I born in Brazil 1963 since then I remember. I know that person I used to call him John. I tell all my little friends that one day I will come to United States and will be together forever and I grow-up and the feeling getting so much strong.

I was in my twenties I call him Nickola J. I know he is or was a soldier. I remember three little girls: Elizabeth, Carolyn, Sarah and there is another one, Rebecca, but I never get to hold. I don’t know.

I’m married for 28 years to a wonderful man James. I living in United States for 30 years, but I never love no one that way I love that person on my mind is so real that I watch to see if I found him or ever I go all the feeling still in my heart. I never told no one, they will think that I have a bad problem. How that you miss and love this much and remember smell so much more of a person that don’t exist. But you know he exists because you remember so many years past and that feeling still strong. What is this that I can’t forget and stop love?

— Celia, Florida