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Dreams and Premonitions Warning of Change or Danger to You or Someone You Know

Auto accident. Crime. Danger, death or disease in the family. House fire. Marriage. Pregnancy. Murder. Events that came true involving you, your family, friends or someone you know.

When second sight kicks in, you know it. You dream it. Sometimes you hear, see or smell it. Did your sixth sense warn of danger or an event before it happened? Read what others wrote when they saw the future:

Premonition dream prepares young man for dad's "parting."

This is a dream which I hold particularly close to my heart. I'm 23, born in Springfield, IL but have lived in England most my life and I've had many significant spiritual experiences in my sleep episodes in the past 3 years, but this one although not a tactile, deja vu, or auditory experience, it is special because it cemented my belief that our lives are indeed planned and strings are pulled from the other side. And that life is eternal.

My dad … (edited for privacy) crossed over in his sleep in February 2012 at age 52, and I was glad for him, mainly because I knew it was his 'time'.

In May 2011, less than a year before, the whole night I was having flying dreams and in one part of the dream I was flying way over a beautiful blue lake, the sun was shining and below me was my dad sailing on a white sailboat. He was smiling up at me and it looked like he was about 13 years old from his camping days. I know this sounds strange but I can't describe whether it was a photo of him or him standing on the boat. But what I do know is that it represented a freedom, joy and happiness, vitality and returning to something pure and untainted. It's like I was looking at part of his true self. I was at my family home when I had this dream, but when I was on the train going back down to college in London, I couldn't stop thinking about this dream and I was just crying silently with tears streaming down my face. I was shielding my face so people didn't think I was crazy! The reason for my crying, I know now, was because it was kind of a pre-mourning for my dad. It wasn't tears like my world was ending but more of a happy/sad cry, like I knew he was 'returning' to happiness and something special, but that nevertheless we'd be parting.

I didn't know if it was a matter of days, weeks or years, but it turned out to be a 10-month advance preparation. This dream was an incredible gift to me to prepare me for something which was already on the cards.

My mum also told me of a dream she had a few months before he passed, which was that she walked into a church and saw a sheet of paper with my dad's handwriting. The only sentence she managed to read was: 'I'm waving goodbye.'

Thanks for reading and letting me share.

Time "glitch" — Lost Time and Gained Time

Hello, my name is Selena. I was twelve when I did my first accidental time glitch. It was lunchtime and I was one of the first to get lunch; lunch had just started. Once I pushed the buttons in for my lunch and walked to my table, lunch ended and I did not get to eat a bite on my plate. A whole hour passed from me walking from the punch-in number box at the punchline to me walking to my lunch table.

Yesterday during math class, our math teacher taught us a "new" math concept. However, I had the notes and test questions I missed on that math concept in my handwritten math notebook. He said we never went over it, and surprisingly the only other kid that knew how to do this was my friend who sits next to me in math class everyday. It was COMPLETELY new to everybody else. Creepy am I right? What is causing me to do this? This is the second time I've glitched. What is causing this?

Premonitions: "Something tragic was going to happen."

Help! I don't know how to handle my premonitions anymore!

They are happening more often now that I am in my late 20s, and the feelings are becoming stronger. Last week I have had this horrendous feeling something tragic was going to happen in my family. I have had this feeling many times before before my parents, cousins, aunts, etc. have passed. This week I lost my sister. It's only after the fact that I was able to understand my dreams fully as they don’t normally make sense.

I knew there was an impending tragedy. (I normally dream of a stone rock with a bird on top looking west. I am looking at this rock from below and the sky is above slightly dark with clouds moving very fast.) I never knew what this meant until after two deaths in my family.

I don't want to go into too much, but would love to know if there are people out there that can help me. I am really concerned as although my sister has just passed the dreams are getting stronger still … there's something else pending. If you could leave your details on here I will be in contact.

Displaced in time and space? "I was screaming like I was mad."

Hi, I am going to share with you one of my experiences. I am a truck driver and I had been away from home three weeks so it was time to head home, and my dispatch is trying to keep me around for one more week on the road and I put up a fight and complain to the big boss about his runaround games.

I am in Greensboro NC and I head being loaded towards Dalton GA as I come down on I-75 south into Georgia, I glanced to my computer to check the directions and I kept going, until I reach my exit which I believe was exit 328 and I made left over the bridge and first right then I end up on a very narrow street that snakes (s-turns) then it come to dead end below a hill. On top of the hill there was what looked like a house and the house is about couple hundred feet away but the road ends right there.

The other problem is raining and it's very dark night and bit cold. Somehow I manage to back up few feet at a time and finally I find this little spot that has some old junk trailers and space to turn around.

It took me a while, but after I made the truck heading outwards there was no way to get out so I ask myself how did you get in. I couldn't figure it out, but then I said, give it shot if you get in you can get out.

Now right where I am is in the middle of swamp.

As I try to make the turn with 45k lbs in the wagon, the right drive axles fall into the swamp. Trailer still back on the hard surface, the right fuel tank also damaged by the weight of the truck and dirt below.

Here is the thing, now, and the point of the story. As I sit, I call tow company and I was worrying about how much it will cost me plus the repairs I have to make. So I start praying and the next thing I know the truck is back on the roadway and away from the swamp. And as soon as I realize what happened, I get freaked out and jump out of the truck and run towards the main road — and I was screaming like I was mad.

Once I reach the main road where there was some light, I stop and calm down myself and walk back to the truck, then drove it back on the main street, fixed the suspension leveler which broke, and corrected my directions and made the delivery.

But to this day, I can't explain it.

"Don't ignore your dreams."

I had a pretty good sleep this night. Some random dreams that made no sense and then there was my last dream. I (an ex-weed smoker because of the event) had a dream that I was on my school bus and it got searched and I got in trouble for Marijuana. Then it flashes over to a different story, but I'm in a white conference room with cops, my mom, and the school administrators.

So I wake up, get ready for school, bring $10…. I get to school, all seems well, saying hi to friends, and I'm on my way to buy some weed. Forty five minutes later I'm in handcuffs in the school conference room. About to be charged as a felon at the age of 16. Life lesson, don't ignore your dreams. And don't be the dumb-ass kid who has drugs in school.

"A dream paranormal experience … or something else?"

I'm not sure if this was a dream paranormal experience, battle of good and evil or something else. One night while going to bed I was laying on my side with my back to the edge of the bed. Within minutes of falling asleep I felt the bed shaking violently and looking over my shoulder, while still laying on my side, I saw a big black mass or thick fog and behind that a big bright light. It looked like a Hollywood battle scene with flashlights searching through dense smoke. Then the light grew larger and the bed stopped shaking and I woke up. Terrified!

I had nightmares before but they usually take place somewhere else, running from monsters, falling off cliffs, etc. Then you wake up safe in your bed. In this experience, I woke up in the same position I laid down in, the same position I had the dream in and still in my bed in the same position laying on my side with my back to the edge of the bed.

I'm not sure what this was representative of, but it is still imprinted very vividly in my mind.

Power of thought

This story is about telepathy. I know it's not a dream specifically, but it's true. The other day I woke up and just had a feeling that something would happen. Later that night, my friend slit her wrists while we were talking. I used telepathy and surprisingly she stopped. Her mom found her and took her to the hospital. I helped save her. The telepathy and visions though took a lot of my energy. Thanks for reading.

Premonition of danger to sister-in-law

In 2010 I went to my brother's birthday party. Everyone was there. My brother and sister-in-law were late, but they still came. Everything went well as it usually does. We were all celebrating our baby brother's 13th birthday. (There is 19 years between us.) We sat around and talked about how she had to get her brakes checked on her car and she removed her floor mats as a precaution, and how I was about to have a small surgery. We also talked about quitting smoking cigarettes together, so we could support each other through it. It was getting late and my kids had school in the morning so we decided to leave. I think I got five minutes down the road and couldn't shake the feeling that I forgot to tell my sister-in-law, Lauren, bye. I called and told her how I felt bad for not saying bye and she said it was fine. And we got off the phone.

A week later I had surgery and when I woke I couldn't stop thinking about Lauren. I decided I would call her the next day, being that I was highly drugged up still from the operation. So I went to sleep.

That night my mom called at 4am. She said a storm is coming. Waking up to this, I was really confused. I replied, Huh, what are you talking about? Then she said Lauren died in a car accident last night. Call your brother. I called my brother and he told me that she had died when her car ran into the back of a snow plow. She died instantly.

We eventually found out that her car was part of the recalls due to faulty brakes. And I haven't smoked a cigarette since.

Premonition of losing keys

The other day, I kept checking my keys to make sure I had them. I somehow felt as though I was going to lose them. The next day, when I no longer had that feeling, I did lose them! How weird is that?

Child's clairvoyant dream of neighbor's death

When I lived in my childhood home, we had an elderly neighbor who lived across the street who had the same last name as us, but had no relation to us. We'll call her Mrs. G. She had a dog and my mother would visit her often, sometimes running errands for her and stopping by to have tea.

When I was about 13 or so, I had a dream. I dreamed that Mrs. G. had called my house, sounding very weak and asking if my mother was home. I told her that I would get her and to hang on a second, but it was like she didn't hear me, she just kept asking for my mom.

When I woke up, I remembered the dream vividly so I came downstairs to tell my mom about it, but before I had the chance to say anything, she told me that Mrs. G's son had called her that morning to say that Mrs. G. passed away during the night. I was stunned! I told her that I had a dream that she called and was asking for her to which I received no response.

Dream connection remains after couple's breakup

Hi guys! I'm writing my story and dream because it is for the first time I have ever felt that telepathy is kind of possible. Decide it for yourself.

Background: I broke up with my girlfriend before i moved to Canada 1-1/2 years ago, and after that I was not in much contact with my girlfriend. We use to love each other the most, but because of my stupidity I broke up with her and thought I'll be okay, but no. After one year I saw her pictures on Facebook with one of her male friends and was super jealous and mad. I felt I still loved her so wanted to give it a shot, and talked to her on phone. (She is in a different country.) But she said a straight up no and said she had moved on and stuff. After that I'm still trying to get her back. Sometimes she talks to me while other times not, like replies to my texts late and few times doesn't even bother to reply. One day she was helping her friend in moving her stuff as her friend was leaving for Texas permanently. So she did not reply to my texts and I was so sad.

Dream: I saw my girlfriend standing and beside her were two red colored bags. One duffle, and another, a small handbag. I even saw the brand name of the bag in dream, like it was in focus. I was kinda stunned when I woke up. I texted her again if she has any red bags, and she said, yes. I was so shocked and scared of it that I didn't ask her the brand name of bag. After two days i saw a picture of her friend of that day (when she was moving and leaving for airport) with that exact same duffle bag. I don’t know what it was.

Was I so much connected to her that I saw what she was doing in my dream?

Dream of saving little boy

I was dreaming I was trying to save something over bamboo-like grass. Then the next day I saved my neighbor’s two-year-old boy that was in the middle of our street.

Child's dream warns of playground accident

Three days before: It was October 2004 I was at school, and I thought that my dream of breaking my arm would come true. I was saying to my friends that I would break my arm. They said it was just a dream. But then it happened the same way as it happened in my dream. I was swinging on monkey bars and my hand slipped. I hit the ground and my arm bent.

Dream of dog warns of its death. "I just had a very black feeling."

I was wondering about this. This is not a dream. This happened in real life but was like a dream.

Along time ago there was a black and white chested dog who sat in Manorbrook Primary School. Back then it was two schools. I was in the higher part and I loved stroking the lovely dog.

Now this is where it gets weird while one day watching Spike grow deaf and old. One day I just had a very black feeling and Spike was not there. I had turned to the owners and said these words, "Is Spike alright?"

The very next day Spike died. Now how creepy is that.

Dream of becoming an aunty

I'm 19 years old. About a month ago I told all my friends my dad told me I was going to be an aunty and that my brother's wife was pregnant.

A week or so later I brought it up to my dad who looked at me confused and said she's not pregnant as far as he's aware. And as confused as I was, I left it, unsure as to how I seemed to have got it into my head he had told me, and suddenly not being able to remember when or how he told me.

Then the other night he text me saying I'm going to be an aunty. She is pregnant and she is about a month gone. Now I'm trying to rattle my brains as to whether I'd dreamed it a month or something, but it's just gone from my mind.

Dream of son's accident. And ghost warnings?

I had a dream that my son was laying down on a bed. He was in a cloth gown, and his head was turned to his right side. I thought, What happened? Then I saw family members walking towards me and then leaving.

Approximately two months later, he was in a car accident. When I went to the hospital, there he was, laying on a bed in a gown with his head turned to the right side. He was in a coma for two months. He’s fully mobile now, went through a lot of therapy, and still has problems remembering. He lost short-term memory, but thankfully remembered his family. He will always need someone to look after him, so I thank God for this.

Now as of July 2013 I am now experiencing another dream, and this time my son is calling out to me saying, Grandma Jeanne wants me to go with her. She has been deceased since 2000. August 01 2013 I had a dream of my great uncle knocking at my door and I opened it there he was. He looked tired, but looked good. He came in, sat down in my son's chair, and I had the feeling he came for my son. Can you please tell me what my dreams might mean now? Thank You.

Dream premonition. "I could see their bodies hanging out from the car."

When I was younger, probably around 12-14, I had a dream that my brother and his friends got in a car wreck. Out of everyone who was in the car it was my brother (and one of his better friends at the time) who were killed in the wreck. I saw the whole thing. I remember standing some feet away and I could see their bodies hanging out from the car. It was a terrible crash, but it was just their car, no one else was involved.

The next day everything was fine, then out of nowhere my brother's friends call him to see if he wanted to go see a local band play. He said yes, so he got ready and they headed on their way. When his friends arrived I just started balling. I was so scared he wasn't coming back home, like this would be the last time I saw my brother. No one knew why I was crying so I told my mom (right after he left) that I had a dream about him dying. She just said, Oh he'll be ok, so I was ok after that. I knew they would probably be home about one or two in the morning so I went ahead and went to bed. I ended up waking up around five in the morning. My mom was crying and her then boyfriend was trying to keep her calm. My brother hadn't come home nor had he given us a call to see what was up. We tried calling numerous times but no answer. That's when I started to cry. I started to freak out at that point cause I was like oh crap my dream just came true.

We finally get a call from a stranger’s phone and it was my brother at 6:30 a.m. We were so relieved. He didn't have a way home so my mom's boyfriend went to get him. When they got home my brother said they almost drove off the highway and their were a couple other times they were put into danger (the driver was drinking).

So I ended up telling my brother about my dream and he was upset I hadn't told him earlier. Thankfully nobody was injured that night. I've had premonitions before in dreams but nothing this serious.

Recalling a dream saves daughter's life.

My Husband earlier tonight was sitting in the dining room deeply engrossed in some work on his laptop. (I was at work.) Our five year old was in the bath. He said, about 15 minutes after she'd got into the bath and he was working, he had an extremely vivid and clear 'recollection' of a dream he'd forgotten, where he walked into the bathroom to find our daughter face down and cold in the bath.

He was gripped by an overwhelming fear and ran into the bathroom. There he found our daughter in a deep sleep, in the process of sliding under the water ... unbelievable!!!!!

Dream premonition of knife stabbing.

Well here is my story. I had dreams and premonitions that I couldn't understand, one of this is my friend Ashlyn introduce her best friend John to me and that day has a lot of conversation between me, John and my best friend Ashlyn. I'm the one who goes home early that night because I had class in the morning and I have to wake up early so I left them without saying goodbye.

When I got home I recall my best friend Ashlyn saying that you have to ask the number of John but I refuse it, so I just slept I think 9:00 p.m. Late I dream that there is a guy who has been stabbed by a knife with two guys and there is an ambulance, hospital and a word that the patient already died at 5:39 a.m.

Then I wake up horrified of my dream, so all I do is my bed early then someone called me it's my best friend Ashlyn. She said that John died … it startled me and I look my watch and it's 5:39 the time where in my dream the person died and that person died is John. So my dream tells me that some friends that I know will die sort of like that.

"In my mind's eye, I hear: 'Your Mom's dead. Your Mom's dead.'"

Saturday May 25th I left work a half an hour early because I was sobbing, crying (not normal for me at all). I was just overly sad. I went home, sat on my couch, my daughter was in her room with her headphones on and I began to cry again and in my mind's eye, only way I know to describe it, I hear: Your Mom's dead. Your Mom's dead.

I was instantly in a panic. I text my mother right away without telling her why or letting on to what I heard. … She text me back a few minutes later. Ah, thank you.

I got up, washed my face and my daughter and I went out and ran some errands. When we got home my friend asked me, "Crissy what's wrong with you?" I said, "I don't know I'm tired and a little nauseated. …"

The next day, Sunday, I was tired, lazed around, my daughter's best friend came over, spent the night, watched movies, nothing special. Monday morning was a holiday. Got up, made them breakfast, lazed around more, was really tired. My daughter's best friend went home. Decided I'd just take a nap. I just felt completely off, worn out. I don't know exactly what I felt, but it wasn't anything near my normal feel. Slept for about two hours, rolled over to grab my cell phone and had a few missed calls. Two from my Mom and a couple from some other number. I cleared those off (just waking up) and saw a text: Crissy it's Manny (my Mom's husband). Call me. Your Mom is dead.

She died of cirrhosis caused by excessive drinking and had been vomiting for three days. Not only was my mind's eye voice correct, I also felt her nausea from 150 miles away. I had no idea she even drank really, or maybe I blocked it out?

The thing is I have heard this mind's eye thing a few times before. Why I didn't really act or listen I don't know. My Grandpa died while I was in Mexico on a cruise and my mind's eye said, Grandpa's dead (twice, the same as with my Mom). At sea, cell phones didn't work at that time, so when I got back into port, listened to my voice mail. There was a message from my Mom telling me Grandpa had died.

What is this???? I believe it is my Grandma telling me. She died in 2003 and she and I were incredibly connected. Sounds odd but I've always talked to her (them now) in my life even though they are crossed over.

I feel blessed to know some things ahead of time, but I'm confused in a way. I want an explanation written down, but I feel I already know it has to be my spirit guide. And by the way, this isn't something you just go around telling people, they just look at you like you are nuts, but with EVERYTHING in me, this was so real.

Dream of house fire. "I saw this huge fireball rolling towards the house."

As a muslim having a dream before sunrise prayers is deemed to be a sign of a warning or message. With that said about a year ago I had an early morning dream at about 4:00 a.m. in the morning. In my dream I was present at a prayer meeting in memory of my late mother-in-law. It was being held at her home which my father-in-law still lives in. So anyway I felt the need to step outside and something told me to look to my right. When I did this, I saw this huge fireball rolling towards the house at an alarming speed and while it was rolling it was getting bigger and bigger.

I turned around and ran into the house to warn everyone to get out and was shocked to see my late mother-in-law in the house dressed in white. She looked at me and said that I must not be afraid and that nothing was going to happen to me and my family. And all of sudden the fireball was upon the house and everyone died except me, my husband and my kids. We lived.

I woke up from this horrifying dream really terrified. Anyway two weeks later I got a call at work. My neighbour called me to tell me that my house was on fire and that the fire had started in the kitchen. And that my kids and my mom was okay as they managed to get them out. Is that freaky or what?

Dream warns of brother's death.

One night I dreamed my brother came home and sat on my bed and died. Two weeks later he died in a friend's bed.

Dream warns of father's death.

When I was approximately 11 years old I had a bad dream that my Father had a heart attack in our living room. He was in his chair and I came out to find an ambulance taking him away. I am now 38. I am not going to go into every detail of what I dreamed the week before he actually had it. I will say the same people, type of ambulance and events were the exact in my dream.

"I dreamed I was flipping/crashing my vehicle."

For one week straight, I dreamed I was flipping/crashing my vehicle. I had never been in a crash before so I would wake up in cold sweats and be scared. I told my best friend and the guy I was dating at the time about these dreams, and they told me it was only a dream and not to worry. Sure enough, two weeks later, I rolled my vehicle seven times down the highway. Walked away completely fine. It was almost like a warning though ... seems too crazy to be real, but I did tweet about it a few weeks before it happened.

Now, I've been having dreams of LIVING relatives telling me exact dates of when they'll "be angels." The dates haven't happened yet so I don't know about those dreams, yet. In one dream, my grandpa sits me down on his porch swing and tells me his date of turning into an angel will be May 21st.

In another dream, my grandmomma tells me she dies of smoking the day after I become a licensed Aesthetician. I really did go to school for that, I just have to take my state board exams to become licensed. Feel. Crazy.

"Skeptical until …."

I have always been skeptical about psychic abilities, premonitions, clairvoyance, etc., but last night I had a dream that a friend I have, who I don’t speak to very often, phoned me to ask me a specific question. Then this morning I was woken by a phone call from him asking me exactly what I had dreamt!!... I am a little freaked out by it and would like some feedback please....

Precognitive dream accurately predicts injury in truck accident

About a month ago I had a dream that my boyfriend and I were riding in the woods at night and he lost control of his truck and we hit a tree and most of my teeth broke off.

Last Sunday the dream came true exactly how I had dreamed it. The same dirt road, the same tree, the same song on the radio… the same everything.

This is the first time I have ever experienced something like this. I usually don't even remember my dreams, but I remembered that one specifically because I was freaked out by it and it felt so real. Why is this happening to me? I'm scared.

— Emerald in Florida

Clairvoyant dreams of a funeral, death and murder.

I have several stories. One time I was at a craft show and I was in a tent that was closed on the end and I seen a bright light. I felt like I couldn't move and found out later that my cousin had been murdered.

And before my grandpa passed I had a dream about a piece of paper with a yellow flower and it was like one of those deals like from a funeral and when I went to his funeral it was the same.

And I had what I thought was a dream about my grandma that had passed away when I was a baby and she was sitting in my recliner and I got out of bed and walked in the living room and stood there looking at her and then I woke up and then later that day we had to go to the hospital because my aunt died. Don’t know if it was a dream. It felt real.

I was 13 when my cousin was murdered. I was 21 when my grandpa passed, and I was 27 when my aunt died.

A friend's "Last Goodbye"

Had a Dream yesterday in the early morning about a friend saying goodbye to me by saying, "This is it Kid - this is my last goodbye," then he really died within the night. I will be going to his wake and funeral this weekend (May 2012).

"I can't see things before they happen, but I get told."

All my life, I knew things before they happen. When I was kid I would have visions or dreams. When I got a little older (teens) it changed. When I was 18 I smelled death every time I was around my best friend. I knew she was going to die, but didn't know how! I started to tell her to be careful about this or that! She died two months later.

Another time it was Christmas. I was 25 and there was three babies in my family. One was my daughter and the other two boys were cousins. I was looking for my jacket to leave and it hit me like a ton of bricks! I knew one of my cousins was going to die of SIDS, but I didn't know which one. It was like someone told me but I didn't hear their voice like I could yours. So I told my mom and my grandma so they can say something for me. On New Year’s Eve, my cousin’s baby passed away.

In July 2004, I was on the computer when I got told someone connected to my cousin J was going to get hurt really bad but not die! I told my grandma and she got upset because my cousin J was fighting in the war at the time. Three days later, my uncle (cousin J's dad) had a golf ball go into his eye. He lost his eye.

I can't see things before they happen, but I get told. That is a few stories that has happened to me. I know things before, but not all the information. Also I can't stop it from happening no matter what I say or do. I go to my mom and grandma and let them say something for me because I am scared I will look like a crazy person. My grandma, mom, and friend both know about my gift including my husband, but I don't tell others. The only reason my husband and friend know is because they witnessed this from me.

I knew inside my friend’s boyfriend and a coworker were cheating. I didn't hear them or see them. I was told like I was told about my baby cousin’s death. So I told my friend about my gift and sure enough a few days later, she came to me and said I was right.

I wish I knew who is telling me this information and I wish I would know how and why I get told this.

"Sometimes it’s bad things and I would prefer not to know."

Everyday more than once or twice I already know what’s gonna happen or the reason behind a certain something. It could be anything but it just pops in my head and than next thing I know, it happens. The other day I had both locks locked and for some reason I decided to go unlock it for whenever my brother came home and while I was walking towards the door to unlock it, he knocked. My brother also goes through this, not too sure how often but he's told me numerous times about things like this.

Also, at my previous job, I would hear the ding noise for when a car pulls up in drive (the drive-thru?) and I would look up and there’s no car, as soon as I began to do something else the car pulls up making the ding sound. And I would know what customers were gonna order before they even told me. They would say, "Could you give me one second?" And while they were thinking, I already knew and I slowly began making the order because I had such a strong feeling about it and next thing ya know they asked for what I thought they would.

This happens to me everyday, not every once in a while literally everyday!! I like it, but then I do not like it because sometimes it’s bad things and I would prefer not to know or be right about it. So it has its advantages and disadvantages. It's an amazing crazy feeling and how you always catch yourself saying I knew that was gonna happen or I knew that’s why this and that happened! Wow, I wish I knew the explanation behind all of this.

"Strange occurrences that frighten me."

I am not a psychic and I don't feel I can predict the future, but there are some strange occurrences that frighten me and depress me due to guilty feelings. Am I just crazy or are these things real?

In 1981, I was 13 years old. My stepbrother lived in Iowa. We talked on the phone every Sunday at noon. I slept at a friend's house on Saturday knowing I had to be home early the next day. Stayed up late, refused to get up and said I will call him later, but with my luck he will die before I can talk to him. His motorcycle crashed 11 minutes after 12. He did not survive.

In 1983, I cancelled movie plans with a friend because I was asked out on a date. My friend asked what they were going to do. I said with a laugh, "probably get drunk, and get the hell beat out of you." His brother beat him to death at a party that night.

In 2011 on Thanksgiving I went to visit my mom. I said she didn't look very well. She told me she felt great. I said she was just waiting for my brother to get out of prison in two years and then she was going to die. He was released early on Dec 7, 2011. She died on Dec 15, 2011.

Is it normal to feel guilty and blame myself? Please comment.

Premonition dream of aunt's pregnancy.

I had a dream. In my dream I saw my little cousin who is three years old with a little baby and he was telling his mom that the baby took his toy car, and his mom was like he's your little brother you need to learn how to share. Three weeks later his mom who was in Italy called saying she was pregnant. Weird Right? What do you think it means?

Vision of best friend before her death.

I've been having visions, dreams and nightmares that feel so real and it actually happens. Summer of 2011 was when my paranormal/psi skills began awaking. A year before my 20th birthday my best friend disappeared without a trace. Nothing. No one heard from her. I began to worry.

Then one night two months before August 2012, my 20th birthday, I was sleeping. Had a dream I saw her dressed in white saying, "You are a really good friend. Just remember I'm no longer here, but I'm still watching over you. Please take your life easy, it's too precious to throw away. You’re strong. I love you. Goodbye." I woke up feeling very awkward, strange and irritated.

Then August 1st passed; didn't felt like going out for some strange reason. Then August 5th came. Everybody told me she died. I was in shock. I couldn't cry at her funeral. I was shaking a little bit. I couldn't go to where they were burying her because I broke down into tears. Till this day I blame nobody but myself.

Frequent dreams of a house on fire.

When I was around the age of seven, I had frequent dreams of a house on fire. This dream continued for many years. In 2005 I moved to Vancouver; my second year living there, my parents went out with two of their friends from work. After they had left, my brother was sitting on the couch watching I Am Legend. My dog lay asleep by the computer that I was playing a game on. My brother had become cold and wanted a blanket so he went into our parents' room to grab one.

After a few seconds he came running from the room yelling for me to grab a pot of water and come into the room. Without a second thought I did as he asked and followed him into the bedroom. When I entered I saw flames under my parents' bed. I didn't know what to do, due to the fact that I was 11 and had never experienced this. I grabbed my brother and dog and took them outside to someplace safe, then proceeded to get help.

To this day I feel as if it was my fault that the fire had reached the state it did, destroying everything in the house, due to the fact that I had dreamt about it. I have a long line of female physics on my mom's side of the family, including her, and I have been raised to acknowledge it and I feel that if I would have spoken about it I could have possibly stopped the fire from happening.

Premonition of Sheriff's death.

In 2005 our local sheriff was killed. Three weeks prior I had a dream I was watching the news with my mom. I remember asking her, "Who Will be the sheriff?" She told me they would need to vote. The day he died, I remember sitting in front of my TV looking around as though I knew what was going to happen. I asked my mom, "Whose going to be the new sheriff?" She said, "The town will vote on it!" Eerie!!!

Premonition of danger?

Hi, my name is Caroline and I have a premonition I want to share with you. The other day, I was watching TV and I suddenly got a premonition. It was me at my mom's house, and we heard a guy break in. My stepdad tried to help but he immediately got shot.

Then, they shot my mom, and one of my siblings.

Then, they shot me.

After it stopped, I got another one. It was the man with another guy, and they took my baby sibling. Again, after it stopped, I saw years into the future, and she became his slave. I could see the man. He had dark brown hair, a stubbly beard, and a hat. He was wearing a green t-shirt and khaki pants and work boots.

This story is true and I'm scared it will really happen. You can post comments on the blog.

Ex-girlfriend communicates through dreams.

About three years ago I started having dreams of my ex-girlfriend, whom I considered the love of my life. I had not seen nor heard from her in over 15 years. I dreamed night after night the same dream for about two weeks. I dreamed that she had sent word for me to come to her house to see her. It was always at night when I would drive to her house. When I would arrive, I could see lights on through shear curtains. No one was ever home. My dreams of her stopped after a few weeks and I stopped thinking of her.

A few months later I met someone from her hometown and asked about her. I was told she passed away of an illness. Upon finding out when this happened, I realized is was exactly at the same time I had the dreams.

Whaat, did that just happen?

Visions of Auto Accident

Ok so here is my story. This has been happening for a long time; my father was the same way when he was alive. For three months I was driving and I would always see this terrible accident, of a man plowing into the back of my car. And I always felt terrible driving.

On May 20, 2010, I was in a really bad car accident, the same accident I had seen for three months. I needed spine surgery and everything. I am doing good now, but I thought it was so weird.

I am trying to learn how to channel premonitions; it doesn't always happen to me. I am a firm believer that people are just like this. But what makes me have these premonitions? It would be great if someone could let me know.

Sixth Sense that "Something was Wrong" at the Moment of Father's Death

On the night of January 31, 1997 at 2:00 a.m. I awoke bolt upright … first time ever in my life this has happened. My wife awoke and asked what was wrong. i didn't know, but had a strong sense something was wrong and had no recollection of dreaming. I settled back down to sleep. An hour later around 3:00 a.m. the phone rang; it was my sister sobbing, telling me our father had died an hour earlier from a heart aneurysm. Not sure about psychic bridging, but this account seems close to it to me.

Dream premonition. "A couple days later the exact thing happened."

When I was 12 I slept at my Nan's and had a dream that my cat Flori would die. In the dream I heard a knock at my door and listened to the conversation whilst waiting on the stairs; it was my neighbours who had found my cat dead and they said they were really sorry. It was also daytime in the dream. I awoke in the morning and told myself it was just a dream. I didn't tell anyone because I thought it was a weird/strange to bring up.

A couple days later the exact thing happened except it was night time. I looked up premonitions and could only blame myself that I had dreamed it. I haven't had any other 'dreams' as such but I believe in 'sixth sense.' I also get Deja Vu in places I've never been before. I am quite superstitious and believe in premonitions and horoscopes and stuff too.

Dream of mom's pregnancy.

I thought I was normal until a few days after my 7th birthday on February 21st, I relieved my first remembered vision. On that day I saw that my sister was to be born late that upcoming spring. I told my parents this, but they said your mother's not even pregnant, she can't have one for at least 8 or 9 months.

So, that next spring came and in mid-May mother went into the hospital for a nine pound tumor removal surgery. Her blood pressure was extremely high and her pulse was slightly over double speed of a normal persons. The doctor was like, this isn't right, and came back with a baby heart monitor. And there they announced to my mom she was pregnant and they had to give birth immediately or the baby will suffocate behind the tumor. And a few hours later my sister was born, just like I said she would be.

I thought that for the most part my visions were pretty much far distances apart, but they came more powerfully a few years ago. Things were starting to get really scary.

I was seeing things like people dying and praying for mercy for help. I could also see and communicate with those spirits of the deceased that were still bound to earth. Who had unfinished business. Most have been murdered, but some had other conditions. They told me things about their past, how they died and all that, but they were able to tell me things about the future and stuff, even though I already could see some visions of the future.

My most recent paranormal phenomenon was being able to find things. I could find anything from things people have lost, to things they were looking for in general, to missing animals on posters, and I am not sure if I could do it to missing people as I am too afraid to attempt, especially if they turn up dead.

Detailed dream "wedding or something."

I was with my girlfriend tonight. We have been dating for about three weeks so it is still new. We were sitting on the couch and she begins to tell me about her dream from the previous night. She tells me that we were together somewhere with tables covered in white tablecloths and people gathered around. She tells me it seemed like a wedding or something.

The thing that blew my mind was when she said there were name cards on the table and she can remember them exactly. I asked what they were and she said four names. I stared at her astonished because she named my mom, dad and two of my uncles. There was no hesitation or stuttering. I just stared at her with my mouth open and told her who they were in relation to me and she thought I was joking.

It was crazy and I don't know how to explain it especially since I have never told her any names! What could this be?

Vision of auto crash with red Buick.

While driving with my girlfriend home from the store, we started fighting. In my mind I pictured just slamming on the gas and driving reckless all the way home, however, upon entering the intersection (in my mind) we were hit by a red Buick car. When we got to the intersection in real time, I came to a stop and sure enough the red Buick from my vision 15 seconds earlier drove right through the intersection. I don't know how or why this happened but it's rocked my core...

Dream of friend's death. "I can't digest this story myself."

I feel everything happened so fast, that I can't digest this story myself. I had not seen my friend for about a year, four months ago I would dream with him, pass by his house and think about him all day and all night. I would pass by his home almost everything and I would sometimes see his truck and him watching TV or he wouldn't be there. I looked for his family on Facebook, and found his sister. The thing is, his face and name were driving me crazy. I couldn't do anything because everyday I would just have him in my thoughts … and exactly around that time … he died.

I just found out today, and to think that I could have knocked at his door and say hi and hear his smile and see his eyes for one last time. This thought kills me. Was my 6th sense telling me something was going to happen to him? I will never know, all I want to know now is if I could get in contact with him and tell him how much he meant to me.

"When i dream like this it usually comes true."

I had a dream that my friend and i was riding the train and suddenly where running from cops i got away but he got caught i warned him and a week later he was arrested now 2 weeks have passed since then and i dreamed i was walking and i suddenly appeared in a hospital i looked in a room and i know there were two beds but i only saw the one at the far end and there was a person under a sheet there and i asked who is that and they told me his full name first and last which is the same friend from my first dream just wondering if this person is going to pass so i can prepare myself the thing is when i dream like this it usually comes true

Dreams reveal future events: cheating, accident, death.

I was 17 at the time, 23 now. One day I woke up and throughout the day I had a random thought that my dad would have a heart attack. At first I ignored it and told my self to stop thinking that way but as days went on I thought turned into a feeling that would get stronger and stronger. I wanted to call him to warn him so badly but I just thought about how I would sound trying to explain. One week from that, I thought my cell phone rang. I already knew who it was and what I was going to hear. My auntie calling to tell me the news. Mind you I've only met my biological dad when I was ten and only see him once a year and don't speak to him often. A man who likes to keep to himself and rarely talks, especially about his health. Nothing to go on but a strong feeling.

Another time, same feeling, but car accident. My mom was out that night and I called her every hour on the hour which I never do, so she probably thought that I was acting strange. Thankfully it wasn't her but my best friend's aunt.

I had a strong dream

Last time I experienced it I had a strong dream that my friend was being cheated on by her new boyfriend. Same feeling had to fight not to tell her because I had nothing to go on. I've never met him before and only knew what she told me about him (which were all wonderful things). I few days later she called distraught and told me someone had seen him with someone else.

Don't know what to make of it. Even though these feelings scared me and made me feel uncomfortable throughout the whole experience. I haven't had one in a while and as crazy as it sounds I want them back. Looking back I now think that these feelings were special and in a way I feel like I've lost touch with a certain part of myself.

Premonition dreams of people dying are verified.

There are two instances where I was woken up by people's deaths. The first was in 5th grade. All night I was dreaming about fire. It wasn't scary, just like a campfire. I woke up at around 5:00 a.m. and went back to sleep. That next day at school my teacher's assistant told me that her friend had a fire at their house and that her friend's brother died in it. The fire happened at around 5:00 a.m. I told my mom and she told me if this happened again to pray for whoever you think is being affected. The second time this happened was in 7th grade. My teacher had told us a while ago that her sister had special needs.

One night I had a dream that my teacher was crying and on the phone asking a lot of questions. I woke up with a jolt and it was 3:00 a.m. Later that day at school my teacher told us that her sister died earlier that morning. I asked what time. (Rude, I know but I was freaked out.) She said she got the call at around 5:00 that morning and they said she died around 3:00. I am in 8th grade now. I think it is strange how me waking up for deaths is only for people I don't know and have never seen.

Clairvoyant feelings about everyday events.

Recently, I have started to get these strange feelings about random things that I see when I go out places. They aren't really special things, but when I have the feeling, later that day, something related happens. These feelings as far as I know, started a week ago.

I was in the car with my mom, we drove up to the gas station and I had a feeling about an ignition and fire sparked from when she pumped gasoline, then while driving with her, we passed by a large fire.

Later that day I had a feeling again, I saw a picture of a shark and had the feeling. Later I went surfing with a friend and a very large shark swam about a foot from my leg.

Two days later, I was lying in bed and I had a vision about finding a person lying unconscious, I felt very strongly about this, luckily, the vision I had would be from a movie I would later see that night. I had never seen anything from this movie nor really heard about it before, but the character was lying unconscious exactly how I pictured.

I know these are not very important things, but I can't explain them and was looking for help answering.

"I've been having dreams about someone dying and I'm at funerals."

One day I was sitting down on my couch, laughing about a joke my brother had made about my uncle. I stopped laughing and thought to myself, "I shouldn't laugh. What if one day he dies, I'll feel bad." Literally a week or two later I get a phone call from my aunt saying that he passed away cause of a stroke. This was two years ago, around this time! I think it's very weird because for these past four nights I've been having dreams about someone dying and I'm at funerals but I don’t know who it is. I wake up scared and I pray to keep my family save! But last night (being the fifth night that I dream about this) I woke up at 5:40 to a text message telling me that my best friend’s grandpa passed away! I'm extremely close to the family and I've been knowing that he was ill in the hospital but not ill enough to pass away! It's terrifying and I wonder what this means? Can someone help please?

Dream of attack on cat named Orange.

I had a dream Monday night, June 24, 2013, that my beautiful one-year-old feline showed up at my house torn apart. His backside was so bloody I couldn't tell if he was a boy or girl. His tail was destroyed, and he was barely alive. There were two other cats, strays, who were light colored as he, and I knew one had been the culprit and wasn't sure which one it was, but tried to keep them separated long enough to get my baby cat into a cage where he would be safe from further injury, while I ran to tell my father we needed to rush him to the vet because he was suffering. I begged my father to rush him to the pet ER so that he could be euthanized and no longer suffer.

The following morning I told my father about the dream, and he informed me that our young cat had not returned that night—a first. I was terribly concerned, and began looking for him. I convinced myself it was just a bad dream, as hours of searching turned to days. Eventually after spending over a week hiking through wooded areas near our suburban home, looking in ditches, covering every square inch of our neighborhood, my family and friends convinced me he was dead, or ran off on an adventure and became adopted by another family.

After daily hikes, walks, calling shelters, handing out flyers, I decided everyone was right. He was probably gone, and to not worry. After ten days, even if he had been wounded, another animal would have gotten to him by now and finished him off. On the tenth day, last night (July 6), I was sitting on my front porch around 3:00am, and I saw Orange walk up next to me. It was dark and I thought maybe it was hopeful thinking—I was imagining that he'd returned. But it really was him. He seemed weak, or scared, so I gently said his name while approaching him slowly, scared he'd run.

As I neared him, I noticed he was bone thin, bloody, and his tail was torn to the bone—missing its fur. I lifted him up to carry him inside and noticed his backside was so bloody I couldn't see if he was male. I had to look at his face to know for sure it was him. I rushed upstairs and awoke my father, begging him to take him to the ER so they could put him to sleep and take away his suffering.

We rushed him to the ER, where they performed emergency surgery. The doctors told us that he had been attacked by an animal and had likely been badly injured like this for a long time, probably the full 10 days. He hadn't been able to eat or drink during that time, and they would need to keep him for a while.

The dream must have occurred around the time of the incident. The only difference is that, in the dream, I wanted them to "put him to sleep" as in euthanize, to take away his suffering. But in real life I told them to "put him to sleep" to take away his pain, while they looked him over and tried to do everything they could to help him survive.

After $2,000 in surgery expenses, he is doing a lot better, but lost his tail and had to be neutered due to extensive damage to his backside.

"I dreamed of marrying my Prince Charming."

I have had dreams all my life. In one way or another they have come true. The first started at the tender age of 12. I dreamed of marrying my Prince Charming like every girl does, then in that same dream had flash forwards to the future of a little girl. This dream came true. I married someone I had known since the third grade and we had a little girl. The other one that has shaken me to the core till this very day, was dreaming my mammie died. I woke in the middle of the night crying and sick. Needless to say, I didn't get to school that day. I kept telling my siblings and parents to call and check on her. Later that morning we found out she died in her sleep. Since then I try to force myself not to dream or to remember them I'm scared of what will come true. If I do have another premonition, my husband tells me to open myself up to whatever gift God has given me but I feel it could be horrible if I did.

Premonitions of everyday happenings.

I've always had these dreams where I saw stuff. And they'd always come true after a period of time. I've only recognized them AS they seemed to be happening, though. I remember, seeing my cousin’s wedding reception, and the cake falling over. At my cousin’s wedding reception, it was exactly the same as it had been in the dream—and they were about five months or so apart.

This happens a lot. My most recent one that I've recognized from my dreams was on Wednesday. I was fiddling with my dogs squeaky toy, and watching the news with my parents. It was saying how there had been some virus going around. Sure enough, that night, I was watching the news, and the same news report went on.

What's my problem?

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