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Month: September 2017

Ghost Haunting in Connecticut c.1750 Inn

Ghost included in room upgrade at the inn.

An annual event I attend is held at a hotel with a nearby circa 1750 house remodeled as an inn with suites. Last year, a friend was upgraded to the inn portion of the hotel, and she showed me around her spacious, beautiful suite with a full kitchen. This year, when I was offered a room in the inn as an upgrade, I jumped at the chance. The hotel gave me the same room as my friend from last year, so I felt right at home. I texted her to tell her I had her old room and then settled in for the night.

However, my night was unsettled. I cycled through violent nightmares, most of which I don’t remember. The final one, when the alarm went off, was set in New York city and had me riding in an open front subway car that careened through twisting, diving tracks like the mining train in the second Indiana Jones movie.

A ghost is a great conversation starter.

I woke up with a terrible headache, but I went down to the group breakfast where I knew I’d meet my friend who’d stayed in that room last year. When I saw her, she told me she rejected another opportunity to stay in the inn and insisted it was haunted. I found having a ghost is a great conversation starter. Other attendees with sensitivities had mentioned either feeling a presence or had stood on the threshold of the entrance foyer of the inn and refused to go inside.

Insulted by my ghost.

After breakfast, I went back to my room to brush my teeth and talk to the ghost. I told it I didn’t need nightmares and headaches, and the word “uncouth” popped into my mind, probably because I’m slightly claustrophobic and leave the bathroom door open when I’m alone – or think I am. I agreed to keep my various bathroom activities to myself and added, “Hey, I understand you love this place and have a choice, but I hear The Light is really nice, and you should probably consider going there.”

Then, I went on with my day at the event. Every time I returned to my room, I said “hi” to the ghost, also before closing the door to the bathroom, even to brush my teeth. That night, our event had a speaker who is a ghost hunter. He said hauntings don’t tend to be malevolent, so I decided “my” ghost maybe just wanted attention, in addition to more civilized behavior from me. Before bed, I said, “I’m okay with you staying here, too, but please don’t give me nightmares and headaches.”

“Goodbye ghost. I wish you well.”

The next morning, I woke up refreshed. I thanked the ghost for not giving me nightmares. Upon checking out, I stood with my packed bags and said goodbye to the ghost. I also told it I wouldn’t mind the opportunity to visit again next year, unless it decided to go into The Light, and, if so, I wished it well.

— “Upgraded Traveler” in Connecticut

The Big E with Connecticut Authors and Publishers Assoc.

The Big E is an annual agricultural fair of New England states held in West Springfield, Mass., and one of the largest fairs in the country. In 2017 it runs Sept. 15 – Oct. 1. So much more than livestock, horse, and farm produce and dairy competitions, 4-H and FFA, the fair offers books, car shows, concerts, crafts, exhibits, parades, rides, tools and toys, and the best fair food specialties of the eastern states. Seventeen days of fun for every family member.

I enjoy peeking into the Coliseum for Equestrian Shows, and watching the parade with majestic Clydesdales, or sneaking a peaceful break in Storrowton Village—a beautiful green courtyard surrounded by 18th and 19th century historic buildings with demonstrations by costumed villagers. (Text quoted from its Big E web page.)

Big E Midway 2017

This year I look forward to seeing Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel: The Exhibition in the Young Building. Highlights of the frescoes are presented in their original size. I have not seen this great work since its restoration was completed, so the brilliant color will be new to me. Follow the exhibit on social media on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Avenue of States

My favorite destination is Avenue of States where each state is housed in their own building showcasing products, services, and foods. Before I head home at day’s end, dinner is a sampling Connecticut pizza, Vermont cheese, Maine lobster, or something new. New Hampshire serves a wicked mac and cheese that’s tough to resist.

CAPA Bookshop in the Connecticut Building

This year I’ll again be joining Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association at the CAPA Bookshop in the CT Building. Though subject to change within the building, we should be at the main entrance next to the CT State Police, so look for the flashing lights (maybe).

Connecticut Building at The Big E

Connecticut Tourism Booth in the Conn. Building, The Big E

Thursday Sept. 21 and Tuesday Sept. 26. I’ll be greeting visitors both afternoons from 1:30 to 5pm. Do stop by and say hello.
If you miss me, tell the other authors, Kathy sent you. Have fun at the fair! I hope to see you there.

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