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True ghost stories, spirits and apparitions

Have you encountered a ghost? Family? Friend? Stranger? Pet? We'd love to read about it.

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True Ghost Stories at Dreamwatch®

Ghosts, spirits, a presence—when they appear, we know something is happening. Family, friends, strangers. It seems they remain close even after they've passed. We feel them. We see them.

Have you encountered a ghost? Submit Your Story. Read what others wrote when spirits appeared:

Ghost pranks and more terrorize family.

Where to start — I'm a 46 year old mother with two teenagers that tragically lost her husband at age 35 suddenly unexpectedly when the kids were 2 and 5. The first year that he died everything electrical in the home went bad some things even twice and had to be replaced. I'd find myself doing things to test to see if it was my husband by watching shows he wasn't fond of and the TV would turn to snow more than once as I watched. A single candle lit on Easter morning. Doors opening and closing by themselves. Lights on that you know you turned off. Items moved in the house. Smells in the home that were pretty identifiable to things only he and I knew. My daughter and I feel the soft touch of a soothing hand from time to time. We also both feel and see the bed move down by itself as if someone is sitting there but no one is there. TVs changing channels by themselves like rolling as if someone is rolling channels on a remote control but no one is there.

After the first year things seemed to kinda of get back to normal. My youngest son is scared of his own shadow. He sadly had health problems with asthma and had to go to hospital in an ambulance one night. His father left his home in an ambulance and never came home. He saw that ambulance at age 2 take his father. After the EMS ride, my son had six months of night terrors getting up in mid of night running through the house with eyes open but being disoriented like something was scaring him. Later throughout years you see him talking to himself. It appeared in a tent one time there was a man’s feet pushed up to walls of tent leaving the imprint while my son was reading a book out loud to something or someone but no one was in there.

His mother few years later died of suicide. She and I were best of friends. Within days of her death, my home turned into a violent attemot (?) to apparently get my attention. Footsteps up the hall. Lights all over my room. Whispering of voices. Laughter. Walls cracking. Water turning on by itself. Cabinets opened that weren't. Items removed from home and I got very little rest. It took me to almost die myself from mere exhaustion of nightly terror.

So for anyone that doesn't believe, I'm here to tell you it's happening right here in Kentucky. I have a graveyard on my road just four houses from me. There have been 8-9 unexplained deaths on this road within a few miles of this cemetery. These are deaths from a small child getting tragically killed by her own parent to suicides to strange car accidents to cancers at age 40 to MURDER. All on the same road most door to door??? Is that coincidence or is there something worth getting help from some type of organization to stop anything else from happening. Any suggestions are welcome.

"I can speak to ghosts." Converted church in England houses WWI ghosts.

So, I live in a converted church and always feel wary that something is within my bed room or as if something is watching me. Only a few days ago I felt like researching my home and I discovered that the church car park was a grave yard back in World War I.

I have also found out I can speak to ghosts. I woke up feeling like something was in my bed and I couldn't move, I just lay and then moved as quickly as I possibly could, I turned over with my back to the object. I then couldn't sleep as I saw a figure of a women standing next to my bed so then I turned over again and tried to forget about it.

A few weeks later I began to see things and heard footsteps and knocking on my door. I then recorded it on my phone so that I could play it to my parents as I was hesitant to get off my bed. That night I saw a girl lay at the end of my bed and a little boy stood next to her with what looked like a gas mask around his neck. I decided to lie so that I couldn't see anything, and woke up early hours in the morning with a child's voice whispering in my ear.

I now see these people in my room almost once a week and feel as though they follow me round school and are watching me sleep. But these past few nights I can't sleep and have had the bed cover pulled off me and had things going missing in my bedroom, has anybody also had this?

Little Boy Ghost in Kansas. "Strange things started to happen…"

This is my paranormal experience about a little boy.

My grandmother was sick with cancer and so my grandparents decided to give me her canopy bed. Strange things then started to happen the days after. Every night around 3:00 am on the dot my closet door would open and a little boy would walk out. This happened to me for seven days straight. I can still describe this little boy. He had on dirty old clothes, he had pale skin, bowl hair cut, and dark eyes like the dead. He would stand at the foot of my bed for about 15 minutes or so then he would turn around and walk back into the closet. I am still afraid of the closet to this day.

"He had seen the shape of someone or something in the doorway…"

I think it might have started when I was 12 and my mom had posted a picture of my brother on Facebook with a ghost girl behind him but she (had added) the girl in the picture. It freaked a lot of people out and everyone asked about it and no one wants to come over to my house anymore after that.

About a year later my dad had waken he never said why but he said that he had seen the shape of someone or something in the doorway that resembled someone we had just lost not to long ago but he knew there was a chance that it wasn't so he never investigated... I looked it up and read a book about the paranormal and it had said dangerous entities try to trick people who had just lost someone into thinking that that entity is them and that it feeds off attention and I had already given it plenty by then. I know that you said not to post about Ouija boards so I'm not including what happened when I tried that with my cousin.

Anyways it's been a year after that and I don't think anything's gonna happen right? Well I wake up to my mom yelling my name and I didn't want to get up so I just yelled back but no answer. I went out into my living room and no one was at my house at all, it freaked me out.

Then literally a week after that I woke up in the middle of the night on a weekend and I wasn't able to sleep so I was gonna play a game I had just got not too long before that and I heard someone, a faint little voice and I freaked and went to my parents' bedroom and slept on their floor that night.

Then it stopped and then my cousin wanted to try the Ouija board again and I didn't want to but for some odd reason I did and that was when I was fourteen and after that I had been hearing random things. I'm 16 now and I can't tell if someone is actually yelling to me anymore. It almost feels like I'm losing myself. If anyone has any answers please…

True Ghost Story: "More than one spirit in this house!"

Here is my story: Few weeks ago my children and I were walking into the house as I opened the door it sounded like there was a party goin' on, lots of voices. As we stepped foot into the house the voices disappeared.

One evening I was sleeping and I felt someone sleeping up against me and then whispered into my ear. I tried to move and couldn't. My daughter said one day she saw someone standing by my bed in my bedroom.

At times my daughter wakes up crying and doesn't remember why. Today (in late May) she is home sick I'm in her room next to her and I smelled a fresh clean perfume. I asked her if she smelled it. She said no, so I thought maybe my boyfriend Joe might have sprayed something. He said no I go back to my daughter's room. I smell nothing. I have woken up believing Joe was rubbing my feet. He has said, "No honey, not me."

He tells me he see things in here all the time. I smell the perfume again. It's crazy! I do believe that whatever it is doesn't want Joe and I together. There definitely is more than one spirit here in this house!

Ghost encounter at age 38: "It was clearly a male human figure. I thought it was my husband…"

My last story goes much farther into the future. I did not have another encounter until I was 38 years old. I was painting a house that was vacant. The backyard was fenced in and all the doors were closed and locked except for the front door. My husband and I were done with painting the interior and we were now outside of the house painting the shutters and window trim. I had just finished putting the plastic around the windows to prevent the glass from getting paint on them. Blocking the glass is much easier than scraping stray dried paint off of them. I was looking at the window to make sure I taped all the edges when I saw a figure walk across the window from the inside.

The figure was not easily distinguishable because I was looking through plastic in front of the window but it was clearly a male human figure. I thought it was my husband and I instantly got mad because he was supposed to be outside doing the other window and I wanted to hurry up and finish because it had been a long day. So I look to my right (where my husband should have been) where the other window is at (this is the front of the house and there are two windows, one on each side of the front door). Guess what? My husband was right there where he was supposed to be painting the shutters. There was no way that he could've been inside and made it out in a flash when I turned my head to look.

"I think someone is inside the house…"

I thought maybe it was the reflection of a person walking behind me on the sidewalk so I look behind me and see not a single soul anywhere on the street. I then tell my husband I think someone is inside the house and we both race inside to check it out. We are responsible to ensure no unauthorized people enter these vacant homes and we are responsible to ensure the house is secured when we leave. No more than about 30 seconds had passed from the time that I saw the figure, turned to see my husband, turned to look behind me and went inside to see if there was someone inside the house. We even unlocked the back door and checked the back yard and checked to make sure all the windows were locked.

What I saw was an apparition. Once I exited the house, I refused to go back in again. My husband had to go in alone to recheck all the doors and windows before we left the house.

I am now 48 and have not had any more encounters of any kind but then again, I don't interact very much outside of my own home now because I have been working out of my home for several years now and I don't have much occasion to visit other homes or have sleepovers.

I thought I should share my experiences because so little is known about the paranormal and every little bit may help in some way to better understand that phenomena. My stories are not as dramatic as some of the stuff I see on the show "A Haunting," but they were still very much real.

Grandpa's Spirit Appears to Say Goodbye

(minor edits for clarity and space) I've always believed there is life after death. If anyone ever tries to tell me otherwise, all I'll think is that they haven't experienced anything like I have. One of my experiences just recently happened on Wednesday night (March 18, 2015).

Tuesday night/Wednesday morning at exactly 2:00am, I looked around my room and at my TV. I sleep with the same channel on every night ever since my last paranormal experience. I looked at my dog and noticed her looking around as well. She then jumped off my bed and went to sleep on the floor. Okay, nothing out of the usual. So, I'll just go back to sleep. Except I can't.

I started watching this movie … for a half hour until I heard shuffling upstairs and a knock at my door. "Yes?" I asked.

I heard a sniffle on the other side of the door just before my mother spoke. "Grandpa died." My mom had left with my stepfather to go see him and to make sure my grandmother was okay. She told me to stay home just in case it wasn't a pretty sight and she didn't want that stuck in my head.

I was home alone. A few hours pass, it's now 4:55am and my TV shuts off and then goes back on. I brush it off. The entire day goes pretty well. Then night came again.

I had invited my boyfriend over for company…. So, it's around 8:00 or 9:00pm and my mom had already said goodnight…. Out of the corner of my eye, while I'm watching the TV screen, a black smoky figure quickly passed by from my clothes rack … a few feet away from my TV, into my door. I looked at my boyfriend.

"What?" He asked.

"Nothing." I brushed it off, hoping that wasn't the thing I saw last year that now is my reason for leaving my TV on. Then I heard my door handle jiggle.

I brush that off again until my boyfriend asked, "Did you hear that?"

"Yeah. I thought it was the TV," I said.

"No, that was your door. Whoa," he stuck his hand out towards the end of the bed where our feet are. "Babe, it's really cold. Just right here. Feel."

I didn't have to stick my hand out to feel it. My foot was already freezing. It felt like an ice pack was on my foot. Everywhere else in my room was perfectly warm.

"Maybe it's your grandfather."

"I wouldn't think so. I mean, if it is, he should be seeing Grandma. She needs him." I replied.

After a while, it went away. The next day I told my mom.

This is what makes me know for a fact it was him; She said, "Everyone was in the room with him. You (I) were the only one that wasn't there. He must have been like, you didn't see me so I had to come to you."

And you know what, this makes me really happy. Really happy because I know there is something after life. So, here I am, waiting for the Wake on Monday and the Funeral on Tuesday and all I'm thinking is that this isn't death. It's a celebration. It's the beginning of a new life. So that's one of my experiences.

Scientists bump into the "Greatest Unknown" when brother's spirit comes to call.

Back in the late 1970s my wife's oldest brother "George" was killed in an accident. A couple of nights later we were still wrapped in a fog of shock and grief. Unable to sleep, we simply sat up in bed holding each other. Eventually my wife drifted off and I soon followed--only to be awakened by a light coming from one corner of the bedroom. It was a soft blue-white glow, oblong and upright but without any other particular definition. For some reason I looked at the clock; it was 2:05 am. Then I heard a voice in my head: "I'm OK. Everything's all right. Please take care of her." after which the light faded.

We're both scientists so my logic-based conclusion was that I'd had a hallucination brought about by stress and lack of sleep. I didn't say anything at first the next morning, but halfway through breakfast my wife asked if "something strange" had happened during the night. I hesitated, then said "Yes, but ...". We agreed to follow standard scientific practices and separately wrote down what we'd seen.

Our accounts matched exactly. The glow, the words, even the time of 2:05 am were the same.

That wasn't the end, though. The next day her younger brother "Bill" called, very shaken. He'd been temporarily staying in George's apartment to keep it secure. The same night we were visited, Bill was awakened by footsteps walking down the hallway towards the spare bedroom where George, an engineer, kept some of his research instruments. Bill heard switches being flipped and saw several pieces of equipment power up even though no one was in the room. After a few moments everything shut off, and he heard more footsteps going the other way towards the apartment's exit.

None of us are particularly religious but after these experiences I'm convinced that some part of us, somehow, some way, continues on after death. It still remains the Greatest Unknown, but it's no longer so frightening.

Ghost in the closet?

Well, sit back and relax, this is kind of a long one but true. See when I was in my teens I grew up in a very happy home, but something was very weird about my bedroom. Don't get me wrong, I loved my bedroom, but something else did, too.

I remember waking up to something staring at me. Of course I didn't know that at the time till I woke up and seen her. She looked like an Angel but I was still scared. Then after that I felt really weird about my closet.

Finally we moved out, which I know, it sounds crazy, but I miss the place. Last night, now in my 30's, last night I had a dream of being in my old bedroom and something pulling me in that closet and trying to get me inside—or maybe it never left.

Little Girl Ghost?

Well, got home this morning. I work nights. Had to go straight to bed, had a doctor's appointment at noon. Trying to go to sleep and I keep hearing this music (like something from big band era) just barely audible. Was just about to doze off and felt like a fist hit me right in the back. Dog and cats were nowhere in the room. Wife has seen a little girl in our house, just a glimpse, and she heard cabinets slamming shut twice last night. Any ideas??

True Ghost Story: Ghost of son who died serving his country

My son died May 2nd 2013. He was over in Kuwait serving his country. No one got to say goodbye, it was all of a sudden. We moved into a new house about three days after my son's funeral. As you can imagine, I was a mess.

My little girl at the time was 11. She came into my bedroom and asked if she could have a bowl of ice cream. I told her sure going upstairs the kitchen (which was on second floor) and get you a bowl by Ice cream. I was in the bedroom with a girlfriend of mine and we were talking and all at once I heard this loud crash bang sound that was unbelievable, loud and then my little girl screaming bloody murder at the top of her lungs, flyin' down a flight of stairs back to me, she comes in the bedroom and whiter than a sheet. "Come mommy, you have to come now." Her little hands trembling, she was so scared.

I went upstairs the second floor and in the living room there was a picture of my youngest son laying on the floor, an 8" x 10" picture frame. It had been hit with a two-liter Dr. Pepper bottle and shattered into a million pieces. There was so much glass everywhere. Now the bottle came over the third-story banister, there is nobody on that floor, it was a empty room and it was my son's room, but it was empty no one in the house. There was no one else. Just us three girls, me, my little girl and my friend. No one in the house drank Dr. Pepper, (except) my son that just got killed. He was the only one that would drink Dr. Pepper.

My youngest son was kind of messing up in life, doing things in the street is s*** and I'm (he is?) 16 and kind of a punk. I believe to this day he (deceased son?) was trying to tell him (his younger brother?) a message. Sending her (mom and little sister?) a message.

Ohio spirits suddenly left the house after pet cat's death.

My cat was put to sleep a couple of days ago. My sister and I always felt the presence of several ghosts in our house. In fact, we have even seen the same man at different times. He has white hair and is dressed in white. The spirits seem to be harmless because we have never feared them nor ever had any bad experiences with them.

This morning (two days after my cat died) I awoke and felt something was different. Then I realized that the house was empty, not only of my cat, but the spirits that occupied this house for three years. My sister agrees.

Has anybody had this happen to them? If so, I want to know if you understand what has happened. I would very much like to hear your story or explanation.

Dream of "an old family friend who passed away many years ago."

I had this dream that I was driving my car down my street. I saw a party in the driveway at what I thought was the house next door. As I backed into my driveway I could see the partiers there; a family party. I spotted a woman in what looked like a white wedding dress; an older woman though and I was so happy to see her.

As I parked the car and got out to greet the woman (who I believe was an old family friend who passed away many years ago), she was then wearing a long red dress with a white short coat or fur jacket. She hugged me very warmly and I felt so comfortable there with her. I was very happy to see her and though I knew her husband and others were there, I didn't greet or talk to them. I stayed there in her arms; almost like a comforting mother's embrace. I kept asking if I parked in the wrong driveway, though I knew this was my house (my current house).

I woke feeling great, like I'd had a visit with someone special. I believe I was my current age (45) in this dream. What does this mean? Typically when I have strong vivid dreams I remember the colors so clearly the next day (and for years to come).

"I woke up to see a lady standing next to my bed."

Hi! I now feel ready to share with the world an experience I had over 16 years ago!

My encounter happened around May 1998 in Ventnor on the Isle of Wight, shortly before I was due to have metal pins and a plate removed from my right ankle. (I had an accident the previous year, where I dislocated my right foot and fractured the ankle in three places: hence the surgical implant of metalwork!) I was then living at my mother's flat.

One night I woke up to see a lady standing next to my bed (which was actually just a mattress on the floor, as my mum's flat is a little like a Bedouin tent!). She was not quite solid, but looked kind of shimmering white, pearlescent, and she had a translucent quality. She looked tall, had curly shortish hair with glasses, a long flowing skirt, and a staff in her hand. She smiled, and I sat bolt upright in response, and as I did so, my left arm shot up towards her, and I witnessed some sort of white flowing energy from her which flowed effortlessly from the (seemingly) tips of her right hand fingers to the tips of my left hand fingers. Our fingers/hands seemed to be in contact with one another and the energy flowed from her body right through mine.

I woke up with a start and I sensed, once I'd got up out of bed (and some time later too!) I sensed that the contact and energy I received happened at a split moment BEFORE my astral body realigned my physical one.

I wonder if this happens to other people too?

I also remember thinking that during the split second when the encounter took place, I kind of felt—rather than saw—that she was part of a household which existed on a different plane, and that the household was full of these spirits, and I felt as if she was a kind of head or matriarch.

The household, I just felt I knew, was full of beings healing and being healed by one another and this lady, along with the rest of her household had been there all along rather than some spirit who travelled to my bedroom!

Has anyone else encountered anything like this? Prior to writing about this (here!), I told very few people about my experience, because I sensed for years that I should not tell just anybody. But after 16 years, it somehow feels like the right time to share this with others. If anyone knows about this, I invite them to share and enlighten.

Thank you, Amanda

Shadow People. "I had this strange feeling as if someone or something was watching me."

(edited for length) I'll give you a little family history. My grandfather was psychic, which was passed on to my mother. My brother is the same, and so am I. I have three older siblings, but we are the only ones affected by it (my brother and I). He is much more attached to the spiritual world than I am. He sees and experiences a lot more. I've always had "bad feelings" about things, dreams that often came true, things like that; but recently I've been feeling a deeper connection with one particular "spirit."

I'm not sure what shadow people are, or what their intentions may be, but I hope to find out soon.

My first encounter was a few years ago. Me and my sister used to share a room. We had a small room, so twin and queen beds took up a good amount. Anyways, I was about to fall asleep around 9-10 at nighttime. It was fairly dark in our room, barely lit, but you could still see the outline of objects. Just as I was about to pass out, I had this strange feeling as if someone or something was watching me. I was laying on my side, facing the wall. I tried to ignore it, but I just could not for the life of me fall asleep. I turned over and noticed this black shadow on the wall near our television, which was located at the end of my sister's bed on a end table. We had one window on the wall beside her bed. The shadow moved up the wall to the top of the window, across the top and down the other side to her bed. As it reached her bed, it moved across it and sat on the edge. It was no longer just a blob, it morphed into the outline of a human. It didn't have a face, eyes, anything. It was just a black shadow. All of this happened within the matter of 20 seconds.

I had never experienced anything like this so I was pretty weirded out. I turned on my lamp and looked back at where the shadow once sat. Of course, it was gone. I slept with my TV on that night. I didn't have anymore encounters after then—until recently.

Blue-eyed Watchers.

This happened when I was in college.

I was in my dorm room, it was the middle of the night. I remember coming awake and opened my eyes. I wasn't startled, just fully awake. For some reason, I raised my head slowly and looked over to my roommate's desk chair. Sitting in it was a very handsome 20-ish blonde man. He struck me as a typical Harvard/country club type. His ankle resting on the knee of his other leg, casually sitting back in cargo shorts, t-shirt, socks and sneakers, his left elbow on the arm of the chair, his thumb under his chin, and index finger along his cheek and temple.

For some reason, it didn't strike me as odd that a strange man was in my locked female dorm room watching me sleep. What did unsettle me were his eyes. His eyes were very aqua blue, like the Caribbean water, and the unsettling part was that they were about 30% larger than normal eyes (with pupil and iris), and there was a very faint glow to them, which was why I was able to see their color.

He never made a sound and barely moved as we looked at each other for a time. He appeared as solid as I was, and shadows rested on him as they would any solid object. I remember putting my head back down and going to sleep. I never felt threatened or scared, and I knew I was wide awake.

The next morning I asked my bf and roommate if they had seen anything (they were also in the room), no, they didn't.

We went to brunch and a little boutique shopping. As I was browsing in trinkets on a table, I looked up in the smallish space (about 25x25 feet) and saw the same man standing close to another of similar looks and stature. There was a table and aisle between us, about 10 feet. My heart stopped for a few beats. This was real. As I looked at them, the new one was casually, slowly, turning over some trinket he had picked up, but both sets of those eyes were on me, calmly but intently. The blonde tilted his head slightly toward the brown-haird man, who tilted his back, and some form of communication seemed to take place, though no words were spoken. I eased around toward my bf to show him, watching them. Their heads slowly followed me. I looked away for a second and when I looked back, they were gone.

This was 30 years ago, and occasionally, when I am alone or in a crowd, I feel the same feeling and look for them.

I would be very interested in speaking to others who have had similar experiences. Use "Blue-eyed Watchers" in the title.

"A female figure standing over me."

I don't think this is supernatural, but no one can explain to me what exactly it is, so I put it to you here.

This happened a few nights ago (May 2014)— I have been having vivid dreams and centered a lot on death, or the passing of a loved one.

I woke up to a female figure standing over me, but I wasn't scared, in fact I looked, rolled over and put my back to it and went back to sleep.

My sleep has been interrupted for a while now and yesterday I felt a cool breeze on the back on my neck multiple times—inside the house. Once I actually thought someone was blowing on the back of my neck and I turned to confront them—except I was in my own house.

This morning I'm hearing wind chimes. There are none unless the neighbor got some yesterday.

Anyone had anything similar happen?

"A sound of somebody walking."

We are living in a pg, (?) 15 students … in this we all listen … a sound of somebody walking … and this is only heard when we are alone … plz help because yesterday i saw or felt … i am also confused and then ran and fell from stairs … plz help …

Haunted Asylum Bath House

(minor edits for privacy) A few years ago, when I was about twelve or thirteen, a lot of weird stuff has happened to me. First, let me be clear on one thing: This was at my parents' house. When I was thirteen, my grandparents got custody over me…. The activity is still happening today at my house. For some reason, I believe that spirits become attached to me. I also believe I was connected with psychic abilities as a child. It would not be much of a surprise if there was a form of paranormal phenomena happening because I always believed in the paranormal.

I lived in the town of Mount Clemens; it is a small place with some buildings and little suburbs, which I lived in at the time. It was a small, house with a basement and the garage was in our backyard, strangely.

The city of Mount Clemens does have a rich history. Long ago, there was a time when the buildings in the downtown area were known for sulfur baths. A sulfur bath is something that I'm sure was illegal back then, and many gangs would travel to this town to enjoy sulfur baths. They did this because it allegedly "healed" wounded people. One man who enjoyed these sulfur baths happened to be the legendary Al Capone. Also, a little way down is a hospital. Not the Mount Clemens general hospital, another one, near Chesterfield, I believe.

Well, I know about it because my mother was suffering from schizophrenia, which is a main reason of me having to live with my grandparents. On a visit, I spoke to her about it, and she told me the other patients had spoken about how the place once was a mental asylum. This as a matter of fact, is true. I didn't believe it at first because, hell, would you believe someone who said that it was haunted? Anyway, my mom had said the nurses and doctors confirmed this.

The patients eerily complained about the same thing: They never wanted to go to the bathhouse. The bathhouse was in the basement part of the hospital, it was abandoned and run down. The nurses told my mom that it was just dirty, out-of-condition bathtubs, rusty water heaters, and the main electricity box.

Many patients had complained that when they went down there, (I don't know why there was a reason to go there!) they would hear of whispers and screams and see weird things. They would hear footsteps and see black shapes at night. The patient next to her even described having a night terror about being in the bathhouse, surrounded by doctors while she was strapped on a cold metal table and being tortured with rusty lab equipment. She had also had night terrors about getting electric therapy. At first I thought this was complete BS because my mom had obviously been drugged to calm down, and the patients may have been, too. But after a little research, I did learn that this was actually true. I one day hope to visit that place.

"Your time is over! Come with me …"

I am a young IT professional. My dad passed away 8 years ago. I have an elder brother. As a single parent, our mother was a backbone for our family. Few days ago, my mom was suffering from a severe stomach ache, so my mom and my brother went to the nearest hospital in the night around 10 pm by walking, and came back. Before she entered the house, she fainted at the doorstep. We couldn't carry her to home, but she is very thin that particular time we felt very heavy. One of our neighbours managed to carry her to house and we gave some water and milk to our mom. One of our relatives, she is very close to my mom, was also with us. Myself, my brother, the aunt who I mention who is very close relative, and my mom. We all four are in the house around 12.00 pm, my dog name is Tiger. He kept barking like anything and I got very irritated. Suddenly my mom started speaking like my dad, "Lalitha … Lalitha … We will go, come … Your time is over! Come with me …" We all were shocked, we started crying.

Abandoned Hospital Ghost: "It gets creepier."

My very first interaction with this whole paranormal thing was when I was 17. (That's as far back as I can remember anything happening.) I had gone to an abandoned hospital with two friends … just to sum it up, on the outside it sounded like kids screaming on a roller coaster but no amusement park anywhere near, and when inside, I got instant shivers because it was cold (it was summer time though) and things kept moving on their own, oh, and that isn't the best part, it gets creepier.

When in the building behind the place where they did autopsies, looking around I thought I had seen one of my two friends walk right past the doorway and said, "Hey," but they still kept going so I followed and when I looked—my friend was way, way, WAY too far to have ever been able to run to play that off. So I am pretty sure I had seen a ghost that day. Also, my friend had a hunter green hoodie on, but the ghost I seen had a navy blue hoodie on. And it was broad daylight outside, so there was no possible way on mistaken colors here.

"I think something had followed me home…"

When we left that day though I think something had followed me home because when I got home that day (I was living on my own with my bf due to being kicked out) it was strange, my bf had gone to the hospital for bronchitis, which he was late getting home, but I had skipped school and he didn't know, but when we went to bed that night, my bf fell asleep right away, ya know. Well I am laying there and then feel like I am sinking in our bed and then next morning, he left for work and I was still in bed. After he left, I heard someone come back through the front door and open the fridge and then leave again. I asked him if he had come back for anything that morning and he had said no so that creeped me out, but since then over the years, I have felt like since that day, someone had followed me.

But lately things, since I have put it into some thought, have grown stronger, like my senses. And I seem to have no control over it or something. I just don't want anything evil to happen involving this stuff, and I will NEVER bring a board in my house or possession cause I have noticed that it will only make things worse for people from what I have watched and read. LOL. But I just would like to understand this newly found thing my body has going, it is greatly appreciated.

True Ghost Story: Spirit assures grandson, "Everything is going to be OK."

My grandfather passed away in December of 2007, I was 16 at the time. There was no forewarning, he didn't gradually get ill over time. He went to the hospital and three days later he passed away. It came as a heavy blow to the whole family, myself especially, he and I were very close ever since I was very young. Instead of talking about it or showing much of any emotion I just bottled it all up and cried myself to sleep for the days leading up to his funeral.

The night after his funeral I did the same thing, but something strange happened that night. Now I've never been one to remember any of my dreams. Like EVER. I can count on one hand how many times in 22 years I have remembered a dream. The dream I had this night however is the most vivid dream I have had and probably ever will have.

It was midday, I was sitting in the back of my grandfather's old Ford Ranger. My father was driving and my grandfather was sitting in the passenger seat. The three of us were laughing about something like we always did, and not just laughing, like really carrying on about something very funny that was said. After a moment I wiped the tears from my eyes and caught my breath and it was then that my grandfather turned around and looked right at me.

"Then it hit me, I remembered that he had passed away…"

Then it hit me, I remembered that he had passed away and my eyes started watering up as I felt the depression coming back. It was then that my grandfather got a small smile on his face. He reached back and placed his hand on my shoulder like he always did when he wanted to tell me something important. He hesitated a moment as I tried to compose myself. As he continued to look at me I took notice that he seemed so relaxed.

My grandfather had back problems that pained him and a bad twitch in his left eye. As long as I remember, he had always had this look to him that his back was hurting him. He didn't have this look now however, neither was his eye twitching. He seemed so much at peace and relaxed. I thought I saw his eyes tear up a little as he looked straight into my eyes and simply said "It's alright, Chris. Everything is going to be OK."

Then I snapped awake and shot up in my bed. I took a moment to relax as I processed what had just happened. From that point on, I felt so much more at peace with it. I still get sad thinking about him. I've had to wipe my eyes one or twice while typing this, but the deep depression never came back. I guess I felt like I had a little bit of closure having had that.

"Soldiers from the Napoleonic era marching through my bedroom…"

When I was a child I remembered seeing soldiers in uniform from the Napoleonic era marching through my bedroom, but I could only see their top half. Had various experiences since, one in York, sat in an old cafe with my mother who dreams of things before they happen. We both heard a woman with a baby behind us, we turned around to see a women of Edwardian era sat in a nursing chair with a baby. When we looked again she had gone and it was just a wall.

I have had odd feelings and dreams since, up until 2009 moved in a new house. Things happened to all my family: noises, shadows, husband used to get touched on leg every night in bed. I had a child whisper in my ear: HELLO. I saw a figure.

One night I had a dream that changed me. One particular bedroom, my child was in there, he was crying. I went in until be slammed against the wall. No matter how hard I tried to shout no one could hear me. That's when things turned nasty.

Just got into bed turned light out when there was an almighty bang behind bed and it moved, but yet we were on an outside wall. My middle son started to become pale with dark bags around his eyes and he started to become depressed and emotional at only four years old. I couldn't step foot in that room without being nauseous. I did go in and threaten it, was something more than a spirit, and the little child spirit was scared and was warning us.

The dog refused to go upstairs would just stand at bottom look up and snarl. The general atmosphere changed, being uneasy, everyone felt on edge, scared of being there, so we left. Thankfully nothing followed us. Been clear for two years until three nights ago …

Doesn't scare me, any of this. My middle son is very susceptible; he has seen echoes of the past. Me and my mother are the same. We just learn to live with it.

Dream of "an old family friend who passed away many years ago."

I had this dream that I was driving my car down my street. I saw a party in the driveway at what I thought was the house next door. As I backed into my driveway I could see the partiers there; a family party. I spotted a woman in what looked like a white wedding dress; an older woman though and I was so happy to see her.

As I parked the car and got out to greet the woman (who I believe was an old family friend who passed away many years ago), she was then wearing a long red dress with a white short coat or fur jacket. She hugged me very warmly and I felt so comfortable there with her. I was very happy to see her and though I knew her husband and others were there, I didn't greet or talk to them. I stayed there in her arms; almost like a comforting mother's embrace. I kept asking if I parked in the wrong driveway, though I knew this was my house (my current house).

I woke feeling great, like I'd had a visit with someone special. I believe I was my current age (45) in this dream. What does this mean? Typically when I have strong vivid dreams I remember the colors so clearly the next day (and for years to come).

"I moved to a new apartment and still felt the presence."

I'm new to all of this and don't have many people to talk to about it. My family probably thinks I'm seeking attention and my boyfriend tries to understand but it's hard for him.

About two years ago my Uncle John died and months later I started experiencing strange feelings, strong feelings of a spirit around me. I didn't immediately think of my uncle. I was trying to figure out who could be around me. At first I assumed it was a man who died upstairs in my duplex because most of the strange feelings were happening in my apartment. It wasn't until I moved to a new apartment and still felt the presence that I realized it wasn't like a haunted place like on TV or movies, this spirit was a good spirit, was staying with me.

It started to occur to me it was my uncle when his daughter, my cousin, came over my place to drop off Christmas gifts for my children. I felt the presence strongest at that moment and while she was there, a large bag that was on a chair fell over and I knew it was my uncle trying to communicate with his daughter.

"Dad are you okay? You were dead."

Ok my dad died on 2 June of this year (2013) just six weeks ago. He's buried just five minutes away from us and we go to see him everyday.

But last night I dreamt that I had went to the grave to see my dad and I could see his body in his coffin like it was a bed! The next thing he swallowed and I thought in my dream I was seeing things, but den his colour started coming back all the colour even the bruises dat were on his hands before he died. (He had very tender skin and if he touched anything he'd bruise like a peach.) I looked around and called my mam who happened to be behind me and I said, Look. And she said, I can see. I said, Dad are you okay? You were dead. And he asked what happened and we told him (liver gave up in the end). We were in a cabin.

The next thing a nurse came and I pushed her and started crying saying this is all your fault. He has been gone from us for six weeks and he could have never left us. And I ran back in and gave him the biggest hug and he said, I'm here now! The next thing we were at home doing normal things and I would not take my eyes of him for fear he would leave us.... Then I woke up...

Family member says last goodbye—as he journeys to the beyond.

This isn't related to me but my father. My father has always had an extra sense when it came down to people passing and his dreams. It would either be after they have passed or shortly before. I can see that it does bother him and at times it torments him.

Recently a family member has moved on to the other side, literally like yesterday, my father dreamt of him. I had asked my dad for details and all he said was, "I was sitting on a bench with a group of people. I did not recognize anyone there. It wasn't like a party, just more like you'd be at a train station and he (I'm going to call him Marv) walked up to me and told me I had something on my shirt. My shirt was white. It was like a little piece of trash I got and flicked off. I smiled and thanked him and he said no problem."

My pops woke up due to a phone call. Three or four hours later he gets another saying that Marv is dead. I would like to know what his dream meant and maybe give my dad peace of mind. I've told to embrace his gift, but he's chosen not to.

Friend's spirit remains close.

So one morning on my way home from work, I thought I saw a friend Kane, who I hadn't seen for months, at a servo* across from my ex's, who was very close friends with Kane. There's more ill add to history, so I kept looking and it wasn't Kane, and I started thinking about him. Later on that day, I found out that Kane had passed away, suicide, the night before that at his home. I was shocked because I hadn't thought of him in ages and it turns out he had passed away. He had been in some strange dreams, too, where I see him and I'm happy to see him and I'm like, "What you didn't go?" And he smiles. It's hard to describe the feeling of the dream. I'd like to share more if anyone cares to listen. Thank you.

Father-in-law who has passed helps save son's life.

All my life, I knew things before they happen. Here is something that happened to me that was different from the rest. A few years back my father-in-law passed away in 2005. In 2008, I had back surgery. I was unable to use my right leg because my nerves were cut. My husband was sleeping and I was watching TV. This is day time! I saw a image come out of the wall. The image went from one end of the wall and disappeared in the wall on the other side. My dog was laying on the bed with me also. My dog started barking at it after it went into the wall.

Later that night I was sleeping. I woke up and sat up in a panic! My husband was sitting at the computer desk right by me. He wasn't breathing! He ate walnuts and he didn't know he was allergic to them. I pulled myself up. I saw water spraying out of his head. I had to get his mouth open and I put my weight on his back. He has a belly and I pressed on his back. He throw up water like fluids. Then I did it a couple more time and he started to breathe again. I called 911. The image I saw that day was the profile of my father-in-law. It was dark image, but I saw the shapes of the body and face. I knew it was his head shape and nose shape.

I wish I knew who is telling me this information and I wish I would know how and why I get told this.

Dad's spirit returns to help build a porch.

I have to be very honest when I say I really suck at building anything. It never lasts and anybody that sees it is polite enough to offer help on correcting the problem. I was in my late 30's early 40's when my dad passed away. In my younger days I used to help him build whatever he dreamed up to build, to make things easier. At the time I was living in a trailer and I had my dogs and they loved the outdoors, but I didn't have a back porch, nor did I have any decent doghouses.

I got some pallets and 2x4s and went to work. I was taking a break and was sitting there smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer, when I felt something come and sit beside me. I tried not to look, but I looked beside me. Nobody was there, but I still felt it. In my head I heard dad talking to me and for the next few hours I worked my butt off. Taking very few breaks. By the time it was over I had a back porch combination two doghouses. It was rock solid, it was built out of industrial pallets and 2x4s as well as the planks from the other pallets. I lit up a cigarette and looked at my work, and said yeah I know I need a railing as well as a ramp, so after a lunch break I went back to it and I heard him telling me how to do the railing. It was solid as a rock and my ramp was perfect.

I grinned at my work popped the top on a beer, and toasted my work and said, "Thanks Dad." I felt him leave, and I have to admit I was sad when he left. But somehow I believe with all my heart and soul that dad had been there, and coaching me over the rough spots. I'm now 52 years old and I still believe that somehow he had come to help me. It's kinda hard to explain, but you know how it feels when you sit at the table and talk to someone? Their scent. Well that was the feeling I had as I built that porch. I felt him there.

Godmother who has passed remains close.

I am a 19 year old, living on the complete other side of the country due to school. My aunt/godmother passed away in late January due to cancer. We were very close and her loss has been so hard on me. Lately (about last month or so, it is May now) I have been having so many dreams where she is saving me. Example in one dream I was being chased from a mob of people and she came out of nowhere and helped me hide, or I was on a plane and it was about to crash and my seat belt broke and she was sitting behind me so she grabbed me and held me tight so I wouldn't go flying. Or sometimes she just walks past me or is even sitting across from me in a dream but I feel as safe as can be. I was wondering if anyone knew what this meant? Is she trying to tell me something or is this just me wanting to see her? Please comment!

Is uncle who died trying to communicate?

My uncle died a few years ago on April 23rd. The past couple of months this date has come up numerous times in speaking with people. For example: appointments, deadlines, just in general that date is mentioned. I feel my uncle is trying to communicate with me and maybe trying to warn me about something negative is going to happen. What do you think? I need some suggestions.

Vision of a woman in a white dress … The date was 1923.

I moved in my home three years ago and I have been experiencing some things. I have seen shadows out the corner of my eye. When I'm laying in bed at night I feel as if someone is in the room with me. I have even felt as if they are laying right beside me in my bed.

One night I kept getting woke up by someone pushing me on the back of my shoulder, but when I turn to look, no one is there. This continued to happen every time I would fall off to sleep that night. It scared me so bad to the point I just laid there very still and prayed for myself and for whatever was bothering me.

After that night I didn't experience nothing else for a few months till one day me and my kids were sitting on the bed and we all saw the bathroom door shut all the way. I still can sense someone in my home, but it doesn't physically bother me anymore. But two days ago I was walking through my living room and I had like a vision of a woman dressed in a white dress come to me. After the vision I didn't feel scared just very sad.

Then last night I dreamed my daughter checked the mail and in my mail was a old looking newspaper, and on the front page was the woman I seen in my vision. I looked at the top of the paper and the date was 1923.

I'm confused and don't know what all this means. If possible could you please help me? I am 34 years old and I have always been able to feel things and see shadow like body figures every since I was in my teens. But they seem to be coming more often and more clear. Could you possibly give me an idea of what's going on and if there is some way I could help this lady 'cause I feel like she's very sad and needs help. Thanks so much.

Ghost in a West Virginia movie theater

I work at a movie theater and the employees always have the feeling of being watched while worker. Well I've always been into paranormal investigation so today a fellow employee and myself did an investigation using video camera and flashlight. Well we got pretty good EVP and video but my friend actually saw the apparition of the entity we were addressing. I also have it on video if anyone would like to have it emailed to them to see it. I'll explain more in the email but I'd love to get others takes on it and get them to try to disprove it because I'm fascinated. Comment and let me know and I'll post my email. Thanks so much.

Grandmother seen sitting in her favorite chair — after her funeral.

When I was 18 years old, I was 8 months pregnant with my first child. My husband and I moved into an old house near the railroad tracks. The very first week we lived there around midnight, I could hear someone walking back and forth in the kitchen. It sounded like the person had boots on. As soon as we turned the lights on the sounds stopped. We looked in the kitchen and there was nothing there. This went on for a couple of weeks. I was so scared, I moved out of that house and into my mother-in-law's house. Not long after that, they bulldozed the house down.

When I was 21 years old, my beloved grandmother that raised me, suddenly died. I was beside myself with sorrow. I loved her so much. The day after the funeral, all the family gathered at her house. I was laying down in my old bedroom. I decided to go into the living room. I opened the door and I saw my grandmother sitting in her favorite chair. She looked at me and smiled. I stopped. I looked at her for a minute, blinked and she was gone. I didn't mention this to anyone because they would have said I was seeing things or I was crazy.

Native American Spirits Protecting their Land?

I was hiking alone in a National Monument site that was once occupied as a village by Native Americans, in New Mexico. I was taking photos as usual with my 35mm SLR camera. The people not only had pueblos and ceremonial centers in the valley, but also had carved out caves for various purposes from the cliff faces. Well, I thought it would be clever to get inside one and get some good shots of the ruins down below. So I climbed up there and crawled into one of the caves (you are allowed to do this in some of the lower caves). I took a few shots, and then for some inexplicable reason, decided that I needed to open the back of the camera. Needless to say, I immediately overexposed the two shots I had just taken. I had never done such a thing before or since, but I wonder if someone or something was reminding me respect their home.

A Spirit Prepares to Pass

I awoke to an image of a young boy looking at me. Two days later an acquaintance passed away. During the service they showed a slideshow, and the boy that had visited me was a younger version of the acquaintance.

Grandmother's Good-bye Touch from Beyond

My grandmother passed suddenly recently. She use to state right from the get go that she just saw her doctor and she was in great health, every time we used to call her. She was sharp as a whistle. After she passed I kept seeing out in the corner of my eye that there was a presence, but every time I looked in that direction I saw nothing. I would say out loud, I know it's got to be you grandma.

This continued for two weeks. I was talking to one of my neighbors outside, and she asked me if anyone was standing behind her because she felt a presence, and I said no. She actually turned around to double check that no one was there. Finally, I mentioned to my neighbor that my grandmother had passed and we were talking about it. I didn't think too much about it, until I left to go inside the house and I then decided to call my neighbor to let her know that must be my grandmother saying good bye to me, and at that very moment, I felt a heat sensation on my arm like she was touching me and letting me know that she is there and was saying good-bye. Since then I haven't experienced any more presences.

Spirit in the Restroom

I was in Spain on vacation with my boyfriend, we went down stone cobble streets eating tapas and enjoying drinks; it was one of many nights we have been there. We went to the margarita bar and the building is over 200 years old. We drank, had fun, and then I had to use the restroom, so I went to the basement and it was one door to open and then you walk in and it's two stalls. I went to the first stall and grabbed the handle and it wouldn't open. I tried again and figured it was locked. I then waited thinking someone would come out. I tried one more time. The door opened and I waited for a women to come out.

No one came out.

I looked inside and was in shock! I swear there had to be a person in that restroom. I walked inside and was filled with energy. I said, You are not welcome into me and I said a Catholic prayer… I tried to explain to my boyfriend what happened. He said I ran out of the bathroom white, but he didn't understand. I know what I felt and experienced that night. If anyone has anything similar please let me know. I wish peace on whatever experience I had … But I can never forget.

Ghost in the Courthouse Elevator

In the spring of 2007, I was working at … (deleted for privacy) as a stenographer. It was Monday morning and another court reporter and I were heading out to the elevators to go to our assigned courts. We were laughing and talking, passing through two locked doors carrying our machines. As we headed in the direction of the elevators, the doors opened, so we picked up our pace to catch it, simply because it takes a long time to get the elevator again with so many people trying to catch it, from seven different floors including the basement, on a Monday when the courthouse docket is extremely busy. I'd say we were about 15 feet away when this gentleman walked quickly from around the corner and got on the elevator. Beth and I picked our pace up more, and something happened that never happened before—ever.

As soon as he got on, the doors shut quickly. Beth and I kinda had puzzled looks on our faces, and I thought how rude, so we kept talking, put our machines down, and as soon as I reached to push the button for the elevator, the doors magically opened. That's the only way to describe it, simply because it takes forever for those doors to close and open, and yes, there is an Open/Close button, but it's useless, not to mention aggravating. Beth and I stopped talking. Our eyes came out like organ stops.

There was no man in sight in the elevator.

We did not move. Just looked inside of the elevator, then got on as if nothing happened. Funnily enough, we never mentioned it to each other at that moment. Guess it was the shock … dunno.

Beth confessed to me later that day that she even looked in the roof of the elevator to see if he went up through one of the ties, thinking that maybe he was a repairman or something. We did end up discussing the whole thing later with the other 16 reporters.

I'm pretty sure that I haven't seen the last of spirits on earth.

Deceased Feisty Grandpa Breaks Glass to Communicate

I was my grandfather's first grandchild, but he died a month before my first birthday, and so we never had a chance to know one another. He had made a violin for me though, and it, among other things, including his and my grandmother's wedding pictures, were given to my father because Grandma had to move in with my aunt and her husband. The pictures, 16" x 20" were in white frames, and had hung in an unused room upstairs as I was growing up.

In my early 30s my parents gave me the pictures when my family had visited them one summer. On the long trip from WA to TX in the back of our station wagon, upside down to protect the glass in them, somehow, the glass on Grandpa's picture was broken. I had it replaced and hung the pictures in our hallway. Only weeks later, Grandpa's fell from the wall, and again, the glass was broken. The wire holding the picture had broken.

One day a friend came by and I showed her the two pictures and told her what had been happening. Neither of my parents had good feeling about Grandpa, so I made the comment that he must be "living up to his poor reputation," kind of thing. My friend looked shocked and said, "Maybe he's trying to contact you." I immediately felt a sense of wild joy, and had the realization that what she'd said was true. From then on I felt Grandpa was with me (I actually believed he might be "My Watcher," until another situation occurred when I was 52, in the realm of reincarnation, that changed my mind. And my watcher remains with me.)

From then on his picture stayed on the wall. Grandma lived into her nineties, and the wire holding her picture, put there when she was nineteen, had never been replaced.

Signs and Wonders - Thirteen Lilies in a Texas Drought

About 3 years ago, I moved my mom to Texas with me so I could help care for her as my dad passed away and she was becoming ill. For 3 long years I watched my mom—best friend—suffer … dialysis, stents, a broken hip and diabetes. Last March almost a year after the hip fracture while at the dinner table, she began to choke. My 5-year-old watched her face turn blue, as I struggled to help. The paramedics arrived; by that time my mom had a seizure, and her heart had stopped. They started her heart twice, got her to a cardiac trauma center, cryotherapy was used and she was I medically put in a coma.

Week after week … nothing. Finally they figured out she was non-convulsively seizing the entire time. Docs wanted me to consider the options. Brain dead they say … anyway, from March to June, no change. Finally she came to. "She won't remember you, she's brain dead," they say. God became more and more of my daily life, despite doctors' professional opinion, my mom spoke. She said she loved me and my son … was scheduled for intensive rehab, but passed away the day before.

One week after her death I receive 13 lilies in my back yard during the worst summer drought in Texas. Three weeks later … I sit outside crying and looked up to see a bush in my back yard … was cut down in may … had grown in the shape of a heart, with heart-shaped leaves on the trunk shaped like a 'U'.

Three weeks later I am outside and see a vibrant red cardinal fly right over my head. Before she died, like a week prior, I had a dream she passed. It has been three months since her death and so many changes have happened to my psyche. I recently dreamt of my mom, my ex-boyfriend, my son (with religious symbolism). I woke up several times, just to fall asleep again and again continuing the same dream!! I know my mom was telling me something…

Ghost in the Shower

The year was around 1996. My boyfriend and I moved into an apartment in a nice suburban neighborhood with our 5-month-old Yorkie. I remember it being a Saturday afternoon, I was walking in with a couple bags of groceries. I can see that my boyfriend was in the washroom and turned the handle to let him know I was home, but the door was locked.

The shower was on and the light shined from under the door.

I started to put the groceries away when I can hear someone opening up the front door to our apartment. In comes my boyfriend. I told him to hold on as I walked over to the washroom. The door was opened, light was off and the shower was turned off as well.

This really did happen as I had so many creepy things happen in this apartment.

Two Ghosts at Augustine Beach - "They just disappeared!"

(edited for space) It's been over three years that me and my boyfriend went out to dinner late night, and since I was getting into paranormal research, I decided I would bring my camera and recorder along, so after we ate we could do a little research. But then we decided to go fishing after eating. So we went to Port Penn, Delaware, Augustine Beach, and there we got our stuff ready to go fishing, and after a while I was getting bored not catching no fish, so decided to let Bill fish. As he sat there fishing I got my recorder ready, and asked if there was any beings or entities here with us and that I would like to communicate with them as I was recording. So then I turned off recorder, and then took some pictures. It was around 2:00 in the morning so it was pretty dark out. Bill was only sitting about 5 feet from me as I was standing there looking at the pictures I just took.

I noticed a man no more then eight feet from me who looked just like my boyfriend. In fact, I thought it was him, never turning my head to see Bill sitting only five feet from me. As I watch who I thought was Bill my boyfriend, I just was thinking, What is he doing? And then it looked like he had a lantern. But I knew Bill didn't have one, so I figure it was his rod he was holding with a fish he had caught, and that maybe a light was reflecting on it.

Still not once looking to where Bill was sitting, I just was watching this guy who I thought was Bill. Then I noticed a bright green light coming from the side of this guy. It was almost as if the light was coming from the ground up the side of the guy's leg, and then all the sudden there was another taller guy. They never once said anything to one another or to us, and the whole time it was like I couldn't keep my eyes off them. But notice the first guy never even made eye contact with me or the other guy with him.

As I watched the guy, who seemed to come up from a green light, started to walk away with the first guy, who looked just like my boyfriend following behind him, with his head down like from the beginning. Then the second guy, who seemed like he was in charge so to speak, stopped, and the guy behind him stopped as well. Then the second guy that seemed to be in charge looked dead in my eyes and we both just stared at each other. Then he turned and other guy turned and they started to walk away. It was then I seemed to wake up, and turned to Bill and whispered, "Look!"

As Bill turned around and seen them, he replied, "It's time to go!" He said I looked white as a ghost, and took me to the truck, and said, "Lock the doors while I get all our stuff." When Bill came back, he said, "That is crazy! They are gone and there is nowhere for them to go but the water. It's like they just disappeared." So we just got up out of there as fast as we could, and didn't say much the whole ride home.

Anguished Man Haunted Painting

I've been experiencing a lot of paranormal activity centered around a thirty-year-old painting I own called The Anguished Man. You can read the full story (on YouTube: Anguished Man Haunted Painting). I have recently recorded some more footage and it is probably the best footage I have recorded so far. I set the camera up again and recorded for four hours over five consecutive nights. I recorded between 1:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. because this is when the activity seemed to be more prevalent. I recorded several strange whispering noises and other unexplainable sounds. I also recorded what appears to be something moving in front of the camera. I have no explanation for the events in this video.

Faceless Ghost - Bad Fashion Never Dies

Over the past two/three nights I have been suddenly waking up to "see" someone standing next to my bed. It is usually just a shadowed figure. However, last night I woke to a faceless man in a blue plaid suit, walking past my bed and through the wall. These dreams startle me awake, but I don't have a feeling of anxiousness when awaking.

Unexplained Grief - A spirit connection? Parts of the same oversoul?

(My story) has started since a person that I never met died (last year). When I heard about his death, I felt incredibly sad, even though I didn't know him. … Seven months later to the day of this person's death, I came across material and photographs of this person. Suddenly something inside of me snapped …

Spirit Dressed in White - A spirit guide to the next world?

My dad was dying of lung cancer. He was in my home as that was our wish to care for him. Two days before he died at 8:00 a.m., I was sitting in my kitchen looking out to the hall and a person dressed in white walked through my hallway. I do not know what it was. No one was in my home—only me.

Dream Warning - an auto crash - and the dreams that came before

I had a recurring nightmare 7 years ago at the age of 36 of my husband who is now 55 having a car accident. I had this dream 5 times over a period of a month and on the impact would wake and sit upright in a panic and sweating. This dream seemed to last for just seconds and was identical every time. I was suddenly (sitting) in the back of my husband's car but in the dream I was actually aware that I wasn't actually in the car but just an observer. All I could see was my husband and out the windscreen. All of a sudden a red lorry came towards him and hit him head on. That's when I woke in a sweat.

Three weeks after the dream had stopped, we went on holiday with our daughters and grandchildren. I travelled down with my husband, and the others in their own cars. We all arrived safely and I didn't give the dream another thought. We had a great holiday and were all in the cars ready to travel home when my stepdaughter came to the window of our car and said her husband didn't want her and their 8 month old daughter in their car because the seatbelt had broken. I offered to swap cars and let them travel home in our car and I go in theirs. We set off and about an hour into the journey we were on the motorway and my husband was travelling behind us. I just happened to glimpse into the passenger wing mirror and observed a red van hit my husband's car. How my husband and the van driver got off the motorway without any other cars being involved was beyond belief and nobody was hurt.

The crash wasn't exactly as the dream but I felt like it was a warning. My mother told me that at that exact time, my father appeared before her who passed 13 years ago. She phoned me and told me this before I had a chance to tell her about the accident. I would just like to add that this is the only car accident that my husband has had and he has been driving for nearly 40 years.

Afterlife Communication - Talking with deceased relatives

I spent most of my life as a non-believer of an afterlife. Not till I was in my forties did I realize for the first time that my deceased relatives were talking to me. The turning point was, one night I asked my grandmother to help me with a problem, curious to see what would happen. She had died some 6 years before and I was very close to her. I heard words in my head about my life now, and then the next night, information on my future. I did not believe I had heard anything, but was simply talking to myself.

Some three months later I saw a spiritualist suggested by my daughter, and had completely forgotten about that night. However was stunned when she repeated what had been said, word for word. That my grandmother had visited me, only at night. That she was in the room. (I had asked her to show herself if she wanted to.) And that she had told me two things. One about my current life and one about my future; and then repeated what I had been told that night! No-one could have known that not only had this occurred, but what she had said. I was amazed. And what is even more special, is that as now I truly believe, it seems to allow communication with them, and now they continue to talk with me at times, often helping me when I need help.

So I say to you all, have faith, as they are always there, and really do live on. And what's more, will always help you in times of need. God bless.

Lady in White - Spirit sent to help us pass?

My mother died last year at 94 years of age; she was in the hospital because of a heart attack. She had been living on her own. In the hospital, family members and I kept vigil and it was common to see hospital staff enter the room to check on her or to perform various procedures.

One night I was seated in a chair next to my mother's bed. I may have drifted in and out of sleep during the night. Around 3:00 AM my mother asked who was that lady dressed in white standing by her bed? I said no one had entered the room, they would have had to walk right in front of me, even disturbing me if I had fallen asleep. It wasn't a nurse dressed in white. It was a lady.

The next morning my mother felt better than she had felt. She felt great. She talked to the doctor who had come in to discuss options regarding her health care. Then my mother even felt well enough to get out of bed. She died 15 minutes later. No one knows anything about the lady dressed in white who stood by her bedside.

True Ghost Story: "I Am Not Dead."

In my dream a person came to me and said, "Joe Jones will be coming to see you. There may be others who come, but you need to be certain it's really Joe." A while later I was with Joe, and we were talking. I had been housekeeper for the elderly Joe and his wife. After Joe died suddenly several months earlier, his wife was having a difficult time. I told her that Joe was still with her, and that he would be there for her as long as she needed him. So as Joe and I talked, I asked him, "What's it like where you are now?" I'm very curious about everything and am always asking people questions. His answer was quite adamant, and very surprising. He said, "I am not dead."

True Ghost Story: Protected by Friend's Spirit

Since I woke up I felt very cold not wanting to get out of bed. As I was driving to work I had the air off and was wearing a long sleeve shirt with pants. For some reason, as I was driving I started to realize that I felt something cold on my right shoulder. I tried to ignore it and pressed my shoulder harder on my chair so it would be warm, but it was still cold. I started to feel very strange and wasn't sure if it was the presence of a spirit or not but I felt awkward, protected, and a warning at the same time. I started to drive slow due to the fact that I was on I-75 and cars were just zooming by.

A very good friend of mine passed away in June. Not a day goes by that I don't think about her. I think of her more when I'm driving especially due to the fact that she died from a car accident that happened almost right in front of my house. I pass the street everyday and it always reminds me of her. I have felt that I have been protected in other occasions and have almost been pulled away from a car accident.

I tried looking up online to see if anyone can explain this to me. I was told today that on your left shoulder is your devil and on your right shoulder it's your angel. I'm hoping I could maybe get an answer from you. I appreciate the time you take to read this! Thank you!

True Ghost Story: Farewell Kiss - After partner died

My best friend and partner died on June 9th, 2008. I loved this man more than any other person in my life, I knew him and he knew me better than anyone. Before his death, we were having problems … intimacy issues. We hadn't kissed each other in quite a while (at least on the mouth, we would kiss each other on the neck and cheek). A few nights after he passed, I had a dream that he looked healthier and he kissed me passionately on the mouth and we made love passionately. This was something I hadn't experienced with him in quite a while. I feel like, he came to me to say good-bye and give me the kiss and love I was longing for.

True Ghost Story: Husband Ghost

One day when my friend's boyfriend visited her in her house, her boyfriend saw her deceased husband in the room while they were kissing each other. Her boyfriend told her, "I will pray for your husband." Why did my friend's husband appear while they were kissing each other?

Vision of Man in Shower

I was in the shower one night and it was just me in the house I didn't think much of it when my shampoo fell I bent down to pick it up. As I got up, the shower water became cold so I turned to the tap thing and put it back on to hot water but now I was getting scared. That's when I saw the outline of a man. It was small at first, but gradually got bigger and a face appeared. It looked like an older version of my brother. It was wearing a cloak. I stood still. When it left, I ran into my bedroom and stayed there until my family returned.

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