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Premonitions of Natural Disasters at Dreamwatch.com

Were you warned of natural disaster before it happened?

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Dreams and Premonitions of Natural Disasters

Earthquake. Flood. Tornado. Tsunami. Volcanic eruption. Other Natural Disasters.

Did your sixth sense warn of natural disaster before it struck? Read what people like you wrote when they saw the future:

Dream premonition. Massive Earthquake off the coast of Chile, 2014.

Last week Friday March 28 or Saturday the 29th I had dream about La Serena, Chile. It was the detail of La Serena, a coastal city, pop. 200,000+ and not the capital, Santiago, that got my attention. I have no memory of the dream except for the city and country name that repeated in my mind. The next morning I told my sister about the dream and to "watch for news of something big happening next week in Chile, maybe La Serena."

Late Tuesday, April 1st (last night), a massive earthquake at 8.2 magnitude struck off the coast of Irequique, a coastal city 1080 kilometers or 670 miles north of La Serena.

I wonder if my dream centered on La Serena simply to get my attention because it's a nice name and easy to remember, or if there is more of "something big" to come nearby.

Dream premonition. A voracious fire spreads in Valparaíso, April 12 through 15, 2014.

The second Chilean disaster in two weeks hit the port city of Valparaíso, about 200 miles south of LaSerena, the name that came to me in a dream. An out-of-control fire raged through the hills killing 15, injuring hundreds, and destroying 2,900 homes leaving more than 8,000-12,500 homeless and/or displaced, in one of the worst fires in Chile's history. As of April 16, the numbers were still changing.

With this bad news, I now feel my premonition of danger in Chile has passed. I literally feel a change in the vibration.

Best wishes to our Chilean friends during these difficult times.

Tsunami. "… People talking and laughing, then, all of the sudden screaming in terror."

Dec 24th 2004 I had a very vivid dream. I was at a beach type area in line at a concession stand, which I believe was at a large outdoor theatre, resembling a drive-in theater. Sun was shining, people talking and laughing, then, all of the sudden screaming in terror — A gigantic tidal wave coming over our heads, bigger then I could ever imagine. People being swept up into it. It was nothing but death and destruction.

Finally I awoke, sweaty and upset. That day, I had holiday feast with my extended family. I don't normally talk about my dreams, but since it was so real I shared it with a room of about seven or eight family members.

The next day, the tsunami of 2004 hit. (Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami)

I am happy I shared with the family before, otherwise nobody would be able to believe the story. Thank you for letting me share this.

Tornado in slow motion

I am age 45. I keep having the same dream that I see a tornado in the distance all of a sudden I am surrounded by it, sitting in the middle of it. It is like it is all happening in slow motion but I do not feel fear. It feels very peaceful.

Tsunami premonition. (And a plane crash dream.)

"All of a sudden the waves go bigger and bigger until they were over the top of the houses and buildings."

(This story submission is duplicated on Dreamwatch Premonitions of Disaster with Human Involvement page.) Just like everyone else I have had small things that happen everyday like I think about someone saying or doing things before they do it, or will picture seeing someone before I walk into a store and then they are actually there. But it becomes totally different when you start having dreams—dreams about things that actually end up happening. I have had two incredible dreams so far.

The first was a few years ago, and I still remember it as clear as day. I was at the beach with my family and I looked down at the sea shore, at the waves, and all of a sudden the waves go bigger and bigger until they were over the top of the houses and buildings. The water couldn't hurt me, and I was inside it like I was glass.

Two days later we heard in school the tsunami hit Japan.

Plane crash premonition. "Its tail end was ripped from the plane."

My other one was very recent. More vivid, And much scarier. My boyfriend and I were driving to the airport in our car, he was driving. I looked up at the sky at a plane and all of a sudden it was broken apart and the tail end was headed for the car. I was scared and I could feel he was, too. He swerved but was about to hit another car. We missed them. Then we closed our eyes and breathed.

Then we were in a pond of some kind. There were others there. I got out of the car and pulled my boyfriend to safety. There was a school bus in the water. I yelled at them, but they were all dazed. I tried to get them to come onto the land but they were scared of the water. I stepped into the bus and told them it was fine. I went to go back onto the shore and noticed the water was milky white but I still wasn't scared.

Then I opened my eyes like I wasn't even dreaming.

Three days later the Boeing 777 crashed in San Francisco, its tail end was ripped from the plane. This scared the crap out of me, and I still can't figure out the pond part if my dream.

I hope In the future I can learn to use these dreams to help someone. Because this is starting to get really real.

A dream premonition of Samoa tsunami.

September, 2009. — Was away at college when I had a dream my mom was floating in our backyard swimming pool face down, naked, drowned. That morning I receive a phone call from my mom. She is OK but she tells me a tsunami struck Samoa, her home country. My uncle lost his business and drowned, had to be treated for water in his lungs. Luckily he recovered. However many children and elderly could not escape the flooding and drowned that day.

Clearly the dream was a premonition that in the states we would be drowned by the tsunami. The next months of our lives were about helping Samoan people rebuild. It was a trying time. I had to organize a benefit concert for the people of Samoa.

TORNADO WARNING! "I didn't expect to wake up at 5:30 a.m. scared for my life!"

So, one night after a really long day, I went to bed at around 9:30, even though I went to bed so early I didn't expect to wake up at 5:30 a.m. scared for my life!

That night, I had a very strange dream. It was about me being in a very small town. I was with a few people who I assume were friends from the gist of it. But I'm not too sure who they were. We're just sitting at a patio near a small beige house and someone comes running out of the house screaming, "Guys, there's a tornado!" We all ran inside and hid in the basement.

So, those are the big events that occurred in this dream. But the weirdest thing is that I woke woke up to numerous status' on Facebook about how a tornado hit a small town in Oklahoma.

TORNADO WARNING! More tornado dreams.

I don't know why but I have dreams about tornadoes a lot. Normally I'm with people that I love and care about and people are getting injured and sometimes killed. I don't fully understand what they mean. Every time I think I start to understand I get thrown a curve ball like one night I had a dream that I was driving down the road and I seen a tornado coming. Nobody was around me. I got out of the car and got in the ditch with nothing to hold on to, so I just laid face down and tucked my arms under. When the tornado got to me it went across my back and I wasn't injured, but I could feel it go across my back. And then I was okay. It was all over with. That was a few years ago. (Keep in mind that I had them throughout the years.)

And then a few weeks ago I had one that my husband had went to his sister's house right down the street. (She lives with us so I'd think what that could be.) But anyways, he ran down the street to see his sister and tell her about the tornado warning in our area. He was on his way back and never made it home. His sister came running in the door and said the tornado is here. I asked her where my husband was and she didn't know. She thought he was at home. Well no sooner than she said that, the tornado hit my home and took off the back end. I looked up and my husband was in the tornado. But the weird thing is that he wasn't being injured he was laughing and smiling like it was fun. Then the tornado was gone and I woke up.

I have no idea what this could mean will someone please help me figure this out ... thank you so much.

Dream premonition warns of deadly storm.

Had a dream two days ago that woke me up. I was outside an apartment building standing beside a fold-up table organizing clothes into baskets with several other people when I noticed smoke a couple of miles away in the distance. I pointed it out to the people around me and then watched as it exploded sending debris into the air. I heard people screaming as I ran into an apartment and the first thing I saw was the TV which was showing the weather, which was showing a storm.

Watching it all unfold on HLN now.

Visions of a massive earthquake hitting Southern California.

I had two visions today of a massive earthquake hitting Southern California. My first vision was the blinds in my bedroom violently shaking back and forth. The second vision I had was my family’s movie case in the living room also shaking violently, with movies flying out of the shelves, and then I heard breaking glass. I'm a little freaked out by this because my ability to see things happen in the future is very good. My visions are always in great detail. So now I'm waiting to see if this vision was correct or it was just my mind telling me that it could potentially happen. (received Feb-8-2013)

Precognitive visions of volcano's eruption and Egypt's new ruler.

I am in my mid thirties and have just started to experience visions before I go to sleep. At first I thought it was just my mind producing random images until recently where visions have come to pass within one or two days! Now I am taking notice.

My first example was at the beginning of this week (late November 2012) when I saw an explosive fire reaching into the sky. The very next day Mount Tongariro here in New Zealand erupted! I thought that this may have been a coincidence until today.

The same night that I saw the eruption I also saw a skeleton wearing Middle Eastern dress being crowned with a crown that had a cobra on the front of it. What do ya know, this morning I get up and read the news to see the headlines: Pharaoh Seizes Power In Egypt.

These visions are starting to come thick and fast now and I don't want to comment on anymore until they come, or if they come to pass.

I am unsure about how to deal with this now as this may change my life completely if I fully accept what I am seeing. I don't want to stop seeing but I think I will treat it with caution until I can figure out if this is something significant that I should embrace.

Premonition of quake in the U.K.

Beyond coincidence — misplaced earthquake premonition

In Mid-December 2009 while reviewing my homeowner's insurance policy for renewal, I was stunned to see that earthquake insurance was not included. No damage coverage for earth quakes and shifts, tremors, mudslides nor volcanoes. The thought nagged me. Now I have to say, in southern New England we haven't had volcanic fissures in 200 million years, but I worry about such things. The last earthquake to cause hairline cracks in wall plaster was in the 1940s. We were over due and I felt vulnerable. Maybe it was the mudslide threat that kept me up at night, not common, but at least remotely possible. I renewed the policy as it was, but the thought still nagged me and my concern seemed to get worse. After a week of fretting, I called my insurer and added earthquake coverage to my new policy beginning early January 2010.

The very next day after my call, a house located down state was in danger of collapse due to a mudslide, an event so uncommon that it made the evening news. That mudslide must have been what I was feeling. I relaxed for a few days even though my insurance was not yet in effect, but anxiety grew stronger to near panic as January neared. All I could think of during that first week of 2010 was earthquake. Earthquake. EARTHQUAKE! Time is running out! Am I covered yet? The following week I knew what I was plugged into—the whole world knew. On January 12, 2010 the strongest quake in 200 years struck Haiti.

I can't say this was a premonition because my geography was so far off, so I posted my story here.

"Earthquake 'Swarm' Rattles Southern California"

On Tuesday, March 24th, 2009, at approximately 7:30 a.m. EDT I had a dream that I was walking a wooded path and everywhere I stepped, swarms of bees flew out of holes in the ground. I wasn't afraid and they didn't sting. Then I awoke to rumbling and rattling—the whole house was shaking like a train was traveling through the front yard. (I don't live near the RR tracks.) It felt like an earthquake, a rarity here. I searched online but found no Connecticut earthquake reports.

Today, March 25th, I was watching CNN on TV and the following headline crawled the bottom of the screen: "Earthquake 'swarm' rattles Southern California." Freaked me out! The following has been posted on their web site: CNN.com "LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) — There's a whole lot of shaking going on in the desert of Southern California.

"None of them are particularly big, but at least 10 earthquakes, ranging from a magnitude 2.5 to a magnitude 4.8 have hit the Salton Sea area about 90 northeast of San Diego since about 5 a.m. (8 a.m. ET) Tuesday. Dozens more "micro" quakes, of even smaller magnitude also are rattling the region, probably going unnoticed by most folks. "When we have earthquakes that close together, similar magnitudes, we call that an earthquake swarm," Debi Kilb, a seismologist with the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, told CNN affiliate KGTV. "When they happen bam, bam, bam like that, then that does catch our attention."

The Bee Swarm dream and my rattling house caught my attention!

New stories are added regularly and older stories are rotated out, so please come again. Thank you for visiting Dreamwatch.com — Kat

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