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Dreams and Premonitions of Major Disasters
with Human Involvement

Plane crash. Shooting. Terrorist attack. War. Major disasters of national or international interest with some human involvement.

Did your sixth sense warn of a major event before it happened? Read what others wrote when they saw the future:

Dream Premonition — Of China. A Boat on a River. People in Danger.

I watch or listen to world news most of the day so in waking hours I'll think about many countries. For two days, China wasn't one of them, so I was surprised to dream of a river in China.

As a woman watched from the riverbank, a man in a boat slowly sailed past. It was raining with storm clouds. The man held over his head a white sign on which two characters were written in black brush script. Not able to read this language, I asked in the dream what the sign said, and I heard the answer: GO. I immediately understood that to mean the people should go before danger struck. And the dream did have an ominous feeling that some catastrophe was about to happen fast and unexpected.

Though the dreams were different in content and symbolism, for two nights in a row they warned of something fatal happening in China. On the third day (May 31, 2015), headlines read:

Boat with more than 450 people capsizes and sinks in China's Yangtze River

Not specific in detail, I believe the dreams were premonitions of a future event because of the lack of context — I had not been thinking about boats or rivers or China, and because of the timing — two consecutive dream nights, followed by the event on the very next day.

Dream Premonitions — Incidents Came True on Air Crashes

I always have experiences in dreams that come true or so called "Deja vu." However, my three dreams below involved serious disasters.

1) One week before Indonesia AirAsia Flight 8501 crashed into the Java Sea on 28 December 2014, I had dream about sitting in an aircraft.

2) One week before Germanwings Flight 9525 crashed 100 kilometres (62 mi) northwest of Nice, in the French Alps on 24 March 2015, I had dream about sitting in this aircraft. According to my wife, I was calling the name of Jesus very loud. My wife said I was terribly scared while sleeping.

3) On 30 March 2015 (date of submission this post), I have another dream that I was sitting in an aircraft which flying in the sky and then flooding in cold sea. I guessed there will be another aircraft incident happening soon, and it should not cause too many injuries and lives.

Regards, Mark

Dream of destruction. "… the night before the World Trade buildings went down."

(minor edits for privacy) I've had MANY premonition dreams, many profound ones, past life discoveries, etc.

One profound dream I had was about 9/11—the night before the World Trade buildings went down. I dreamt it HONEST TO GOD!!! I woke up saying, wow what a dream. I couldn't shake it. I thought well maybe I dreamt it since three weeks prior, I went to NYC with a friend and we went on a tour of the World Trade Center, so I thought it was associated with that trip. Should have known differently!

In my dream the World Trade buildings fell. I saw all the bent steel, the people covered in black and white, people walking around like zombies. NYC was a War Zone. All the pictures I saw on the news, papers, magazine, articles, etc. were exactly what I saw in my dream.

In 2001, I was working for an insurance company. When I got to work that morning, I told my girlfriend of my dream. She said, "You and your dreams." I've shared many of my dreams with her. Anyway, later that morning, our mail room person came over to me and said, "Did you hear about the World Trade building?" I thought he was joking and I assumed my girlfriend told him about my dream and he came over to bust my butt. I asked him who told him of my dream. He said, "What dream? What are you talking about? Come with me." I was reluctant.

He dragged me into the conference room where the TV was on and sure enough, there was the news of the first building being hit. I literally got sick to my stomach, fell to my knees, immediately felt nauseous and starting crying. He asked me why I was crying, asked me what was wrong as he was trying to pick me up, but I couldn't talk, I was overwhelmed with emotions. I sat in that conference room all day, watched TV and cried.

Visions of nuclear explosions in the Middle East.

I can't control what I see, i just watch events. … It played like a video in fast forward … I could assimilate and see almost everything obviously and properly. As the entire world zoomed up to me I saw the complete entire world and then the various countries.

Nuclear destruction beginning in the Middle East.

I do not know the countries of the globe very well, but as I looked at these lands I instinctively knew what countries they was. I was looking at Middle East and watched as a missile flew from Libya and hit Israel with a massive mushroom cloud. I knew that the missile was actually from Iran, but people from Iran had been hiding it in Libya and fired it. I knew that it was a nuclear bomb. Virtually instantly missiles began flying from one country to another, rapidly spreading to all over the planet. I also noticed that several nuclear explosions did not occur from missiles but from ground bombs of some kind. I knew that in the long term there would be a nuclear war all through the entire world and this is how it would commence.

Then, my concentration transformed from the Middle East to America I comprehended that I was about to see some of the items that would lead up to the nuclear holocaust I had just witnessed.

"Tall properties crashing to the earth…"

As I seemed upon the continent of North America, I zeroed in on the east coastline and then to New York. I saw New York with all of its properties and individuals. Then I saw some tall properties crashing to the earth with great smoke, particles and dirt just about everywhere. I saw a woman holding a minor women hand operating from the crashing buildings.

The woman had prolonged darkish hair past her shoulders curled inward a minor. She had on a beige company match, heels of a marginally darker color, probably a tan color. No eyeglasses. The minor girl appeared to be about 6-7 yrs. old with quick brown hair, beneath the chin, in a sort of a pageboy haircut. They have been jogging together, holding fingers jogging from the falling buildings in the heavy smoke and dust, and they had been compelled to allow go of palms and thus they obtained separated. The little lady was terrified and I could listen to the little female screaming, Mommy, Mommy, over once again and again. I do not know if they lived or died. I can still see the deal with of the woman plainly and could establish her if I saw a photograph, or could illustrate her to an artist to draw her.

I asked if an earthquake brought on the buildings to fall down and the perception was no, but I never know what triggered them to fall.

Collapse of commerce and finance.

The next point that I felt more than I saw was that shortly following this there was no commerce, no purchasing, getting, and was impressed that there was no economic climate. The economic climate had practically failed completely and no one had any cash.

Sick and dying. Disease spreads across USA.

The following thing I saw was individuals becoming sick and dying. I saw this especially in four cities, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Salt Lake. The disease started out by having white blisters, some the dimensions of dimes show up on their arms, arms and deal with. This swiftly produced into white puffy sores and blisters. They would stumble about and drop and then numerous died inside a quick time, possibly 24 hours. I also noticed other people with blood coming from their nose, mouth, eyes and ears. It started out like a flu virus and it unfold really quickly, more quickly than the other white blister disease. The men and women who had this disease died even more rapidly. This was much more broad unfold across the entire United States. There ended up hundreds of hundreds of men and women stricken with these two ailments.

I knew that the diseases, and there had been numerous various varieties, but at first mostly these two, came from modest containers that had been introduced into the United States. These containers ended up like quart jars and I was impressed that the people carrying them would just drop them on the ground in huge crowds of people and the individuals would turn into contaminated without realizing it.

In these cities as the disease spread, the people tried using to flee from the cities out to the countryside. There was full chaos in these cities and a breakdown of standard culture. There was no electrical energy in them either, but I do not know why or how that came to be. There were autos piled up just about everywhere, blocking roadways and most men and women then had to walk out with practically nothing. The disease began to spread outside of these first cities.

As these individuals ended up fleeing the cities, there had been gangs attacking them and killing them.

Dream of Hell Gate Bridge explosion.

I am French, I apologize if I make mistakes in writing in English, I will try my best.

I had a dream the 29th of May 2013 in the morning.

In this dream, my eyes look from a high level and I see down on the left, a city of skyscrapers along a coast. On the right, there is a kind of city with a port. Between them is a bridge for trains, and under the bridge there is water. I have a feeling it can be New York or Manhattan. The bridge looks like an arch in metal.

There is an explosion in the middle of the bridge when a train with passengers passes. I see that it is not the train which explodes, but the bridge. I can't tell if it happens by something hurting the bridge or by dynamite on the bridge.

After, my eyes are in the train, in front of a old big lady. Her hair is like a bun and she wears gold earrings; she seems rich. I see her eyes wild open while the train is cutting in two pieces and she is crushed. After, my eyes are at the level of water under the bridge, and I see the train falling down and people electrocuted in the water. There is a lot of shouting and terror. After, my eyes are inside the water and I see corpses, blood, fragments of the train.

I wake up by my fear. I try to make the days after some research on internet to see where it can be, I find the Hell Gate Bridge: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hell_Gate_Bridge I have no idea of time.

I wanted to share this dream to help people. If you know some website in USA to share it, please do it. I hope really it will help.

Dream of school shooting. "I woke in a cold sweat like you do after horrifically detailed nightmares."

It's been a while since this happened, but I'm starting to get my head wrapped around the idea that this happened. I had a dream on the morning of December 14, 2012. I know it was the morning because I woke up at 3:00 to get some water (this information will be used later). The main characters were my sister and I. We were walking through a dark town when a man dressed in black with many rifles on his person came running at us. All of a sudden, we had a group of children with us. One was my best friend’s younger brother who had special needs. We all started running and shoved the kids into a house. The man still got inside and demanded we get on our knees in a line in front of him. He then shot … (details edited due to disturbing nature).

I woke up around 8:00 in a cold sweat like you do after horrifically detailed nightmares like that, and laid in bed for a while.

I went downstairs to see my mom watching the news. That's when I saw it.

Sandy hook.

I dreamt these kids and teachers deaths immediately after it happened. Now I get paranoid every single time I have a detailed nightmare like that. The images of these poor kids getting shot is now stuck in my head. I can't even imagine what the parents or the first responders had to go through. Thanks for listening.

Plane crash premonition. (And dream of tsunami.)

"All of a sudden the waves go bigger and bigger until they were over the top of the houses and buildings."

(This story submission is duplicated on Dreamwatch Premonitions of Disaster with Human Involvement page.) Just like everyone else I have had small things that happen everyday like I think about someone saying or doing things before they do it, or will picture seeing someone before I walk into a store and then they are actually there. But it becomes totally different when you start having dreams—dreams about things that actually end up happening. I have had two incredible dreams so far.

The first was a few years ago, and I still remember it as clear as day. I was at the beach with my family and I looked down at the sea shore, at the waves, and all of a sudden the waves go bigger and bigger until they were over the top of the houses and buildings. The water couldn't hurt me, and I was inside it like I was glass.

Two days later we heard in school the tsunami hit Japan.

Plane crash premonition. "Its tail end was ripped from the plane."

My other one was very recent. More vivid, And much scarier. My boyfriend and I were driving to the airport in our car, he was driving. I looked up at the sky at a plane and all of a sudden it was broken apart and the tail end was headed for the car. I was scared and I could feel he was, too. He swerved but was about to hit another car. We missed them. Then we closed our eyes and breathed.

Then we were in a pond of some kind. There were others there. I got out of the car and pulled my boyfriend to safety. There was a school bus in the water. I yelled at them, but they were all dazed. I tried to get them to come onto the land but they were scared of the water. I stepped into the bus and told them it was fine. I went to go back onto the shore and noticed the water was milky white but I still wasn't scared.

Then I opened my eyes like I wasn't even dreaming.

Three days later the Boeing 777 crashed in San Francisco, its tail end was ripped from the plane. This scared the crap out of me, and I still can't figure out the pond part if my dream.

I hope In the future I can learn to use these dreams to help someone. Because this is starting to get really real.

Vision of nuclear explosion in the Middle East

This morning 14 June 2011, I had a dream (vision), while sleeping, I saw troops (American) retreating from a nuclear explosion. My guess is that it is Afghanistan, but could be anywhere in the Middle East, I am not sure. Many of these soldiers will most likely die. I hope my dream is not true, however, if my vision happens, it will most likely happen within a week or exactly 7 days. I had three visions many years ago involving aircraft accidents, and they all came true, and I even told my girlfriend and others about it, always occurring 7 days later.

Dream of terrorist attack. "The night before September 11 I had a disturbing dream."

My husband and I sat down to watch a race. Dale Earnhardt was kissing his wife before getting into his car and without thinking I made the comment, "Ahh he's going to die today." My husband Jerry said I shouldn't say things like that. During the race however he told friends and relatives what I had said. Freaked everyone out when he did. (Dale Earnhardt died in a crash during the 2001 Daytona 500.)

I have always had episodes of doing this but can't control when it happens. The night before September 11 I had a disturbing dream. I again told my husband the next morning—early—that I had dreamed about the movie Independence Day and New York being under attack. I have never tried to do this, it just happens.

Dream of collision in space

(edited) I had this dream…. I didn't remember it until recently when I saw something on TV about the space shuttle disaster that happened in the 1980's. That's when I remembered this dream. I recall that as the space shuttle was leaving the space station something happened and it crashed into the space lab. It happened as a result of someone programming a computer incorrectly causing it to go the wrong direction and it couldn't be corrected in time. The only reason I am telling this dream is because I have had too many of my dreams come true. This scares me because I worry that if something dreadful happened and I didn't do what I could to prevent it, I would never forgive myself.

Dreams of future events

For over twenty years, I've had dreams while asleep which unfold in the real world. Sometimes the events happen later the next day to weeks later to a year later. For me, they happen exactly as I saw in the dream, right down to the small details. When I notice a dreamed event happening before me, I can tell you what will happen next, who was wearing what clothes, who said what—word for word, etc. Unless too much time has passed, then it takes my mind a while to recall it. I have these dreams all of the time. The majority of them are of small things … Other times they're a little more important like an engine failure on a plane I was on.

I think all of the dreams began after I drowned in the ocean as a kid. As far as I know, or what I've been told, I was really out—gone, dead, whatever. I wasn't pulled from the water for a good while. So I guess it's safe to assume that the death somehow "activated" my dreams of future events. Who knows? I'm 32 now and still have these dreams.

Dream of mushroom cloud

I keep having the same dream that I'm dusting a table in front of a big picture window and I look up and see a reddish orange mushroom cloud in the sky. Later I look in the room and outside, and there's a lot of grayish white suet on everything, and everything outside and inside is dead. It's the same dream every time I dream it, I've dreamt it probably 10 years now. I'd love to know what it means.

New stories are added regularly and older stories are rotated out, so please come again. Thank you for visiting Dreamwatch.com — Kat

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