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Did you encounter a ghost when you were a kid? Awake to a spirit beside your bed? We'd love to read about it.

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Kids and Ghosts. True Ghost Stories at Dreamwatch®

Ghosts, spirits, a presence—when they appear, we know something strange is happening. Family, friends, strangers. It seems they remain close even after they've passed.

Did you encounter a spirit when you were a kid? We'd love to read about it. Submit Your Story. Read what others wrote when spirits returned from the hereafter:

Unknown Spirit heard on baby monitor.

Shortly after having my son we noticed him always staring at the walls, in the corners. He would laugh and smile. Didn't think anything of it until we heard an older child giggling on his baby monitor (no other children), we heard it twice before. One night he would wake up out of dead sleep screaming as if he was scared or hurt. He did it repeatedly, I moved him into my bed where he continued, but instead of screaming he'd roll his eyes back and laugh. That night after moving him into bed I woke up to the smell of a very sweet perfume.

Ghost Story: Teen boy knew "I sometimes felt, heard or saw things other people didn't."

Since I was a teenager, I realized I sometimes felt, heard or saw things other people didn't. My mother always told me it runs in the family, because my grandmother had likewise experiences.

It started in 2003, when my dearest grandfather was dying. A man who I loved very much and who was always very close to me. I knew he wouldn't be alive for very long anymore. One day I woke up and went to the bathroom. When I looked in the mirror, suddenly I felt a presence with me. It felt exactly like when I was with my grandfather. Friendly, warm and full of love. I looked in the mirror but saw nobody standing behind me. Yet I was sure it was my grandfather, who came to say farewell to me. I walked down and my mother said to me she had to tell me something terrible. I just said to her: "Grandpa is dead, mom. I know. He just visited me to say goodbye." She just looked at me with her mouth open and couldn't say a word. Because that night, my grandfather had indeed died without me knowing it.

Three years later, my grandmother died. When all the family gathered around her coffin, suddenly all the lights in the room started flashing on and off. Only in that particular room. Everybody was surprised, but not me. I knew it was grandmother's way of saying hello to us all.

A Ghost Story: "My room was filled with smoke."

(minor edits) When I was in 7th or 8th grade I used to sleep on a king sized bed with my younger sister. One day I woke up in the middle of the night. I automatically saw that my room was filled with smoke. I got scared and thought maybe something in my room was on fire but as I looked to my right to where my door was I saw a tall white man with a black suit and what looked like a fedora on his head. I used to sleep with my door open so he was just leaning against the door entrance. He was smoking a cigarette. I was so scared I immediately went under my covers. I was so scared and such in shock I could barely move much less talk. I tried my best by waking my sister up by kicking her foot under the covers. She woke up and saw the same thing as me and she was very afraid, too. So we both just laid in bed paralyzed under the covers. It was about 3 am. I didn't come out the covers till the next morning.

In the morning the man was gone. And me and my sister talked about what we saw. We had both confirmed we saw the same thing. I knew it wasn't a dream or anything after knowing I wasn't the only one who saw it. Till this day I wonder who he was and why he watched me sleep. It gives me the chills thinking about it even after 5-6 years later. Anyone have a same experience?

Ghost encounter at age 5: "I froze after bringing the covers over my face and closing my eyes…"

My name is Kimberly I grew up in a very small southern town where everyone knows everyone. Literally. At the age of 1, my parents took my older brother and I and moved to an apartment complex where we befriended another family with small children. A few years later, Justin, the family next door's smallest child who was my age, 5, came over quite often to play video games with my brother, play with our toys, and eat junk food! Justin and I were pretty close but not as close as him and my bubba. Our apartment was two stories and all of our bedrooms and an extra bath were downstairs. It was a twisted staircase and it gave me the creeps. It was always a little chilly down there due to it being partly underground. Sometimes we would make a pallet in the floor for my brother and I, and my parents would sleep on the sofa when we would have a movie night upstairs! I know I'm rambling just wanted to give you a feel of the environment.

Someone or something coming up the stairs.

OK now the event. This night we had a movie night and all of us were upstairs asleep I was using a thin blanket that you could see partly through because I'm hot blooded and all, when I awoke and heard someone or something coming up the stairs I froze after bringing the covers over my face and closing my eyes and the steps stopped right by me. I heard someone saying Kim a few times and it was a familiar voice so I calmed down and opened my eyes and it was Justin, kind of, he looked slightly different what I could see through my covers. His eyes where hollow and his mouth didn't move.

I have no idea how I explained this to myself and managed to look past his odd appearance. He asked me if he could lay down and sleep, he was tired, and I said sure. In my mind I was telling myself he had fallen asleep downstairs without me knowing he was even here. And I guess an unimportant note is his apartment was laid out the same as ours. I managed to look at the VCR and see the time was 3:10am. I closed my eyes and went back to sleep.

A lot of commotion outside.

I awoke the next morning to a lot of commotion outside. My mother went to check it out and was distraught when she came back in. Her and my father went into the kitchen while my brother and I eavesdropped. Mom explained that sometime in the hours of the night, Justin rolled off his bunk bed he shared with his brother and was somehow caught in the covers and strangled to death. I knew it wasn't true and told mom I just saw him last night. Mom was puzzled by my statement and never spoke of it again.

We later found out they ruled his death between the hours of 1-3am. I convinced myself it was a dream that he came to me for a good while. I know it wasn't a dream. It was tragic a 5-year-old gone over a terrible freak accident. His family moved away and kept in touch for a while. I still think of them often. To this day I wonder why he came to me instead of my brother. Perhaps it was because we were five and more sensitive to the paranormal. I don't know. We bought some land, got a house and moved away. I still get chills when I drive by our old apartment G6.

Ghost encounter at age 9: "I heard stories about the apartment being haunted…"

When I was very young, probably about 9, I had a sleepover at my aunt's apartment. My aunt had 6 children and along with her children and husband, a younger brother of hers, and her father also lived in the apartment. It was a very large apartment in the Bronx of NYC.

I had always heard stories about the apartment being haunted by an old man that used to live there. No one ever saw him but apparently he spent a lot of time in the kitchen rattling the dishes.

The night I was there, I had completely forgotten about the the stories. I also had never experienced a ghost before. That night, my aunt tucked us all into bed. I had always had trouble getting to sleep even as a child so as usual, I just laid there in bed thinking about stuff as I waited for sleep to come. At some point, I heard someone washing dishes in the kitchen and loading up the dish rack. After a while, the person was done washing the dishes and then started to walk down the hallway.

"Footsteps made it to the end of the hallway where I was…"

The hallway was lit up as my aunt always left that light on mostly for safety reasons. Her aging father needed the light if he had to visit the bathroom at night and with so many little ones in the house, some were scared of the dark and so the light comforted them. The bedroom door was always left open. I had assumed that the person in the kitchen was my aunt so I looked toward the hallway when I heard the footsteps. The footsteps made it to the end of the hallway where I was in the bedroom but I could not see any one. I figured maybe she stopped at the bedroom before this one. I turned back the way I was in bed and then heard footsteps again. This time they were in the bedroom. I turned to see who it was but no one was there. I turned back to the way I was and just thought I was too slow to see who it was until I heard footsteps again. I looked one more time and saw no one. Then it hit me. Could this be the ghost everyone was always talking about?

"Now I was scared…"

Now I was scared and this time when I turned back to the way I was, I pulled the covers over my head. As soon as I did that, I heard the footsteps again. They were right next to my head. I was laying at the edge of one side of the bed. The footsteps paced back and forth about four feet right next to my head. They just kept pacing back and forth and back and forth. My heart felt like it was going to explode as it pounded with fear. I could not utter a sound I was so scared. Suddenly, the footsteps walked even closer to my head. It wasn't just the footsteps that I was hearing all this time. I could actually hear the body of a person as it were fully clothed. You know how a person sounds when they walk around? The arms and legs shuffle against the body and clothing making the familiar sound of moving people. It sounded so real.

In an instant, this ghost started to click a pen right at my head to be sure I could hear it. It was the sound of one of those pens that has the button at the top that you push down to make the tip of the pen extend out so you can write. He clicked it up and down and up and down rapidly right next to my head. I thought I was going to either die or go insane. This went on for about 2 to 3 minutes. Finally it stopped and then I heard the footsteps walk over to the window. There the ghost started to open and close the curtains rapidly for about a minute. The curtains made the loud metallic scraping sound of brass rings screeching across a brass curtain rod as he opened and closed them in rapid succession. The curtains were not on brass rings or a brass curtain rod. They were the kind that the rod slides into the curtain so there should not have been any sound of metal on metal. I only heard the sound. The curtains did not really open and close.

The ghost finally stopped doing this and then I heard its footsteps make their way out of the room. I waited for it to come back too scared to move, too scared to utter a sound and too scared to take a peek outside of my covers. I laid there paralyzed until the exhaustion of tense muscles and a whirling mind finally seceded to sleep.

The next morning, I recounted my experience to my aunt. She said she was never in the kitchen last night and that the ghost had never done anything like this to anyone in the apartment before. She thought maybe I dreamed it all. I was adamant about my experience and I said to her I was fully awake and that all of this happened shortly after she tucked me into bed so I was sure I did not dream it all. Eventually she figured maybe the ghost was checking me out because I was new there and no one ever spent the night that was not a part of her family. I don't think anyone ever really believed me but I never spent the night there again.

Ghost encounter at age 12: "One night, I spent the night there to babysit…. It was after 11 pm when it started."

Another encounter I had was years later when I was about 12. Another aunt of mine lived in Long Island in a house she bought with her husband and two little boys. They had lived there for several years and had never encountered a ghost of any kind.

One night, I spent the night there to babysit her two little boys (about ages 2 and 4). It was after 11 pm when it started. I was in the den watching TV. I had made myself a pile of blankets on the floor (back then we still had console tube TVs that sat on the floor) right in front of the TV. My aunt and uncle were out of course as I was babysitting for them. The little ones were in bed fast asleep. I was watching a show when suddenly I heard a loud slam coming from somewhere in the vicinity of the kitchen but more like under the kitchen, like it was coming from the basement under the kitchen area. It sounded like someone was taking a sledgehammer to the walls or the floor or the ceiling in the basement. Basically it sounded like a demolition. It was extremely loud and terrifying. It didn't even occur to me that someone might have broken in to the house and started destroying it. Instead, my memories of the last ghost encounter flooded my mind and I thought to myself, not again. Once again, I covered my self in blankets and held them tight against my body. The whacking of the walls with a sledgehammer continued for about half an hour. It was now after 12 am and the noise finally stopped. It stopped because my aunt and uncle had just arrived back home.

I heard the noise stop and then I heard a car door just outside the house. I still waited under the covers until my aunt and uncle came in though the door. Once I heard their voices, I emerged and told then what just happened. My uncle raced downstairs to check for an intruder and damage to the house. There were no intruders, no sign of any intrusion and no demolishing had taken place. They asked me why I didn't go check out what was causing the noise and I told them because I did not want to get killed by the ghost. They thought maybe it was the sound of a pipe about to burst or something and that I should have gone to see what it was in case it was something like that. Again, I explained I was too scared that it was a ghost and I had also had a mother ghost experience before this one so I was just too scared.

The next day, they asked around in the neighborhood if anyone had heard any disturbances. They explained to neighbors what I had said about a ghost and thought maybe it was someone trying to break into the house and that maybe my imagination turned it into something else. A neighbor then informed them that a man that lived there once and died there was being investigated for theft of some money and that he claimed he hid it so well in the house that no one could ever find it but him. I never spent another night in that house either.

My last story goes much farther into the future. I did not have another encounter until I was 38 years old.

I thought I should share my experiences because so little is known about the paranormal and every little bit may help in some way to better understand that phenomena. My stories are not as dramatic as some of the stuff I see on the show "A Haunting," but they were still very much real.

Aware of a spiritual connection for "as long as I can remember"

(minor edits for privacy) Since I was a little girl, I have displayed signs of being connected to the world in a more spiritual level. … I also have distinct memories of being very anxious from a young age.

For two years during elementary school, my mother had to sleep on the floor of my bedroom because I was petrified to be in there alone at night. My grandmother passed away when I was 9 years old, and my parents tell me I used to scream out in the middle of the night and say, "Grandma is in my room." I remember this sensation, and I also remember feeling like it was not just my grandmother there.

As I got older … I began to feel more "open" again. I've seen shadows out of the corner of my eye, but when I look, nothing is there.

My two biggest experiences: Summer of 2011 at the age of 18, I was working the late shift at a restaurant so I was home alone all day. I would stay in bed until about noon. One day, I heard the distinct sound of footsteps downstairs. I didn't even think twice, I just assumed my father was home early because it sounded like his work boots on the tile. I went downstairs to say hi, but nobody was there. I was totally freaked out!! This happened many times during that summer, but never again since.

My other experience has been occurring as long as I can remember. When I am in bed at night, particularly when facing the wall, I feel as though somebody is standing behind me. Sometimes it feels like they are practically breathing down my neck. On multiple occasions I have even felt the floor of my bedroom vibrate, as if someone had walked into the room. The first few times this happened, I thought one of my parents had come into my room, but when I open my eyes, nobody is there. I have absolutely no idea what this could be. I don't believe my house is haunted because it's only 15 years old and we are the only family to have ever lived in it. Plus there are no other occurrences like flickering lights or doors opening by themselves.

Nobody else in my family seems to take me seriously, but I know I am not crazy. I also recently discovered that I am an Awakening Empath.

Unexplained experiences since age eight.

Not much of a story but I will write all my experiences that I have had living in my house for 21 years. When I was eight I shared the upstairs bedroom with my brother. Woke up at night to be on the other side of the bed. My head was where my feet should have been.

When I was in Grade 8 I had the other room at the end of the hall right next to the door that leads downstairs to the main floor. I was watching TV in my room and the door that leads to downstairs, the main floor of my house, slammed by itself. When I was in high school I moved into the basement room. One night I came home from a party and while laying in my bed and seen white lights floating in front of the TV. It looked like shapes of cowboys but in little figures.

Now that I'm done with high school I moved into a different room in the basement, when I was coming down the basement stairs I saw a black figure about six feet tall, all black, it ran into a different room in my house. I thought it was my dad, so I ran after it saying, "Dad come back." After I found out it wasn't my dad because he was upstairs at the very top floor reading a book. I thought maybe I'm just tired.

The next experience I had was when I was walking up the basement stairs and heard my name called. The most recent experience not that I had but was in the same room, was me, my girlfriend, and grandmother were in the kitchen. My parents were in the living room and my girlfriend and grandmother both heard a girl's voice say Grandma. I didn't say Grandma, neither did my dad, my grandma even went into the back room and asked my grandfather if he did, which is weird. None of us said, but only my grandma and girlfriend heard it and I was in the exact same room standing seven feet away from them.

Six-year-old Sees Grandpa's Ghost

I have no idea why I feel this way, but when I go to a cemetery I feel like spirits are all running to see me. To talk for them. Nothing scary. Could I be a voice for those that have passed?

My first spirit was when I was just six years old … my grandpa was a very mean man, he lived in Tennessee, I lived in Indiana.

Every year my family went to visit him. On our six-hour drive home to Indiana, grandpa passed away. We turned the car around and back we went. At his showing there was chairs in a line, but a heavy curtain/wall were the casket was. I saw grandpa open the curtain and look to see who was there, then he looked at me and smiled.

When the curtain was opened, there was grandpa in his casket. I tried to tell Mom, but she told me to "shut up." My mom isn't very nice either. I guess I was too young to understand why people were crying. I had just seen him. I haven't seen him since. I am a 43 year old man.

Thanks for reading my story.

"I'm too frightened to move away … everything will start up again."

(edited for space) So many things have happened to me in the entirety of my life. My first ongoing experience started when I moved in to my grandmother’s house with my little sister, when I was in the 4th grade. It scares my sister to this day, and she denies ever experiencing these things with me.

My sister and I would sleep in an upstairs unfinished bedroom, as my grandmother’s husband was expanding the house to accommodate my sister and I. To put it lightly it wasn't quite a room yet but a completed stair well that led to the second floor, which was entirely bare, you could see the floor and ceiling beams, and the nails coming through from the roof, the only walkable area was where our grandfather put down flooring leading to our twin beds, I disliked it.

My aunt who was three years older, slept in my grandparents’ room. Bearing in mind this is a house that was newly built by my grandparents, and at the time still undergoing construction. Always between 2-3 am I would hear someone running up the stairs, so loud I felt it from my bed. Every time, every night it would wake up me and my sister. It progressively got worse, I would wake not being to move, something pinning me down to my bed or hurting me. From day one, I slept with a desk lamp on at all times.

"A misty figure at the foot of my bed…"

Most times I would wake up and being terribly scared by a shadowy figure, or a misty figure at the foot of my bed, or a shadow that shouldn't be cast the way it was. Odd things would start happening during the day as well, when everyone would be in the living room you would hear some one stamping around the second floor enough to see the ceiling fan visibly move from force of it. Even from the areas there wasn't flooring put down yet. It got to the point, if ever I was home alone, I would invite the neighbor over, and she would hear the stamping, too. The second floor was eventually completed when I was in the sixth grade. My aunts new room was across from our room, things got progressively worse, but at the same time I also grew used to them. I would hear someone deliberately knocking under the frame of my bed until I would fall asleep. Other things would happen that I am omitting, well, because frankly it still frightens me to this day.

The turning point was after my freshman year, summer vacation. My grandmother asks my mother to take us somewhere else. At the time I was unaware of this or why. My mother confided in me a couple years ago. Apparently at that time, my grandmother finds a notebook supposedly belonging to me with terrible things I wrote about the entire family, about my aunt mostly. That I was going to kill them all, and there were rantings on how it was going to happen. This truly scared me when my mother confided this to me years ago. And apparently this scared my grandmother and mother at the time, to even mention this to me.

"Everyone starts hearing and feeling the same things…"

Well, we do end up moving at the start of my sophomore year, into a very new double wide in a nice neighborhood. Funny thing is, everyone starts hearing and feeling the same things that happened before at my grandmother’s house. Even my mother’s boyfriend starts feeling these things as well. To put it shortly, this happened for most of my life until I moved in with my father and paternal grandmother when I was 18. The only thing I could account for it ceasing is my paternal grandmother is a deeply religious Catholic woman and has depictions of her faith all over the house.

Bearing in mind, I do move into an apartment with a boyfriend when I'm 19. And the same things happen all over again. To sum it up, I end up moving back with my father and grandmother when I'm 23, and I'm still here. I'm too frightened to move away because everything will start up again.

Is there anyone out there that can please tell me what this is. I'm now 30, and I know I have to move out eventually. I'm just tired of whatever this is following me around for the rest of my life.

Unknown Spirit: "I saw a boy in the corner of my room."

It all started before I turned 13. I was laying in bed and I then saw a boy in the corner of my room. He was pale blond and had ice blue eyes. He wore all black and (held a ?) wooden cane. He looked at me, smiled and disappeared.

After a few days, my friend spent the night. She woke me up to tell me a boy was staring at us. The next night I slept at her place. The next morning she told me the boy (he looks 15) was standing over the bed staring at me. I haven't seen him. I always feel watched though. What should I do?

True Ghost Story: "And that's when I began to believe in ghosts."

(edited to suit Dreamwatch parameters) When I was 14, part of a dirt-poor family of four, we moved into a spacious second-story apartment in Santa Monica, Calif. I was so happy; for the first time I had my own bedroom—small, an apple green, with a window onto the backyard. But slowly, over weeks and months, I began to feel uncomfortable in my room. That changed to fear. And that changed to terror.

There was a malignant entity in that room, something neither seen nor heard but drenched in pure evil, and it would stop at nothing to get me out of what I came to call "its room."

Every night I would go to my bed at 9 pm, but suddenly I began to sleepwalk, waking up in Daddy's chair in the living room with no memory whatsoever of the hours between 9pm and 6am. When that didn't get me out of its room, it upped the ante.

Again, I would go to bed at 9pm but now I was waking in the kitchen, at 11pm, gasping for air, my father's oxygen mask on my face. They told me I had run into the kitchen where they were having coffee, choking and turning blue.

And all these years later, I STILL have no memory whatsoever of what happened to me in that green room between 9pm and 6am. NONE. Sometimes I wonder if during those night hours I had seen something so terrifying, so traumatic, I permanently blocked its memory. I told no one at the time. My mother was mentally ill, my father sick with emphysema and I didn't think anyone would believe me. Fortunately, shortly after the breathing episodes, several of them, we moved to an IDENTICAL first-floor apartment directly across the courtyard.

I have never gone through that kind of bone-cold terror before—or since. When people try to say, oh, you were young, maybe you just imagined it, I say—You weren't there. And that's when I began to believe in ghosts. I am now writing a horror novel called "Residue," giving me an answer to what was in that room that I never had in real-life. And I'm getting goosebumps just writing about this.

Broken child's toys

When I was about nine or ten years old, my uncle was going to purchase a farmhouse and land. The house had sit empty for years, so me and my parents went to help him look at it and check it out. I found some metal toy cars in the driveway in the rocks, like a child had lived there in the past. I took them home with me and a couple weeks later, I found the three or four metal toy cars broke in half in my bedroom. I ask my mom about it. She said she had seen them broke and she had no explanation for it.

I have always been clairvoyant and sometimes I know when things happen before it happens.

Three-year-old recites old poems taught by "Daddy's nan-nan."

Can you please help, I'm having some really strange happenings around me. Not only is it me, who has witnessed this, but so too the wife and friends. So at least I know it's not all in my head. We have heard footsteps within the home.

My three-year-old recites old poems. Then says, Daddy's nan-nan has taught it to her! (Funny to think she died in 2005.)

Daughter had a little friend … "a little boy, but he had no name."

We bought a house in 1980 it was an old farm house about 4,000 square feet. I leaved there for 23 years. During this time I had two children the first one a girl and she would tell me all the time she had a little friend and he was a little boy but he had no name. Then three years later, I had a son. When he was about three, he started telling things about seeing this little boy, by this time, my daughter did not remember ever seeing him.

On one occasion, my son told me that the little boy was setting on the couch staring at me because he wanted to talk to me. I never saw any thing like this, but during my time of being there, I had a ceiling fan in my bedroom and it would just come on by itself and then stop. There was a wall heater that came on one time all by itself and the odd thing about it was it had never worked since we had been there. There was always things moving or seem to move from one place to another without anyone remembering they had moved the items.

My husband and my children saw three shadows of people that went across the wall of the den room.

Five-year-old talked to ghost "friends"

Okay, sooo … You don't have to believe me, but when I was younger, about two to five years old, I could talk to spirits, ghosts, what ever you call it. I don't remember this at all, but my mother told me all about this some years ago.

When I was five years old we lived in this very old house and I had about seven "friends" (ghosts) I talked to. They were all nice to me and we just sat and talked. But one night my mom woke up to me crying in my room. She rushed over to me and tried to find out what happened, but I couldn't talk, couldn't stop crying!

This happened many nights after that and the only thing I could say was: "He stands in the window and stares at me." My mom has this friend who is a medium. He called my mother one day out of the blue and said, "I know what's bothering her. We have to meet up." My mother agrees and meets up with him and I tag along. To make a long story short, he "closes" me up. I don't understand what he did, but he said that in the future when I'm ready, I'm going to be able to see these odd things again.

Experiencing weird things lately.

Today I'm 18 years old. I have been experiencing weird things lately. Okay I'll start with the first occurrence. I was sleeping in my bed one night when I woke up. I heard my mom walking around in the kitchen and somehow I just thought it was perfectly normal that she would be waking around three in the morning. So I went back to sleep. But woke up again (at least that's what I thought). The brightness and mood in the room had changed dramatically. And my mom was lying next to me. Suddenly I feel these long fingered hands grab my shoulders and lift me straight up in the air and my cover just flew off me and I heard this weird growl when I realized I was dreaming and woke up. I felt everything like it was real !!

Okay so another thing happened to me. I was going to sleep next to my little sister. I had my eyes closed for a while and was trying to fall asleep. I opened my eyes and there was this woman hovering over me and my sister just staring into my eyes. I didn't do anything, just stared back. She was old and wrinkled. Then she kind of floated away and disappeared into the darkness. Then my heart just started pounding! This time I was wide awake !!

There was something wrong. I just felt it.

The night after that I was going to sleep. I turned off the light and tried to get comfortable but there was something wrong. I just felt it. My room was very dark and I was staring at my door when I see this weird shaped shadow standing over my bed. I freaked out and closed my eyes, but when I closed them I could still see! But I still had them closed! Then I saw all kinds of faces staring at me one at a time. I didn't know these people at all. This went on for like 30 minutes. In the end I gave up and turned on the light and went to sleep.

Sooo … Today! I took a nap. I woke up and saw this woman standing at the end of my bed. I tried to focus my eyes on her but when I did, this very scary figure of a man with this huge mouth tried to attack me! I couldn't move. I couldn't scream. I was just frozen. And then he just went away.

These things have been happening to me lately, also I have been hearing noises and smelling weird smells when nobody else can smell them. I'm also seeing a lot of shadows and feeling like someone is with me. Can someone please help me? I just need some answers. Am I becoming a medium again?

Ps. I'm from Iceland so please don't make fun of my spelling!

Grandmother's spirit prepares granddaughter for news of mum's death.

In my dream I was in my old Regency three-story house that I grew up in. The hallway in my dream was covered with white net curtains. I had the urge to go up the stairs. On the second landing, coming down the stairs, was a lady in a long Edwardian severe black dress. I asked who she was and she put her hand on my shoulder and told me to follow her. She proceeded down the stairs and disappeared through the front door.

When I awoke from my dream I realized who she was. It was my grandmother who died before I was born. Within the next hour the phone rang; it was from the nursing home saying my mum had just died! This lady certainly prepared me.

Did grandmother's spirit return to welcome her new granddaughter?

I have a vision of my grandmother from when I was an infant. This vision is clear. She is rocking me in her arms, she wore a wooden cross necklace. I can view outside the window. A large yard with a fence in the distance. The only thing is … My grandmother had passed just before I was actually born. What does this mean?

"His body came out of the wall…."

It all started when I was 10. I lived in an old trailer about 40 years old. Lot's of paranormal activity in that house would happen. I didn't know it was paranormal cause I have a mild form of autism so I was always more focused on other things like dolls and teddy bears; I was only a little girl. My dad who was a medium would always see the spirits in the trailer or hear them.

I started having a recurring nightmare of me standing in the middle of the living room and a tall man that looked like he had no oxygen in his body come out of the wall and start walking towards me. I always felt as though it would hurt me so I ran like most children would do. This dream happened every night. But now I'm 22 and am starting to think maybe it wasn't a dream and it was a spirit trying to communicate with me. I sure hope he didn't need help.

Grandmother speaks in a dream to granddaughter—after she passed.

I have weird dreams all the time and I never could understand why. The first dream: My parents had just told me my grandmother had passed away. That very same night she came to me in my dream and told me to tell my dad that she wanted to be put to rest in her purple dress in her closet. Well I told my dad and he said, there us no closet in her room.

So a few days went by as my dad and his brothers were cleaning out my grandmother's room. What we thought was a wall of boxes, they found a closet—and in the back was a purple dress with tags from the cleaners.

Little boy ghost warns of cancer.

Last night I had a dream that my mother and sister were over my house and I was in my room with a little boy who was a ghost whose name I can't remember, but it started with "S" and only I could see him. He was able to tell you if there was something wrong with you. So I asked him if there was something seriously wrong with me. He could not speak so I gave him a pad of paper and a pencil and he wrote: "COLON CANCER" and then I went to my mom and asked her if there was anything she would like to know. She asked, "Will my marriage last long?" and I went to ask the little boy. He was nowhere in sight so I called his name over and over again and then I woke up. That dream had me thinking if it was an actual spirit telling me something was seriously wrong with me because I have had serious pains where my colon is for many years and the doctors can't seem to find what is wrong with me, so this dream has me really thinking ...

Seeing the dark man: "The thing was standing over me."

I've been seeing this since I moved into an old house when I was 15. I told my parents and they took me to a doctor saying that their recent divorce was causing the problem. I was put on some medicine to help with the problem but it never helped.

The dark man only showed up in my room at night or when the lights were dark, so I'd just leave the lights on all the time. When I moved out of the house when I was 17 with my dad, all was good until about three weeks into living there.

I woke up and couldn't speak or scream and the thing was standing over me and it's the first time he spoke to me. He said, "You think leaving can get you away from me. I've always been here." It was exactly like that. Nor was it perfect English. That's what I understood of it.

The next night my lamp was knocked off and the lights when out. I couldn't see anything so I reached for my phone by my hand, was grabbed and pinned back. I felt my stomach start to burn, then I finally was able to get the flashlight on my iPhone opened, and it was the black figure. I heard a laugh, then it kinda slithered down and went under the bed. I waited until I could (catch?) my breath and the heaviness in the air disappeared and I ran into the living room. So me now being 19, I decided that I should just stay out of the house so I went to the store. But it started following me everywhere I went.

I can't talk to my parents about it because they will just put me in a crazy house. I'm now 19 and I can see it out the window at work and at my boyfriend's house. About a week ago I met someone who saw me looking at it, then look away. He said, "You can see that?"

The girl ghost of Hunting House Brook.

Here's a little story, which I'd like to share with you. When I was 10 years old and living in North Scituate, I was out in the woods one afternoon around the area of Hunting House Brook, playing pirate. (My mother used to play cowgirl in this same area when she was very young.) It was getting to be late afternoon shortly before I'd decided to return home, which would be about a 45 minute walk. Suddenly, I began sensing a presence. Whatever this was, I was getting very positive vibes.

I perceived what seemed to be an "older girl" in my terminology at the time, meaning she may have been perhaps 16 years old ... a young, attractive woman wearing an old-fashioned country-style dress, with what may have been long auburn-colored hair. She was only slightly taller than me, and her voice was extremely pleasant. Now, I was not exactly seeing her, she was more of an impression. She was certainly not solid in appearance. But she pointed to the area of the woods that would lead to Rocky Hill Road, and told me that she and her family lived in a house over in that direction. She pleasantly invited me to visit her and her family sometime, and told me that they would serve me delicious pies.

I silently thanked her, and said (with thoughts, not with words) that I would very much like to stop by to visit her sometime soon. And although I didn't really think this was something real, probably just my imagination of a lovely "older girl" who considered me worthy of her attention, it did make enough of an impression on me that I still remember it to this day. I am currently 58 years old, and this experience took place in the year 1965.

Two sisters see and feel Mom who has passed.

My sister dreamt she was laying on mom's bed, also myself and another sister and dad. Mom died on the 15th of March 2013. My sister was the only one that could see my mom and the other sister could feel her. She told us, and my dad and I thought they were mad. What does the dream mean?

"Nothing too bad has happened until one night …"

I constantly have dreams that a week or two later I am living out in person, and thankfully nothing too bad has happened until one night, I had a dream of my great grandma who was also my best friend. She had been really sick since 1980, nine years before I was born. I had a dream where my grandpa from my other side of my family came to me and told me that she had passed and that she was doing well now and will see me when she can. Two months or so later, she did just that. I'm happy that she came to me. I'm the kind of person who is open to that stuff and have had numerous kinds of interactions with the dead, but can you guys tell me what happened?

"Papers that my friend had on her desk started flying around us ..."

I keep thinking about this thing that happened to me a long time ago. I think it's been flashing back in my memory because I've been watching this show called "Paranormal Witness" which supposedly has true stories of people who go through these kind of things. I'm 21 years old right now, but back when I was a junior in high school, I experienced something a little weird.

My mom had sent me to Virginia to go to boarding school. Now at the beginning, nothing had happened. However, one day we had a meeting and the dean of the school told us that she was seeing everyone read those Twilight books and demanded that all the books be brought to her; that they were going to throw them away because "that's how the devil gets to you." Oh yeah, I forgot to mention a little detail, this school was a religious school. I wasn't worried, I did not believe what she was saying and I didn't have a book anyways.

One Saturday night I slept over a friend's room, she took out a hidden copy of the Twilight book that she had and was bragging about how she was breaking the rules. We were sitting on the floor, she put the book in the middle of us and opened it and then that's when it happened ... We felt like wind had suddenly entered the room, which made no sense. The papers that my friend had on her desk started flying around us, then the window opened, yes ... by itself, and this "wind" flew right out and the papers flew on to the floor. Of course we were freaked out after that. We threw the book away.

"... That dark shadow started to move."

The next day, something else happened to me. In my room I had a huge Twilight poster on my side of the room. When it was night time I couldn't sleep. I started looking around my room and I saw something dark at the corner. I kept staring at it, thinking it was just me being stupid, but then that dark shadow started to move; it looked like a person and it was coming towards me. Suddenly I felt very cold and I started screaming. My roommate woke up and turned on the lights. The thing was gone. The next morning the first thing I did was rip that poster to pieces.

Six weeks after she died … there was my Mom!

I am a believer that when our loved ones die they can communicate with us. My Mom died suddenly when I was 17 years old and my grief knew no bounds. Every time I would think I was never going to see her again my grief deepened. One morning about six weeks after she died I woke up, it was very early, about 5:30am, and there in the corner of my bedroom was my Mom! I could see her from about the knees up. She told me she was fine and not to worry, we would see each other again some day. She said she would always be watching over my brothers and me. All of a sudden I remembered she was dead … and she was gone. So I am a believer.

Sightings of Duendes, Gnomes, Spirits

I am 18 years old, almost 19, and have had many experiences with the supernatural. My family is slightly superstitious so at times they believe me, other times they don't. I would just like to share my story with others.

The earliest memories I have are when I was three or four years old. I didn't think about it much because I never understood it, but I would see things flicker from the corner of my eye, but whenever I looked, there would be nothing there. As I grew older I also had an imaginary friend who was a little boy, but he had no facial features, it was just a blur. He vanished when I was six, but talking to one of my friends, who also believes, told me that he saw the same thing too, exactly the same way I described him.

In an old apartment I used to live in between the ages of four and nine, I used to hear the scraping noises in the dead of night. Whenever I was alone in the bedroom, things would move by themselves, but no one believed me, telling me it was only my imagination. There were also duendes, gnomes in Spanish, that I would see running around the house whenever I went to the restroom at night. I hated walking outside at night because behind the garage, there was a giant tree and I would always see a duende sitting up there. Whenever I would point at it for someone to look, it would disappear, only to reappear laughing when they looked away.

My family moved out, but my grandparents and uncle still lived there. We went to help them move out after a strange accident caused the garage to burn down. They left alone watching my younger siblings and cousins, when I turned to look in my aunt's room. The door was open and you could see the bed clearly. There was a little girl completely dressed in black jumping on the bed. As soon as she felt me staring, she jumped off and was running in midair into a mirror they had. I told my uncle what I saw and they left the mirror behind.

More Sightings of Shadows and Spirits

(edited for space) At my new house, the one I currently still live in, it didn't get any better. The sightings actually appeared more often. In the backyard at night I would see shadows of people and a dog when no one was out there but me. I continued seeing them there until three years ago when we got a trailer and rented it out. The first person moved out after a while, saying that he kept seeing things move. The next couple who moved in stayed only for awhile as well, stating the same thing, only they would also hear noises and things would go missing. We eventually sold the trailer, and with the trailer gone, so were the shadows.

My step dad passed away a year and a half after we moved into our new house. He passed away early in the morning after fighting liver cancer. I had woken up crying without knowing why until later in the morning when my mom came telling us he passed. He loved gardening and had a favorite rose bush, he also built us a swing set. After he passed away, a lot of my family and I noticed that the rose bush would look a lot like him at night, as though he was watching the house. When I would be at the swing set, I sometimes saw a faint figure standing there.

When I was 13, I woke up at 6:30 a.m. with the voice of a little boy whispering in my ear, telling me it was 6:30 and I had to wake up. I looked at the clock and saw that the voice was right. I ignored it and went back to sleep, asking for another hour. I woke up again with a little girl's voice telling me it was 5:13 a.m. I looked at the clock and the time was just as she said it was. I even sat up in bed and made sure I was wide awake. I fell back asleep and woke up again hearing both the boy's and girl's voice telling me to get up, that it was 6:30 again. Sure enough, it was. Later that day, my sister said she had a weird dream where she saw two kids sitting on the top bunk bed with me.

After the incident when we were helping family move, I never trusted mirrors. At my house I would often see a quick dash of someone running by in the mirror we have in the living room. One of the scariest experiences was last year in my sister's room where I saw the mirror reflecting an arm reaching out from under the bed even though there was nothing under the bed besides a keyboard, a guitar, and other random stuff. A week later I saw two demons, one in the closet and another by the door. They looked like baby dolls only they had eerie blue eyes, tiny horns, sharp teeth and their lips were covered in blood. In that room you at night, sometimes when the lights of passing cars flashed, you would see the shadow of a man or arms from the window when no one was there.

I still see shadows outside my house, or the faint outlines of people. Sometimes I hear them call my name, or if someone was touching me. There have also been these tiny figures that I have been seeing everywhere since I was smaller. They are really bright lights that dash from place to place and only appear for a second or two. I've been trying to figure out what they are but all I've gotten that they are dimension travelers, angels or fairies.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, I know it's long, but it's up to you whether or not you wish to believe me.

Lots and Lots of Spirits … a Pattern of Appearances

Hi everybody—I have seen, felt, and smelled spirits lots in my 48-year lifetime … and because of that, I'll just share small fragments of just a few … When I was in the 9th grade, I was home recovering from same day surgery. My mom and I had just gotten home and I went straight to bed, per doc instructions. My mom walks into my bedroom to ask what I wanted for lunch. She left and I laid down and pulled the covers over me. As soon as I did that, I became instantly paralyzed and I freaked out. The only thing I could move on my body was my eyes, and they were as big as dinner plates. I could feel myself panicking. Then a flood of questions poured from my mind.

As I lay there totally immobile I felt myself bouncing all around inside my body from my head to my toes … it was almost as if I was trying to break free. I couldn't yell for my mom or anything. My eyes darted all around the room hoping to make some sense of what was happening to me. Strangely enough I could hear my mom fixing my lunch in the kitchen, then I found myself slowly calming down.

When I was at peace, I was "allowed" to—don't know how i did it though—spiritually look to my left, and when I did, I could see through my bedroom wall to the front door of our house. There stood, phew, many, many, many spirits. They were dressed in coats, hats, mostly Caucasians, and they were talking and laughing, but it seems like they were waiting for something, a train maybe. Then all of a sudden, whoosh, they seemed to be sucked through the front door, towards me, but were averted down the hall by my bedroom in the direction of the bathroom at the end of the hall. I guess once they all passed by, I was released from what I always felt to be a large hand covering me.

The same thing happened two years later while in the 11th grade while I was living with my aunt two streets over from my mom's house: Paralyzed by the hand, panicked, calmed down, allowed to see spirits, whoosh they went by, released from the hand. This time I was alone with my infant.

A year later at my own residence, it happened once again. I had just come home from work, went home to lie down before picking up my son. I plopped face down on the bed, and as soon as my head hit the pillow I was paralyzed—hand covering me and panicking. Because this was the third time it happened, I was used to this strange experience. I gave in. My thoughts completely changed from the first two times when it happened; they now were What's going on now? This must be what happens when you die, back to what's happening … As soon as I said that, somehow I was allowed to rise up and turn around just in time to see the spirits passing through … bunches of them … then I calmly laid back down until they finished. Then I was released.

The next time I felt it happening about two years later, I cried out, "God, please, no." That was the end of that! Yesssss.

My Brother's Spirit - Appears to Talk, Warn Me and Protect Me

My brother died when I was 13. His death hurt me a lot because we were very close. After his burial we went home and from so much crying I fell asleep. I thought I was dreaming, but I saw my brother at my window waving at me. The next morning we were all in the kitchen and someone tugged on my pajama, but nobody was behind me. The days after his death left me broken, suddenly I felt him so close.

Little Girl Ghost in the Mirror

My paranormal story began when I was ten. It's been two years since but I wanted to tell my story. It was a stormy night and I was able to fall asleep instantly. I was dreaming at first then it turned into a nightmare from there.

I was having a nightmare about a little girl maybe two or three years younger than me. I couldn't get a specific letter of a name, but she was in a nightgown. I believe it was white and she had dark hair, brown or black. I kept getting a name, Sarah. That was the name I got from a whisper. The only way I saw her was because of my mirror. I have a mirror right next to my door. I looked at my door where she should have been standing—but no one was there. I looked in my mirror and she was staring at me, and then she smiled and disappeared.

I woke up staring at my closet and I turned my head towards my mirror and saw a piece of white cloth disappear. Since then, it happened again on the 17th of July.

A lifetime of Apparitions, and Unexplained Sounds and Smells

Well I don't know if by the end of this story I'll sound more or less crazy?? I have had a lot happen over the years in regards to things I can't explain to myself or other people.

The youngest I remember hearing things was 9 or 10 (years old, now in mid-twenties). We had a long hallway from which each bedroom was off it. I would hear dragging kind of sounds up and down, didn't matter if I shut my door, they would just get louder, as well as the ticking of a grandfather clock. We never owned one but it would tick before, after and during the dragging sounds. I still hear them to this day, they get so loud I have to rub my ear until I fall asleep.

This hallway would haunt me for at least five years, my best friend and I would feel things coming up behind us. My ex-boyfriend was with me when we heard someone cough behind the door—we were the only ones home. There were two doors into the lounge—the hallway door and another glass door—through the glass door I saw a man standing there, with shoulder length hair and a brown jacket—I did not recognize him.

I moved into the spare room in the garage, I would hear things falling on the car, shuffling through the tools on the work bench. Anytime I went (and go out now), I can stand for ages in the one spot just staring into space, as if something is staring back at me.

I have moved houses over the years and whoever it is, follows me everywhere. I shut a door to the bathroom or my bedroom and I hear footsteps running and bang into the door. I see more and more things flash out of the corner of my eyes. I've seen a white face right next to mine, I turn to face it but when I do, it disappears. I have stood asking out loud for things to show themselves but they don't. I have smelt burning drifting around me.

This happens when I'm awake. When I dream, it's of places that I have yet to visit and when I do eventually visit them—I remember my dream prior to going to that place—it can be months in between. It would help me a lot if you could comment or offer me some advice. Thank you!

Grandfather's Ghost Visits Child

About 12 years ago when I was 8, I had the most terrifying paranormal experience in my life—only because I was young back then and ghost stories were so believable. Anyway, I spent the night at my grandmother's house as I did every other Sunday. There came one Sunday, which was the last Sunday I spent at my grandmothers—due to my encounter that night. My grandfather had died a year or two before that—and that night that I spent at my grandmother's is when he came to visit. I know I wasn't supposed to be scared because I knew it was my grandfather and that he would never hurt me … But I couldn't help it since it was my first paranormal encounter.

That night, as my grandmother and I were getting ready for bed, I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. After I was finished, all of a sudden, I felt a heavy weakness encompass me. It felt as if something were wearing my whole body and mind down, and I had struggled in moving. I immediately felt feverish, warm, with a heavy headache. That's when I knew he was there. I started crying and tried getting out of the bathroom and as I did, my grandmother rushed to me, shocked, and asked what was wrong. I couldn't even say anything and tears kept falling. My grandmother felt my body, my head and my face, and I was very hot.

She knew immediately as well, that my grandfather was there…. So she told him to go away and she even used hand gestures by pushing him out of the room. She brought me back to the bathroom again, held me tight, and told me it was okay.

I called my parents that night and begged them to come pick me up, but it was already late, so I waited till morning for them. That was the last night I spent at my grandmother's!

Afterlife Communication - Mother's spirit comforts daughter after violent death

(edited for privacy) Two weeks before I turned 11, my mom died … Between the loss of my dad (four years earlier), and the violent way my mom died, I would be scared to even walk down a dark hallway, I was just creeped out! Also, I had this feeling like, how could my mom just leave me? It's like she could feel my sorrow, and she wanted to make me feel better. I started having these most vivid dreams that were very NOT dreamlike. In fact, we had a place … where my parents were building our dream home. It sat high on top of a mountain, and sometimes in the mornings the clouds would actually be below you, it was truly breathtaking.

Even after my parents died I'd often … spend the day and I'd ride my horse and just reflect on things; it was a comforting place to be. When I began having these dreams, … they were so vivid & I could actually feel myself there—this is where my mom had them take place. She was wearing what she had on at her funeral and had a turban like cloth wrapped around her head like to cover the bullet wound. (I'd often think about how icky it was at the thought of her been shot in the head.) My mom would tell me how she never meant to leave me, and I'd make myself wake up and instead of this helping, it actually freaked me out more! … I believe my mom knew that it was scaring me because the dreams became less frequent. …

At the age of 13, I took a summer babysitting job where I had to be there at 5:00 a.m., and after the kids' mom would leave for work I'd fall asleep on the couch, until I'd awake to the kids calling my name. Like any other babysitting day, after the mom left I laid down on the couch and fell asleep. My mom came to me wearing the same thing, even the turban thing! She sat right next to me on the couch, for whatever reason I felt calm. What was really cool was I could either lay there and look into her face when we were talking, or I could float up into the corner of the room and look at us both there on the couch, me laying there and her sitting there. My mom told me that she had been trying to reach me for so long, but she said she could tell it was scaring me so she wasn't able to tell me or show me all that she needed to. She took the turban off her head, and leaned over & showed me she no longer had a hole in her head, the wound was healed. She told me she never meant to leave me, how much she loved me, and to tell my brother and sister she loved them too. She shared how wonderful Heaven was, and could not wait to all be together again. …

Finally, she told me it was time for her to go. She said to not be afraid of her coming to me in dreams. She said I'd never have a dream about her again. She kissed me, again, said she loved me, and said, "Shar, the kids are going to call for you now,"… and I heard, "Shar, Shar, Shar!" I flew up, felt such joy, tingling all over! I couldn't run to the phone fast enough to tell what I just experienced to anyone who'd listen! To this day I've never had another dream of my mom, nor do I believe any of those were dreams at all. In fact, my mom told me they weren't when she visited me that last time. She wanted to ease my heart and made certain to let me know this world is NOT all there is.

Has anyone ever had such an experience? Also, does anyone know of someone who does (investigates) psychic cold cases? Thanks for listening to my very long story, God Bless You All!

True Ghost Story: Ghost in the Mirror

(Edited for privacy.) One day, my grandma's mother died and she was very sad. Three years after, we went to Manila; when I was the only one left in the living room, I heard a noise in the bathroom. I looked inside but I didn't see anyone in there. When I looked at the mirror, there was a woman staring back at me and I heard her voice talking to me. I ran upstairs as quickly as I could. I went to bed and closed my eyes; then (the next day) I told my family what I saw and heard that night, but they didn't believe me. My mother said, "That's what you get for watching horror films."

Afterlife Communication - A father's spirit visits his child

My son passed away 2-1/2 years ago. It was a motorcycle accident. It was 5 days before Christmas and he was a policeman. My granddaughter was 10 months old at the time. Now for the past month she has been seeing a policeman in her room. Even if she is at her other grandmother's house. She is three years old now. Is it possible that my son is visiting her? Her mother has asked her what the man looks like. She doesn't say. Her mother has also heard her talking to someone on several occasions. When asked who she is talking to, she says her daddy.

Afterlife Communication - Talking with the dead

I'm 16 now but ever since I could remember, I knew what was ahead of me from dreaming—I knew from every last detail. My parents were afraid of me when I was little telling them I talk to great grandmother who has been dead for years and years before my time. As time went on I found out I could sense how people felt and if they were lying or not.

On September 26, 2007 my grandmother died from cancer at 4:03 a.m. Three hours before that, she came to me telling me she was going to die, and then I woke up crying. I ran toward my dad's room and woke him up telling him she was going to die. He looked at me like I was crazy. Three hours later she died.

My dad looked at me with fear and ever since I am able to talk to the dead. You may not believe me or what I just typed to you but I do not care it's the truth and I'm sticking with it.

Afterlife Communication - from those who have passed

I have paranormal experiences with friends and relatives that have passed on. This didn't start until I was in the 11th grade. It started with me feeling someone touch me in my sleep, or half-dream state (like when I have my visions). I would wake up and no one was there, but I felt a presence. They never tried to hurt me, except one time when it felt like there was someone sitting on my chest choking me. When I graduated from high school it became more of … I knew the person that had visited me (relatives and friends). They are always telling me something, like they are trying to warn me.

Football Field - Vision of deceased uncle

I saw white birds, and I saw my deceased uncle's face flying with the birds. I was 8 years old and played football. While I was on the football field I had the vision. I had seen him before on the field, it was not the first time.

Afterlife Communication - Man in Photo - Friend's Deceased Grandfather

When I was going into 8th grade (I am now 37), I went over to a girlfriend's house. She moved to her sisters house in NJ from Texas. I ALWAYS had a knowing yet at the time I was more concerned with sitting in her kitchen and just being a typical teenager. In a quick, "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't see you in there." I waved very embarrassed at a handsome gray hair gentleman in the living room who was enjoying and almost giggling along with us girls in the kitchen. My girlfriend said, "Who are you talking too?" (I said,) "I don't know. Who is that? That man right there?" When I turned around he had vanished. I described the pin stripe three-piece suit (that he was wearing). White hair, pinky ring. (My friend told me) That was her grandfather who had died!!!!! He was buried in the suit I described and they brought out a picture. I get chills to this day. I never knew she lost her grandfather or any information.

Call from Beyond - Father's spirit visits daughter and granddaughter

Just a couple months after my father passed away, I found out that I was pregnant with my second child. One night my husband had to work late so my daughter and I were alone. That night, after I put my daughter to bed, someone came to me (or at least that's what I think). I sat there at the beginning of the evening feeling sorry for myself that my father wouldn't know about his upcoming grandchild. I cried and told my father out loud that I missed him very much. A while later, the TV turned on by itself—or off, I don't remember which. Then I felt the touch (a light touch on my shoulder). There really was no cold or warmth, just a touch.

Later that night while I was sleeping, I dreamed the telephone was ringing. When I answered it (in my dream) it was my father telling me that he was very proud of me. In my dream I told him that he couldn't call me, he was dead. Then he told me that was exactly how he could contact me.

The next morning my daughter (2-1/2 years old then) woke up and told me that her Papa had visited her that night. When I asked her what happened, she just said that he told her he loved her and then went away. Nothing quite like that has happened since.

A Ghost Story: Deceased grandparents visit with goodnight kiss

My father is more of a psychic than me. When he was a child, he saw apparitions. He was sleeping when he was 6 and saw a green glowing light. The light traveled to his sisters bed and took form. It was his grandparents leaning over and kissing his sister. They looked at him and vanished. He told his parents about it and said they were in funny looking robes. Then his parents told him that his grandparents had been in a car wreck and died. When they were buried, dad said they were in the robes he saw them in.

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