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Were you warned of an event involving strangers before it happened?

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Dreams and Premonitions Warning of Danger to Strangers—People You Do Not Know

Strangers facing danger. Accidents. Crimes. Fires. Warnings involving people you do not know.

Did your sixth sense warn of danger before it happened? Read what people like you saw the future:

Dream premonition of school bus crash

I'm a Seventh Son and I'm 53 but I've been having premonitions since I was seventeen. In March, 2015 I had a dream of a horrible crash involving children. Plane or bus I wasn't sure, but what I did see were a lot of small children pulled from the wreckage and lined up and they were all wet and huddled down low to the ground. The dream was so vivid and real, I knew it was a premonition.

The following morning I told my roommate to watch the news, there's going to bad accident involving children. Sure enough, on CNN they showed clips of an accident involving two school buses colliding head on. It was raining and one bus driver lost control and hit another school bus head on. Some children died, all the others were removed from both buses and lined up and was huddled and squatted down to the ground and were soaking wet from the rain.

This occurred 150 miles from where I live, It absolutely was heart breaking, but validated my premonition was real. Thank You!

Psychic Dreams of Kidnappings: a witness and advisor to the victims

I have dreams that are dreamt with me being only a witness and an advisor for the victims of kidnappings sometimes associated with murders.

At first, I would report the information to authorities, but have gotten to the point where I know there's nothing I can do to help, other than what I had already done in my dream. These dreams are more vivid than normal dreams and usually occur in the morning rather than in the middle of the night. Hidden in them are clues about where I am, usually hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Sometimes, I can figure out the name of the victim, but unlike many of you, my dreams occur a couple days or weeks before the crime. Trust me, there have been times that I've called in missing persons reports two weeks before the person has been abducted.

The worst dream was about the kidnapping of a little girl whose family members were murdered. I begged them (law enforcement?) to find her and she was found, but not soon enough. She's alive and I continue to pray for her.

I've heard of empathetic psychics that feel a person’s pain while they're suffering, but I feel helpless because I feel the pain before they do. And, partly because law enforcement doesn't believe in people like me, there's nothing I can do to prevent that pain from becoming a reality … so, in my dreams, I try to find a way out for them. I've trained myself to become acute and concentrate on every detail of my dream in hopes of being able to identify who and where they are. I study every detail because in some strange way, they are seeking my help.

In a perfect world, it would be a gift. There's a sense of happiness in knowing you've helped, but also, a sense of abandonment as you never come to know any of the people with whom you've become spiritually attached. You see them through the hardest times of their lives, in a matter of minutes, but you're never afforded the opportunity to rejoice with them when it's over. I went to a psychiatrist a few months back and when I told her, she cried with me.

Dream premonition of robbery

I have had dream predictions before. I was at my uncle's farm sleeping and for some odd reason, I had a dream that a woman came up behind me and threw and held me down on the ground at knife point. And she basically told me she was taking everything out of my house … this is a hold up type thing.

And then about an hour after I woke up, I was sitting on the couch with my uncle watching the news … this area is not a crime area … very rarely does anything like this happen. But the news broadcast came on. It showed footage of a robbery that happened at a Taco Bell … Surveillance camera recording the robbery as it is happening … and oddly enough was robbed AT KNIFE POINT!!!! In my dream I was robbed at knife point. I knew then, the dream target was hit.

Psychic dreams — gift or burden?

I had a terrible dream about a fire where I was obsessed about getting the children first out the window and then into the bathroom. This was all complicated because I was pregnant (so I couldn't get out the window) and when I was in a 'normal' frame of mind I could see that in my house there was no point going into the bathroom to escape a fire.

That evening it was reported there was a terrible fire not too far from us. A mother was trying to save her children by throwing them out the window because flames blocked the stairs (this detail was in my dream as well) and the reporter said the family could have been saved had they shut themselves in the bathroom!

This was a horrific dream for me. I do not watch scary movies or even the news because I worry about getting these nightmares—but if they are actually coming true, I feel a terrible burden of responsibility. Why am I shown these events before they happen when I can do nothing to prevent them? I am about to publish my first book and before I even wrote it, I made a note, just for fun, of who my agent and publisher were going to be and it came 100% true. Being able to see (or create?) the future can be fun sometimes, but these nightmares really stink.

Vision of teen's death by train

It was late at night. I am 19, and this happened only a few months ago. I was resting in bed, waiting to fall asleep. Just when I reached the moment between being awake and asleep, a bright light flashed in my suddenly open eyes. I had no control of closing them, while the light was all I could see. I had no idea what the light was, until I heard train whistles screaming in my ears.

The vision had led me to train tracks, staring at a train about to hit me. I felt it in my bones that the person standing on the tracks was a boy no younger than I am. The vision ended as quickly as it had come.

In the morning, I was watching the news and nearly collapsed when I saw the event. A young teenage boy committed suicide by getting run over by a train the previous night ... the night I saw it. And the accident happened only about a mile from my house in the woods. That was my first vision. I remember it most vividly, and yet with the others I have to concentrate to remember everything.

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