Last night, I fell asleep in my chair. When I woke up, my eyes focused on my bathroom from across the room. And, I saw something moving in the dark. Then, I saw what looked like a black shadow in the shape of a cat! I saw his eyes looking dead at me with the light reflecting from his pupils! And, I knew that was my baby boy! He stood there, and stared at me for a minute, then disappeared! I haven't seen that since last night. But, I hope he'll come back at least one more time, so I can see him, again! Then, I'll feel like he's o.k.! And, I'll know he still loves me after all he went through in the last 3 months of his life, too! I miss him so much! He's all I think about, everyday! And, I'm a firm believer in spirits coming back to see you before they cross over! This happened to me with another cat I had about 30 yrs. ago, too! Only that one walked across my feet in bed! And, my husband felt it walking over his feet, too! So,I knew it wasn't my imagination then, either! Anyway, I know my baby's still with me now! And, he's o.k.,too!

Dog Snowflake Angel still showing love.

Well, I was at school when it happened. My dog Snowflake Angel litven (?) (My mom had her since a pup.) We had to put her down because she was really old and we had to do it. My grandma buried her in the back yard and with one thing for her to remember us as well. We still love her but when I go over to her house (grandma’s house?) I feel the presence of a soul, her soul. I asked her once to send a dog in her place. She did. Then more recently I asked her to send me a another dog. She did. And I asked her for a snowflake to show she loved me and the next morning I saw a snowflake outside. I know she loves me, but what is her unfinished business? I need help. I love her a lot, but she needs to move on.

Dog Bubbles shows up but disappears.

My dog Bubbles always shows up but disappears. I never know why. I miss her so very much. Her grave is in our back yard. Does she have some unfinished business. I don't know. But that's how it happens with me and my dead dog.

Pet ghost in Serbia. "My dobby-boy is still with me."

This week (mid-November 2014), my dobby died from DCM (heart failure). His Name was Victor. He died in a bed. We were playing in the morning, like we used to every single morning, before we get up and go outside for a walk. That morning he just fell out of bed, and I thought, "Oh you clumsy baby," because it was not the first time for him to fall out of the bed. I looked on the floor, and saw his face, terrified, while he was trying to get up.

I lifted him on the bed, and started screaming his name, and begging him to stay with me. He screamed in pain and passed away.

More than two hours, no matter how crazy that sounds, I was lying next to him, and petting his dead body, crying and asking why. He was just a puppy. I cannot describe the pain I still feel.

Anyway, he loved me really much, and he was always by my side, even when I was going to bathroom. He followed me everywhere around the house.

First night after his death, I heard him walking into my bedroom, and laying at his bed.

Next morning, I was awakened by his big feet on my chest. He used to wake me up like that when he was alive. I used to call him baby-baby. And when I say baby-baby, I can hear his footsteps coming towards me.

One night, my friend came to visit me. He went to a bathroom. Suddenly, he got out of the bathroom, and said, "Nina, I swear to God that I heard him following me here."

I still talk to him sometimes, telling him that I am ok, and it is ok if he wants to cross over. I still don't know will he choose to cross over, or to stay with me to watch over me. One of my friends claims that if souls stay long with their humans, they become frustrated, and in a way, evil, and that I should do everything to make him cross over. What I think is—If that dog loved me so much while he was alive, why would he start to hate me after his death?

Ghost of beautiful white dog Zorina runs in favorite Romanian cornfield.

When I was 14 I visited my grandparents in Romania who lived there in a small village. I loved the wilderness, the rivers and forests there. The same day I arrived in Romania, I came across a 6-week-old puppy who was sitting alone next to the road. It was whining sadly and I couldn't understand how someone could be that cruel to throw such a helpless and tiny puppy next to the road where it could easily get hit by a car. So I took it to the house of my grandparents, and for the next four weeks, Zorina became my responsibility. Even though she had been in a bad shape when I rescued her and full of lice, she soon recovered, thanks to the medical treatment. And she was such a beautiful dog. When I had to return to America, friends of mine in Romania promised to take care of Zorina.

When I came back one year later, my pup had grown into a magnificent and athletic dog, and she recognized me. We played a lot together and every morning I was picking her up at the bridge where you could cross the river. She was always waiting there for me. The time flew by too fast and when it was time again for me to return to the United States, I hugged Zorina and said goodbye. Only I didn't know that it would be goodbye forever.

I was 16 now, and couldn't await the arrival at my grandparents' house. Finally we made it and I jumped out of the car, looking for Zorina. I walked through the whole village, calling her name, but she didn't come. "Where are you?" I remember asking myself. Even my brother helped looking and when both of us stood on the back porch yelling for Zorina, we suddenly saw her running through the cornfield towards our house. Her tail disappeared in the cornfield and I cried excited. "She's coming to us!" So I waited and waited. But no dog came.

Confused, I went to the cornfield, looking everywhere and calling my beloved dog's name. But there wasn't any dog nor any sign that a dog had run through the cornfield. I gave up the search and went to my friend's house. I thought that they must know what happened so that Zorina wasn't anywhere to be found. When my friend saw me, she took me aside and said, "Zorina died. She was hit by a truck in winter." I was speechless at first and when I finally understood what she had said, I felt the upcoming tears. My dog was gone.

I am 19 now and I often think about Zorina. I got my own dog right now who is also named after her. But what I will never forget is seeing her running through the cornfield. There weren't any other white dogs living in the village at that time, and it would make sense that it could have truly been her ghost even of it's so unbelievable for me, because, when she had still been on earth, she always used the way through the cornfield to get to our house. I know that she is still alive and I will never forget the nine weeks I could spend with her in these two years.

Vanished dog in Irish countryside.

Myself and a friend were driving around a sharp bend and there were two dogs on our side of the road. One was all white and the other was mostly black. The black dog quickly jumped out of the way and made its way into the ditch by the time the car reached where they standing. The white dog stood very still and did not move, it turned its head sharply and looked straight in through our window and jumped a little out of the way, unfortunately not enough so we hit him.

We immediately slammed on the breaks and checked our mirrors to see the dog. It was no where to be seen. So we got out of the car thinking the dog must somehow be under the car. The black dog was standing a couple of metres away from us in the ditch, but the white dog was not there. We searched the surrounding areas which was in the country side, but the white dog was no where to be seen. We could not understand where it could of went to especially after being hit by the car. We then left as we were sure the dog was not there.

The both of us are still severely puzzled and have not stopped trying to think of other possibilities. Nothing can explain this. I am not much of a believer in this kind of thing, but it has come to my attention as recently my sister has claimed to see strange shadow figures around the house and has had a panic attack over how real what she is seeing, is. Another friend has also claimed to see a person figure outside of my window very late one night. Is there anything you could tell me about this or do you think it's all a coincidence.

Spirit of cat Sonny seems to hear invitation to remain close.

My precious Sonny was a beautiful brownish yellow and white male cat with a beautiful fluffy tail and warm brown eyes. He was 7 months old. Sonny seemed to have become anemic a week or so ago. I tried to care for him and thought he was getting better, eating, etc. But this Wednesday, November 5 2014, Sonny had a seizure and passed away. I am broken-hearted. He was my baby and best little friend.

I was sitting in my living room tonight thinking about how to come to terms with the loss of Sonny. I do believe that our loved ones including pets live on in spirit form. So I spoke to Sonny and said I believe that you are still here. I hope you stay with us for as long as you like. And as I looked up, the front door which is locked and is hardly ever used was open. I checked the storm door on the outside and it was still locked. I was feeling so sad tonight missing my sweet cat. But after this door opened, I felt a sense of peace and the sorrow seemed to lift. I believe my precious Sonny may be with us; hopefully for a very long time.

Spirit of Princess poodle remains close. "We were always together."

A few months ago on July 7 2014 I woke up to go school and had this feeling of not wanting to go but went as my class was very intense. By 11:30-12 after class had ended i got home and the first thing was to look for Princess a three-year-old Maltese Poodle I had since she was born. I was told she had died because a neighbor's Pitbull had bit her on her neck and choked her. I could not believe it and looked for her under the bed as she always hid there.

Minutes later I found her outside my home in a box.

It saddened my heart to know she was my best friend, had kissed her that morning, and by the time I came back she was gone. And thinking of how hard everything would be as we were always together whether shopping, going out to the park, and how a few days earlier we had gone to buy ice cream and shared with her.

A few months later I felt her while sleeping as she jumped onto my bed walked on top of me, looked at me and my reaction was to open my eyes and I saw her and as usual I let her go inside the blankets and she slept right beside me and I felt at peace at that moment and went back to sleep.

I miss my dear Princess, "little one" as my brother called her. She is no longer with us and I feel bad because my brother loved her to death and left to the military leaving her to me to care for her. He will be back in a few years and somehow I feel guilty because I wasn't able to care for her when she most needed me. Do canines ever feel grudges and or can they communicate to us via dreams?

Ghost dog Bailey is STILL ALIVE.

The ghost I see over and over again is of my own dog THAT IS STILL ALIVE. I see it nearly every time I pull into my driveway when it's dark. I have two dogs, one's a Bichon (girl) and Shih Tzu (boy). All dog owners know boy dogs are very affectionate, especially with their female humans. It would be literally impossible for this dog to love me more. He also greets everyone when he's outside because he's so excited to meet new people. I am always afraid he will be hit my an oncoming car in the driveway when we let him out.

I know what you're thinking, it's my own fear manifesting itself, but one night (coming home) from the gym, my daughter said, "Look out for Bailey" and then as we actually pulled in, the image was gone. She was so freaked out until I told her I see this almost every time I pull in. Don't worry.

We all know when we leave the house our pets get upset. Could that be it? He misses me so much his spirit is greeting me at the end of the driveway. Not sure.

"My dog Myer woke up whimpering at the window…"

(minor edits for clarity) One night, I was lying in bed with my dog Myer laying against my legs underneath the duvet. All of a sudden that night, Myer woke up whimpering at the window, so much that he urinated out of fear which caused me to wake. As I opened my eyes I saw in front of my window, a black figure grasping in his/her hand what appears to be a small dead dog by its hind legs. But this was not the only time this has happened. Myer crying at early hours in the morning became a regular occurrence, but only once did I see the mysterious figure standing there taunting him.

I later told my mother about this odd encounter and she complained of her childhood dog doing the same thing — until one night her dog disappeared.

A creature messing with time.

Here's my story: It happened to me and my best mate, we both experienced it at the same time. We were out in a paddock driving when we seen a creature I could only describe like this: it had bat like wings, a kangaroo like body, and a bird like head, with the biggest brightest blue eyes like blue lights.

When we seen it, it was the afternoon about 4pm. We stopped still in the car like time froze and it felt like we were hypnotized by its eyes. One second it was in front of us, a little to the right. The next second after we felt hypnotized, it darted across to the left of the car — but ages in the distance like at a impossible speed. There was total silence it was so peaceful, I guess.

Before we knew it, hours had passed in what seemed like minutes. I know this 'cause it was dark and we were back at where we entered the paddock. We both have no memory of driving back there and cannot explain what happened that day. All I know is I will never forget that day. We sometimes joke about it and say maybe we died out there that day and this creature travelled us a couple hours into time so we didn't die.

Kitty Jimmy, feeling his weight "in bed on my chest."

Oh, where do I start … My kitty was born June of 2005. Under a very old Thunderbird. I had him ever since he was old enough to be separated from his mom Amber. Even as a kitten he would greet me at the door when I got home from work. He taught himself to fetch, and had a habit of putting his toys in a separate empty bowl. He learned that the alarm clock was something not to be feared, but to help me with. As I usually didn't like to listen to it. He became my helper. Waking me for work, and telling me that I've had enough video games, and to go to bed. In bed he would sleep on my chest. Always with his cute nose at my neck, or cheek.

A 32-lb Maine Coon. He became ill in January of 2014 with Type 2 diabetes. In July he was 9 lbs. On Sept. 5th I came home from being with my family in Montana (to spread my grandfather's ashes). Upon my return, his health, that had been promising with diet and insulin, failed. I had no choice but to put him down.

I felt devastated when I came home with an empty carrier. I wouldn't even go into his room where his food, water and litter box was. Stupid as it must sound, I still greet him, as if he was at the bottom of the stairs. I even wake after I call for him in my sleep. My close friend says that it is normal grief. But she even admits a significant weight on her lap on the couch. I told her that I get the same thing in bed on my chest. She didn't believe me, until I took a picture outside his favorite window, and just tonight, no joke, lots of his fur turned up under my computer desk — long after I've vacuumed. I put the new tufts of fur on my dream catcher.

It is now 10/12/14. My Jimmie is still here. But it hurts not to hold him. I have a picture of "his ghost." And it is kinda creepy looking. I just wish I could hold him again.

Sweet dog Abby. "I felt a presence like she was lying between my husband and me."

Our very sweet dog was taken from us on September 21, 2014 by a pit bull. Our Abby was a pomeranian/sheltie mix and weighed about 12 pounds. That little girl had a lot of spunk and love for everyone, although she was cautious. She was friendly and loved to say hello to the neighbors across the street who once had a little terrier dog she liked to play with.

On this particular day she got out the front door and ran across the street to the neighbor. I was able to get her back into our yard, but the neighbor's boyfriend's pit bull got out and before I could get Abby, the dog had her. It was like a bad dream that was real. Abby didn't have a chance. The utter heartbreak we feel is palpable.

We buried her at my mother's so she could have more yard and squirrels to chase. So I dreamt about her last night, she was happy and I was able to hug her and tell her I missed her so much. I woke up at one point, kept my eyes closed and felt a presence like she was lying between my husband and me.

Then today I went out, came home, and am positive I heard her bark as I was coming in the house. This evening we we watching TV with our son. My husband and I were talking about Abby and oddly the TV changed the channel. The remote wasn't anywhere near us. I really have to wonder if she is letting us know she is here. I did move her beds to the laundry room earlier, maybe that upset her. I honestly feel awful because I couldn't save her from the dog. I just want her to be ok and know we love her with all our hearts.

Yellow lab mix named Reagan. "My angel, my guardian, my friend."

It has been an extremely long and difficult week for me and my family. We had a beautiful 15 year old yellow lab mix named Reagan for eight years, and we had to put to her to sleep this past Monday due to old age. She was experiencing massive bladder infections, vomiting, and diarrhea the day we let her go.

Monday night through Tuesday, I thought I was losing it. I kept hearing her nails click on the floor, I felt her breath on my leg, the baby kept pointing in the direction where she had her bed and started "talking" to her. I just thought I was going crazy, but after seeing a psychic last night, she told me Reagan's spirit is still lingering in the house, and that Reagan has no intention of crossing over. She wants to remain a part of our family, protecting and guarding us as she usually did in her physical body.

I even woke up this morning without crying, but instead felt a warm, wet nose touch my cheek, yet the other dog, Dante, was still asleep. It's comforting to know my best friend is still here.

Ghost of lost chihuahua Chi-Chi finds her way home.

When I was 18 my chihuahua Chi-Chi, whom I had had for about 6 or 7 years at the time, was taken by my mother's boyfriend to the pound while I was out of town. I was heartbroken and searched for years to find her but to no avail. I was left wondering what happened to her.

Not even a year ago I was asleep in my bed, mind you I had moved from the house I use to live in and was in a different state even. I felt her ghost jump on my stomach. I always would fuss at her for doing that because she was heavy and her claws would always scratch me when she did this - I found myself saying Chi-Chi stop it and then it dawned on me this was her ghost but, I felt her jump on me and crawl up beside of me and I dozed off to sleep. I have had several dreams that she is okay since then. I feel as if she found her way back to me to let me know she loved me and missed me, but she was okay and found peace.

Bedtime for Family of Cats — "I can feel little feet walking…"

Over the course of my life I have had five cats that have passed on. About 15 years ago I had three, two male siblings and a little female. Every night when I would turn the TV off for bed, they would all get up and go to bed with me! Everybody would get comfy on the bed and go to sleep. To this day when I go to bed I can feel little feet walking all around as if they are getting comfy and then It stops! Many times I have turned on the light because I know I feel little feet, but nothing is ever to be seen. To this day, this still goes on at least once a week. It gives me great comfort because I know it is my little family of cats doing what they loved most!

Doggy Ghost — "Something jumped against the side of the bed and started whimpering…"

My fiance and I moved into a new apartment five months ago. Since we've been here, I've had two doggy ghost experiences, but it's not a dog that belonged to either of us previously. I think it's a sad dog who once lived in the apartment and doesn't know where its owner has gone.

The first time I was in bed early in the morning when it was still dark and I heard little paw steps on the floor, then something jumped against the side of the bed and started whimpering like it wanted to be lifted onto the bed. I felt a bit freaked out so I pulled the blanket over my head and hoped I was dreaming. The little dog managed to jump onto the bed and came to snuggle up against me. I didn't open my eyes, but I reached down and felt warm fur. It stayed with me till I fell asleep again and was gone when I woke up.

This morning my fiance left at 4am for work like he usually does and I couldn't get back to sleep. I heard the bedroom door close suddenly behind me, then again the sound of the little dog’s paws and cries for me to help him onto the bed. He again managed to get up on his own and started licking my hand. When he lay down next to me, I opened my eyes. I saw a small brown and white Jack Russell Terrier laying right next to my face. I think this little guy just needs some comfort. And he knows I don’t like to be alone after my fiance goes to work so early.

Tigger the Cat "crossed over" and still alive in spirit.

On August 6, 2014 my cat Tigger went into kidney/renal failure. I'd had him for almost 15 years and he'd been very precious to me, more like a beloved child than a pet. After consulting with the vet, on August 7th, I agreed to have him put to sleep. Prior to this I'd been tending to Tigger's other health problems, diabetes and heart disease. I'd been feeding him his medicine and injecting him twice a day with insulin. But sadly, the complication of kidney failure meant an automatic death sentence for my little guy. It just couldn't be fixed. So, for Tigger's own sake, to save him further suffering, I did what had to be done. He passed very peacefully, but afterwards I was broken-hearted. I couldn't stop crying and I blamed myself.

Tigger's favorite place had always been our Media Room. Every morning he would push open the closed door to get inside. He had taught himself this trick and was very proud that he could do it. The morning after his passing, my husband was amazed to see the door swing open, all by itself. The air conditioning was all on our side, in the Media Room, blowing AGAINST the door to keep it shut! There was nothing on the other side, no air currents or draughts, to explain how that door could have opened. My husband speculated that it might be Tigger coming back to visit. I fervently hoped that it was.

And a day or so later, while feeding our surviving cat upstairs, I saw Tigger himself! He was a very clear silhouette, walking towards our other cat (his brother). The image then faded, but I'll swear it had been there. I really believe that Tigger showed himself to me in that brief instant. And ever since he has been alive in my heart, a constant comfort. He wants me to know that he's still alive in spirit and that he's okay. I hope to see him again someday when it's my turn to "cross over"!

Lab Mix — "I heard her distinctive walk on my tile floor."

I had to put down my 11-year-old lab mix two months ago. She was the sweetest dog. I was getting ready for bed and I turned out the light, when I heard her distinctive walk on my tile floor. I turned on the light, and of course I didn't see anything. It was her habit to come out from under the bed and curl up on the left side of my bed after the lights went out. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's had this type of experience. Thanks giving us a place to share.

"I have come to expect visits from our beloved pets after they have passed."

Over the years I have come to expect visits from our beloved pets after they have past over. My roommate's first experience was after her cat, Baby, was put to sleep. Baby always slept next to her on her recliner. The night Baby passed my friend felt her snuggle up beside her on her chair in her favorite spot. My friend didn't want to reach down to pet her for fear Baby would be stressed and leave, so she sat in her chair with Baby until she fell asleep. When my friend awoke, Baby had gone.

We had a cat named Ginger who was quite a character and had a very distinctive voice. Ginger was 19 when she passed over. One night my friend and I were in different parts of the house. I was washing dishes when I heard Ginger's distinctive meow. I thought I must have been imagining it, but (when I told) my friend that I just heard Ginger. To my surprise, my friend said that she heard her, too.

Four "animal friends" lost in one year. Three have returned.

We have now lost four of our animal friends in this last year. Devastating!

Shadow, a black cat who was quite aloof passed, but hasn't visited us. We believe it is because Shadow hadn't really bonded with us.

Our sweet part Abyssinian Omega was put to sleep because her chronic IBS had gotten too painful and we couldn't bare to see her in pain. She was 15 when we released her from her pain. She has visited us.

Our darling Cali was 21 years old and never really sick a day in her life. A sweeter, more loving cat never existed. It broke our hearts when Cali simply became too old and slowly just wound down. We tearfully sent her home and we cried for a week, we missed her so. Cali returned to see us about a week later. I saw her twice.

Then my sweet, funny part spaniel Buddy had become very ill. He was 14. I've heard his nails ticking on the hardwood floors, and I've heard his tags jingle like he was shaking himself as dogs do. My friend watched him for nearly 30 seconds as he stood on our back porch, looking between the railing the way he used to keep an eye on the neighborhood. Then he just disappeared. He's been gone, physically for nearly two weeks and I'm still crying.

"Beloved pet friends come back to let us know they're ok."

We believe our beloved pet friends come back to let us know they're ok and that we shouldn't be sad. We KNOW we will see them again, and we always tell our friends and acquaintances not to feel guilty for making the decision to help their loved ones pass over, that they WILL come back to visit and to say goodbye. Love is ETERNAL and I know when we pass over that we will see them again.

I know this is a long post and if you are still with me, I hope our experiences may help others who are mourning the loss of their much loved pet friends.

Thank you for reading … and I thank this website for giving us a place to write about our dear friends.

Pet ghost, mixed breed shows he remains near.

When I was nine, my well loved male, 14-year-old mix of breed passed away at my granny's house. Since then I have heard and felt him liking me. The doors keep opening and I once heard him bark.

Kitty Ghost: "It was Thelma Lou's spirit letting me know she was alright."

On Monday, August 4, 2014 I had to put my sweet little 19-year-old kitty, Thelma Lou down. She was suffering from Feline Renal Failure. Although comfortable with my decision (as much as I could be) to put her down, my heart is broken. I have had her since she was four weeks old. When I go home from work in the evening now, the house is so empty and so is my heart.

So, last night I was laying on the couch, feet up, watching TV. I have a small metal coffee table in front of the couch that the remote was sitting on. I was suddenly startled by the sound of the remote being literally knocked off the metal coffee table on to the floor; it was loud because it hit the table going down. I didn't move, I sat there for 1/2 hour because it was so weird. When Thelma Lou was alive, spry and capable of jumping up on things, she use to jump from the couch to the coffee table, not taking into account what might be on the coffee table, she would knock things off.

After this event happened, and as I sat there for 1/2 hour, I realized my heart wasn't hurting as much. I have tried to justify what happened, even to the point of checking the news for an earthquake. I can't justify or explain what happened. Now I think it was Thelma Lou's spirit letting me know she was alright and that I shouldn't feel sad or guilty about my decision to put her down. I will miss her forever. Bless my little Thelma Lou.

Pet ghost, a Shih Tzu cross: "On the night of his passing I heard his nails on the polished boards."

My special pet, an 18 yr. old male Shih Tzu cross, was put to sleep on the 21st July 2014. He had been struggling to get around for a while now and eating was a problem, but the vet was keeping an eye on him, and the little dog was very stoic. I have two Labradors who go upstairs onto their beds at about 10.30, and the little one stayed next to me until I lifted him up to his bed with us.

After making the decision to put him down, we picked him up and buried him next to our other dog who passed away five years ago. It's a sad decision to make to put a dog to sleep and we were all very upset, including the Labs.

On the night of his passing I was sitting in the lounge room in silence finishing off my journal when I heard him lift himself off his cushion and the sound of his nails on the polished boards. I haven't heard him since, but at least I know he is home with us. I hope I get to hear him again.

Pet ghost, a Rottweiler named Spud, captured in grandson's selfie.

The date is July 31, 2014. Maybe you believe animals have spirits, maybe not. But pictures don't lie. My 17-year-old grandson Mason was out lying on his hammock, he took a selfie with his IPhone. I was on my computer doing some research on bathroom remodeling when Mason came in and said, "Gram look at this picture! Tell me what you see." I could make out a form in the background, but didn't know what it was until he enlarged the picture.

Our Rottweiler Spud was standing on the deck. The problem with that is, Spud died five years ago.

We lived in Arizona when we acquired Spud, his beloved human mom had died suddenly and left Spud with an alcoholic man who was going to have him euthanized because in his words, "I can't buy beer and dog food, so if you want him you'd better come get him!"

Never having a Rotty I was a little afraid he would hurt my grandsons or our dog Harry. He slobbered a lot in my car on the way home, but loved those boys as if he had grown up with them, especially Mason. When I saw Spud's image in the picture tonight, it chilled me and made me cry, he was a wonderful pet. Good to know he's still with us.

Pet ghost Flamey, the cat, seen and heard by brother cats.

I had this wee cat named Flamey for the deep red color of her fur when she was born. She was a genuine character. One of those rare animals born with a little extra personality.

Flamey wasn't big on being petted or held, but nevertheless she loved attention. She was a total diva girl. She'd wave her paw at me whenever she wanted anything. And she was great at staring into your eyes studiously, as if she was trying to analyze you. She was curious to a fault and had to personally greet every visitor — though she'd ignore the person afterwards.

But, Flamey was also extremely vocal, whining literally like a child, when you picked her up or tried to give her worm or flea medication. (She adored being brushed, though.)

And, Flamey was big on yowling, especially when she was in any kind of distress, even an ordinary hairball. She was prone to give these ultra-dramatic, mournful, "OMG, it's the end of the world" yowls. Flamey was every inch the drama queen.

Flamey died suddenly, by my side, in autumn of 2013.

In late July of 2014, I was asleep at 4:30 in the morning, when I was wakened suddenly by one of those Flamey yowls. Well, I naturally thought I was just dreaming. Then I saw her half-brother, Boots. He was sitting up straight, at the end of the bed, staring at my bedroom dresser. (When Flamey was ill, I'd put her on a bed on my dresser, to get her away from her two half-brothers, so she could rest.)

When Boots saw me, he came trotting over, all wide-eyed and agitated. He kept turning to stare back at the dresser. It was several minutes before he calmed down and got back to normal.

Was it a dream or was it the ghost of Flamey?

Pet ghost Mutley's tags jingling and wet nose sniffing.

Mutley was our baby before we had children. He was a big baby--125 lbs. of many varieties. He died in the summer in 2001 at the age of 13, when we got back from vacation.

We moved and a couple years after that I had a terrible night. So I went out to the couch in our living room and lay down to try to sleep. I had rolled over with my face to the back of the couch, and all of a sudden, I hear his tags jingling, and that wet nose sniffing my ear. I knew it was him, and I said, "Lay down, Bud." That was my nickname for him. I heard him turning around as he always did and the loud flop he would make. Then he let out his sigh that he always did when he laid down. I never had the experience before or after, but it was nice to know he's still around somewhere.

Pekingese spirit — "I felt an invisible shape curved into my chest."

I'm a chap in a small town in the North of England. I used to have a Pekingese, but he was quite large and looked like a Shih Tzu. His hair was kept short, and he was called Teddy, often nicknamed "the bear." He was amazingly well behaved, quite vocal but not barky, and he'd hang on my every word. He'd trot behind me off the lead in the town centre, much to the amusement of passers by.

He genuinely was a best friend and I was devastated when I lost him in November 2012, you see he used to be my mum’s and when she died of cancer I got teddy, as she said he was always my dog, she just paid all the bills! - as we got on so well.

I would often lie on my side on the wooden floor in the apartment when listening to music, and he would lie sideways with his back against my chest and just chill out. The funny thing was this morning when I woke up, I felt an invisible shape curved into my chest as I lay on my side, it didn't feel cold, it felt warm and heavy.

I was sleeping on the top of my quilt so it wasn't the bedclothes. It stayed with me for about ten seconds then left. I really do think it was Teddy saying I'm still with you Chris.

I do miss him. I'd get another, but he'd be a tough act to follow.

Spirit of Chihuahua Speedy reborn?

In March of 2013 I lost one of my best friends when he was only four years old. Speedy, a larger Chihuahua, was by far the most loyal little guy I've ever known and to this day I still get misty-eyed when I think of him.

He got sick, and by the time we caught it, there was nothing to be done except to keep him comfortable, which I did. The night he passed on, he had climbed back in bed with me and curled up in his typical spot next to me, and that's where I found him when I woke the next morning. That day as I buried him in tears, I apologized for not catching the illness sooner and let him know that he'd be missed.

A few days later my wife and I were talking about getting him a memorial urn even though we buried him rather than having him cremated. As we were discussing it, I had told her how badly I was missing him. As soon as I said that, I swore I heard his usual whimper/whine when he wanted my attention and out of reflex put my hand down next to my chair as I'd done in the past. Noticing that, my wife asked me if I heard the whine also, and all I could do was chuckle and say, "Yep, my little Speeds is still here somewhere."

Over the course of this past year I have awaken in the middle of the night feeling like he was pushed up against me in his sleeping spot, heard his nails clicking across the tile of the kitchen floor, and continued now and then to hear his whines and yips for attention. However, this isn't the strange part … or rather I don't consider it the strange part.

In March of this year, my wife surprised me with a new Chihuahua who is a year old and whose owners couldn't keep him. She had arranged this all without my knowledge, spoken with the owners, met Banjo, and finally brought him home. Ok, here is where it gets strange to me, yet pleasant. Having never seen him or met him, the moment she walked through the front door with him and he saw me on the couch, he nearly jumped from her arms and attacked me with the "tongue of a thousand kisses." Banjo has since never left my side, sleeps in exactly the same place and way Speedy did, and has all the same mannerisms. Actually there are only three things that are different between the two: Hair color, hair length, and Banjo is a little more playful than Speedy was. I'm sorry, four things different. Banjo was born four months before Speedy died.

After my wife told me his name I wasn't sure I liked it and considered changing it and tried a few different names throughout a couple days just to see how he responded to them. Considering the way he acted and his fast attachment to me, just out of curiosity the last name I tried was Speedy. To my surprise that was the only other name besides Banjo he had any reaction to. I could stand out on the back porch and call out "Speed-Speed" and he'd come flying through the kitchen like his tail was on fire. I showed my wife this and she wasn't all that surprised, but looked slightly shaken. After everything we've seen with Banjo we've both come to the conclusion that Speedy is in there with Banjo, and nearly every morning when we wake up I greet them both.

After seventeen years in life, Yorkshire Terrier Priscilla remains attached.

About a year ago, my two pet cats were at the bottom of the stairs looking at the top of the staircase. Their heads were moving back and forth like they were watching something up there in the dark moving to and fro. When I went up to bed and lay on the top of the covers, I felt the hair of my little yorkshire terrier jumping over my lower legs. "Priscilla" had died on June 6, 2009. The occurrence was in November of 2013. Priscilla, in life, stayed with me for seventeen years and she was very attached to me and I to her.

Cat Kyle — "I'd hear scratching on the bathroom door."

Kyle passed away in March. He'd been sick for about six months, fighting Crystalluria and kidney failure. He'd been having a good period, but passed away unexpectedly one morning when we were on our way back from a wedding. I don't like referring to Kyle as "my cat" or "my pet" because as crazy as it sounds, he was my child.

I was the person who found Kyle. As soon as we walked in the door, I was ready to see my baby run up and "meeeow" at me. Lace himself between my feet and stand so I'd scoop him up. But he didn't. As unusual as it was, I figured he was just sleeping somewhere. … So I went to the back of the house, but when I opened the door, it stopped. I pushed, just enough for me to get in. At first I thought he was sleeping. But he wasn't. He was still warm, so I'd just missed him. He laid on the towel I'd used the morning we left town. Our other cats were waiting outside the bathroom. Honestly, I lost it. I lost my mind. I remember laying on the floor next to him, crying and just saying, "My baby, my baby. Please no. Kyle baby, please wake up. Please wake up." My husband even tried CPR, but it was too late. He really was gone.

We buried Kyle in a wooden box wrapped in my purple sweater, covered in kitty treats and flowers, with a picture of my husband and me with notes written from us on the back. I must've kissed his crooked nose a hundred times before we put him in the ground. I haven't felt like I did that night since my Mother died. And that's the God's honest truth. I was heartbroken. Absolutely devastated. I still am just talking about it.

And here's the part everyone cares about hearing. Not his death, not my loss, but the screwed up things that have furthered my grief in his absence.

I would hear his meows. All. The. Time. I'd hear scratching on the bathroom door. But here's what really got me.

Kyle and I used to sleep together. He had a routine. He'd sit on the chair in our bedroom and clean himself until just after I was enjoying my sleep, then he'd get down by the bed and rub his face against my hand until I lifted my arm to let him lie under it. Then I'd adjust, and we'd cuddle, facing each other with his head under my chin.

At first, I'd wake up feeling him rubbing his face against my hand. This happened several times.

Then one night I woke up holding him, stroking his fur. I could literally feel the big, long tufts of his fur in my hands.

20-year-old cat dies and a week later, "I heard a faint meow. His meow. I covered my mouth so I wouldn't yell."

On June 1st my beloved cat died in my home. He was 20 years old. He was sick for some time so his passing was no surprise. I was deeply saddened but relieved that he could finally be at peace.

On June 3rd I heard his meow from the other room. In an absence of mind and out of sheer habit I got up to see what he wanted. I walked half way into the kitchen before I realized what I was doing. My heart broke as I sat back down. I repeated to myself "It sounded so real."

A few days passed and no other occurrences happened. It wasn't until June 9th is when I saw him for the first time. I was walking into the kitchen and I saw something cat-sized and grey streak under the kitchen table. I called my husband to hear him say I was crazy and as I was talking to him I saw the same image streak across the living room.

I figured I was imagining it.

I loved my cat like he was one of my children. I think I was just wishing he was here!

I woke up in the early hours of June 12th to hear pawing on my hollow bedroom door. My cat was declawed so there was no scratching involved. I knew for a fact what that noise was. I listed to it for two decades. After about 20 seconds it stopped, just like he would. I waited for what always came next. Sure enough, I heard a faint meow. His meow. I covered my mouth so I wouldn't yell.

I laid there for the next three hours to see what would happen next and nothing else happened. The sun came up and the day began.

I continue to see grey streaks underneath the kitchen table and in the living room. I continue to hear his meow. I haven't heard the pawing on the door since that one occurrence.

My children have mentioned a few times of hearing the cat and I just smile and say "Maybe you did." I don't want them to know I have heard it too.

Dog Simon — still playing with his squeaky toy.

Two years ago my dog, Simon, died with heart failure. A couple of weeks earlier Simon had a stroke, which he screamed loudly like a child in pain. On a Friday morning Simon had another stroke, again screaming so loud. Saturday the next morning at 6:00 am Simon fell off the bed not breathing, he would catch a breath and scream, over and over until he died in our bedroom.

My husband and I were with him. Now, a year later, at first, I was the only one to hear the squeaky toy in the bedroom on a Saturday around 9:15 (it was the sound of Simon's toy). Only heard it once, disregarded it. The next Saturday the squeaky toy again in the bedroom, just in a different spot. Pretty much every Saturday. (I say pretty much because some Saturdays I'm not at home.) I hear the toy, only in the bedroom and my new dog hears it too, if he's in the room. Only once my husband heard it, that's because he's not at home at that time of morning. We looked for something that could make that noise all through the bedroom and found absolutely nothing.

I finally came (after many months) to the conclusion it has to be my deceased dog. I now say, "Hey Simon, my little Simey boy, mommy loves you too." Then I wait until the next Saturday.

Phantom Poodle — still sniffing at the dinner table.

Not much to it really. I was eating dinner at my parents' house when I felt a cold nose on my hand under the table. Growing, we had two poodles both of which would do that. They both died in the 90s. I believe it was the older dog. Needless to say it made my day.

Ghost Cat Clover jumps on the bed.

I am a cat mom and over the years have had many close to my heart, but Clover was special. We adopted her and her brother in 1997. Clover was mine and Bubbles was my daughter’s. When my daughter left for college it was just my cats and me. Clover and I just really bonded. (She was part lilac Siamese and the sweetest cat ever.) She would snuggle up to me when I was sad or sick, and I did the same for her.

She had a mini stroke two years ago which affected her hip, so I did a lot of carrying. Her brother died last year on his birthday and Clover died in my arms last month. I knew she had another stroke because she couldn't walk so I put her in bed with me and stayed with her till she died the next day at noon.

I decided to get her cremated instead of burying her. Two nights after she died I was sleeping and felt a cat jump up on my bed, but when I looked, nothing. Next night same thing. I decided Clover was still with me, and she has visited me about five times so far, once even touching my leg. I picked up her ashes today so she is home to stay. I don't know if she will visit again or not, but she will always be with me.

Prehistoric bird comes back to life.

I was I think 8 years old and my friend Carrie was 9. Carrie's parents were good friends with my parents so we would often spend time at her house. Carrie had a big back yard, if I had to guess I would say 5 acres or more. One day we were somewhere around the middle of her back property when I looked down at this big rock. I asked Carrie for help to move it, and we both lifted it and turned it over.

Underneath the rock we both immediately noticed a pretty large skeleton of what I immediately thought was a dinosaur, maybe just over a foot long by maybe half a foot wide. At that moment I heard a hissing noise and a strange mist appeared, like something out of science fiction this thing came back to life right before our eyes. It started to grow/regenerate back all its tissue and blood and then bright dark blue and purple feathers—it looked like a bird but no bird I ever saw.

This thing then stood up, turned its head and made a half squawk half-hiss sound at us then sprang off making huge leaps.

Me and Carrie ran back into the house, she was crying and went straight to her bedroom and I told my mom and dad and they thought I was crazy. True story. Was probably the weirdest thing I ever saw.

Phantom Dog — "… I was brought to full alertness, hairs standing on end…"

Last night, my partner and I were heading off to sleep in the bedroom. The pet, Penny, a standard poodle, had been on hind legs staring out the window at the sound of possums. Penny had been keeping us awake, as her claws need clipping and her trotting in and out of the room was noticeable on the polished floorboards and tiles of the hallway.

As we were almost both asleep, with the room only mildly lit by the just waning moon, we heard the sound of what we thought was Penny running out of the room and down the hall to the lounge room. Frustrated by her lack of settledness, I was about to close up the bedroom door. Within a few seconds of the first run, we then both heard Penny jump from beside the bed and run out in pursuit of the phantom dog. I could have sworn she was in the lounge. My partner called, "what was that?!"

Needless to say I was brought to full alertness, hairs standing on end, having experienced what could be described as a temporal rift, phantom dog or other paranormal occurrence. The house was entirely closed to the outside, and there are no other pets residing at the house.

I've been searching the internet for information on phantom dogs, or paranormal dogs, and decided to share the event here having only experienced it recently. Freaked out still.

Rottweiler Storm — his spirit is seen in photograph

I am a married mum with three kids, 21, 17 and 9. Also mum to three dogs and many reptiles. Seven years ago my two Rottweilers, Jessie and Taz had puppies. We kept the biggest and called him Storm, he grew into a huge 14 stone gentle giant.

Last year on 24th April, Storm had a seizure, we rushed him to the vet where tests showed a brain tumour, he could not be saved and later that day we bestowed the final act of kindness on our beloved boy.

Our house felt empty without him and his mum Jessie had a sadness in her eyes I had never seen before.

A few weeks after losing Storm we realized Jessie had cancer and on August 1st we lost her too.

I am a photographer and take photos every day, including the weekend before we lost Jessie. I had photographed our house from different perspectives including the front bedroom window, a place where Storm loved to look out of.

I never looked at the photos until about a week after we lost Jessie. The photo of the bedroom window clearly shows Storm looking down at me. Friends, neighbors and family have all looked at the photo and they too can see him.

I believe Storm was waiting for his mum, that maybe he came back for her. We have not seen him since and I have scoured many photos looking for him.

I was always skeptical about life after death, but now I do believe there is something after we go.

Golden Retriever — "… After she died, I have heard her in my room."

Our Golden Retriever named Golden Girl passed away in 2011 and shortly after she died, I have heard her in my room at the foot of my bed like she used to do every night. She wanted to make sure I was safe when I went to bed, and she is still doing her job from time to time. We have also heard the clicking of her toenails in the kitchen. Just recently she appeared to me in a dream and I went running over to her and gave her a hug. She was a young dog again, and her fur was almost glowing golden. We miss Golden very much, but she is still with us in spirit.

Maltese pup — "… We both heard her bark."

We took our Maltese to the emergency care vet in Feb. 2014, and after several tests, we learned our 14-year-old pup had a large tumor and needed to be put down. After a few weeks passed, and we were beginning to get more used to her not being here, a few strange incidents occurred. I "heard" her jump off the couch, and I heard her moving under the bed. It sounded just like she was crawling underneath the bed.

I told my daughter about it, and I could tell that she kind of dismissed it as mom being weird. One evening, she and I were upstairs, and we both heard her bark. My daughter looked at me, and I gave her this look that said, "see!". Then, we both heard it again.

Since then, neither of us have experienced hearing the once-familiar sounds of our pet again, but hearing the bark and my daughter confirming that she heard it, too, made me realize I had not just been imagining the noises that I previously thought I had heard.

Tabby cat — "Now and then I see and feel Peanut near me."

(edited for content) My name is Pat. Sometimes I work late at night. Peanut (a tabby cat) is funny about that and would sometimes get mad at me. One strange night, I came home and Peanut looked like he was sick. I tried to help him up. He wouldn't get up. He looked better and was walking around for a while. Then out of the blue he feels sick again. There is a strange smell. I washed him. He was very proud of his black and white tabby coat. All my friends loved him. I never had children, but I live to love all God’s creatures as if they were his personal own.

Now and then I see and feel Peanut near me. Sometimes when I’m lonely I call his name just by chance that God let him stay near me.

Dog's spirit, Rusty, still roams the halls.

I lost my best buddy ever on December 9, 2013; it was my decision that I never thought I would have to make, but it was best for my love, Rusty. Almost 15 years ago, I walked into a room, he looked at me and I looked at him, and it was LOVE at first sight. We were inseparable from that time on.

I also have a little girly dog, Dixie, who has been with me for 13 years. Shortly after Rusty passed I dreamed of him. It was so real! That evening Dixie was acting weird, looking around, smelling things and when we went to bed, she was mad that I closed the door (like she wanted it open so Rusty could come in).

Dixie has since seen and smelled Rusty (I am positive of this) and a few days ago I saw Rusty walk up the hallway like he always did just to look and see if I was where I should be. I just smiled and said, "I love you Russell."

Ghost Dog in Oklahoma

My family has a history with paranormal activity. They don't often admit to it, but deep down inside they know it's true and me and my cousin believe that the reason for our family to deny it is because it's the best way to live with the fear of all the paranormal stuff that surrounds us.

Sometimes my friends and I walk around town. A couple of months ago I started to sense that there was a dog following me every time I went outside my home, and anytime I turned around there usually was nothing there.

One of the times I turned my head to check for the ghost dog while walking around outside I noticed a second shadow next to mine which was figured like dog. At first I ignored it thinking it was just my imagination, and that I was growing paranoid. After a few days I brought it up with some of my friends and they said that while they are around me after the sun goes down, they start hearing barking, panting, growling, etc. following us. I have been hearing the same sounds that all my friends described, and my cousin claims to have heard a growl after punching me followed by an eye that floated in midair and faded away after a second or two.

I am not normally paranoid so I don't have many stories like this. I would like to read comments about my story and if you have heard similar stories please let me know.

Dog's spirit still seeking head rub.

I actually just wanted to thank you for having this page. I was searching for information regarding dog spirits because mine died yesterday and I've had a couple strange experiences since. I shrugged it off yesterday when I thought I heard her in the house, but I couldn't dismiss it when I just smelt her breath while lying on my sofa. She used to walk up to me for a head rub when I would be lying on the sofa. I would always tease her about her bad breath while I scratched her head. I never thought I'd see the day I'd be so glad to smell that bad breath.

Departed Sonny cat lingers on his favorite ladder perch.

2003-2004, my wife an I took in a kitten from an agency that rescued cats. Sonny was a nice kitten and became a fun loving adult cat. He escaped the house on a Saturday night and I found him killed in the road Sunday morning. Our house was going through renovations at the time and Sonny the cat climbed on and sat on the top rung of a six foot wooden ladder in the living room every day.

Several days after he was killed, I came downstairs and there he was, sitting on the ladder, he looked at me and then jumped off the ladder and was gone. Not sure what I had seen, I said nothing.

Two or three days later my wife said she had seen something strange. I asked her 'where and what had she seen'? She then described exactly what I had seen before. Both sightings took place on warm sunny days. I can't speak for her, but what I saw was clear and real, the cat appeared as he did when living. As far as I know, these were the only two sightings of the departed Sonny cat.

Cat's mystery appearances.

Just this year I see a cat walk by me at night in the reflection of the TV. I have a cat and think mine wants out. Our cat Sofie is smart. I was wondering why this year I see traces of a cat or cats in my house and it's not Sofie. I always think it is Sofie our cat trying to get out but she’s not there when I look. Not surprising because I believe in the spiritual part of all things in this world. Does anyone know why this is happening to me?

Ghost Pet Plays. "All of a sudden I heard the squeaky toy sound and looked at my wife."

A couple months ago my wife started telling me she was hearing doggy squeak toy sounds from the mud room, and our two dogs were near my wife without a dog toy. My wife was afraid a wild animal came in our doggy door and was chewing on a doggy toy, but when she entered the mud room there was nothing in sight. This has happened several times and I did not believe my wife. I thought she was hearing things in her mind.

Just today, I was sitting at home with my wife watching television. Both our dogs were laying on the sofa with us. All of a sudden I heard the squeaky toy sound and looked at my wife. She was so pleased that I finally heard what she has experienced. I got up and looked in the mud room and there was no sign of any animals. However, there was a squeaky toy laying on the kitchen floor near the mud room. It appears as though as ghost pet somehow made the toy squeak. I thought to myself, perhaps one of our dogs was playing with this toy and maybe it was stuck closed and opened on its own. However, the sound was clearly a double squeak, in and out. This really freaked me out. I have never been a person to believe in paranormal activity, but I do now.

Chihuahua Mix, Peester. "I recognized her spirit and she was very upset."

Our chihuahua mix died at the vet's office from injuries due to being run over. On the way I begged her not to die. I couldn't bring myself to go in when they put her to sleep.

A few nights later the lights in my room began going off and on with a loud zapping sound. My husband came to the door and was looking at me and I asked him if he could see it too, but he didn't answer, just kept looking at me. I looked out the window. It was only our house doing it. There were colored electrical lights going round in circles in our room. I followed them to our boys' room even though my husband tried to stop me because they were sleeping side by side on the bottom bunk where she used to sleep.

I knelt by their bed and the lights were all circling now near the ceiling in the corner. I recognized that it was her spirit and she was very upset. I knew to tell her, "It's alright." Suddenly, we were all covered in a sort of white webbing and my 8-year-old sat up straight and started wiping them away. I laid him back down and started wiping them off my husband's face and the webbing just disappeared.

i've never tried to contact or be involved in the paranormal. I've always left well enough alone, but the incident of her dying was so sad and we all, including Peester, we're so affected that it just seemed to bring this about. Now I tend to believe people's stories, especially those that are similar.

After Chewy passed, "I heard a dog collar sound twice."

It was just two days ago when Chewy passed away. (Friday, Feb. 14, 2014) She was with me for over 14 years. She died suddenly early in the morning. I am still in shock over the loss of the Great One as I called her. She is a Hero and saved my life from carbon monoxide poisoning, but more than that, she was the best friend ever. I am glad that others have had similar experiences because I know that I wasn't hearing things as they say. Tonight at dinner, my friend Carol said Chewy is just telling me that she is OK.

Bubbles the goldfish—still swimming.

When I was 7, I had won a young goldfish at a carnival. I named him Bubbles and I'd say hi to him every day. One day I came in from playing outside, and Bubbles was jammed in the filter, gills not moving. I'd prepared a funeral for him and he is buried in our backyard. Next year, I was walking up the stairs around 8:30, and my white night light flickered. Suddenly, in a bigger form and bright white, I saw Bubbles, swimming upstream and vanishing. Never had I seen him again. Is it possible to have a paranormal form of fish?

Kitten Teeny knew it was time to say goodbye.

I'm a cat lover, and always had lots of cats when we lived on a farm. One day while I was working in the yard, one of the kittens came to me and I picked her up.

Her name was Teeny, because even at ten weeks she fit in my hand with space to spare, and I have small hands. I still have a picture of her, curled up and sleeping in my hand. The picture was taken because that day I'd been holding her in one hand, and she just curled up and went to sleep. One of my kids ran for the camera. (I also have the ability to turn a rowdy, scratching, biting kitten into a calm, loveable one in seconds, simply by holding them in my hands. I have no idea what that ability might be).

But on this day as soon as I picked Teeny up, I had this terrible heavy sense of loss. That was the last time I saw Teeny.

Neither family nor pets were ready to let go of kitten Pete.

Today is Monday. On Friday, our 11 month old kitty, named Sneaky Pete, passed away (and Pete WAS sneaky … often reaching out to pull on our socks as he was hiding under our beds).

His untimely demise haunted me Friday night and I couldn't sleep. Saturday night was little better. We told our children and they, too, have been very sad, not understanding why fate would take their kitty so soon.

My younger daughter, 14 years old, was very close to him and it was a terrible weekend for us knowing he wasn't going to bless our lives anymore.

I was sitting in my chair last night reading and I saw out of the corner of my eye what looked like a Petey tail swishing. I looked up and there was nothing there. About an hour later, I swear again, out of the window, that I saw him walk by.

I mentioned it to my daughter this morning and she said she has seen him, too. She said she heard him purring as she laid in bed last night.

We have a dog, Mazey, and another cat, Will. Our cat is his brother from the same litter and they were both acting strange yesterday. Will was hiding in strange places and Mazey had her tail between her legs all day. Both animals were downstairs and I was upstairs when, I believe, I saw Pete.

I believe he has given us signs to show us that he's still around us—to comfort us. I hope he continues to hang around, but I suspect that he will disappear once he knows that we have come to terms with him leaving. We weren't ready to let him go, so he's come back around to help us out.

I've read the other stories on this page and, I too, have a professional job and am very analytical. However, it would be just like this creative creature to want to play with us a little and make us smile in the midst of our grief.

Ginger staffy still posing for photographs—from beyond.

My dog recently lost her fight with a unknown illness. A week before she was taken to the vet's, a box of photos relating to my childhood seemingly dropped off the wardrobe for no reason, as it had been there for months. No pictures were displaced from the confines of the box, but a reel of five negatives did indeed fall two feet away. On inspection, the reel photos were all pertaining to my dog.

Following her departure, the week before Christmas …

Come Christmas day, we took many pictures. Strange why on some, my dog (her ginger staffy head) appears on the metallic trim fire surround. What is happening????? Please can you advise! From a Rawmarsh lad please help. Respectfully yours, Jon

Caracal, Kalua - "It is so real I can feel him."

Hi. I shared my life with many exotic pets from large reptiles to Fennec foxes and loved them all, but one, my beloved caracal, Kalua, who I got before Christmas 1998, was the light of my life. We bonded and he was my sweet baby. A caracal comes from India and Africa and looks like a small cougar with ear tufts. He died in 2007 from genetic diabetes and I was devastated, but not too long after, I was napping on the bed and looked to the side and there he was. I said "Hey Lou, where you been?" Lou was my nickname for him. He just walked away slowly. I have him in my dreams sometimes and it is so real I can feel him. Sometimes I hear playing downstairs with a jingle ball and even though I have not seen him lately, I know he is still here as he must know how much I still love and miss him. He was and forever will be my Christmas kitten.

Bloodhound, Chance, warns of his imminent passing.

I'm 47 years old and worked many years in the field of psychology. Therefore, I consider myself to be practical and logical as well as skeptical in regards to paranormal events. However, what I witnessed on the night of August 4, 2012, seems to defy any rational explanation.

It was about 10:00 PM and I was sitting at my computer when our beloved Bloodhound, Chance, alerted that he needed to go outside to do his nightly business.

Our friend was about 12 years old and slowing down a bit from his younger and more spry days but was in good health overall. I grabbed his leash, took him outside where he did what he had to do before promptly laying down in the soft grass while looking up at me. Thinking he was being quirky I said, "Come on buddy! You can't sleep outside!"

That's when things got strange. Our dog got up and sat down right in front of me. This might sound odd but I swear the lights from my house, the neighboring houses, and even the street lights failed to shine. It was as if my dog and I were in a void so to speak, surrounded by a warm and comforting darkness. My dog pushed his head against my side and looked up at me with what I can only describe as "watery and sparkling" eyes. I was overcome with a message (?) inside my head that said, "I'm tired dad, and I have to sleep now."

At that moment I was acutely aware of the lights from my house, the neighbor's houses and the street lights and somehow what just happened seemed totally normal, if that makes sense. Our dog then bounded back into the house and I removed the leash and went upstairs to get my coffee cup. When I came down the stairs seconds later for a refill, there was my beloved friend, passed away on the living room floor.

When I told my wife about the events I experienced outside, she came to the conclusion that our dog took me to a place between our planes of existence where he managed to say goodbye. For about two weeks following his passing, my wife and I, along with friends and neighbors who had come over, witnessed the sounds of his tags jingling and hitting the hardwood floors just like when he was alive.

I miss my friend, but I also take deep comfort in the very fact that he was noble enough to let me know that he was leaving and that he would be okay wherever he was going.

Spirit of dog Trinity lingers in loving home.

Our sweet Trinity was an old gal but still filled with lots of love. She got sick all of a sudden and we knew it was time. We had a vet come to our home and we said goodbye. Two days afterwards, my husband and I were snuggling in bed watching TV when it happened. We heard her lay down on the floor, where she always slept, at the corner of the bed between us and the door. We were watching TV, completely unaware that anything was about to happen.

We both at the exact same time heard the sound of her elbows hitting the floor, her tags jingle, her chest hit the floor and a moan. She was an old lady so like us all at an elderly age she moaned when she laid down and got up. We both clearly heard her elbows hit the floor, her tags jingle twice and her moan. This was not the TV and to rule this out we backed up the video to review it, just to make sure. My husband felt the vibration in the bed of her elbows hitting the floor.

Keep in mind no other dogs live in the home. We have two cats, but they are locked up at night and neither have tags nor a collar nor a jingle toy to be found in the house.

When it happened we both immediately responded to the sound and looked at each other in disbelief. I asked my husband what he heard for confirmation on my part. He heard exactly what I did. We then started to tell her that we loved her and missed her so much.

We have not heard it since then nor did it occur anytime before when she was not around. We have also heard her nails clicking on the floor of our bathroom. I was walking into the bathroom, the house was quiet and just when I put my hand out to push the door open I heard her nails clicking on the floor. It was so loud I was sure I was going to see her. My husband has heard the same on many occasions, mostly at night when the house is quiet. We have ruled out all other possibilities of other events that may have caused it, such as the house settling, glass windows cooling down, heating and air vents, etc. Her nails clicking on the floor happened on and off for about two weeks after her passing and then just stopped. She and my husband had such a close bond. I know she came back to say goodbye and to let him know she was still around. She was the smartest dog I ever knew and the sweetest. We miss her dearly. We love you Trinity!

This is an event I cannot explain and believe me I have tried, I am a skeptic through and through. This event rocked me to the core, nothing explains it other than something that cannot be seen nor touched. I cannot pass this off as us just missing her because we both experienced the same thing at the same time. I say this as a skeptic who is more curious now than ever before. Thank you Trinity!

Message from the other side from cat, Laces, or new kitty?

A few months ago, by beloved cat, Laces, passed away at the age of 21. She had a full, wonderful life, traveling with us, living in four states, and she became the boss of our two dogs. Dying of cancer and kidney failure, on her last day, she walked out into the sunshine, which she always loved, and took her final breath. I cried for so long, and prayed that I would get some kind of sign she was okay, on the other side.

I didn't feel or hear anything unusual until a few days later, when I heard a long meow outside my door. As any cat lover knows, you know how your cat sounds and it was definitely her meow. I wanted to hear it again so much … but that was the last time I heard it.

I've been wanting to get a new kitten (not as a replacement, but as a way to continue giving a kitty the love we can give). On Christmas Eve (2013), my husband, Rob, and I finished putting everything under the tree, and went to bed at 2am. At 2:45am, I woke up with a sharp pain in my back and saw my husband carefully closing our bedroom door, trying to be really quiet. I knew he was up to something, but had no idea what it could be. Almost immediately, I heard the soft meow of a kitten. I knew then what was going on. He had bought me a kitten for Christmas!!

The poor kitten kept meowing, over and over again. It was a soft meow that sounded like it was coming from the bathroom down our hall. I figured he was hiding the kitten there and I was surprised that he just came back to bed. But his hearing has never been that great, so I thought he just couldn't hear the meows. I pretended to be asleep, while trying to imagine what the kitten looks like and thinking "Oh, I'm hearing my new precious baby for the first time!" Rob finally left the room and the meowing stopped — after at least ten to fifteen cries — so I thought Rob went to comfort the little thing and she fell asleep.

Christmas morning, the whole family opened all of their gifts and they saved one last box for me. I opened it up, expecting to see a little furry face. Instead, there was a drawing of a cute little kitten and this message. "Merry Christmas! Time to choose your own kitten!" Rob explained that he and the kids had gone to a couple of different places to find a kitten for me, but the shelters were all out of kittens, and they decided it would be better if I picked it out myself. (He had been sneaking out of the bedroom to surprise the family with a new TV … not a kitten.) So, there was never a kitten in the house, but I heard it, very distinctly, over and over again!

I'm still trying to make sense of it. If it was Laces (and she did have a soft, sweet little meow like that as a kitten), what was she trying to tell me? I want to think it's positive, but maybe she's upset that we're getting a new cat? Has anyone had something like this happen to them? Thanks!

Beloved Airedale passes. "I felt myself enveloped in white…"

Our beloved Airedale suddenly got sick and was diagnosed with a bad cancer. As a last resort, she had surgery to try to buy us more time. She had the surgery on Monday and stayed overnight. On Tuesday morning, I was lying down and felt myself enveloped in white with an overwhelming sense of peace and comfort.

She passed away the following Sunday and I don't know if something happened at the vet at the time I had the "white" experience.

Can anyone tell me if they had a similar experience or if I will see her again?

Ghost Cat Ginge. "I feel a cold feeling… "

I lost my beautiful cat Ginge a few months ago. He was knocked down by a car and killed. I am so devastated! My story is not of apparitions, it's just every night while I am in bed thinking about Ginge, I feel a cold feeling in one of my ears but not on the other. Now Ginge used to come up to me in the mornings and purr loudly in my ear to wake me.

I have not told anyone about this. Just wondering if anyone can help me. Is this my Ginge?

Pet Ghost MinPin. "…Felt him jump onto the pillow … Heard him drink water from his bowl…"

We had to put our 13 year old dearly loved MinPin down last Thursday because his cancer began causing him pain and discomfort. It was a very difficult decision, but all our friends said it was important to do before he suffered too much. That night, my husband felt him jump onto the pillow next to his head, the way he did so many times before. And for the next two mornings I heard him drink water from his bowl, but neither of us have heard or felt him since. I don't know if his spirit is still with us or he discovered that without a leash he can roam free and hang out at his favourite restaurant, park and pet store. I trust he is very happy exploring and will return if he gets lonely.

Pet Ghost Detection with EMF Meter

Just this year, 2013, we took in a cat that was having kittens. She had the kittens, four of them. We found homes for three. We kept mum and one of her sons. We had both cats done and chipped, and then I noticed that, at times, it seemed that they were looking at something, but to me, there was nothing there. I have heard that cats/dogs can see things we can't.

Thinking it might be my mum and dad or granddad, I bought a few ghost detecting things. I took recordings in the hope of hearing a voice, but so far I have had nothing.
But when I used the K-2 EMF meter it showed up a reading. And just last night 16.11.2013, the K-2 EMF meter was flashing so I called out the name of my old dog
Sam, I had him for 16 years and he was my shadow. When I called out to him the lights on the K-2 lit up.

Well that’s my story. I’m happy to know that my Sam is still with me. Perhaps he will wait for me and we can be together again.

Ghost Dog Hobi. "I have been feeling like she is still around the family…"

My dog Hobi had to be put to sleep on the 31st October 2013, which was a very sad time, but since then, I have been feeling like she is still around the family, but what really makes me believe this, is when I go outside at night with my other dog.

She had a favorite tree in the middle of the garden and as I looked, I saw this misty white cloud there. I thought my eyes were playing tricks. Looked away and blinked, and looked again, and the same misty like cloud was still there… So I took a picture. When looking at it, at first I couldn't see nothing, but I looked again and saw the same misty look by the tree (which I know sounds stupid, but looks like Hobi, my springer spaniel).

So since then, I keep seeing it, but last night I did the same thing. I always (seems a few words are missing) so and my other dog bombed it down the garden and the exact same mist was running beside her.

And then again today, this morning, my dog went to the tree which was Hobi's, and saw my dog sniffing around and another dog that was white, and again looked like Hobi, were sitting behind the tree.

I can feel her energy when I sit on the step and have a urge to stroke her. I don't know if my mind is going crazy or if I am actually seeing her, but all I know is I know that I'm safe as she is looking after us in her way.

Ghost Dog. "I was in bed and awake and felt something curl up next to me…"

I was in bed and awake and felt something curl up next to me, it was a dog. He then started to scratch his ear, and the bed shook in time to his scratching. When I looked, there was nothing there. We used to own many dogs. I also heard one of our dogs whine as it scratched itself, this was my first dog Percy, maybe it was the same dog?

Also seen a ghost of a boy and girl dressed in 18th century clothes at the side of the bed, and twice I saw a woman kneeling saying prayers at my bedside. She saw me the first time, put her hand to her mouth in shock and vanished!

Cat Shadow. "I could hear little footsteps behind me."

I found a cat six months ago and my dad said we could keep her so long as nobody was looking for her. After a month, nobody had come forward for her so we made it official. We had her chipped and registered to me. I had he best six months of my life. I had an amazing dog and my beautiful cat Shadow. (She got her name because she always followed me like a little shadow.)

Then on the 20th October 2013 I got a dreadful call from the vet. Somebody had brought Shadow into the surgery because she had been run over and a man found her in the street and took her to the vet. She was dead before she got there so they couldn't treat her.

After crying all day around 13 hours, I suddenly felt all joyful and happy, like she was with me. Then my heart sank as I began to realise she was gone and I was being stupid, but again after around 20 minutes I had a deep ache in my stomach and a chill up my spine. Then I sat where she used to sleep and there was a warm feeling there, and I knew she was there and every time I moved around the house I could hear little footsteps behind me.

I know she won't leave my side because I gave her a loving home and I'll never forget her. I just wish I could have been there to protect her and comfort her when she was scared.

Cat's spirit. "I feel a chill down my spine, and muster up the courage to look…"

My cat, I had for well over 15 years, contacted leukemia. Needless to say, euthanasia was really the only humane option for her. So, I took her to the vet one last time, and she was humanely put to sleep before my very eyes.

So, she always had a habit of coming up to the door and scratching to be let in. This was her calling card; whenever we heard it we would open the door and in she strolled. It was almost like a reflex. Anyway, the night after she passed, and I buried her in our back yard, I was devastated. However, I managed to eat dinner, curl up on the couch and watch some TV. About 8:30 at night (about the time she would usually want to come in), I hear a scratching at the door. EXACTLY the sound my kitty used to make.

I feel a chill down my spine, and muster up the courage to look at the door window. Nothing was there. So I think I must be hearing things. Not more than two minutes later, the same noise happens. I look again; nothing is there. I walk up to the door and open it ... Nothing. I walk back to the couch, and I know that this is my kitty's way of signaling that she’s around. I think to myself, Why would she leave? She had the perfect life: all the food she could want, a warm house, woods next door.

The point is, pets will make themselves known just as much as human spirits. If you have a pet you love with all your heart, they will find a way to let you know they are still around.

Louie Chi/Terrier: "Woken up by feeling of Louie walking on my bed."

October 5, 2013 we lost Louie our 6-year-old Chihuahua Terrier mix. He was part of our family and we are devastated. Not only from losing him but in the way he was taken from us. I let him out like any other night and within five minutes we heard two little yelps. A coyote came onto our property and took and killed Louie. Although we never found anything of him the next morning, when it was light out our beagle took us straight to the spot where he was killed and there was blood.

This morning as I was sleeping, I was woken up by feeling of Louie walking on my bed. I was laying on my back, and felt him walk down my left side around to my right and then come back up to my right shoulder, curl up and lay down. I kept my eyes closed knowing he wasn't really there but not wanting that feeling to disappear.

I feel like he came back to tell me goodbye since we didn't have that chance. He slept with me every night, and I'm hoping this isn't the last time I feel his presence. I pray that he'll come back and let my kids and husband feel him around them too, hoping it will give them a little bit of closure.

Sasha American Bulldog: "Waiting until I also pass over."

Yesterday morning my beloved girl Sasha American Bulldog had a liver biopsy which showed a large inoperable tumor. Whilst she was still under anesthetic and unconscious the vet and I made the decision to put her to rest peacefully. She came home and we buried her under a weeping willow tree in the spot that she lay under and played with her toys.

Today I stared out of the window at her resting spot and then walked to the living room. Suddenly in a happy way, the way I always did, as if I’d forgotten everything, and saw her resting on the sofa in the position and with the expression that she did when she was waiting. Sasha is here with me and waiting until I also pass over.

Cat James Jeeves: "I noticed something appear just to my left, 10cm over the top of my keyboard … a small mist-like form."

My cat James Jeeves (J-J, Jage, Jeege, Jidgwa) died in his sleep aged twelve at my feet when I was sleeping in bed. He died at 4:40 AM. I awoke to hear his last two loud death-rattle breaths. I tried to gently nudge him, but he did not move. I sat up and pat him and called his name but once again he did not move. I got up and turned the light on. I could see straight away that he was dead.

Jage and I were very strongly bonded in life. I knew without doubt that he and I shared a very strong trust and love. He spent long evenings laying and sitting on my lap and just staring into my eyes. He would also rest his head on my chest and stretch up to touch my face regularly.

His death was sudden, as just the day and evening before he had been completely normal; his personality, his pattern of behavior and his appetite. Although I had noted he was snoring slightly louder on the odd occasion for the last month or so.

Later that day when I had just arrived at work. I was seated, and I bent down to retrieve my laptop from a locked set of side drawers.

"I noticed something appear just to my left…"

As I was straightening back up with laptop in hand, I noticed something appear just to my left, 10cm over the top of my keyboard. It caught my attention; it was a small mist-like form.

The setting: An office area that was reasonably well lit with fluorescent lights, as well as some filtered light that was coming in through the vertical blinds some four meters away. The day outside was overcast.

As I looked at it, my initial thought was "what the hell is it"?

With laptop in hand, I quickly spun around positioning myself squarely with my chair to get a closer look. I realized that I was seeing something I had never before seen. I dared not to look away, just in case it vanished. And so I was lucky in that I had a few seconds to study it from close up; from about 1.5 feet away.

Overall I would describe it as approximately egg shaped in its external shape, although there was no defined edges as such. Its interior very clearly appeared to be a white mist (more dense towards the center) that did not blow upwards or spread out. It appeared to be tilted to the right at about 45 degrees. Initially its consistency was like steam from a kettle as it is boiling (but as I said it did not blow or rise like steam). It was very white, and sort of sparkled a bit!

"I could very clearly see spirals…"

As I looked on, within it I could very clearly see spirals of what I would describe as rocket trails; more dense sparkly white trails moving in a clockwise direction and from bottom to top slowly. The trails looked like they were being emitted from a moving grain of sand that was setting up the spiral path, except that there was no sand. There where multiple spirals occurring within the overall mist, all at once. I worked out later that the speed of the spiraling mist trails was about two seconds for each trail to go every 360 degrees.

After looking at it for about three seconds it just vaporized; went transparent and was gone, without broadening or changing its overall shape … just suddenly faded in one second to nothing.

My mind was racing. Was this thing I had just seen J-J's ghost?

I picked up the keyboard and sniffed it, but there was no odor. I placed it down and looked around my desk for another possible source, that may explain what I had just seem. There was none.

I felt that I was mystified by what I had just seen and I knew that it was something I had never before seen … that appeared to be inexplicable … but then my cat had died some five hours prior.

So was it some sort of message … I didn't know.

"I saw something very strange today."

When I got home I mentioned it to my wife; my opening comment was, "I saw something very strange today." Then I explained to her in detail of what I saw. Her comments to me were. "Yeah you should look that up on the internet."

Days past, as I was dealing with the loss. Finally five days later, sitting at the PC I thought I would do some searching on the topic to see if anyone else's deceased pet cat had given their owner a sign.

I knew nothing before I started my search, but very quickly I found out amazing (jaw dropping) information on the topic.

I found out about Ecto Mist, which I believe is what I saw with my naked eyes. It is believed by paranormal researchers that ecto mists are a ghost or spirit when they are closest to forming a full body apparition. The description matches what I saw.

I also found out about what is called an intelligent haunting; a spirit that moves around with its source of emotional bond; an object, place or person.

I now believe that my pet J-J was letting me know he was OK. I also believe that J-J's spirit is bonded to me as a person; due to the fact that I sighted the 'ecto mist' in a place away from home, where he had never been.

For anyone reading this, you should know that I have a very skeptical and analytical mind, when it comes to these things. For me to come to the realization of what may have happened is a big thing. My mind keeps going into doubt mode, but then I remember with video clarity what I saw. At the time of the event it was five hours post his departure from the physical world. My mind was open to him.

The realization of the possible visitation has actually given me some peace of mind. It has made me consider that spirits and souls do exist, and that he is OK. I am pleased that he chose to remain with me. I shall wait and see if any more signs present themselves, and to confirm if he is still here with me.

Deceased Sun Conure Parrot: "I can feel him walking up and down my back…"






HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THAT? PS: Please let me know what you think.

"We laid her to rest three weeks ago. But every night since then, we hear a meow."

My partner and I took AJ as a kitten from our Mate's Cat's Litter. AJ never was very affectionate towards us as we had hoped she would be. I grew up having many Cats and AJ just never was quite as cuddly as most I knew.

Although, we did spoil her and tried to be smoochy, we think she knew our two dogs were our closest animal friends. But there where two times we enjoyed her company the most. Sometimes she would eat popcorn beside us while watching a movie. The other time would be very morning, somewhere between 5:30am and 7:30am when she would meet one of us in the kitchen perched on her stool beside the fridge. There at that time she would get spare pieces of ham, chicken or any prime treats that would be used while making our lunches for the day. It was her time to be spoiled sneakily while the dogs were asleep at the end of our bed.

She was only with us for around two years when she was hit by a car and we had to move her off the road outside our house. We buried her under the tree in our back yard and stuck a little cross made of sticks on the patch of dirt under which she lays.

We laid her to rest three weeks ago. But every night since then we hear a meow between 5:30am and 7:30am every morning without fail. We have run around the house thinking there may be a neighbour’s cat hanging around but have not yet caught one. The single meow, much like AJ's happens every single morning at random times within these hours. Every time it is loud and clear and sounding as if it comes from inside our house. But the exact point of origination is hard to pinpoint. We are finally believing it to be hers and today we have read a little on the web about it. From the info we found, we now have the idea of taking a photo. We are planning to take a photo of the stool as soon as we can once the meow sounds from tomorrow morning.

We wonder how long this will go on and what to do. Grew up with pets, but have never even thought of this sort of thing before....well, we will see how it goes...

"I saw a big shadowy figure of a dog…"

I had a dog that passed away not too long ago. We had to bury it and we did. It had low sugar. My family and I were very upset by the tragedy. Last night I heard barking from my window and remembered my dogs were at my grandma’s house. The barking continued all night and when I got up, I saw a big shadowy figure of a dog. It said, it’s was going to be alright. Nearby it was a small angel. I had more visits from ghost pets that wanted me to send a message to their owners for them.

PS: I can talk to and see ghosts. I can also feel them sometimes. So this stuff is normal to me.

Dear dog "can still see me and is with me."



Deceased sister and pet dog Zack return from beyond.

My family and I lost our dog when I was 13. I'm 43 now. I can't say for sure how old I was when I saw him after he passed but not long after that I had a most unsettling dream. It wasn't really scary just very unnerving.

We lost my sister that same year and one night I dreamed that both of them came into my room side by side. I don't remember my sister saying anything just watching me as if to say she and Zack are fine. I do remember Zack walking over to my bed and nuzzling his way under my hand which was apparently draped over the side of bed which is very strange because I've never slept that way before or since. Anyway I could feel his curly fur under my fingertips as surely as I did the last time I saw him the previous morning.

Turns out that would be the first of many such encounters with many different spirits both animal and human over the years. What a way for a little girl to be introduced to the ways of the paranormal. Strange but true.

"It was really eerie ... like something was in the room ...."

This gives me goose bumps just to start writing ... but I've got to share this story. It isn't as involved as the stories I've been reading on this site, but nonetheless, I'm hoping somebody out there has experienced the same type of visit.

Our daughter's mini Schnauzer, Bahven, has never really lived with our daughter. We bought Bahven for our daughter's 16th birthday but Bahven stayed with us after our daughter left for college and then when she went on to marry. However, with each visit from our daughter, Bahven would jump into her arms as a way of letting our daughter's live-in dogs know that our daughter belonged to Bahven! It was really cool and we knew Bahven had a deep love for our daughter as well as our daughter had for her.

Since last fall (2012) Bahven began to show signs of failing health and in December we had to make the decision to put her down. I stayed up with her the night before we took her to the vet ... even gave her some of my pain meds in the hope she would just fall asleep ... but she never did. She was and always was a little fighter. Very strong-willed and absolutely loved life! My husband took her to the vet, who administered the injection and within seconds she passed on.

When my husband arrived back home, he had Bahven with him. I gave him an afghan with little hearts on it to wrap Bahven in and he proceeded to bury her. This was the hardest thing for him to do and he told me so with tears in his eyes ... but he did it. I couldn't even go out and see her ... it was a really difficult death as she'd been a part of our family for over 14 years.

"I heard the jingle of the dog chain collar…"

A few weeks ago while upstairs in the media room, I was knitting and watching TV along with our other two Schnauzers. I don't pay a lot of attention to anything while I'm knitting so when I heard the jingle of the dog chain collar, I assumed it was the smallest Schnauzer, Patty. I looked toward the door into the other room and called for Patty. She made a noise and it was then that I realized she was still on the couch in the same room I was in! At first I thought I must have been hearing things ... after all, the TV was blasting away and I was knitting ... so I dismissed.

Then last week, the same thing occurred. Again I was upstairs in the media room, knitting in my chair, our two Schnauzers with me and the TV blasting away. When all of a sudden I heard the jingle again. This time Killer (the male Schnauzer) popped his head up and looked over at the door that led into the next room. I looked at him, then into the next room ... there was nothing. But it was really eerie ... like something was in the room ... but there was nothing to see. Now the room beside the media room has a wood floor and before my back problems I taught line dancing in my home. So the jingle sound was not muffled by carpet. It was clear as if Patty or Killer were walking across the floor ... minus the clicking of their claws.

It took me a while to realize it was Bahven ... I mean it has to be, right? She must be letting me know she is still watching over us ... and the funny thing is, the other two dogs do not bark ... even though they hear her too. Please let me know if you have had a similar occurrence ... it would really help me cope with this discovery!

A deep bark from beyond.

I was sitting on the computer and my mom was on her computer, too. When I got up to let one of my dogs out, after I closed the door, me and my mom both heard a bark, a deep one. Our big family dog passed a couple of months ago. I believe he was here.

Visit from a white dove.

On April 13 2013, I was watering my front yard and out of nowhere a white dove fluttered in front of me, and landed on my shoulder, then hopped down and was drinking water off the sidewalk behind me. This has to be a once in a lifetime happening.

"… Chased by gargoyles."

(minor edits) Once when I was 17 I was living in Puerto Rico. At the time and me and my brother (age 13), and during July 2006 we were told by my ghetto neighbor that we should not go out after the time of 2:00 a.m. 'cause she got chased by ''gargoyles.'' Me and brother disregarded this, obviously, and just laughed as we walked away.

One night we were watching Robot Chicken on Adult Swim. Me and my bro were having a good laugh. Let me note that we lived on a second floor and during the month we would always hear something up on the roof which was made by metal roof panel. So you can also feel how much pressure was given in each step. Me and my bro knew that no cat in the neighborhood was big enough to make it sound the way it did, but never the less, yeah, we thought they were cats.

Back to Robot Chicken, it got interrupted by a sudden shake of palm trees. In PR we have no animal capable of shaking the palm tree the way it was shaking; the best thing we got are escaped lab monkeys in the southeastern (or western, can't remember) of the isle and we lived in the middle specifically Morovis, a little mountain community extremely Catholic in belief. So yeah me and my brother thought it could be some thug, but as I looked out the window nothing could be seen and the rustling continued.

As I turned on the lights in the front balcony the rustling stopped. Told my bro it could have been a feasting falcon (although they only hunt in the day in PR). So we sit once more to enjoy now Family Guy and 15 minutes later the rustling started again just as aggressive as before. This time I worked more of my courage up and told my bro to bring my pellet rifle, turned off the living rooms and without turning the light on the balcony. I silently opened the door and went outside and popped like five pellets into the palm tree. It stopped, yet nothing emerged from it. Spooked and without turning my back (cause only idiots do that), I went back inside.

My brother quickly closed the door and we peaked threw the main window, and literally started freak whispering after what we saw emerging from the palm tree. It was about 4 to 5 feet long with legs about 2 feet, arms as long as its body, and was totally fur-less, in gray and vein visible (there's a street light nearby the palm tree), it had some patches of hair though. We had about a 6-foot fence with spear like endings that even me and my brother had difficulty climbing and this thing simply threw a single arm over it and pulled itself up and ran across the street to the next house. Needless to say we went to bed, but became insomniac with the event.

We told mom and family the next morning and of course they didn't believe us. Our friends just found it cool. The best was I could have disregarded it as a fur-less orangutan, but we really don't have those nearby, nearest zoo is like 1 to 2 hours away. Plus, if a wild animal gets loose in PR it's mainstream news and everybody and their moms are looking for it.

Great Dane Duke returns from other side looking strong and regal.

On the 1st of December 2012 our beloved Great Dane, Duke, was put to sleep after years of medication started to not be effective. He was in terrible pain and completely miserable and I could see he was quite honestly ready to go; he wouldn't even lift his head. I spent the night feeding him water with a pipette and cuddling him until we could get him to the vets the following morning; he couldn't walk and urinated on himself. He passed peacefully thanks to our wonderful veterinarian. That day my heart broke.

It took weeks for me to not cry at least once a day, but gradually my tears turned to smiles as I fondly remembered him. Our other dog mourned him for a while but too started to get used to his absence.

On the night before last, myself and my partner had a brief reminiscing chat about our old chap. Last night my partner was on nights and I was preparing myself for bed. As I stood in my living room I called my dog, Jet, to get off her chair and I turned to look at her. Then in the corner of my eye I saw him, on the other side of the room—I saw Duke. He sat tall and proud, shiny and black apart from his white patch on his chest and in the blink of an eye, he wasn't there anymore!

At first I felt frightened but today I feel very comforted. He looked so healthy and strong with no grey muzzle or slumped head. He was regal again in appearance. Just thought I would share this. My beloved gentle giant came to visit and left me with my heart singing, even if I was a bit scared at first : )

"My dog's ghost visited my dad yesterday."

In June 2012 I lost my 10 year old dog Shilo. He'd struggled with various health issues for over a year. We don't know exactly what was wrong, but he was in horrible pain, and I made the decision to travel to the emergency vet in the middle of the night and have him put down so he wouldn't have to hurt anymore. I'm grown and married, but live with a lot of family. Shilo was amazingly good, and it's been hard on all of them. The first few weeks were awful for me. But over time, though I missed him, I learned to cope and didn't cry about it anymore.

Yesterday we had our first snow of the season. The first snow since Shilo died 6 months ago. Just a dusting, mind you, but enough to stick around all day on the hills. I was in the car with my mom, my favorite rendition of the song "Hallelujah" playing. I looked out the window, at the snow in people's yards, and it hit me. Shilo was never happier than in the snow. He went nuts at the first snow. He loved catching snowballs. I am never going to play with him in the snow again. I burst into tears. It stuck with me all day. It's the hardest time I've had dealing since his death.

Today my dad (one of Shilo's absolute favorite people) came up to me and my mom, and told us he thinks he had an experience with Shilo's ghost this morning (or last night, I can't remember which he said). He was standing in front of the fridge, which is between two of Shilo's favorite places to lay. He saw a shadow the size of Shilo come up the stairs from his favorite spot in the laundry room there, he felt it brush against his leg, than it laid down behind him in Shilo's other spot. My dad said he wasn't sure whether to think it was Shilo's ghost, or he's just getting old and seeing things. The whole family is pretty split on which it is. I hope it was Shilo. And I hope he visits me, too. After remembering him the way I did yesterday... I am terribly jealous only my dad got to experience his presence.

Songbirds' beautiful Dawn Chorus … Bridging this world and the next?

My elderly mother is seriously ill in hospital. Last night I awoke to hear the most beautiful dawn chorus. Only problem is that it was two o'clock in the morning and every time I tried to focus on the sound it stopped. I was wide awake, and not in a half sleep.

Fingertips feel pet cat Abbi after she dies.

My cat Abbi has recently passed. She's been sick for the past couple months. I figured that she had tapeworm and that was taken care of, but later we realized she was pregnant and she was seven, so it took a toll on her body. She got skinny. She wouldn't eat much and she wouldn't open her mouth to drink. She couldn't move without my help because her belly was so big and her limbs were so bony. I did my best to help her, to calm her and tell her she was going to be alright, but i could see her fading. My family didn't understand what I meant, but I knew she was fading and I didn't want to admit it. A couple of days ago she stopped eating so I waited to see if she just was full and maybe she ate when I was out of the room, but the next day she still didn't eat. So my parents and I went and bought some formula for her so that's all she would have to take. I started feeding that to her through a syringe I put up to her mouth, that seemed to help her. Every time after I fed her I would pick her up and rub her belly because of her huge belly and I sang to her.

One day when she laid on the bathroom floor and I laid there with her rubbing her belly and singing. I noticed she would look behind me or beside me like there was something there waiting to take her to heaven. And so she would close her eyes and stare at me saying thanks and I love you, or maybe she was trying to tell me. The next day, today, I left to visit family and shopping. I told her I loved her and I'd be back. I came home at 8 pm and came to check on her—and she was gone. She passed away.

After crying and burying her I felt a fuzzy feeling on my fingers and thought of her rubbing her head on my fingertips—and then it was soon gone. Today is Sunday March 24 2013 at around 10:24 pm and she's been dead for about four more or less hours. RIP Abbi.

Black Crow dream sightings warn of danger.

Growing up my dad has been battling a heavy dependence with alcohol. He would drink solid for a few months then try and stop, which he normally did, although it never lasted very long. He had stopped drinking for nearly a year, when my first dream came to me. I was around 9 years old.

In my dream all I saw was an open field and an open gate, sitting on the gate was a black crow. All the way through the dream the crow turned its head slightly. It was very dark, almost black and white. The next day dad started drinking again from out of the blue. I thought nothing else to it until nearly a year later the exact thing happened again, the same dream with the black crow. I was concerned and told my godmother what had happened. The next day my dad was uncontrollably drunk, violent and abusive to everything and everyone.

It wasn't until I was 15 when I had my last dream with the same crow in the open field. Days later my family and I were evicted from our home and my father almost self-destructed. I'm now living apart from my family, but still getting nightmares at least three times a night. I remember everything. I am perfectly sane—I hope!

Snake Nightmare.

My boyfriend had decided to buy an orange pet snake. I'm scared of snakes but I didn't mind at first. Then we began to lay down in my mother's old apartment, and I couldn't get comfortable cuddling with my boyfriend with the thought of the snake laying on the couch while my back was turned. My boyfriend tried to comfort me, then tried to get me to hold the snake. When I held it, I ran to the end of the driveway; the snake was now black and yellow. I put it down and it quickly slithered away, then came back. I woke up screaming.

Painting of Hamster Heaven falls when pet hamster dies.

One of my hamsters, Icycle, died mysteriously when he went into hibernation. He was two months old. We had him out and were trying to warm him up and wake him up, but he died. We put his body back in his cage and I cried a lot. I said goodbye to him and said that I missed him so much. Soon after that, me and my mom were looking at him, and then we heard a loud THUMP! We looked behind us and saw that my painting of Hamster Heaven had fallen! (I made it for my other hamster who died.) We think that it was Icycle trying to tell us he was okay. I still miss Icy a lot, but now I know he will always be with us.

Pet dog Poppy prepares to pass over.

I suppose my experience is different from the ones I've read as my dog Poppy was alive at the time. She was nearly 16, a rescue dog, and people used to say she was my fur baby. It was the final two days before she died. The vet didn't think he could do anything for her, but he tried steroid injections to bring her appetite back, which didn't work; she'd had Addison's (disease) for a few years. It was a sudden stroke or a brain virus that had made her ill suddenly, the vet said. She was asleep on the bed with me and I finally fell asleep. She interrupted my dream. Came towards me with her tail wagging low and licked both sides of my face very slow and deliberately. It was so real I shot up in the bed as I thought she'd recovered, but she was still in the same position she was before I fell asleep. I had to have her euthanized the day after which broke my heart, but I wonder if someone has a similar story.

I haven't experienced anything after, but my partner has a cat and the two of them used to play together. The cat was quiet weeks after and lost interest in things, suddenly though, she plays with her toys and runs up and down the hall meowing at things, maybe Poppy's spirit is back, but I have never seen her.

I love the stories on the site and I'm glad people have got attached to their animals like I have, it’s comforting.

Pet Ghost Story: "… So much like our Chief that it's eerie."

I don't have a story so much as I have a question. Like everyone on the site, I lost my beloved companion. He was ill and the wretched day arrived when we had to help him pass on. It was oddly peaceful, but nonetheless heart wrenching. We had discussed the day in front of our dog, a couple of times in preparation ... Cancer is a death sentence and we needed to be in agreement on who needed to make the call and whatnot.

My husband swore that our dog understood what we were discussing and we talked in code when the subject came up subsequently. Part of our conversation involved finding another fur baby and how long we could wait ... I thought our dog was the best animal that ever existed with the best spirit and that we should find another baby so that our Chief (our dog) could teach a new pup how to be a great dog. My husband wasn't having it.

The day we said goodbye, I drove us straight to the place where we found the Chief 10 years earlier and a place where Chief had been many times. As my husband wandered aimlessly, I went straight to finding another Shih Tzu. They had not one. I went about the shop picking up and petting without much luck. Then a Shih Tzu appeared! I had scoured the kennels upon arrival. She is a Teddy Bear, but looks exactly like a full breed and it surprised me that I had not noticed her in the near empty shop. In any event, I picked her up and she wagged her little tail and began licking me like she hadn't seen me for ages. The other dogs that I held did not respond in this way at all. This dog 'felt' like my Chief. It was as if he had sprinted from his old body and straight where he knew we would be.

Has anyone ever had an experience like this? We obviously took this dog home and she is 11 weeks old and potty trained, plays fetch, walks on a leash. Does all the things that take time to learn, but she knows it all. We had planned on kennel training, but it hasn't been necessary. She chews a bit like any teething baby, but is so much like our Chief that it’s eerie. Has anyone ever heard about an animal spirit returning in this manner?

Pet Ghost Story: "Every now and then I hear her collar."

I was in the kitchen and I heard the clinking of my dogs collar, but my new dog Chester was outside and it was coming from the other side of the kitchen! Me being me, I automatically assumed it was Abbey. Abbey was my cross collie, which lived up until 17. I came home from college and found her lying there in her own urine. Her back legs must have gone and she had been lying in the same position all day. I tried to get Abbey up off the cold floor, but she just looked at me helplessly.

I then rang my stepmum asking her to make an appointment at the vet's. We then took her to the vet, I carried her in and stopped with her cuddling her head into my chest reassuring her everything would be okay, as the vet injected her. I then carried out her body, leaving on her collar, to be buried in our back garden with all our other pets. So after hearing the collar and no other explanation, I got the camera from the counter and took a photo. The first photo I took had what you call an orb in it, having heard they are supposed to be a spirit or a ball of energy; I called out Abbey's name and then took a photo! And what do you know, she is sitting there. I then turned on the kitchen light and cried.

Every now and then I hear her collar, even when my new dog Chester is out on a walk. Before this experience I didn't believe in paranormal activity, but I do now!

Pet Ghost Story: Killed by a car—a sudden and violent death.

Last summer my one year old dog named Maggy was killed by a car. She was my first dog that my passing grandfather bought for me. I took her everywhere and she slept with me in my bed, and was always by my side. After her death my family realized that the house did not feel the same without a dog to keep us company. So one Day when I came home from work, my dad bought a puppy named Zaira.

Recently I have had some strange experiences with Zaira. While me and my boyfriend were watching TV, Zaira she started to growl but this was a very deep growl. She looked out my bedroom door and started to watch as if my cat was walking into my room. I told my boyfriend to go see what was there, and nothing. He walked over to see if she wanted off the bed, but she wouldn't move.

The night after, Zaira would not sleep on the bed with me. She keep trying to jump down until finally I thought i calmed her down. I turned off the light. Once again I heard that growl. Again, I turned on the light to see, and nothing was there. I believe that Maggy is the ghost scaring my new puppy.

Beloved pet dog returns to favorite spots and to play in the snow.

In June I lost my 10 year old dog Shilo. He'd struggled with various health issues for over a year. We don't know exactly what was wrong, but he was in horrible pain, and I made the decision to travel to the emergency vet in the middle of the night and have him put down so he wouldn't have to hurt anymore. I'm grown and married, but live with a lot of family. Shilo was amazingly good, and it's been hard on all of them. The first few weeks were awful for me. But over time, though I missed him, I learned to cope and didn't cry about it anymore.

Yesterday we had our first snow of the season. The first snow since Shilo died 6 months ago. Just a dusting, mind you, but enough to stick around all day on the hills. I was in the car with my mom, my favorite rendition of the song "Hallelujah" playing. I looked out the window, at the snow in people's yards, and it hit me. Shilo was never happier than in the snow. He went nuts at the first snow. He loved catching snowballs. I am never going to play with him in the snow again. I burst into tears. It stuck with me all day. It's the hardest time I've had dealing since his death. Shilo in the snow:

Shilo in the snow

Today my dad (one of Shilo's absolute favorite people) came up to me and my mom, and told us he thinks he had an experience with Shilo's ghost this morning (or last night, I can't remember which he said). He was standing in front of the fridge, which is between two of Shilo's favorite places to lay. He saw a shadow the size of Shilo come up the stairs from his favorite spot in the laundry room there, he felt it brush against his leg, then it laid down behind him in Shilo's other spot. My dad said he wasn't sure whether to think it was Shilo's ghost, or he's just getting old and seeing things.

The whole family is pretty split on which it is. I hope it was Shilo. And I hope he visits me, too. After remembering him the way I did yesterday … I am terribly jealous only my dad got to experience his presence.

Feline pet Footie signals she's alive and well and happy.

After reading such comforting accounts of being visited by our beloved companions, I felt compelled to post what happened to me yesterday regarding my precious feline Footie. It was so very unexpected, thus devastating.

On the morning of December 8th, 2012, I was in bed in a half sleep mode in between a dream and awake, when I heard, what I thought was my husband feeding our gorgeous apricot feline named One-ee sliding his heavy glass beige dish on the floor to him. However, I opened my eyes only to find One-ee and my husband sleeping next to me. I was somewhat surprised to find them both in bed.

Anyway, I shut my eyes to go back to sleep when I heard the sound of a dish move across the kitchen tiles a second time. Immediately, this brought me up in bed leaning on my left arm, and while I held my breath, I listened intently to see if I would hear it again. A minute or so later at approximately 4:20, I heard the dish move across the kitchen floor again for a third time, a very distinct sound, one that Footie would make when she was eating something from her dish. She would move her plate.

But instead of cluing in like I ought to have, I was thinking at the time that there is a little critter in the house. Clueless me. Especially knowing what I know and believing as I do.

Anyway, I was so affected by this that I tapped my husband on the shoulder to try and wake him up, and said: Wake up, there is someone in the house, hoping he too would hear what I heard. He listened for a bit, and couldn't hear anything, so he got up to go downstairs, and of course I had to follow. Here we both were at 4:30 in the morning creeping down the stairs to see if we could see anything regarding the sound. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. It was Footie. Her beige dish was on the floor that she would eat out of. I bent down to move the dish, only to hear the exact sound that I had heard while in bed. I was elated.

Footie was clearly saying to me that it was only her ashes in the pretty urn, not actually her—that she was alive and well and happy. I had wanted some kind of a sign, and I got one loud and clear. She knew that this would be the one way that she could get my attention that I would immediately recognize. What a smart feline she is. I am over the moon over this latest event.

Pet Ring-Neck Turtle Dove flies to visit from beyond.

I am a 52 year-old man. … "Recently" in November (2012) as I was climbing the inside steps of my workplace I felt a bird suddenly land on my right shoulder. Even though I could feel the bird and the breeze from flapping wings, I could not see one. I knew this bird was Fran, a pet Ring-Neck Turtle Dove that I had for 24 years. After a summer-long illness he died in September of 2009 while lying on my chest. Fran-ring-neck-dove:


The peculiar thing about this visit was that I saw nothing; but only felt Fran land and sit on my shoulder, something he would occasionally do when he was physically alive. Also very odd was that I knew instinctively and positively that it was Fran who landed on me. This experience came completely out of the blue and I hadn't been thinking of him at all. No one else was on the stairs with me so I don't know if anyone else would have witnessed anything if they were. I can't say when he left my shoulder either. Although very peculiar, the experience was not frightening at all. Most of the visits here deal with dogs and cats. My experience has to do with my beloved bird and I'm delighted every time I think of it. I would welcome another visit from him and hope he does sometime soon.

Tapping bird warns of death.

I had a dream my grandfather passed and I was overwhelmed with the loss. I was saddened that I didn't have a better relationship, the fact I would barely go and visit. I woke up realizing it was a dream and vowed to spend time, to get to know him better. But I let time pass by forgetting about the dream.

A month or three passed and I was sitting in my mother's car on the phone and a bird tapped against the car window. I totally freaked out, I'm not really an animal of any kind lover. The thought of being near any animal big or small scares me and freaks me out a little. Well the darn bird would not leave me alone; he kept at the window. I was in tears and out of sorts, blowing the car horn, and he wouldn't leave. My mom came to see. We drove off, and then it left. The dang bird taunted me for nothing shy of 10 minutes or more.

I felt it was strange and Googled my experience and saw if a bird taps your window, it foresees death. I was scared it was for me, or my sickly cousin, or my grandfather.

A month or two later my grandfather died. Before being told, I was outside in tears because I had just left the hospital and was scared for his sake. A huge gust of wind blew by and I knew before the phone rang. On our way back from the funeral I saw a large dove on the bricks near my house just staring at me and it brought me peace.

Dream of dog circling a grave, forewarns of death.

I'm 42 and last september I had a crazy weird dream, but what I remember most was a little Chihuahua type dog, but not a Chihuahua, circling around a water type grave refusing to come to me when I called. I woke up totally distraught, crying very hard. That had never happened to me before. I went to my sister's and told her, and also told my niece. The very next morning I received a call telling me my sister (MY VERY DEAR SISTER), who I told about the dream, had passed away. Her dog Spunky is a Chihuahua mix. I can't tell you how horrible it feels.

Last week I had a dream where I was with my son's girlfriend and an Asian lady says, "Oh, the baby will look like you and her." Meaning Her and I. Tonight I found out I'm going to be a grandma for the first time. But what troubles me is a dream I had around the same time. I can't shake it. It's about my son, and it's not a good one. The same foreboding feeling! What do I do?

Runty cat acted as medium, foreshadowing illness and death.

My wife died very suddenly in February of this year. No symptoms, no pain … slipped into a coma, and stopped breathing 24hrs later. A seemingly very 'fit' active woman. Diagnosis was pancreatic cancer. Her last words to me before slipping into the coma were 'make sure you feed the cat, I'll be home tomorrow' … I was 'present' and held her hand, as she 'passed' away.

Her little 'runty' 16 year old black cat, that she 'jokingly (I think)' referred to as her 'medium' seemed to be aware that something was wrong, as it acted very strangely during her last couple of weeks at home … though of course we knew nothing at this time of my wife's illness.

Two days ago (this is now Nov 5th) I was suddenly awake for no reason in the middle of the night, got up and put the light on. The cat was on the bed, and I am absolutely sure he was dead! The body was collapsed, with no breathing. I picked the little cat up, and there was no weight to his carcass, and he hung limp on either side of my hand. Absolutely lifeless I am convinced!

I shook the cat. The eyes suddenly opened, and stared at me … then he started breathing again, and his body filled. The cat now 'seems' back to normal, eats as 'normal' though stares now at the corners of rooms sometimes! Maybe all cats do? I am not a normally superstitious person, having travelled, and worked all over the world, and am no 'spring chicken'. I do miss my wife terribly, and know grief can make people 'see' the weirdest things that are not really there, but I do find the above experience the oddest 'thing' I have ever encountered!! Maybe some readers can comment on this?

Siamese ghost cat returns for a visit.

I lost my 2nd Siamese cat nearly 2 years ago — I think I have had 2 visits from him since. Once, days after his passing, I came home from work to find 2 of his paper balls (he loved to chase and fetch / retrieve wadded up paper balls!) that I had not seen in ages, out on my family room floor. (I had no other pets at the time, and no one else was in my house.)

Then just last night, nearly 2 years later, my 2 cats were on my bed, and I was standing at the foot of my bed looking at mail. I glanced up at my cats, and from the corner of my eye almost back over my shoulder, in the doorway, I saw a cat jogging by … running but not in a huge hurry, just that "jog" thing they do. It wasn't a shape that "could have" been a cat, it wasn't a "shadowy figure"; I saw a running cat, enough to have the distinct impression he was a Siamese cat. I couldn't make out colors — it was like seeing a cat at dusk. But in my head came the thought, "That cat is Siamese."

I looked back at my cats, and they were still on the bed, had never moved, so there is no way one of them ran by. I had been singing my new cats a song that night, that I always used to sing to my old cat about how pretty he was … ha! Silly I know, but I wonder if the old "tune" brought my old cat around for a visit?!

Beloved dog Coco assures, "Don't worry, we will see each other again."

This summer I lost my beloved dog Coco. She was so sweet it seemed she was always there to cheer us up like when I was upset, frustrated, sad; she'd come right next to me, turn over and ask me for a belly rub, pleading with her big brown eyes. So this summer we went on vacation to visit my mom's side of the family in France and about one week into the vacation we get news that she had run away from the sitter's house. We were devastated.

Over the summer at random times I'd start crying as the thought of never seeing her would creep into my head. One night while in Paris we were at a friend's house. The sky was amazing. It reminded me of the walks I'd take with Coco after dinner, and as I looked into the sky thinking of her, a voice entered my head, a voice that wasn't mine. She said, "Nina, I'm fine. Be happy. Don't worry about me. I'm having fun and don't worry, we will see each other again."

Even now as I write this, I feel she is right next to me like she used to be. But i always wonder if it was really her talking to me because I'm only twelve and people sometimes say I have an over active imagination. But in my heart I'm gonna believe it was her.

Pet ghost Shep forewarns of family deaths.

In August 2004 I was living in N.M. when I had a dream where I went to an old run-down shack in the sky. When I walked in, all the animals I had growing up were there. Shep, the dog my mom had for 23 years, started talking to me. He told me I needed to go back to California to spend time with my mom and grandma because he was bringing them home soon.

I was devastated and started crying, but Shep told me it was time for me to go. As I approached the door, this rabbit I had never seen before said, "Bye Julie." I asked, "Who are you?" He said his name was Present and that he died before I was born, and that he too belonged to our mom.

My husband woke me up because I was crying, so I told him of my dream and we made plans to go see my mom and grandma. We arrived at my grandma's house on September 1st 2004 and stayed until September 07 2004.

While we were there, I asked my mom if she remembered having a rabbit and I described what the rabbit looked like. She said, "Oh my gosh! That was a rabbit I had when I was very young." I asked her what her rabbit's name was and she said, "Present."

Then on September 18 I got a phone call saying that my grandma had just died. 10 months later on July 20 2005 my mom died.

"Is that Tarz meowing? Does she not know she died?"

Three days ago I went to bed at 10pm, I noticed my 15-yr-old girl kitty Tarz was not acting right. By 10:15 I was on my way to the emergency vet with her, by 11:30 I was back home without her…. Saddle thrombus the vet told me. She was permanently paralyzed from the hind end down and in extreme pain. The vet recommended, and I agreed, to put her to sleep.

I am a believer that when our loved ones die they can communicate with us. My Mom died suddenly when I was 17 years old and my grief knew no bounds. Every time I would think I was never going to see her again my grief deepened. One morning about six weeks after she died I woke up, it was very early, about 5:30am, and there in the corner of my bedroom was my Mom! I could see her from about the knees up. She told me she was fine and not to worry, we would see each other again some day. She said she would always be watching over my brothers and me. All of a sudden I remembered she was dead … and she was gone. So I am a believer.

I heard Tarz meowing late the first night she passed. I didn't think much about it, I hadn't even processed the fact she was gone yet. The next two days I am still hearing a meowing, it was faint like it was from far away. Today (Aug. 11, 2012) is day three of Tarz dying and I am still hearing the same meow. Is that Tarz meowing?

I decide to get on the computer to do some research on cats communicating after death. Was she trying to let me know she was alright? It happened so fast, did she not know she had died? What was going on? The first website I clicked on was this one and I started reading the stories.

One story about a foxhound really touched me and at the end there was a footnote (the website owner) saying she personally knew the dog and that was her picture in the header. I zipped back up to look at her picture and nearly fainted … the grey cat next to her is my Tarz!!!!! I am in shock. It has been a few hours now and I still can't believe it. It looks exactly like her. The coloring, the intent look on her face, everything!! I found the answer to what I was looking for. She is communicating with me and just like my Mom, I know she will always be with me. Thank you so much for this site.

Pet ghost of American Foxhound barks from beyond.

Recently my best friend, an American Foxhound, died at the age of 17. We were always by each others side. My husband said she was just an extension of you, she doesn't do anything without you and you don't do anything without her. It's been two weeks (Aug 2012) without her, and I have been waiting for signs that she is still by my side.

Last night I got one. Being a hound dog, she liked to sniff and hunt in the yard in the middle of the night. She would make rustling sounds at my bedside to wake me up, and they usually did. If I didn't wake, she would bark once, which would be pretty loud because she was right at the side of my bed.

Early this morning, I was awakened by one single bark, very loud. I sat up and looked by the side of my bed, but my best buddy wasn't there, in body, I know she was there in spirit. How comforting to know that my best friend is back by my side.

Pet ghost. Golden Retriever Hunley's last goodbye before moving on.

My sister and her fiance, Robert (we are all in our early to mid 50s) had the pleasure of owning two very loving and sweet Golden Retrievers for many years, a female, Maggie, and a male, Hunley. The two dogs, about 9 yrs old at the time of these events (about 2 years ago) were together since puppies, and were inseparable.

One day, shortly after the family had returned from a weekend camping trip, Hunley suddenly stopped eating and was acting very lethargic. A trip to the vet confirmed late-stage cancer, and it wasn't more than a week or so later that he tragically passed away. My sister and her fiance were devastated … the dogs were their family and whole world.

A couple of nights after Hunley passed away, my sister was upstairs in the office, busy at her computer, and Maggie was lying by my sister's feet, on the floor. Everything was silent in the house. My sister then distinctly heard the sound of a dog lapping up water from a bowl in the laundry room, right around the corner. Thinking at first that it was Maggie, my sister didn't think anything of it until she remembered with a start that Maggie was lying at her feet! Even Maggie heard the sound and turned her head towards my sister and then towards the laundry room, eventually getting to her feet and starting to whine.

My sister and Maggie went into the laundry room to investigate the very distinct sound, and saw nothing—the bowl of water (which they kept in the laundry room for the dogs to drink from) was perfectly still, without a ripple, but the very audible sound of lapping continued for a second or two, then ceased. My sister gently asked, "Hunley? Is that you, honey?" She received no response, but to this day truly believes that it was Hunley, coming to say one last goodbye to his family, before moving on.

I believe it WAS Hunley. He was a great dog and is truly missed, not only by my sister and Robert, but also by his canine lifelong playmate and friend, Maggie. My sister and her fiance have since adopted another Golden rescue dog, named Tyler. Hunley will never be replaced, but they are giving Tyler a loving home.

Cat's spirit visits heartbroken couple.

On March 23, 2012, my wife and I took our 16-year-old cat, Lou, to the vet, for what we thought was just a cold, or something minor. Just a few months prior, she had a yearly checkup, that said she was fine, but now, the vet said she had advanced kidney disease and there was nothing they could do for her. This is common with older cats and her condition would only get worse, so we had her put to sleep that day, which emotionally devastated both of us. We still are heart broken over losing her.

A few weeks passed, then one night around 8:00 p.m. I was in the kitchen making a sandwich, and felt on my leg, like a cat's tail brush against it for a few seconds, the same way Lou would do when she walked between your legs trying to get your attention. I looked down and saw nothing, and just assumed it was my imagination, and said nothing to my wife about it, because she would start to cry whenever I brought up anything about Lou.

A week or so later, my wife told me, she had a strange experience in the kitchen, I interrupted her and said, "Was it like a cat rubbing against your leg?" She looked astonished, and said, "How did you Know?" We both started to get teary eyed at that moment, thinking maybe Lou was visiting us.

Pet ghost of curious hamster returns.

I had a hamster named Coquin. He was very curious, but one day we had put him in his ball he can roll in and forgot to watch him. He went downstairs and drowned in the sump pump. Two months later I was sleeping in the basement and heard a noise coming from the landry room. I got up and went to see what was making that noise; it sounded like something walking on a plastic bag. I looked at the plastic bag and heard the noise again, but there was nothing on it. I also heard other strange noises and think it is the spirit of Coquin.

Hamster Coquin returns to say he is okay.

(Two months later, Monique wrote:) Well, I have already submitted a story, but here is one I really want to share. My pet hamster Coquin died on April 30th because he drowned in the sump pump. I was crying for days and could not get over it. One night, I had this ultra weird dream, (or I think it was a dream). First of all, it wasn't weird like other dreams. In my other dreams, I am always in weird places, different animals, misplaced objects, etc. Not this one.

I woke up in the middle of the night and saw something move on a shelf in my closet. I screamed and got scared, but then I went to see what it was. It had the shape of a hamster and I said, "Are you a hamster?" And he nodded!!! I was really surprised. Then, I noticed the color of the hamster and said, "Are you Coquin?" He nodded again! Then, I carefully move my hand closer and he looked at me, it was like I could read his mind. He said, "It's okay. I am fine. It's okay to be sad but do not worry, I am okay." Then he gave me a high-five! He climbed onto my hand and as I walked out of the room, he vanished! He just wasn't there anymore. Then I went back to bed. There was something else weird about this dream I just can't put my hand on it. A weird feeling. I think Coquin's spirit visited me to tell me he was okay.

Ghost Corgi returns.

My beloved Corgi died a little more than a week ago. When she was sick, I kept her in my bed to keep her warm and to be aware of her condition. She has come back two times now. When she comes, I feel anxiousness that wakes me from sleep. I have three other small dogs and they pick up on her too. They climb on anything they can to see if she is in my bed. Last night the three could not rest for at least an hour and I never slept the rest of the night. I have searched out and purchased two more Corgi puppies, but she still keeps coming back. I tell her to go play elsewhere. Maybe when the puppies arrive she will move on. Maybe it is that I am still thinking of her so much, maybe she will not feel the need to be by my side once my thoughts are occupied with the new puppies.

Pet ghost cat comes when called.

In 2010 my cat of 20 years passed away, we were devastated. That evening we were downstairs and I started calling out to him. One of my cats started spinning his head around around like a top. He started looking at the ceiling and then followed it down to floor, almost as if watching a bug spiraling out of control, but there was nothing there. Now laying in bed wide awake, I sometimes feel a distinct thump on the bed, and my other cat has looked to see what it was too. I never believed this phenomenon and always thought it was people half asleep or wishful thinking. I simply do not understand it. Why would this be the only time they can do something physically felt? It's very baffling.

Beloved dog returns from the hereafter?

I lost two of my love ones. Rachel was a shutiz (Shih Tzu ?) and pop perch in two months. It is very hard for me, and the night my dog died we had new puppies and one act like my dog, different breed, but she knows me and I am happy she came back, but I still miss her old body. She was a Pom Pom (Pomeranian) and now a dash (Dachshund) same color. I see my girl's faces all the time.

White Dog - Spirit sent to help us pass?

One night for some reason I felt that something was wrong with my Aussie boy Guinness. He hadn't acted sick or shown me any cause for concern, but I was concerned. I happened to check his gums and they were gray. I rushed him to the emergency vet as it was 1:00 a.m. Three hours later I walked out from the vet's office with empty arms. When the doctor told me he was full of cancer and only had maybe a day, or maybe just hours to live, I fainted. I've never fainted in my life and I'm 63. The shock was more than I could bear.

At that time I was going through the most horrible period in my life and Guinness was my rock. It's been three years and I still cry at least once a week. I cried every day, no kidding, for 2 years.

I'd gotten Guinness through Aussie Rescue not long after my 14-year-old Aussie had passed. Guinney was also a Black Tri Boy. The minute I saw him, I fell head over heels in love even though he was a real stinker. It didn't take long until we had a deeper bond than I've had with any of my wonderful dogs … Aussies of course, but he was my first rescue.

Shortly after we found each other we moved to Oregon and had seven incredibly loving years together. He did some of the cutest things, like pouncing on his ball like a cat! Too cute! And I thought his rear end would come off he wagged it so fast and hard.

After I had to have him put down, I swore that the vet stole him because he wanted him for his dog, and that any day, I'd see Guinney walking down the street on his way home to me. About two weeks after he passed, I was at the computer and felt a rub against my leg. The rush of love and peace that came over me was unreal … it WAS my Guinness coming back to visit me. That was the most comforting thing that could have happened. I felt such relief that he was still with me.

Every now and then I either feel him against my leg or there is a thump on the bed and I know it's him. Sometimes it makes me cry because I miss him so much, but it's wonderful knowing our pets can come back to us. One day we will be back with them on the other side of Rainbow Bridge. Can't you just hardly stand it when you think of them running up to us like a maniac to greet us?! I can't. That will be the most joyous day in my heart. All of my doggies and I together again!

Spirit of Service Dog barks a final goodbye from the hereafter

(edited for length—still long, but well worth reading about the life of a dedicated and heroic dog who served his community.)

I am more than convinced that dog sprits are for real and no one could tell me different … Marcas left this material world on Christmas Eve, 2011 after being struck down with DM (degenerative myelopothy) just two days before.

Looking back over the past ten years we spent together, practically 24/7, as a working dog and a very close companion, we did everything together. Let's see... He became a CKC Canadian Champion German Shepherd Show Dog at the age of 2, worked as a K-9 patrol dog (to age 5)… herded Canada Geese off golf courses … to age 8.

He was also an unsung hero that saved three lives, one of them being mine, from two separate house fires…. He then spent his final two years in retirement, most often in cottage country, before passing away. … In my 60 years of life, I have never spent more time with another being on this earth, than I did with Marcas. We were so close, I swear we could read each other's minds, on or off duty.

On the way to see the vet, before Marcas's demise, I thought if I am feeling this bad now, how will I ever keep it together after watching him die right in front of me. … Strangely enough, as the doc put the needle in his arm, I held him and whispered in his ear, you stay with dad and as his head sank into my arms, I said, "I love you Marcas, rest in peace my best friend." Though my tears were inconsolable, to my surprise, I immediately felt a warmth come over me and peaceful calm feeling that made me wonder if his spirit was in fact still there to comfort me. …

Wrapped in a blanket, we (Dan and Claudette) took his body to his resting place in Huron Native Indian territory where they say the spirit of the wolf runs free, to be interned three days later under an evergreen tree with a single large boulder, high on a hill overlooking Georgian Bay, right where the moon rises, directly in line to the way his body is facing. This was his favorite spot to play in summer, and the spot where he used to make snow angels in winter.

With three days to mourn his passing, we still had to do the family day thing on Christmas and Boxing Day and the last thing I wanted to do was bring everyone down, though I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach. … I found myself praying for him and for the Lord to keep him safe, though I never have given religion much thought, or the church for that matter, not to say I don't believe that there possibly could be some sort of life carrying on after death, especially with all the paranormal programs that you see on the boob tube that almost seem unbelievable, but are reported as being true, even by many bewildered police forces, solving cases with messages delivered from beyond. Well for the record, here is mine!

On Boxing Day night, we were getting into bed thinking about what my mother had told me about, what she believed was the spirit of her late cat of many years ago, named Missy, that used to ring the doorbell to get in and still did even after she died. … She said to me on the phone earlier in the day, not to be surprised if Marcas does not make a house call from the other side before moving on. …

I'm thinking to myself, wishful thinking on mom's part, and a little disappointed at the same time that it did not happen. Not in a talking mood I said to Claudette that I can't believe that tomorrow we are going to intern Marcas. She told me that she felt lost without him and I said to me it feels more like empty. (Close to midnight) still upset, I said to my other half, goodnite sweetie, my pet name for both her and Marcas. And then, get this, no guff and a witness to boot, I thought to myself I am going to really miss saying goodnite to Marcas, with his bed still made next to ours, for old time's sake through my tears, I said, "Goodnite Marcas," and right then we heard the loudest barking yip that lasted more than three minutes. Not his normal bark but the yipping sound he made only twice in his life. The first time he chased a rabbit, and the first time he herded a flock of geese. If one did not know better, they would think the dog was crying out in pain, he got so excited.

Never hearing a dog sound, other than Marcas in the three and a half years of living here, Claudette sat up and looked at me with her eyes like saucers, as I said, "Are you hearing this?" She said, "Yes, but I am not really that surprised, knowing how close you two were, and it looks like you still are. His constant yip-yip ended with just that. A three second pause, then yip-yip, meaning goodbye. Then all went silent. My other half said now he is your guardian angel from the beyond, like he was in life. My other half believes in the spirit world after growing up in a family home going back four generations, and some of the paranormal experiences she has had, believing her grandfather's spirit still remains there.

The next day we headed north to Claudette's home town to collect Marcas's body. … I had the day free to go to all of Marcas's favorite haunts for the last time, since I was more than convinced his spirit was with me. …

After that I picked up Claudette and we set out to dig Marcas's grave with pick axe and shovel. As we dug his grave the first real snow fall of the year, was coming down. … Laying him to rest, we dug up a large stone that we placed at the head of his grave with a cross made out of two branches. After filling his grave we had a send off, joined by the couple that own the property. (The same couple) who owe Marcas for saving their lives. Remember one of the fires I mentioned earlier, well that is them and this was his reward from them in his honour. Marcas' grave is on an old sheep path, back in the farm days, in a county that was named after two dogs: Tiny and Tay, owned by pioneer Lord Simcoe. I can't think of a better place I would rather have for him to rest in peace. And get this, his funeral arrangements were never planned and came together with the same kind of magic he represented in life. That's Marcas for you... Never a dull moment.

An hour after he was laid to rest, a blanket of snow covered his grave leaving the ground with its natural impression and following the Tibetan Book of the Dead, believing that the spirit remains for three days after death to say goodbye to loved ones. It says with dogs, that you have to tell dogs to walk towards the light or they will follow you. They say after that, they will return to help you with any unfinished projects you may have, as a renewed spirit, so that is what I did as the tears rolled down my face. I told him he is now free to go home and to walk towards the light, knowing we will live in each other's hearts forever more.

What a legacy he left behind and in his honour, the K-9 patrol company we started together will continue. Besides another handler coming on board, who was titled security guard of the year by Toronto Police Services. We are looking at getting another dog each, so the legend will continue. Marcas opened that door and I will make sure that it is never closed.

Talking to two top police dog trainers, they each have a dog that are ready to go into service, being offered to us, thanks to Marcas. Even from beyond, his light shines bright, as the legend continues. May he rest in peace.

Pet Ghost Story: Dog still making her rounds after she has passed

I'll share with you a story about my dog Katie. We got her when I was only 5, she was a puppy, I was a tike. I didn't realize how much of a friend she was to me until I was in high school, by then I played with her all the time and she was a very happy dog. She was born on Martha's Vineyard where we spend our summers. A year after she died, we were at our house down there during the winter after Christmas, I knew she was gone too.

So one night I was in bed, about to drift off, when I heard what sounded like paws clicking on the wood floor downstairs. Katie would always make her rounds in the middle of the night to make sure the house was safe. Part of me wanted to believe that it was the heater, but it wasn't. I told my mom about it later on that year, and she told me she heard Katie too, back to make her rounds, and make sure her family was still safe.

To this day I can still feel her presence, but only on the Vineyard, nowhere else; maybe there, because that's where she came into the world. She was the best dog ever.

Pet Ghost Story: Cat clings to life to help owner

(edited for space) My seven-year-old female tortie recently sadly passed away nine months after being diagnosed with chronic renal failure. When I first found out she was dying from the disease I was told she had 6-8 weeks to live which was devastating news to me as we were extremely close and did everything together. Somehow, miraculously over the next few months, she managed to stay alive and live rather well, all considered. Her kidneys were absolutely gigantic but she was healthy in herself and still had a good quality of life. I even went into complete denial about her illness and started to think the vets were wrong. Meanwhile I'd been suffering some very difficult personal problems. The only thing that kept me going was knowing I had to stick around for my cat's sake to see her through to the end.

Finally in March this year her health suddenly deteriorated, out of nowhere it seemed but this is where it gets very interesting. On the very day a particularly difficult and trying court case I was involved with came to an end, my partner proposed to me. I was delighted and surprised but it was a bittersweet event as I knew my cat was in a dire health situation. The very next day she died.

I've always thought she waited until that proposal … so I would have a reason to keep going. On the morning of that day I was forced to call a vet to come quickly to ease her suffering and I said a formal goodbye to her in a quiet and sad moment where we were just alone together quietly, and I hoped she understood how much I loved her and would miss her. Shortly after this tender moment the phone rang. When I picked it up there was no-one there, it was silent. I said 'hello' a couple of times and then I heard it. An electronic voice, don't ask me what this was or where it came from, but a recorded message simply said "Goodbye" and the phone went dead. I'm convinced it was either my angels or my cat's angels telling me it was the right time for her to go as I'd suffered terribly with making the decision to have her euthanized.

Four weeks later I had struggled with the idea of taking another orphan and giving it a loving home but I felt I needed my cat to understand I wasn't replacing her. On the drive to meet the new orphan I experienced an amazing coincidence which I won't detail here but I thought to myself at the time, "I'm on the right track and she wants me to know this." Lo and behold what song comes on the radio? 'You're on the right track baby.' And with that I knew my little girl was one of the angels and most definitely looking after me. Where I'd cared for her all through her life (she was often ill), she finally cared for me in so many amazing ways. People should never ever doubt that our pets are still with us after they pass, and that our other angels are helping us all the time, too.

Cat's Ghost Visitations - Bond remains after cat has passed

I have two cats. My oldest is 15 and he's a maine coon and my other was a tortoiseshell female. She passed away suddenly on Labor Day. She'd had a cold and it was just too much for her. She was always very close to me. She followed me to the bathroom, would sleep on my pillow right behind my head and just purr purr purr. When I'd come home from work and walk into my bedroom, there she would be on my bed rolling over on her back to show me her little multi-colored belly wanting to be petted. Wherever I was … she was. I have had two visitations from her. Last night I was dead asleep and I woke briefly thinking my old maine coon was in the bed with me … I had forgotten that he and my other cat had gone outside when I went to bed. I felt the pillow vibrating like he was lying there purring and I heard it as well. The next visitation was when I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. I was in there and felt something brush up against my leg, and I saw a faint shadow that just kind of dissipated. I truly do believe in the paranormal and I KNOW that animals have souls so I am not afraid of these visits, but just kind of surprised that our bond is still not broken … even though she has passed. I will always remember her little personality and how much I loved her and how much happiness she brought me.

Pet Ghost Story: Cat's spirit lingers

I had a cat named Misty; she was part of my household for 14 years. In August of '08 she became ill and passed as I lay beside her. Losing her hurt so terribly. But shortly afterward my other cat Angel began to show a lot of Misty's character habits! Is it possible for the soul of an animal to transfer to another?

"Something Seemed Different" - Did dog's spirit say goodbye to boy?

When I was a boy, roughly age 5, I was given a puppy that we named Cosmo. Cosmo and I were inseparable. Nothing special about him, he was a mutt but that didn't matter to me. Anyway, when I was seven, he had gotten out of the back yard and took off down the road. (He wasn't fixed.) I went and searched the entire neighborhood. No sign of my dog.

About a week later or so, my father had given me the harsh reality check that the dog wasn't coming back. Later that evening, I was supposed to be in bed but I had snuck out of my room and was standing in our dining room peeking at the TV. We had a sliding glass door with a screen on the outside that led to the carport outside. I heard a dog whimper very faint. I pulled back the curtains and there he was.

At first I was overjoyed because my dog had returned. The only kicker about it was that something seemed different about him. I pressed my hand against the screen, and he licked it through the screen. I actually felt moisture on my fingertips. I couldn't reach the lock on the door at that age so I immediately started screaming for my dad. I heard my father's footsteps coming down the hall, but my dog turned around and began to walk out of the carport. I screamed the dog's name in a frantic manner. He stopped, turned around, wagged his tail at me and then kept on walking down the street. That was the last time I ever saw Cosmo.

Pet Ghost Story: Baby's Meow - Cat's spirit visits after death

When my mother forgot she was supposed to take care of her four-year-old cat "Baby," I took over her care too. Soon after that Mom broke her hip and had to go into the nursing home. "Baby" and I came to Oregon together, and had ten very close years together. She became my constant companion, and helper. She'd remind me when I'd forgotten something on the stove; would let me know the phone had rung while I'd been outside working, and she kept me informed of spiders in the house so I could catch and put them outside. "Baby" died in my arms in December 2003, after suffering a major stroke. I was devastated.

Almost a month to the day of her death, I was at the point of awakening one morning when I heard her meow. I looked down and she was there, looking up at me. She meowed again, and I reached down to her, saying, "Oh, Baby!" And woke up. I was sitting up in bed, reaching down to the floor at the side of the bed. I felt so happy and comforted by her visit, and knew that what I'd always believed had been proven true—that animals have souls too. I knew her precious "Baby" was back in Mom's care.

Pet Ghost Story: Spirits of dogs that have passed

Since I was a youngster, I was always very close to my dogs—they were my best friends. I was in my mid to upper 20s when I had a Pug named Jennifer. She used to sleep in my bed with her back at the nape of my neck. After Jennifer died, many nights I would feel pressure at the nape of my neck. I knew Jennifer was still with me.

In my 50s, I had a Dalmatian named Keisha. Her tags would jingle as all dogs do. Then she died. Now I have an American Foxhound named Wishful, whose tags also jingle. At night, I hear jingling along the long hallway toward my bedroom, and I sit up and say, "Wishful, is that you?" But Wishful is sound asleep in the living room. I know it is Keisha coming to sleep in my bedroom. These incidents don't frighten me; I am very comforted that my best friends still visit me.

Mysterious Ghost Cats

At night when I first get into bed, I can feel a light movement on my bed. At first I didn't know what to think, but I felt like it was maybe a cat. One night I woke up and saw a black cat sitting in the doorway to my bathroom. I could see it very clearly, in fact I thought it was our cat Jazzy and went to pick her up and put her out of my room. As I was walking towards it I said, "How did you get in here?" And as I got closer, she just disappeared. I was awake and felt a little weird. Every night I feel a cat and as many as three on my bed, one that I feel is always there, but the others not always. On occasion I have woken up and can see the cat; there's enough light in my room to see from my night light.

White Dog - Spirit sent to help us pass?

My mother told me this story from 40 years ago. My grandmother and the lady who lived next door were both ill. One day a small white dog wandered into their yards. The dog just laid between their houses; it cried and didn't move. We asked other neighbors on the street about the dog but it didn't belong to anyone, and no one knew anything about it. The dog remained between the houses for two weeks. One day we heard that the neighbor had died—and the dog too, was gone.

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